9 Convertible Fireplace in 2022 [Ultimate Buying Guide]

You are in the market to buy a convertible fireplace as it fits any corner of your room, even in a tight space, and set it up against the wall.

But you can’t reach your purchasing decision. Because there are thousands of options with different finishes, heating output, and styles.

Yep, determining which one will be the best in terms of features, usability, and durability is definitely challenging. 

Besides, whether the fireplace fits your existing home decor or not is another thing you should consider. Indeed, all the issues make it difficult for you to pick the right & best convertible corner fireplace


Wait, to keep you safe and make your purchase hassle-free, our editorial team included the 9 best electric corner fireplaces. With depth-in research, we included ins and out of all these corner fireplaces.

We can confidently declare, every unit will meet your requirements like budget, design, quality, heating capability, ease of installation, and so on. 

And the best part is- we attached a buying guide at the end of the review part. As a result, you can compare each of the fireplace inserts and choose the best trait. 

Also, we didn’t forget to add what benefits a convertible fireplace can bring for you and what can’t. 

So, stick with us till the end of this article if you like to make a great purchase ultimately. 

Table of Contents

The 9 Best Convertible Fireplaces in 2022

Fortunately, we enlisted the top 9 electric corner fireplaces after researching hundreds of products. Each of them is functional, elegant, durable, easy to use, and clean.

So, you don’t need to worry about picking the wrong one. 

SEI Furniture Alexa-Enabled Electric Media Convertible Fireplace 

What if you control an glowing electric fireplace with your voice and warm a room up to 400 sq. feet?

Then, this electric convertible fireplace from SEI Furniture is here to make your dream into reality. It features voice-enabled technology and remote control.

So, you can adjust the temperature of this fireplace heater by sitting on your comfy couch. 

Product Specifications

  • Brand: SEI Furniture
  • Material: Engineered wood, Rubberwood, Metal, Carrara marble, Ash veneer
  • Coverage area: 400 sq feet
  • Dimension: 16 x 52.25 x 36.5 inches
  • Weight: 36 pounds
  • Color: Espresso

Voice-Enabled Technology

Control your fireplace fully from anywhere in your room! This electric firebox features voice-enabled technology.

In return, you can effortlessly shut on & off, adjust the heat up or down using your voice. 

Note: You must have a US Amazon account to use the Alexa feature on this device. 

No Additional Electrical Equipment Required

You don’t need to purchase extra electrical components to run this unit. The Alexa features offer power on & off, control the flame, and adjust the heat level.

So, there is no messy wire to eat up the decorative look of your home. 

Media Storage Capacity

This Sei fireplace features a wide-open media shelf. Inside it, you can keep electric equipment or entertaining components like DVDs.

As a result, it allows you to keep the audio player on the shelf to allow you to play your fav music.

At the same time, it provides the heat you need to make the freezy winter night more enjoyable. 

Rustic Look

The fireplace is made of engineered wood as its construction material. Its espresso finish and faux Durango stone give a rustic look to this convertible corner fireplace.

So, by installing it in your room, you can give an elegant look to your home. 

Benefits We Find 

Easy assembly and effortless cleaning are two upsides that melt our minds (we bet you like this too). The instructions included easy to follow and let you assemble the unit by yourself.

On top of that, you can also clean the unit without any hassle. Just use a soft and dry cloth to wipe down the exterior and get a glass cleaner to polish the glass. 

Drawbacks We Find

The only downside we spot out is- it takes around 3 hours to put together this fireplace. 


If you look for a stylish fireplace that is easy to assemble & clean, provides the ambiance you need, and lets you control anywhere from anywhere, then this is what you look for.

Walker Edison Alcott Classic Glass Door Fireplace Corner TV Stand 

If you are on a budget but look for a functional electric fireplace, then Walker Edison brings this surprise just for you. 

Fitting at the corner of your room, it can produce 4600 BTUs to provide the heat you need to warm up a 400 sq. feet room. 

