9 Most Popular Corner Fireplaces Entertainment Center in 2022

Who doesn’t dream to have one of the best and elegant corner fireplaces entertainment center to watch movies in a warm comfy room on a long cold night? Maybe no one.

Even, a few years ago, the idea of having an entertainment center with a fireplace insert was like a dream. Also, affording a fireplace was not as easy as it is now. Thankfully, the corner electric fireplaces are inexpensive and come with a built-in entertainment center. 

With this convenient technology, you don’t even have to be bothered about cleaning the ashes and fueling the flames with dry logs. Most of the corner electric convertible fireplaces now come in with elegant and modern designs & decent heating capacity. So having such a corner fireplace will not only make your home feel cozy but look classy as well.

However, after researching many products, we have finally picked the TOP 9 best according to users’ requirements and budgets that serve your needs, neck, and crop.

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Top 3 Best Corner Electric Fireplace for Quick Picke

Walker Edison Corner Fireplace TV Stand: Most Popular

Ameriwood Home Overland: Best Budget-Friendly

New 4 Foot Wide Corner Fireplace: Affordable & Uncommon Design

The key features of these top 3 best corner fireplaces are:

  • All these 3 corner fireplaces include a TV stand and media storage. So, you can easily put your TV on it and house your electronic devices or other accessories. Even you can put your favorite books here.
  • These 3 corner fireplaces include eye-catching metal. So, you can simply place your memorable photo on the mental.
  • As these corner fireplaces are convertible, you can place them in any corner or against the wall if you wish.

9 Best Corner Fireplaces Entertainment Center  Comparison Chart

Check out the comparison table and choose your best match.

Product Name

Best For

Heating Coverage



More Info

Ameriwood Electric Corner Fireplace

Best Budget Friendly

400 sq. ft. 

Engineered wood, artificial stones

29.7 x47.6 x19.7 inches


Walker Edison Alcott Classic

Most Popular

400 sq. ft. 


32 x 15.75 x 44 inches


Real Flame 5950E Corner Electric Fireplace

Best Traditional

144 sq. ft.

Solid wood

40.94 x 25.98 x 37.6 inches


SEI Alexa-Enabled Electric Corner Fireplace

Best Voice Controlled

400 sq. ft.

Engineered & Rubber wood

6 x 52.25 x 36.5 inches


Windsor Corner Infrared Electric Fireplace

Best for Large Heating Area

1000 sq. ft.


27.25 x 46.25 x 35.5 inches


BOWERY HILL Corner Electric Fireplace

Most Lucid

400 sq. ft.


15.75 x 45.5 x 40.5 inches


R.W.FLAME Electric Fireplace Mantel

Best Energy Efficient 

400 sq. ft.

Wood, tempered glass & steel

29 x 28 x 14.17 inches


Real Flame Churchill Electric Fireplace

Best Heating Coverage

1000 sq. ft.

Solid wood, veneered MDF, powder-coated steel

50.75 x 30.5 x 33.125 inches


New 4 Foot Wide Corner Electric Fireplace 

Affordable & Uncommon design

400 sq. ft.


48 x 20 x 32 inches


7 Things to Consider before Buying your Best Corner Electric Fireplace

The fireplace with an entertainment center becomes the central point of attention for your family members or any social gathering at your place. 

Whether any night party or a movie time with family, all of them happen around the pleasant, warm surroundings of your firebox.

But, what if, if you messed up to choose the right one for you! Well, without any guideline, it’s evident for you to fail mostly—also, your priority matters.

To get the best product according to your need and taste, you have to consider a few different things.

Room Size

Depending on your room size or available free space, you need to consider your fireplace. 

The good thing is an electric heater with an entertainment center easily fits in any corner place, which makes it a great space saver indeed.

Most of the time, we unconsciously select a unit that even doesn’t cope up with our room size. 

Or, on the flip side, unknowingly choose a small one for a large room. It’s our fault that we didn’t consider room size before buying our product in both cases. 

Check your room size and select a fireplace accordingly. Or, go for a standard one that fits approximately any medium to a large room.

Heating And Coverage

In the case of heating, you need to focus both on your climate and specific needs. 

You have to emphasize whether you need a 400 sq ft or 1000 sq ft heater.

1.Conventional Heaters- 400 sq ft heaters are conventional fan-forced heaters. This type of heater functions with heated coils. 

While a coil heats up, a fan blows the warmed air outwards into the room. A room of 400 sq ft is perfect for this type of heater.

But, the heat it produces can dry out the air and decrease natural humidity. People with respiratory issues should avoid this heater in case of minor uncomfortness.

2.Infrared Heater- Infrared Quartz Tube technology produces more supplemental heat than the traditional ones and covers above 1000 sq ft space. Without the fan-system infrared heaters directly heats the objects. 

It ensures a more balanced and comfortable heating pattern. Also, the humidity in the room remains at the level best. It provides maximum comfort with a bit much more costly price than other heaters.

Design And Style

Before buying a corner fireplace, ask yourself what is your priority? Definitely, its design and updated style will come in a row.

A wide range of styles and designs is available. You have to choose one matching your room’s decor. Choose the colors wisely according to your room’s surroundings.

