Bradley Digital Smoker Manual [A Complete Guide]

Are you looking for simple instructions to operate your Bradley smoker? If so, then your search ends here. In this article, we will talk about Bradley digital smoker manual that will help you to use the smoker in the proper way.

By the end of this article, you will get the answers to all the questions you may or may not have. So with no more delay, let’s start the discussion.

Badley Digital Smoker Manual

Bradley Smoker models can be difficult to control. But it’s actually really easy to use once you know the correct way. Now,  you may ask why you need to learn to use a Bradley smoker. The answer is fairly simple.

Bradley smokers can give you the satisfaction you won’t find with any other device. To make the most out of this smoker, you need to learn 5 essential things. Following these directions will help you use your Bradley smoker perfectly. Here are 5 Bradley smoker instructions you are going to learn from this article.

  1. How to assemble the Bradley smoker
  2. How to season the Bradley smoker
  3. How to maintain the Bradley smoker
  4. How to clean the Bradley smoker
  5. How to troubleshoot the Bradley smoker

In addition, here you will find the discussion on both Bradley digital smoker manual and the Bradley smoker instructions manual. Yes, in this one article you are getting to learn it all. So, let’s get started.

3 Steps of Assembling Your Bradley Smoker

Assembling a Bradley smoker can seem like a confusing task. But if you have the proper knowledge, you won’t have to face difficulty setting up this cooking apparatus. 

Before jumping into the main instructions, you will have to take out the smoker and every other part from the box. And after getting everything ready, let’s get to work. It can be helpful if you take time to get familiar with the smoker elements you will work with. Here are all the pieces:

External PartsInternal Parts
Smoke Dial GeneratorLong Power Cord
Smoke TowerDrip Tray 
Generator SupportsCooking Racks  
Feeder TubeDrip Bowl
Smoke Generator Indicator LightShort Power Cord that connects the generator
Bisquette Advance ButtonBisquette Burner
Damper With Handle500 Watt Heating Element
Door and door sealDrive Guide
ThermometerBottom Rectangular Tray 
Temperature heat on/off switch Door Hinge
Generator on/off switchPorcelain Holder
Rubber Feet

You will assemble these Bradley Smoker parts in mainly 3 steps. Here they are,

1. Installing Smoke Generator:

To install the smoke generator, you have to go through the following process in this order.

  • Start off by attaching the smoke generator to the smoker tower.
  • Face the bisquette burner toward the tower opening.
  • Place the smoke generator key holes aligned with the smoker tower.
  • Push down the generator firmly to secure it.  
  • Place the feeder tube on the top of the smoke generator and push it down firmly. 
  • Load the feeder tube with Bradely flavor bisquettes.
  • Plug in the short power cord from the smoke dial generator into the smoker tower.

If you have followed the process in this order, then you have installed the smoke generator by now. Now, it’s time to set up the smoker tower.

2. Setting Up The Smoker Tower:

The following process instructs you to set up the smoker tower.

  • Position all the Bradley smoker 6 racks onto side supports. You will do the same with Bradley digital 6-rack smoker as well.
  • Place the drip tray “V” facing down under the racks on the brass side pins.
  • Position the rectangular tray at the bottom of the smoker.
  • Fill the drip bowl half full with water and place it in the center of the rectangular tray. This will catch the burnt briquettes. 
  • Change the water for the drip bowl every 2 to 3 hours
  • Connect the long power cord smoke generator into the grounded electrical outlet.

The next step is to remove the smoke dial generator.

3. Removing Smoke Dial Generator:

This is the final and the easiest step.

  • Unplug the short jumper cord first.
  • Raise the smoke dial generator up .
  • Detach the smoke dial generator from the smoker.

If you have followed all the instructions accordingly, you will have assembled the Bradley smoke in the proper way.

9 Steps to Season a Bradley Smoker

Bradley smoker seasoning is a continuous process. The more you will season your smoker, the better your food will taste. The purpose of electric smoker seasoning is to remove the impartial odor from the smoker. 

When you get a new smoker, its smell is not something that you want in your food. This is why it’s important to season your smoker properly. Here are 10 steps to perfectly season your Bradley smoker.

Step 1: You have to do the cleaning first. Clean the drip tray, racks, drip bowl, and rectangular tray before placing them in the smoker.

Step 2: Now, pour water into the drip bowl until it’s half full. 

Step 3: Load 5 bisquettes with the feeder tube. The purpose of 2 extra bisquettes is to push the final bisquette into the burner. Each of the bisquettes burns for about 20 minutes.

Step 4: Open the damper at the top of the smoker tower and immediately plug the smoker into its designated outlet.

Step 5: Turn on the smoke generator with the generator on/off switch.

Step 6: Pre-heating helps to flavor the food. Therefore, you must preheat the bisquette burner for around 20 minutes.

Step 7: Press the bisquette advance button and keep it pressed until a bisquette is on the bisquette burner. 

Step 8: Use the Bradley smoker temperature control panel to control the heat. Set the temperature to medium and wait for 30 minutes. You will basically have to wait for the temperature to reach at least 60°C. In case the temperature gets higher than this, rotate the dial backward and bring it to at least 66°C. Keep the smoker like this for at least an hour or till the bisquettes are out.

Step 9: Your smoker will be perfectly seasoned after 1 hour of continuous smoking. This smoking method is not complicated. You will definitely agree that the instructions are fairly easy to follow. All you have to do is carefully follow these instructions and you will have a perfectly seasoned Bradley smoker. 