On the flip side, its natural wood finish gives a rustic look to your room which matches the existing decor. Indeed, the budget will not be a barrier to gain the ambiance you need in winter. 

Product Specifications

  • Brand: Walker Edison
  • Material: Wood
  • Heating coverage area: 400 sq feet
  • Dimension: 20 x 48 x 32 inches
  • Weight: 107 pounds
  • Color: White Oak

Produces 4600 BTUs

Now, your room always remains warm & toasty if you install this fireplace. It can generate 4600 BTUs per hour.

As a result, you can efficiently warm a room up to 400 sq. feet.

Durable Design

Long-lasting design is a prerequisite you must take into account before picking a fireplace. You don’t like it if the firebox breaks down after three to four-month.


To ensure longevity, this electric fireplace console uses high-grade MDF. In return, it lasts for years.

4 Adjustable Shelves

This electric fireplace features 4 built-in adjustable shelves. Inside the center shelf, you can store media components like DVDs and audio players.

Use the other three shelves to store books, decorative items, and alike.

Supports TV

You don’t need to invest in a tv trolly to place your tv!! This fireplace is sturdy enough that can hold TVs up to 55 inches and supports over 100 lbs. 

Benefits We Find 

Affordable price is the first advantage we spot out. Therefore, it distributes heat evenly and provides enough ambiance to warm up a room up to 400 sq feet.

Plus, it’s simple to put together. 

Drawbacks We Find

The heavy package is the only downside we spot. You need to take help from someone to move into your room.


It will be your best bait if you are on a budget but look for a fireplace that offers the ambiance you need. The fireplace insert provides enough supplemental heat to warm up a small room. 

Ameriwood Home Overland Convertible Electric Fireplace

Do you want to make your little room cozy & entertaining but can’t install a traditional fireplace because of the lack of space?

Then, you don’t need to worry about that. The corner electric fireplace from Ameriwood Home is here to help you.

Because of its convertible design, it can fit any corner of your room without taking a lot of space. 

Product Specifications

  • Brand: Ameriwood Home
  • Material: Engineered Wood
  • Heating coverage area: 400 sq feet
  • Dimension: 19.7 x 47.6 x 29.7 inches
  • Weight: 79 pounds
  • Color: Espresso

Electric Heater

The temperature range of this electric heater is  64-82 degrees.

On top of this, it uses a zone heating system to distribute the heat throughout your 400 sq. feet room and keeps it warm.

Fits in Any Corner

Due to its design (corner console), you can place or put it together in any space of your room. This can be installed in a tight corner of your small room.

Indeed, a small space will not be a barrier to get the ambiance you need. 

Convenient Remote Control

To operate the unit effortlessly, this electric fireplace insert includes a remote control feature.

As a result, you can run or regulate this firebox from any place in your room. Besides, it has four touch panel settings on the front of this unit to control the electric corner console.

Hold up to 55 lbs

The fireplace console is sturdy enough that can hold a 50-inch tv up to 55 lbs. So, you don’t need to spend an extra penny to get a tv trolly. 

Benefits We Find 

The extra storage capacity of this fireplace insert is a big plus. It has 5 built-in shelves to let you store DVDs, books, audio players, and so on.

Therefore, putting the unit together is effortless. 

Drawbacks We Find

It takes a lot of screws to assemble the unit. And the heck is- some of the screws are difficult to get in.

You must need a drill to make a hole although the manufacturer claims you require no power tools.


If you look for a fireplace that fits any corner, holds a tv up to 50 inches, and provides the ambiance you need, then you must consider this to have in your lineup. 

Southern Enterprises Corner Media Infrared Convertible Fireplace

Stylish look and efficient heating capacity are synonymous with this SEI electric convertible fireplace. 

Its rich mahogany finish and classically carved details make a bold statement and fit any home decor & corner of your room. On the flip side, the infrared heat can warm up to 1000 sq. feet evenly. 