Also, decide first whether a wooden one or faux stone suits best for you.

Flame Effects

Another main focal point is the flame effects which create a near realistic vibe for you.

Not all fireplaces will not give you the same result of realism.

In this case, SpectraFlame 3D effects create the most lifelike flame effects and offer you to adjust colors and brightness.

Each of the fireplaces on our list comes with a flame effect.

Storage and Space

Each of the fireplaces comes with unique design. As a media center, all of them have different storage systems to house electronic devices or other accessories. 

Not all of them have tv stands in default. If you need to put the TV on the top surface you have to buy one basis on your TV size.

Choose 1 or 2 inches bigger size than your TV. So, there will be less chance of falling.

If you want to buy a corner fireplace only then go for the traditional ones of open compartments.

Make Sure The Safety Issue

Before buying an electric fireplace make sure they have used tempered glass on the insert window. 

Otherwise, any unwanted accident may occur. Those who use cool glass technology can be considered safe for pets and kids.

9 Best Corner Electric Fireplaces Entertainment Center Reviews 2021

Our best nine picks are all individual to their specification. According to your taste, budget and requirements, we have selected the best ones from tons of corner fireplaces.

Let’s know individually all about them to pick the best corner fireplace…

Ameriwood Home Overland Electric Corner Fireplace for TVs 

Looking for an amazing  piece of corner electric fireplace TV stand at a low price? 

Then get introduced to this stunning one. 

We can confidently declare, if you are a passionate fan of fancy furniture, definitely this aesthetic corner fireplace center would be the centerpiece of your home.

Product Specifications

  • Color: Espresso
  • Heating capacity: 400 sq. ft.
  • Holding capacity: Up to 50” TVs
  • Weight: 55 lbs
  • Finishing: Laminated MDF finish
  • Remote control 
  • Materials: Engineered wood, particleboard & artificial stones
  • Flame Effect: Realistic 
  • Compartments: 5
  • Insert size: 23”
  • TV Stand Measurement: 29.7 x 47.6 x 19.7

Super Heating Technology

You will be glad to know that the electric fireplace comes with an advanced heating technology. 

So, while warming up your room, you will discover that the fireplace can heat up a 400 sq. ft room effortlessly for your comfort. Moreover, this handy fireplace can heat up more than 400 sq. ft if you run it at a shut up space or room. 

Plus, you can use  this fireplace with or without heat. 

So, if you are cherishing a wonderful time pass in a fantasy view, you can just run it on a summer night with only flame effect without turning the heat on.

The lovely view created by the LED flame effects will take you away into a fantasy world.

LED Altraflame

How would it be if you get the vintage effect of those old manual fireplaces? 

It will simply make you nostalgic just thinking of the back.

Isn’t it?

Yep, its built-in reflectors can create an awesome graphical effect using its unique AltraFlame technology. 

And you will feel, the view is giving you the nostalgic retro impact of your golden back days.

The LED lights can last up to 50,000 hours. So, when the weather is hot, you can enjoy the ambient environment with this feature for an incredible long time.

Effortless Control

Would you prefer to walk and manually change the temperature?

Definitely the answer is no.


Because modern technology has made us calm. And incase of this handy electric fireplace, it’s not exceptional. The fireplace comes with an easy to use remote control kit.

So, you can simply adjust the flame effect and various heat settings with the remote control or the touch panels. 

It’s your freedom. 

The fireplace can regulate the temperature of the heat ranges from 64-82 degrees. As a result, you can set your desired temperature between this range to make sure it’s cozy and comfortable for you.

Moreover, you can set the timer to shut off automatically when you need it to. Likewise, you can control the flame effect even from your bed with the help of the remote control.

Aristocratic look

One of the leading reasons behind the mounting popularity of this corner fireplace is its dashing look. If you are a person who gives priority to appearance, then this beauty is for you. 

The modern-looking particleboard is roundabout with a thick 23” artificial stone of the fireplace insert. 

Especially it gives an elegant look to this corner fireplace entertainment center. Your room will turn into a charming spot with this media piece.

Usable Decorative Compartments

The stand comes with 5 detachable compartments. 

So, if you are a person who likes to decorate the house, then this elegant entertainment center is eagerly waiting to reach your home.

Having this electric entertainment center, you can hassle freely organize anything, including audio and video equipment, on its 5 open shelves. 

Also, it can be the right choice as a tiny bookshelf with fireplace.

Convenient Size

The fireplace fits almost every corner or place of your house. It takes a small yet decisive space to be fit in. 

Also, its muscular structure can hold any TV up to 50” and weigh about 60 lbs.

Nonetheless, its top shelf can hold 25 lbs. The smaller side shelves can hold 8 lbs each.

Standard Outlet

The Ameriwood Electric Corner Fireplace insert plugs into any ideal 120V outlet. You don’t have to buy another outlet, particularly for this one.

Smooth Assembly

Are you annoyed about shifting rooms? 

Then keep this espresso entertainment center in your list. Because the fireplace of Ameriwood is easily accessible from any door to any room.

Also, the chances of the product getting defective is significantly less.  It’s also effortless to move around on hardwood floors, and it doesn’t scratch them.