5 Steps To Cook Food With Bradley Smoker

So far, you have learned how you can prepare your smoker for cooking. Now, we will get to the main event. Bradley smoker is a splendid choice because it’s user-friendly. If you know how to cook food with a Bradley smoker, you probably won’t consider any other option. It’s really easy. Here’s how to cook with Bradley smokers in 5 steps.

Step 1:

After the smoker is properly seasoned, refill the drip bowl halfway with water and turn on the smoke generator using a generator switch. Wait for the smoke generator indicator to light up. It means that the generator is on. Now it’s time to burn the bisquettes.

Step 2:

Press and hold the bisquette advance button, so that the bisquettes enter the burner. 

Step 3:

Preheat the oven accordingly. The temperature will depend on the food you are cooking. After the smoker is properly preheated, place your food on the cooking racks before loading them into the smoker.

Step 4:

Keep the damper open to allow the smoke to run. Adjust the damper at the desired angle.

Step 5:

Monitor the door thermometer to determine the temperature. You may need to adjust the heat now and then. However, keep in mind that the temperature here shows the temperature of the air inside the smoke tower. Use a meat thermometer to get the temperature of your food.

Well, that was the last step.

Cook until you think your food is perfectly tender and properly flavored. Different types and weights of food will take different amounts of time to cook. You will have your food perfectly cooked if you follow these steps. Now, it’s time to get to cleaning. 

3 Steps-How to Clean Bradley Smoker

An uncleaned Bradley smoker can cause damage to your device. Dirty smokers affect food quality as well. If you cook food in a dirty smoker your food will be badly seasoned. Your food can become inedible as well. This is why you need to clean your Bradley smoker properly. Here’s what you need to do to clean Bradley smokers with ease.

Prepare your Bradley smoker before setting to cleaning. Firstly, unplug the Bradley smoker from all the outlets. Then detach every part of the smoker to clean it thoroughly. Once your smoker is ready, gather the essential elements. You will need warm water, soap/dishwasher, scrubs, washcloth, flat-headed screwdriver,    

Now, you are ready to start cleaning and clean all parts step by step. But, when you are still struggling to clean, you can read our Bradely smoker ultimate cleaning guide.

4 Bradley Smoker Troubleshooting

Bradley smoker is a robust set of appliances. Its impressive performance has made it the first choice of thousands of users. But, just like any other thing, this device can have some issues as well. Here are the 4 most common issues you may have to face with Bradley smokers and their solutions.

1. If There Is No Power to Smoker:

Check all the plugs and outlets. Make sure that the plugs are properly inserted into the sockets and there is electricity running in the outlet. Inspect the GFCI (Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter) and internal wiring.

2. If The Bisquettes Don’t Advance:

If the bisquettes don’t advance and enter the smoker, first you should examine the drive guide and clean away all the wood chips. Look for any kind of jamming in the smoke generator. If yes, clean it.

3. If The Bisquettes Doesn’t Burn Properly:

When your bisquettes don’t burn properly, first check if the smoker is plugged into its dedicated wall circuit or not. Also, check for residue inside of the bisquette burner and change the bisquette.

4. If The Smoker Oven Doesn’t Reach Temperature:

This issue can occur if you don’t preheat your smoker all the way. Food absorbs heat. This is why you need to preheat your smoker at a higher level. 

So, if the smoker oven doesn’t reach the desired temperature, just preheat the oven again. Your Bradley smoker can have many more issues as well. But all of those issues are minor and can be solved using the Bradley smoker parts manual.  

These above-mentioned points are common issues. But for many more major problems to solve, read the ultimate Bradley smoker troubleshooting guide.


How long does it take to preheat a Bradley smoker?

Ans: The goal of preheating your is to take the internal temperature of your smoker to 200 to 250 degrees. This can take about 2 hours.

Do you put water in a Bradley smoker?

Ans: Yes, you should put water in the water pan. Water helps to maintain the moisture inside the smoker. If you want to add any extra flavor to your food, then you can use alcohol or juice.  No matter what you use, use at least 2 to 3 liters of it in the water pan.  

Do you soak Bradley Smoker Bisquettes?

Ans: It’s a good idea to soak Bradley smoker bisquettes before using them. Soaking can help to generate better smoke, thus, better flavor. But make sure that the Bisquettes aren’t too damp. Otherwise, they will not burn at all. And just so you know, you can use Bradley smoker’s pucks for additional flavor.

How can I control the moisture inside my Bradley smoker?

Ans: You can use the top vent of the smoker to control the moisture. The more open it is, the more moisture will escape the smoker. And if the more closed the vent is, the more moisture your food will have. But never close the vent all the way. This will trap in all the smoke and ruin your food.

Why isn’t my Bradley smoker reaching full temperature?

Ans: Not preheating your Bradley smoker can be the reason if it’s not reaching full temperature. In this case, what you can do is:

  • Open the door to let the stored heat escape and allow more heat to generate.
  • Try preheating your smoker again.
  • Put the food into the smoker at room temperature. 
  • Protect your smoker from elements (wind, snow, rain, cold water) that can make your smoker cool down 
  • Ensure a consistent flow of electricity.

Basically, this is how you can take the inside temperature of your Bradley smoker to the highest level.

To Conclude:

Everyone loves the smell of Smokey Bar-BQ in summer. But it can be hard to get perfectly cooked meat. However, if you have a Bradley smoker and are aware of the Bradley smoker instructions discussed above, you shouldn’t have any problem with your smoker while cooking juicy meat.

The Bradley smoker instruction manual supports our solutions. So you can rest assured that we are giving you authentic information. Do give Bradley smoker a try while keeping our instructions in mind. It will surely satisfy your summer cravings.

Don’t forget to let us know if we have missed anything. We will be glad to give you an answer. 

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