So, what do you need more to get a cozy & warm winter night?

Product Specifications

  • Brand: SEI Furniture Store
  • Material: Wood
  • Heating coverage area: 1000 sq feet
  • Dimension: 27 x 48 x 32.25 inches
  • Weight: 123 Pounds
  • Color: Brown

Distribute Heat Evenly

Quartz infrared fireplace is always a better option to get the desired heat quickly to warm up a room.

And this infrared firebox is not an exception to that. Its fan-forced quartz infrared distributes the heat evenly and quickly to make a 1000 sq feet room warm. 

Convenient to Control

Adjusting the heat, flame, log, and downlight is not that difficult you think. Or, you don’t need to set them up manually.

The remote control feature makes it simple, even your child can regulate it effortlessly. 

Stylish Look

A fireplace is not only a heating device but also a decorative item too. The brown color or rich mahogany finish of this electric firebox matches your existing home style.

So, it adds a distinct look to your home without breaking the decor.

Superior Safety

The fireplace area always remains hot. So, considering the fact- safety is crucial. You don’t want to burn your hand or your child’s hand (accidentally), right. 

To ensure security, this firebox features an automatic shutoff feature.

Plus, it includes a child safety lock and a cool glass front. So, if you or your child touch the glass unconsciously, it keeps you safe from burning the skin. 

Benefits We Find 

The long-lasting design is an upside to this electric fireplace. It uses MDF Particle Board Basswood veneer as its construction material, which adds longevity to this. 

Drawbacks We Find

Time-consuming assembly is a downside of this firebox. It takes you approximately 3 hours to put it together.


If you have a large space (up to 1000 sq. feet) to warm up evenly, then this corner convertible electric fireplace is just for you.

Above all, it offers superior safety features to avoid burning your skin accidentally.

Real Flame 5950E Chateau Corner Electric Fireplace

No matter what’s the existing home decor you have, this fireplace from Real flame compliments that. Its sleek & clean lines, classic styling frame, and eye-catchy finishes (walnut, espresso, white) make it unique from other traditional fireplaces.

So, pick any finish from there and bring back aesthetics to your home placing at any corner of your room. 

Product Specifications

  • Brand: Real Flame
  • Material: Solid Wood
  • Heating coverage area: 144 sq feet
  • Dimension: 40.94 x 25.28 x 37.6 inches
  • Weight: 77 Pounds
  • Color: Dark Walnut

Generate 4700 BTUs

Like other electric fireplaces from Real Flame, it requires 1400 wattages and can produce 4700 BTUs per hour.

Apart from these, it features a supplemental heating system and has a thermostat feature.

As a result, it distributes heat evenly and keeps you warm in frigid conditions. 

Stylish Design

Dark walnut color, sleek lines, and classic frame give an elegant and sophisticated look to this fireplace insert. And its walnut finish fits any home style.

So, you can install it in your home without the fear of breaking your existing home decor.

Multiple Features

Multiple features like remote control, programmable thermostat, and timer function are some useful features of this unit.

With the remote, you can turn the unit off or on from anywhere in your room. Its thermostat feature lets you control the heat level.  

In return, you can set the desired temperature level to keep you warm. Also, you can adjust the brightness and flame of this fireplace. 

Benefits We Find 

Convenient to put together, easy to operate, and stylish look is some of the upsides of this electric firebox.

Therefore, fast assembly (which takes only 45 minutes) is another plus of this unit.

Drawbacks We Find

The only pain point of this unit is its remote control. When you use it to adjust the heat level, it starts changing random settings. 


It will be your best trait if you look for a fireplace as a decorative item more than a heating element. The stylish design of this unit fits any contemporary home decor.

SEI Furniture Convertible Electric Media Storage Corner Fireplace

Bring back elegance to your room and add a touch of fashion by installing this stylish Sei electric fireplace.