Furthermore, the manufacturer claims that it only takes two adults to complete the assembling of parts. 

So, if you are worried about assembling after seeing too many pieces, don’t be.

Benefits Users Find:

  • The aesthetic espresso finish brings a different charm to your living room or bedroom. It will make an impression on your guest besides adding warmth along with to almost any room.
  • Fits in almost every corner as its assembled dimension is 29.7″ x 47.6″ x 19.7″ 
  • You will get this stylish piece at an affordable price.
  • Whether you turn to hit on or off, you can still get the vibe with its LED AltraFlame feature.
  • Ameriwood Home ensures that this product will be free from defects. And they agreed to alter in case any defective product is shipped. So, as a user, you never have to compromise the quality.
  • Last but not least, the most important fact is for those who just hate dust. This media piece DOES NOT collect dust like the dressers, wardrobes do. Cleaning once a week will be enough for it.

Drawbacks Users Find:

  • Some of the users think it is a pain to assemble so many pieces together. But they also agreed that once they got it together, it looked pretty good then.


Ultimately, this product can be called a standard package of everything. And the good thing is it’s budget-friendly. 

Sticking on your budget, consider this item to have a winning deal.

Walker Edison Alcott Classic Fireplace Corner TV Stand for TVs 

When you are blindly searching for an extremely sturdy corner entertainment center, then this lovely media console would be a great buy for you. 

This amazing piece of furniture is entirely made of high quality oak wood. 

Great quality, extremely sturdy construction, super heating capability, aesthetic look, LOT of storage space, reasonable price and easy to put together features make this beautiful furniture immensely popular to the users.  

So, like many other happy buyers, you will absolutely love this great looking entertainment center with fireplace & TV stand. 

Product Specifications

  • Colors: 7
  • Variants: 3
  • Material: Wood
  • Movement Type: Fixed
  • Hitting Capacity: 400 sq. ft.
  • Supports TVs: Up to 50” 
  • Dimensions: 32 x 15.75 x 44
  •  Fireplace Insert: 17.75 x 15.75 x 18
  • Top Surface Capacity: Up to 100 lbs
  • Storage support: Up to 30 Ibs 
  • Plug-in Fireplace
  • Switch: Two
  • Number of Shelves: 4

Decent Heating Capacity

The wood media fireplace has a default capacity to heat up about 400 square feet of space. Hence, you will get a cozy and warm environment even on a freezing cold night.

Plus, you can operate the heat individually.

So, if you just want a decent heating machine for a chilly morning, then no need to think twice to pick this electric fireplace tv stand. 

A Robust Piece of Product

There are some people who don’t like to compromise with the sturdiness of the furniture while buying.


If you are one of them, then, this robust fireplace tv stand is only for you.

Didn’t believe it yet?

Look, besides warming you up, the hard top surface of the fireplace can support an incredible weight up to 100 lbs. 

Also, the compartments can hold more than 20 pounds each. And the cubby storage can take on 30 lbs.

So, when you are worried about placing your heavily weighted TV on it, just forget the issue. 

You can thoughtlessly keep your heavy weight TV on this corner fireplace TV stand.

Compatible Compartments

How will it be if I tell you that you will get worms and fanciness at the same time? 

Well, along with a heater, you will get four adjustable shelves.

The side ones have tempered safety glass door support. And the middle one with an open frame to fit your media components and accessories. 

And the fourth one is for the cable management system to maintain a tidy space.

Have you ever thought of having a product like this? 

From gaming sets to artificial plants, you can allocate anything. 

Three Elegant Variants

Walker Edison has brought THREE variants to the market, thinking of your convenience. 

44, 48, and 60 inch TV stands are available for you. You can choose according to your television size or your need. 

Then don’t forget to choose your favorite elegant color from the 7 varieties of color. 

Driftwood, Barnwood Brown, Black, Dark Walnut, Espresso, Grey Wash,  Reclaimed Barnwood, Traditional Brown, and White Oak- all of them are available for you.

Classy Wooden Look

People of early days used to like complete wooden pieces of furniture. Considering their psychology, this piece of entertainment center comes in a classical wooden glance.

No artificial material has been used in this corner piece. 

This traditional fireplace console is crafted with a durable laminate finish from high-grade MDF. Indeed this one is a nostalgic furnishing for your parents and grandparents.

Simple Controlling System

If you are looking for a product that would be easily usable, go for it.


Without any remote-controlled complex operating system, you will get a two-switch easy accessible feature in it. 

Simply tap one switch for display and another one for the heater. 

Also, no extra charge will be needed for batteries.

Effortless Installation


Don’t be nervous if you think of setting up this electric item. Unlike the others, you would not be required to have an electrician. 

Simply plug into a standard household outlet. No additional venting is required.

