Bradford White Water Heater Status Light Blinking Green [All Blinks Solved]

Bradford Water Heater status light blinking green at a different number of times signifies several malfunctions from the heater element. The green LED light blinks once every four seconds is a sign of the heater’s normal operation.

bradford white water heater status light blinking green

But if the status light flickers 2/3/4/5/6/7/8 times, followed by a three-second pause, indicating something is going wrong with your Bradford water heater. 

To troubleshoot the specific problem, you need to address the errors first, which depends on the flashing light codes. 

Follow the below comprehensive guide to learn about each of the Bradford errors in detail.

Throughout this guideline, we will describe the meaning of every common green light blinking error code. Also, we will walk you through how to erase the specific blinking green light codes.

1. Status Light Blinking 1 Time

i). One Short Flash Every Four Seconds [Normal operation] If your Bradford White Water Heater’s status light blinks green once followed by a four-second pause, there is nothing to worry about. There are no faults in the heater, and it is in standby mode.


You don’t need to do any crucial for this error blinking as the water heater is working quite well. Just make sure that the thermostat is set into the correct temperature setting.

ii). One Short Flash Every Second [Weak Pilot Signal On Last Call For Heat] Bradford’s white water heater status light blinks green once every second, warning you that the pilot signal is weak.

The root reasons for this unstable pilot light include a clogged pilot line and a kinked or defective thermocouple. 

Low gas pressure, the damaged wiring connection to the pilot assembly and the gas control will lead to this error blinking.

replace the faulty pilot assembly


  • First up, inspect the pilot assembly. Unblock the pilot tube from the dirt and debris accumulation. Clean the pilot hole using a stiff wire brush. 
  • Check all the wiring connection goes to the pilot assembly and gas valve. Replace the faulty pilot assembly.  
  • Then verify if the thermocouple is in well working condition. Replace the kinked or damaged one. If the low gas pressure is causing the pilot light to be weak, contact your gas utility company.

2. Status Light Blinking 2 & 3 Times [Damper Test Circuit Not Working]

Bradford white water heater status light blinking twice or thrice every 3 seconds stands for a faulty damper test circuit. Here the damper test circuit is not operating properly. 

Either it gets stuck in an open position, or it might be in the incorrect position. The broken, faulty damper or clogged venting system is the root reason for this issue.


At first, you need to verify that the cord sets are fully plugged in. Insert the cords sets into the electric outlet correctly. 

Then check the venting system of your water heater. It might be blocked by carbon buildup. Unblock the venting pipe with soapy water.

After that, verify that the damper switch is turned into the automatic position. If still, Bradford White Water Heater Status Light Blinking 3 times or 2 times, it is sure that the damper is faulty. Replace it.  

3. Status Light Blinking 4 Yimes [Excessive Tank Temperature]

The green status light flashing 4 times every 3 seconds pause is the error indication of excessive tank temperature. This error tells you that the thermal well sensor goes bad. 

In some cases, due to a faulty gas control valve or a hairline crack in the valve, the status light blinks green 4 times.


You have to inspect the gas control valve and check for any damages on the valves. Replace the faulty control valve. 

Also, test the continuity of the thermal well sensor. Verify the sensor does not come in contact with water. Replace the defective sensor.

4. Status Light Blinking 5 times [False Pilot Flame Present]

If the status light of your water heater blinks 5 times, it signifies the false pilot light signal in the heater. In this case, the pilot valve is stuck in the open position. 

Malfunctioning of the flame sensor and incorrect position of the wiring harness is the leading reason for the 5 flashes in the heater. 


For the first step, check the flame sensor to see if the wire is damaged. Also, there might be bare spots on the sensor that are touching metal parts. Replace the faulty flame sensor. 

replace the faulty flame sensor

To fix the stuck valve, you need to replace the defective gas valve. Contact a professional plumber if all the replacement procedures seem hard for you. 

5. Status Light Blinking 6 times

i). Six-one Flash Every 3 Seconds [Flame Not Sensed] Bradford white water heater 6 flashes then 1 time with 3-second pause indicate that the pilot is failed to light. Here, the gas valve energizes the spark igniter for lighting the pilot, but the pilot fails to sense the flame. 

water heater pilot tube

This problem occurs due to an unstable pilot, blocked pilot tube, or oxidation and carbon build-up on the pilot electrode. 

Also, the damaged wiring connection to the pilot assembly and the gas valve is responsible for this error. 


  • First, you need to clean the dirt and debris accumulation forms in the burner chamber. Inspect the burner surface and port areas for cleaning. Take a vacuum cleaner and blow out the dirt & debris accumulation from the surface.
  • Pull out the main burner orifice from the main feeding using a ½” wrench. Clean the orifice. Replace if necessary. Clean the restricted pilot tube and dirty pilot electrode. Use a fine emery cloth for cleaning. 
  • Replace the cracked pilot tubing. Fix the damaged wiring to the pilot assembly and replace the deteriorated one.
  • Finally, check if the pilot electrode touches the pilot hood. The distance between the electrode and hood should be 3/32”.

ii). Six-Two Flash Every 3 Seconds [Damper Test Circuit Not Working] If your Bradford heater status light blinks green 6 times, then 2 times with a 3-second pause, indicate the error from the non-working damper circuit. 