Its fresh white finish combined with white faux stone gives a rustic touch and fits your existing home decor.

Apart from the look, the fireplace insert provides enough heat to warm up a room up to 400 sq. feet. 

Product Specifications

  • Brand: SEI Furniture
  • Material: Wood
  • Coverage area: 400 sq feet
  • Dimension: 25.25 x 52.25 x 36.5 inches
  • Weight: 102 Pounds
  • Color: Fresh White

Supports TV

Now, you don’t need to waste your hard-earned money by purchasing a tv trolly. This convertible fireplace tv stand will allow you to place a 50-inch flat panel tv on it for cozy viewing. 

Easy to Run

Stack up woods & logs, ignite them, and then get heat!! It’s all about the traditional fireplace.

Fortunately, these days, you require no effort to get instant heat or don’t need to hassle to pile up wood. Just plug the unit into an outlet, set the heat level you want, and you are ready to enjoy the ambiance.

This Sei fireplace is what we say. So, running it and getting the heat is effortless. 

Remote Control Feature

Unlike a traditional fireplace, you don’t need to be an expert to control the temperature or hassle to get the desired heat. Because of its remote control feature, you can easily set the heat level to warm up yourself.

Therefore, you can also adjust the flame and turn the unit on and off without leaving your comfy couch. 

Benefits We Find 

Elegant look, easy to assemble, and convenient to run is some upsides we spot out.

It comes with every piece of equipment for simple assembly. 

Drawbacks We Find

The price of this unit is a bit high.

However, it’s worth the money for its stylish look and functionality.  


It will be your ideal pick if you look for a functional but stylish fireplace like electric fireplace with bookshelves that fits the existing home decor. Plus, you can put it in any corner of your room. 

Windsor Corner Infrared Electric Fireplace Media Cabinet

Struggle for the best use of the corner of your home?

Then, bring this dual-function fireplace that you can set up in any corner of your room or against the wall. 

As we say dual-function, it works as a piece of furniture and a heating device as well. So, you can use it to warm up your room while its stylish design will be a nice addition to your home. 

Product Specifications

  • Brand: Classic Flame
  • Material: Wood
  • Heating coverage area: 1000 sq feet
  • Dimension: 27.25 x 46.25 x 35.5 inches
  • Weight: 135 Pounds
  • Color: Brown

Heats a Room Evenly

Optimum heating capacity is an upside of this electric firebox.

This infrared heater supplies supplemental heat and distributes the heat evenly to warm a room up to 1000 sq. feet.

Fit in Any Room

It’s a convertible unit. Because of it, you can place it in any corner of your room as this features an extra corner piece. Thus, you can install it both in the corner and against the wall. 

Adjustable Shelves

A front-flip center shelf with two side cabinets offers a lot of storage capacity. Now, storing media components like DVDs, books, accessories is a breeze.

Wire Management Features

Each of the media cabinets is integrated with wire management features. As a result, you don’t need to deal with messy wires or cables that may eat up the beauty of your fireplace. 

Rich & Elegant Design

Elegant and sophisticated look! The unit uses beautiful Antique Cherry Laminate as its finish, which adds a rich look to it.

Benefits We Find 

Efficient heating capacity, easy to put together, and elegant in design are some of the upsides we spot of this fireplace insert.

Drawbacks We Find

This unit is not scratch-resistant. So, be careful when you put it together to avoid potential damage from scratching.


If you look for a convertible corner fireplace that you can install any place in your room, then you must keep it in your lineup.

Moreover, it’s stylish, sturdy, and you can use it as a Tv stand also.

BOWERY HILL Corner Electric Fireplace in White

Giving a rustic cottage chic feel to your room without breaking the existing home decor is challenging.

But this electric fireplace from Bowery Hill is here to fulfill your dream. Crisp white and white faux stone finish gives a rustic look and complements your existing home style.