Benefits Users Find:

  • Users will find this electric console uncomplicated as its control is even accessible for a kid.
  • The individual switching option is very convenient for those who love the ambiance it creates.
  • The top of the unit does not get warm instead of high heat. You can use your media unit without any stress.
  • It puts off decent heat, and the fake flames are super relaxing to watch.
  • It is all in one, a massive space saver as it has so many compartments. Besides, it can fit in any corner.
  • The complete wooden structure of this fireplace will give a retro look to your room.
  • Cable management features help to maintain a clean look to the TV stand.
  • No extra hassle to maintain it

Drawbacks Users Find:

  •  People who like to have lots of features might not like it. As it is simple to use and no scrap to handle.
  • Like the other ones, users may find the assembly of pieces as a pain. But, they also ensure that they feel satisfied after assembling the parts.
  • It does not have remote control and thermostat control, which somehow a few people feel disappointing. Yet its simple one-tap feature is still convenient for others.


As an item of furniture, what can defeat a durable wooden piece?

Durable quality, 100% wood maiden, and decent heating; if those are your parameter to choose, you can undoubtedly give this walker edison corner fireplace tv stand a shot.

Real Flame 5950E Chateau Corner Electric Fireplace

Are you actually looking for a small size corner unit and yet desire to have a decent area to warm up? 

Then give it a try.

With a charming aesthetic and vivid LED, the Chateau Corner Electric Fireplace is a mixture of modernity and beauty.

Product Specifications

  1.  Colors: Three
  2. Material: Solid Wood
  3. Item Dimension: 40.94 x 25.98 x 37.6 inches
  4. Style: Traditional
  5. Item Weight: 77 Pounds
  6. Ventilation Type: Vent Free
  7. Heat Output: 4700 BTU
  8. Heating Coverage: 144 Sq. ft.
  9. Programmable Thermostat
  10. Ultra Vivid LED Technology
  11. Blower: Yes
  12. Internal Fan: Yes
  13. Includes Remote: Yes
  14. Country of Origin: China

Traditional Looking

 Do you feel bad that you can’t decorate your drawing room for lack of enough space? Then, how about having just an electric heater that can change the dull ambiance into an inviting one? 

The beautiful piece of furniture switches your room into an antique surrounding. And its simple triangular shape can easily fit in any corner.

The traditional-looking fireplace comes in three different colors. Choose yours from Dark Walnut, espresso, and white, which suits best to your decor. 

Delicate Heater

Again, the Real Flame electric heater has rocked for modest rooms. It is a perfect temperature modifier for medium to small spaces. 

This model has a 1400 watt efficient heater. It offers 4700 BTUs per hour and ideal coverage for 120 sq ft. More than that, for its heavy power supply capacity, it can heat the room very quickly.  

Realistic LED Flame Effect

How about a big open fireplace with a brick surround? Well, you don’t have to put a log in it and start a fire for it. 

The log embers glow you with a very realistic flame effect. New ultra-bright VividFlame technology creates an incredible flame effect for your fireplace.

Without any need for real wood and venting, you would still get the ambiance like a rusty cottage. We think that’s pretty neat.

 Furthermore, choose an effect of your mind from available five different brightness settings. This will make the embers of the fire glow dimmer or brighter.

Convenient Programmable Thermostat

This model comes with a default programmable thermostat with a Fahrenheit or Celsius display. This feature comes in handy when you need a precise reading. It ensures an easy-to-use facility as well. 

Think about how cool it will be to control your room temperature to get it exactly spot on! Set the heat while you are asleep. And program it to turn on when you are out. Hence, your room will be cozy when you reach home.

Super Handy Timer Feature 

Over and above, its stylish hidden digital readout and intelligent control panel let you about a nine-hour shut-off time to fit your schedule.

So on a chill morning, you can set your fireplace to turn on early in the morning and warm up your room.

Together with that, if you use the timer and ‘dynamic embers’ function, you will be able to shut off the fireplace automatically.

Firm Built-Quality 

Since this fireplace is made of pure wood, it can be the right choice for you to love classic wooden furniture.

Covered with a decorative layer of fine wood, it fits flush to the wall bear with its triangular shape. But things to be considered that it would not quietly flush if you have skirting boards.

Benefits Users Find:

  • The fireplace has a high heating capacity with small coverage, making it very efficient for those who own a small space. And the heat also lasts longer.
  • Users can control the temperature with their remote controller from a specific distance. The remote allows you to change the brightness of the logs or the cavity.
  • Its notable timer feature will assist you in turning it on when you fall asleep. Also, unlike the other fireplaces, you won’t forget to turn it off before going out.
  • With its modern programmable thermostat, you can spot the temperature and get outputs both in Celsius and Fahrenheit. So, it becomes effortless to use for you.
  • The fireplace is comparatively tiny in size. Therefore it’s easy to put together and fits in almost any corner smoothly.
  •  The wood is pretty thick and heavy. In this manner, you don’t have to worry about its enduring issue.

Drawbacks Users Find:

  • It makes a soft noise but not much. If you can hear the motor slightly, it would not be at an irritating level at least. 
  • The programmable feature can’t turn off the heater automatically. Yet you can set the timer for how long you want the temperature to be on.
  • Users find that the assembly is somehow annoying. Nevertheless, it won’t feel so hard after seeing something beautiful.
  • The electric heater corner is made for a medium to a tiny size of rooms. Yet people want to keep their big houses warm, which is not satisfactory.
  • This piece of corner is not meant to hold TVs. But there is enough space on top for decorating.
  • Some users think it is not well fitted as it does not set in a straight wall area. But it works correctly in the flush corner area.