This problem occurs from the improper position of the damper. Either the damper is fully open during the run cycle, or there might be a defective damper. 

The blocked venting system and damper jostled during the run cycle are also responsible.


First, check the position of the flue damper motor. Adjust the damper. It should not be stuck in the fully open or closed position. 

Check the damper, and the vent is not obstructed in any way. Replace the faulty damper.

iii). Six-Three Flash Every 3 Seconds [Extinguished Pilot Flame] Six-three flashes every 3 seconds in the Bradford white heater green status light is the direct sign of the extinguished pilot flame. A blocked or restricted pilot tube is the leading culprit for this type of unstable pilot. 

Also, the pilot electrode might be covered with carbon or oxidation buildups. Damaged wiring connection to pilot assembly and gas valve, insufficient combustion air or gas pressure can easily lead to this error.


Inspect the pilot assembly first. Unblock the pilot tube and electrode from the carbon deposits.

Ensure sufficient combustion air in the room with your water heater. Fix the low gas pressure issue of your unit. 

Insufficient gas pressure might be occurring from the loose thermocouple, air in the gas line or the defective gas valve.  

iv). Six-Four Flash Every 3 Seconds [False Pilot Flame Sensed] Bradford white water heater status light flashes green six-four times every 3 seconds in the error indication of sensing undesired false pilot flame. 

Here the pilot valve might be stuck in the open position. Malfunctioning of the flame sensor and the incorrect wiring position to the wiring harness is also responsible for this error blinking. 


First up, check the flame sensor to see if there are any damaged or bare spots that are touching metal parts. Replace the faulty flame sensor. 

As the pilot valve gets stuck in one position, replace the gas control valve.

6. Status Light Blinking 7 Times [FVS Or RTS Fault Detected]

7 flashes in the Bradford white water heater status light is the error indication of the flammable vapour sensor or resettable thermal switch fault detection. The FV sensor might sense flammable vapour nearby and goes out of specification mode.

faulty thermal switch and FV sensor

Besides, it might be exposed to excessive moisture or extreme ambient temperature. Another root reason for 7 consecutive flashes with a three-second pause is the malfunctioning of the thermal switch.


First up, you need to reset the FVS on your water heater. If that doesn’t work, test the continuity of the FVS and RTS. 

Both sensors should give a resistance reading between 3,000 and 48,000 ohms. If not, replace the faulty thermal switch and FV sensor.

7. Status Light Blinking 8 times

i). Eight-One Flash Every 3 Seconds [FVS Out Of Specification] If your Bradford white water heater’s green LED status light blinks eight-one times every 3 seconds, be sure there is a flammable vapour sensor issue. 

When the flammable vapour sensor goes out of specification, this blinking occurs. The improper voltage of the FVS  is the major reason for FV sensor failure, or there might be faulty wiring.

 A possible short in the resettable thermal switch wiring also leads to this error blinking.


First up, you need to reset the FVS of your water heater. Then test the continuity of the FVS. If the resistance reading is out of normal range, replace the faulty sensor. 

Reset the thermal switch. Also, test the RTS and replace the defective one.

ii). Eight-Three Flash Every 3 Seconds [Thermal Well Sensor Fault Detected] Eight-three flashes every 3 seconds in the green LED status light signifying the fault detection of the thermal sensor. 

Either the sensor is damaged due to the out of resistance or gets unplugged from the connection. Also, for faulty gas control electronics, the status light blinks eight-two times.


Check the resistance of the thermal well sensor. Replace the defective sensor. Then, verify that the gas control valve is not wet or physically damaged. Replace the defective gas control valve.

iii). Eight-Four Flash Every 3 Seconds [Gas Control Fault Detected] When the heater detects faults from the gas control valve, the status light will blink green eight-four times every 3 seconds. Either the gas control valve is wet or gets damaged.


Replace the faulty gas control valve to erase the error.


Why is my Bradford White water heater not getting hot?

If your water heater is not heating anymore, it is sure there is a faulty power supply. Wrong wiring connections, defective heating elements, tripped circuit breakers, blown fuses, and a faulty thermostat are some of the major reasons for this issue.

How long will it take for a water heater to heat up after resetting?

If you have a gas water heater, it will take up to 60-70 minutes to heat the water after resetting. But in the case of an electric tank water heater, it will take about 120 minutes.

How do I reset the FV sensor on my water heater?

At first, unplug your water heater and plug it back again after 20 seconds. Press and hold both of the arrows on the control valve. Once the green LED blinks, enter the sensor reset code.

Wrapping Up

At the ending point of our discussion, we hope you are now clear about the green light blinking on your Bradford white water heater. Whatever the error will be, you can easily decode the error and fix the specific problem by following our guide. 

Still, if you face any troubles while fixing this issue, don’t be late to let us know through comments. We are always here for you.

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