Product Specifications

  • Brand: Bowery Hill
  • Material: Stone
  • Heating coverage area: 400 sq feet
  • Dimension: 15.75 x 45.5 x 40.5 inches
  • Weight: 97 Pounds
  • Color: White

Heat up 400 sq. Feet Evenly

The fireplace insert offers lifelike ember and flame effects.

Plus, it uses supplemental heat which evenly heats a specific room. Because of this heating system,  this firebox can warm a room up to 400 sq. feet thoroughly.

Study Construction

This rustic electric fireplace uses stone as its construction material, which gives a long-lasting life to this unit.

Due to the durable material, it protects your adorable firebox from regular wear & tear. 

Add Rustic Feel

The fresh white finish of this unit adds a rustic feel to your home. Plus, lifelike flame and logs real fire effect adorns your existing home decor.


Control your entire fireplace from the comfort of your couch! The remote control features 4-adjustability to adjust the heat level, turn on & off, and so on.

Plus, this unit offers a 5-level flame adjustment to heat your room according to your need. Indeed, it’s super simple to run this fireplace, even your child can operate it. 

Benefits We Find 

Safe to use is the advantage you will enjoy by purchasing the unit. It offers an automatic shut-off feature and a cool front glass.

So, there is no risk of burning your skin if you touch the glass accidentally. 

Drawbacks We Find

The only flow we spot out is its chip paint. It may scratch easily. However, you can fix this issue by painting with high-temp paint. 


It will be your best pick if you look for an adorable fireplace for a small room. This firebox provides sufficient heat to warm up a 400 sq. feet room.

Ameriwood Home Lamont Mantel Fireplace

Durable, elegant, stylish, and functional are synonymous with this Ameriwood Home electric fireplace. Crisp white finish accented with white marble effects brings the aesthetics to another level of this firebox.

So, you don’t need to think about its look and fit for any home decor. Besides its look, it’s also functional and can produce 4600 BTUs to warm up a 400 sq. feet room. 

Product Specifications

  • Brand: Ameriwood Home
  • Material: Engineered Wood
  • Heating coverage area: 400 sq feet
  • Dimension: 12.48 x 69.29 x 44.72 inches
  • Weight: 108 Pounds
  • Color: White

Classic Look

Its 3 tier Altra Lamont mantel fireplace with crisp white finish gives a classic look to your home.

Plus, this firebox is accented with a dark grey marble effect which brings its aesthetics to the next level.

Convenient to Operate

The 26″ electric convertible fireplace insert features a remote control. With it, you can fine-tune temperature, flame brightness, and heat settings.

Plus, its touchpad adjustment on the front of the fireplace makes it simple to run & regulate.

Energy Efficient

This rustic electric fireplace uses zone heating. In return, you can warm up a room up to 400 sq feet in an energy-efficient way, which saves electric bills.

Benefits We Find 

Longevity, modern look, easy-to-clean & use are some of the advantages you can enjoy by considering this in your lineup.

Drawbacks We Find

Includes a lot of pieces to put together sturdily. As a result, it takes time to assemble the unit. However, this also includes a blessing.

If you put the uni together carefully, it will be sturdier. 


If you want to get an all-in-one fireplace that is stylish, durable, and functional, then you must keep this Ameriwood Home fireplace in your lineup.

7 Things to Consider Before Buying a Convertible Fireplace

After delving into hundreds of corner convertible fireplaces in the market, we enlisted the top 9 of them. But still, the list is quite long and you can easily be bogged down which may lead you in the wrong direction.

To avoid this issue, we compiled an actionable buying guide below. Knowing all about the electric fireplaces with these 7 important buying issues will make sure you aren’t buying the wrong fireplace for you.

Yeah, read the buying guide and return. We can declare,  you will be wise enough to pick the right fireplace that meets your ultimate needs. 

Heating Coverage Area

The first and foremost thing you should consider before purchasing a convertible fireplace is its heating coverage area. 