We will say the Real Flame really did some great work on their heater.

If you live in the fierceness of the chilly region, go for this powerful heating machine. Indeed, you won’t regret it.

SEI Furniture Redden Convertible Alexa-Enabled Corner Fireplace

How would you feel to have a voice assistant as well with a proper electric corner heater? 

Pretty cool, ha? 

Controlling your room temperature on a frosty day, just staying on your comfortable chair will worth every penny of this electric corner heater. 

Product Specifications 

  • Color: Two
  • Material: Engineered wood, Rubberwood, Metal, Carrara marble, Ash veneer
  • Design Type: Traditional
  • Item Dimensions: 6 x 52.25 x 36.5 inches
  • Heating Coverage: 400 sq ft
  • Alexa Support: Yes
  • Amazon Account: Needed
  • Remote Control: yes
  • Timer: Yes
  • Adjustable Flame: Yes
  • Programmable Thermostat: Yes
  • Shelves: 5
  • Automatic Overheat Protection: Yes
  • Item Weight: 36 pounds

Voice-Enabled Technology

What makes it more convenient than others is its voice control feature. If you have this all in one modern tech piece, you don’t have to buy anything extra. 

You can easily control heat on/off, turn heat up/down, adjust the flame levels, and set a timer for your fireplace with Alexa. To use the Alexa feature of this device, you need to have a US Amazon account.

Enhanced Design

Who doesn’t want to have a glamorous look of his household! Well, its transitional style and rustic touch add another level of elegance wherever you place it.

Lodge-inspired look with multi-color faux stone around the glowing embers and the scrollwork around the edges have made this corner entertainment center extraordinary.

Standard Heating

Warm-up your style with this rich espresso. The warmth that comes out of it is enough for a 400 feet room. The 1500 Watts, 5200 BTU Supplemental heat creates a cozy feeling all over the room.

Furthermore, it allows you to program the off-timer to end operation between 30 minutes to 9 hours in advance. 

Lifelike LED Display

Showcase your most precious items inside the shelving, accented by a sparkling LED-lit cabinet. Also, you can turn off the heat function and enjoy the year-round ambiance.

Enjoy the curio cabinet feel with the lively embers glow with or without heat. And you can choose between six flame brightness options.

Remote Control

Along with voice control, this Electric Media Storage Corner comes with a default remote controller.

Using this remote control, you can set your optimal room temperature from 62 to 82 degrees Fahrenheit with the existing digital thermostat. Also can generate brightness and dim it.

Benefits Users Find:

  • You can Safely use this electric entertainment corner fireplace in front of kids and pets as it has built-in cool-touch glass.
  • You can run it relaxed because it has an automatic overheating detection facility., It turns off operation automatically if ever overheating is detected.
  • The standard voltage of a 120-volt outlet lets you easily plug this SEI fireplace.
  • Its efficient heating capability associates you with cost-effective output. You will no longer need to pay for an exorbitant electricity bill.
  • This electric media is not at all loud. You will not complain about any noise.
  • Alexa comes with another remote that regulates it, so you do not need an Alexa to buy.

Drawbacks Users Find:

  • You can not place a TV directly on the mantle. But nonetheless, its top surface is a perfect place to decor with showpieces or a photo album.
  • An Amazon account is required for Alexa control. People without this won’t be able to enjoy the Alexa feature.
  • The faux stone is not really stone; it’s hard plastic. But that’s kind of okay as it weighs less bulky for that.
  • Users find its assembly is time-consuming and annoying as well. But it’s ok to consider something like that to get beauty at home.


Technology and stability are synonymous with this beautiful piece of work.

If you’re really fond of futuristic products, then this will be your thing.

Windsor Corner Infrared Electric Fireplace Media Cabinet

If you want approximately everything in your budget range, then stop scrolling anymore!

With the superior technology of infrared heating and 3D flame effect, Windsor has pulled the reins of the horse. Without struggling with your budget, you can get the best deal on the market.

Product Specifications

  • Color: Brown
  • Material: Wood
  • Item Dimension: 27.25 x 46.25 x 35.5
  • Weight: 135 pound
  • Finish Type: Cherry
  • Infrared heating
  • Heating Coverage: 1000 sq. ft.
  • Weight Capacity: up to 150 pound
  • SpectraFire Flame Technology
  • Multi-Function Remote: Yes
  • Convertible: Yes

Infrared Technology 

This fireplace media center is like a bit of a volcano in case of its heating coverage. 1000 sq ft is a giant space for an infrared heater to warm up. Nonetheless, the Windsor company has managed this electric heater to successfully cover a massive room of 1000 sq ft.

Infrared heaters are typically found in expensive models of electric fireplaces. Therefore, the advantage of infrared heating is that you can feel the warmth very swiftly than the regular ones. 

Its real-time infrared technology doesn’t heat up the air within the room with fan-forced heating elements. Instead of that using infrared light, you will directly feel the heat. And also, unlike fan-forced heaters, it easily can cover more space than 400 sq ft.