How efficiently an electric convertible fireplace can heat up a room depends on its coverage area. 

For example, a unit that is designed to warm a room up to 400 sq feet can only heat that certain area. 

If you set it in a room up to 1000 sq feet, you can’t get the output you expect to warm your house. 

So, before picking one, consider your room size. Then, choose a fireplace that can cover the area. 


Here the term ‘design’ means the look of the rustic electric fireplace. 

A convertible corner firebox is not only a device to warm up a room but also a type of furniture. It can be a nice addition to your room if you pick the right color and finish. 

The espresso or fresh white finish of a fireplace can match any home decor and add a touch of elegance. 

An electric firebox with a brown finish is not also a bad choice. 

Luckily, we combined this list with some of the best stylish fireplaces that fit your existing home style.  

So, installing them in your room will not be an eyesore. Instead, they will be a focal point of your room and bring back aesthetics to your home. 

Remote Control Feature

The days of controlling a fireplace manually are gone with the invention of the remote control feature.

Now, you can completely regulate a firebox like adjust the temperature, shut on & off, everything you can do with a remote.

So, the time in front of a fire unit will be more entertaining as you don’t need to waste a second. 

Most importantly, anyone, even your child can also run the fireplace with the help of the remote control. When you are in the market for shopping for a firebox, consider this useful feature.


Considering the construction material of an electric fireplace is also crucial. The material of a fireplace doesn’t ensure durability only but also the look of it.

For example, a fire unit, made of wood, adds a natural feeling to your home.

Engineered wood with stone, MDF, veneer are some of the durable materials you should consider before picking a corner fireplace. 

Storage Capacity

What if a fireplace also allows you to store accessories like DVDs, books, toys, and others! Fortunately, most of the electric fireboxes we enlisted feature bookshelves.

In return, you can use them to keep electric wires, cables, books, and so on.

 Installation Required or Not

Ease of installation is another factor you should take into account. Pick a fireplace that includes every piece of equipment like bolt, screws, glass to assemble the unit effortlessly.

Surprisingly, we also enlisted some fireplaces that require no installation. In return, you don’t need to hassle about the installation process. 

Supports Tv or Not

Some of the fireplaces on this list like Walker Edison can hold a tv up to 55 inches. Now, you can enjoy the cold night of winter fully by sitting in front of the tv while watching your favorite tv shows.

Benefits and Drawbacks of an Convertible Electric Fireplace

An electric fireplace mimics the look and design of the traditional fireplace. Like a conventional firebox, it also provides the ambiance you need to keep yourself warm in winter. 

But the difference is- unlike the wood or gas fireplaces, it doesn’t emit harmful fumes or smoke which is a plus. However, the fire effect an electric heater offers is fake. 

Indeed, an electric fireplace insert has both upsides and downsides. In this chapter, we cover both the benefits and drawbacks.

Benefits of a Convertible Electric Fireplace

Let’s first dive into the benefits….

Super safe

Safety matters first.


Electric fireplace is super safe compared to other types of fireboxes. It has no real fire. 

That’s why there is no risk of catching fire nearby objects. Besides, most of the electric corner firebox features a safety glass that remains cool. 

Turns out, you don’t need to worry about burning your skin. Indeed, an electric firebox is superior to other contemporary fireplaces in terms of safety. 


Though electric fireboxes are secure to run from a standard 120v outlet, they can draw max power. 

As a result, there may cause a short circuit if you run other electric appliances from the same outlet. 

To avoid this situation, we recommend you not to plug in other appliances from the same outlet in which you plugged in the fireplace. 

Stylish Design

Almost every electric fireplace in the market today comes in different styles, colors, and features.

Each of them has a unique design, uses different materials, and blends with your existing home decor.

So, pick the right one and it will be ok to go for it. 

Save Space

The sweet part about a convertible fireplace is- it takes only a little space to install it.