So, go for a thermostatically controlled heater. That will be more effective and more efficient than the traditional heaters available on the market.

Realistic Flame Effect With LED

A lot of reviews come only for its realistic flame effect. Unlike the traditional entertainment centers, this one is out of the crowd because of its 3D flame effect.

The technology behind its ultimate realism of 3D glowing log set is ‘SpectraFire Plus.’ This advanced next-generation feature will give you the feeling of a natural wood or gas fire. 

It creates flames of orange, red, and yellow. And with a setting, adds an extra blue hue at the center of the flare.

Customized 5 flame colors and speed settings added another dimension to this realistic flame effect. The vibe it creates so lively that you would surely recommend others for it. You will feel like a real fire is burning in your room, and it will look like a real fire.

The LED on-screen indicator allows you to choose between Fahrenheit and Celsius. And how would you feel to use the ultra LED flame effect without heat? Yes, you will definitely get the benefit of ambiance without heat.

Rich Finishing

This media console’s rich finishing comes with its crafting from fine quality hardwoods and real wood veneers.

The antique cherry laminate finishing adds a refreshing look to this modern corner fireplace. That’s why the mantle looks so rich and elegant at the same time. 

And what to say about its built quality! Quality materials and metal accents make this piece of dark cherry more durable and sturdy.

Media Cabinet With Heavy Weight Capacity:

Struggling with your room space? Well, here you will get both the front-flip center shelf and two side cabinets with this media console. The two side cabinet is excellent for media storage. Besides, you will have an integrated wire management space as well.

There will be more than enough room to accommodate your electronics, gaming devices, accessories, and DVD collection.

Another fascinating fact is, it’s convertible. The media cabinet can be used as both a wall and a corner unit. That’s why it comes with an extra corner piece for both wall and corner applications. 

So, plug in your mind and think about this beautiful thing.

Likewise, its beautiful and substantial tiered molding top can support up to 150 pounds in weight and a 50” flat screen television in size.

Benefits Users Find:

  • The infrared heating technology doesn’t use any fan. Therefore it directly gives a warm feeling very quickly.
  • Without a fan, it makes no noise at all.
  • Due to infrared heating, the heater is highly cost-efficient. Therefore it saves electricity a lot.
  •  The 3D flame effect creates the realism of a real flame that is satisfying to glance at.
  • Its multi-function remote control helps you to operate it efficiently.
  • The prosperous outlook of the media console gives you an extra rich feeling in front of your visitors.
  •  The entertainment center comes with a lot of space to put things together. You can set your books and use them as a tiny bookshelf as well.

Drawbacks Users Find:

  • The infrared heater heats quickly. However, as soon as it stopped, the warmth went away a bit soon.
  • Some users think of it as a drawback as it doesn’t have any roller or wheel; otherwise, everything is perfect.


Infrared heating and SpectraFire flame technology both come in a single package. This one is our another pick as a futuristic product. 

Loose your budget a little more, and this durable item will be yours for an extended period.

 BOWERY HILL Corner Electric Fireplace in White

A fireplace with blissful lucid color that conquers every heart and every taste is our next choice Bowery Hill Fireplace.

Naive design and energy efficiency come at large with it. People who have great taste in design will definitely go for it.

Product Specifications

  • Material: Stone
  • Dimension: 15.75 x 45.5 x 40.5 inches
  • Ventilation Type: Vent Free
  • Item Weight: 97 Pound
  • Style: Clean, Coastal, and Traditional
  • Heating Coverage: 400 sq ft
  • Finish: Fresh White and Rustic White Faux Stone
  • Remote: Yes

Alabaster Finishing

Balmy white with artificial white stone around the insert creates a divine texture to any room. If you love simplicity like no others, its Clean, Coastal and Traditional style will amaze you.

When it’s come to durability, the build quality hasn’t compromised at all. In this model, materials are MDF, poplar, veneer, polyresin stone, metal, resin, and glass. It has got a specific classic brick-like interior and the optional down light illumination as well.

Moderate Heating With Flame Effect 

Like a regular heater, Bowery Hill supplies heat for around 400 sq ft. You can easily control the temperature with a primary remote control. 

And talking about the flame effect, firing logs’ realistic effect brings you the vibe like a rusty old cottage.  Sitting in the middle of a town ignites the feelings of burning woods. 

Therefore, you can adjust the temperature for 4 levels from your sofa with the default remote control. Flames and logs have 5 levels of adjustability as well.

 Safety Concerned 

Electric fireplaces can be a source of danger if there aren’t enough precautions. It has the function of automatic shutdown, keeping in mind the safety of the user.

Further, they have included higher quality glass in the insert. The insert glass remains cool to the touch to ensure that the fireplace warms safely.

Easy To Assemble

Mostly, the users complain about the assembly of the electric fireplace entertainment centers. But in this case, users tell the opposite. This white media piece is far away from complexity. The simple workpieces are easy to set up, and they don’t take much time than 60 minutes for an adult.

Energy Efficiency

Do you afraid to get a heater thinking about the electricity bills? Then forget about that. If you really want an electric heater and don’t want to pay for any extra bill, set a try for this white angel.

This model is designed as an energy-efficient unit. Moreover, to ensure you a reliable service, they have improved the battery life as well.

Benefits Users Find:

  • The clean coastal design makes houses in any room. Therefore you don’t have to struggle to place it in any corner.
  • Its energy efficiency takes care of your current bills without impacting on heat supplement.
  •  You can put decors on it as it supports up to 85 pounds.
  •  The fireplace is made of sturdy material. Nothing will look cheap or flimsy about it.
  • As it has maintained safety, you don’t have to restrict kids to play in front of it.

Drawbacks Users Find:

  • Till now, users haven’t mentioned any drawbacks of it. All of them are pretty satisfied with their buy. Nonetheless, during delivery, accidental damages can happen to any product.


There is no better product on our list for white lovers. This divine white color will match up with any furniture.

Be prepared to fall in love with this alabaster piece of an electric heater.

R.W.FLAME Wooden Freestanding Corner Electric Fireplace  Mantel 

Do you like profound artistry yet a simple outlook black entertainment center? 

How about having a look at our next choice then!

Product Specifications

  • Colors: 3
  • Materials: Wood, Tempered glass, Steel
  • Heating Coverage: 400 sq ft
  • Dimension: 29 x 28 x 14.17 inches
  • Item Weight: 36 Pounds
  • Ventilation: Vent Free
  • Installation Type: Freestanding
  • Remote: Yes
  • Adjustable Heat: Yes
  • Size: 25″Hx27″W

 Gorgeous Design

The first thing that comes to your attention with this black fireplace is the gorgeous design of this centerpiece. The curves of the edges, the side panel’s engraves, and the polished finishing, everything is admirable.

The entire wooden structure, steel, and temper glass make this black tv stand very stable. If you want a furniture cum electric heater for long time usages it will surely last.

 Effective & Economical Heating 

The heating capacity is almost the same for all heaters, but a few can heat quickly, right? This heater has a winning point here. In about 1 second, it warms up a room of 400 sq ft. 

And do you know the magic behind its power? Well, 750-1500watt power with 120volt/60Hz is igniting behind this speedy, powerful heating.

Realistic Flame Effect

Dancing the log fire and colorful flame effects create a realistic ambiance in any weather. The true impact of ember glow adorns your room all year round.

Not only that but also the control of the flame is on your hand. You can adjust to 7 brightness levels according to your match. And play it without heat to just enjoy the surroundings.


The corner electric fireplace truly is an entertainment center as well. Trim your fireplace with photos, TVs, Christmas decors, or anything in 60 pounds.

 Dimension & Utility 

The Mantel Firebox Dimension is 26.58”x 24.84”x 11.59”, which tells that it won’t be so large in size. It would be easy to place it anywhere in a room. 

Fireplace Insert Viewing Window Dimension is 19.67’’x 18.54’’. The fabulous freestanding fireplace is the best choice for family and regular use. 


The appliance is well examined and passed through the test of Electrical Testing Labs (ETL) of the USA. High-quality tempered glass is used in the insert window.

So why, the glass is cool to touch and safe for both pets and kids. 

Benefits Users Find:

  • The product is very lightweight as it weighs only 36 pounds.
  • Its compact size helps a lot handle it quickly and can be placed in any room size.
  • The fast heating technology comes in handy for users of intense chilly regions.
  • Its heating and capacity factors can be controlled to fit any heat requirement and weather.
  • High-quality tempered glass supports you to ensure your safety.

Drawbacks Users Find:

  • Its heavy lead paint smells felt a bit toxic to some allergic users.
  • As it is small in size, if you have experience of using a big one, this could seem unnatural to you.


If you mostly cared for your electricity bill, this is your money saver.

Keep your heater higher and bill lower, and enjoy the flame effect all year round.

Real Flame Churchill Electric Fireplace, Dark Espresso

Simultaneous infrared heating with 1000 sq ft coverage and long-lasting built quality is the game-changer for this model.

What more do you want in a single product!

We can declare to this point that very few can beat this warrior in the game of power.

Product Specifications

  • Color: 2
  • Power: 675 and 1350-watt
  • Remote: Yes
  • Heating Coverage: 1000 Sq ft
  • Heat output: 4,780 BTUs
  • Heating type: Infrared
  • Material: solid wood, veneered MDF, and powder-coated steel
  • Flame Color: Multicolor
  • Dimension: 50.75″ x 30.5″ x 33.125″
  • Weight Supports: 100 lbs

Ultimate Heating Warrior

With a Coverage of 1000 sq ft of insane space and 1350 watt power, this one really is the claimant to be named as a ‘Warrior.’ A warrior against wintry!

Modern infrared technology has been used in this electric heater. People who have used infrared heaters don’t think to get any conventional heater again.

The fastest heating capability and the intelligent thermostat operations impulse the users to this new heating technology.

The thermostat turns off according to your setting. Moreover, a few adjustable settings of temperature is available from 71 to 99 degree.

What more you want from an electric heater!

 Beautiful Flame Effect

Won’t you like to change the flame colors according to your mood? Yes, again, the Churchill rocks here. 

You can choose multiple colors like orange, red-orange, white, blue, blue-white, and many more. Furthermore, you can change the color with a pre-setting interval.