In return, you can effortlessly put together the unit in any corner of your room without taking a lot of rooms. 

Need no Installation Cost

Every manufacturer of electric firebox provides an installation manual. Following it, you can assemble the unit by yourself and need no professional to hire.

So, it saves the cost!!


Longevity is another best feature that makes the electric firebox stand out from the traditional one. It requires no fuel or gas that makes it durable.

Plus, the electric fireplace doesn’t require any combustion chamber. On top of that, its exterior is painted with high-temp paint so it remains brand new for a long time. 

Easy to Control

The remote control feature is the life-saver feature every electric fireplace includes. With it, you can effortlessly regulate the unit from any corner of your room.

Maintenance Free

Unlike wood or gas fireplaces, it produces no smoke, fumes, and ashes. So, you don’t need to maintain it regularly. 

Drawbacks of a Convertible Electric Fireplace

Like other appliances, an electric fireplace also has some downsides. Here are some common flaws every electric firebox has. 

No Electricity, No Heating

An electric fireplace is run by electricity. If there is no electricity connection for adverse weather, you can’t run it to warm up your room. 


The fire effect and flame you get from an electric fireplace is fake. It creates the flame by a fire insert log that appears fake. So, you can’t experience the real fire. 

Doesn’t Provide Much Heat like the Wood or Gas One

As we know, an electric fireplace has no real fire, it’s just an illusion. So, you can’t expect much heat like the wood or gas firebox offers.

Final Verdict

Scrutinizing hundreds of electric fireplace inserts, we enlisted the best convertible fireplace. 

Each of them is stylish, durable, and provides the ambiance you need. The best part is- they fit any corner of your room. So, a small space or tight corner will not be a barrier to get the heat you need to boil the freezing conditions. 

So, you can pick any of the fireplaces from the list according to your personal choice. 

Now, it’s up to you. 

Which one are you going to keep in your lineup? Let us know by stopping in the comment box.


What is a convertible fireplace?

A convertible fireplace is a type of electric fireplace that you can effortlessly set in both the corner and against the wall of a room. 

Is a convertible fireplace a freestanding electric fireplace?

Yes, a convertible fireplace is a type of freestanding electric firebox.

What is the purpose of a corner fireplace?

The purpose of a corner fireplace is to add aesthetics and provide the warmth you need. Because of its compact size, you can put it in any space of your room.

How do you frame a corner fireplace?

Framing a corner fireplace is simple. Just follow the below steps to this task by yourself like a pro.

  1. Measure the width, rear width, depth, and height of your fireplace.
  2. Cut the frames according to the corner fireplace dimension.
  3. Put together the frame
  4. Secure the frame using screws and glue
  5. lay down the fireplace insert into the frame

How do you arrange furniture around a corner fireplace?

How you arrange furniture around the corner fireplace depends on your personal choice. However, you can make your room round by floating furniture to encounter the center of your seating area.

In return, the corner fireplace will be a focal point of your room which adds a touch of fashion to your room. 

Should I get a corner fireplace?

It’s worth a hundred times to invest in a corner fireplace.

It lets you best use the corner of your room, allows you to design the interior space with floating furniture, and adds elegance to your room.

So, we recommend you get a corner fireplace. 

Can you put a fireplace on an interior wall?

Yes, you can put a fireplace on an interior wall if you can make a way to vent to the outside.

Should you put the TV above the fireplace?

Experts recommend not to put the Tv above the fireplace as excessive heat from the firebox can bring damage to the electric element or component.

Can electric fireplaces catch fire?

No, an electric fireplace doesn’t catch fire as it doesn’t produce a real flame like the gas fireplace or wood firebox. 

Can I use an electric fireplace as an outdoor fireplace? 

Yes, you can use an electric fireplace as an outdoor fireplace. But, remember, you can use those electric fireplaces outdoors that are rated for outdoor use only. 

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