Enjoy the vivid dance in the firebox like a real flame. Turn the heat button off to enjoy the ambient year-round.

Polished Design

 This might be an ordinary TV stand or a powerful heater. In addition to this, it has a great identity as a  beautiful, fascinating piece of furniture.

Dark Espresso and Oak are the two variants of this product. Both are really polished in their own way.

And talking about built quality, no material can defeat veneered MDF and powder-coated steel. 

Thermal Protection

The Churchill Corner Electric Fireplace Media Console’s intelligent design has made it safe for kids and pets.

After reaching a specific heating point, it stops heating automatically. This is called ‘Thermal Overload protection.’

User Friendly

How about getting a sleek touch control besides the remote control? Yes, with both of those operating consoles, anyone can handle it easily, from a child to an elderly person.

Among the more advantages, the thermostat is turned off automatically.  If the timer is fixed, again the heater will start on time at dawn or anytime.

Benefits Users Find:

  • An infrared heating system is known for its direct heating technique, so you’ll enjoy the fastest warmth with its heater.
  • It is very energy efficient as infrared technology doesn’t have any fans.
  • The option to adjust the flame effect helps to keep the vibe lively.
  • The touch feature comes in handy without the remote.
  • Kids are welcome to play in front of the heater as the heater offers good protection.
  • The plug goes into any standard household outlet, so worry about the extra outlet.
  • The corner fireplace comes with a 79” long power cord. So you can put it anywhere far from the port.

Drawbacks Users Find:

  • No major complaint was lodged against it. Users are maximum happy to use it. Except in some cases, people find the assembly annoying.


Living in a large room is fantastic, but hard to hold the warmth. 

So, if you want to have a big cozy room, definitely give it a chance here.

New 4 Foot Wide Fireplace TV Stand – Barnwood Finish-Corner Unit 

Still holding up your budget and confused?

Well, forget your worries for the last time. 

With transitional design and uncompromising built quality, all the functions you need are available in this classic piece.

Product Specifications

  • Style: Transitional and Classic
  • Finish:: Barnwood
  • Material: Wood
  • Heating Coverage: 400 Sq Ft
  • Weight Capacity: 250 lbs
  • Glass: Tempered Glass
  • MDF Laminated
  • Remote: No
  • Dimension: 48 x 20 x 32 inches

Enormous Heating

If you ask us to suggest an electric corner heater at a low range, this one will definitely be on our list. With a coverage of 400 sq ft of heating, the New 4 foot wide corner piece warms really too much.

When the door is closed, it heats like an oven just in an hour. Within an hour, it reached a temperature of about 96 degrees.

Not believing us?

Have a try then!

Unique Design

Do you look for something that isn’t similar to conventional designs? This Barnwood finished corner launched with a new 4 footed form.

Transitional yet classic and different yet straightforward-looking wooden furniture will sure impress you.

Constant Finishing

 To make it durable, the manufacturers have used high-quality MDF laminating. The laminate is made by combining both wax and a resin binder.  

And after applying high temperature and pressure, the structure becomes durable. 

Adequate Storage 

How does it feel to get some different shelf layers with such a budget electric heater? It feels winning to have almost every feature in our tight budget, right?

The corner center comes with two side shelves with a tempered glass door to accommodate your media accessories. And it can hold the weight of 250 pounds. The title of ‘Entertainment Center’ really gets a meaning for this fireplace.

Easily Operable

Simply plug the fireplace insert into a household outlet to operate. And no venting is required for that. Easy, right?

Also, there are enough access holes to maintain an organized space. Assembly is pretty straightforward as well for the tv stand.

Benefits Users Find:

  • The high heat-producing capacity is highly beneficial for areas prone to severe winters.
  • Customers find the 4 legged design very uncommon.
  • Its only two-switch operating function is much accessible for kids and elders.
  • This 4 legged electric heater comes at a very affordable price for those who want to be strict with their budget.
  • It comes with enough storage to make a house for showpieces or other accessories.

Drawbacks Users Find:

  • There is an on and off setting only, which makes it very easily accessible, though.
  • The instruction with it is a bit complicated for first-time users.


Last but not least, the cherry-finished electric corner fireplace will win the taste of simplicity lovers.

Compatible heating coverage, well-protected, and fancy fire effect will be yours if you choose it.

Benefits of Corner Fireplaces Entertainment Center

  • Corner fireplaces take minimal space and fit in any space that’s used to be unused.
  • Improve the interior decorating value and make your room inviting for your visitors.
  • Matches with any office or corporate environment and creates a workable vibe.
  • Also, maximize your limited space with its storage and compartments.
  • Electric fireplaces, mainly infrared ones, are highly effective and cost-efficient.
  • Unlike the gas fireplace, it’s hassle-free to maintain.
  • Also, the installation is effortless and fugitive.


1.What is the purpose of a corner fireplace?

Ans: Taking advantage of unused corner areas and fitting in anywhere on wall mount or corner mount and creating a warm environment for any room.

2. How much space to allow for a corner electric fireplace?

Ans: Varying on the size of the fireplaces, space is required accordingly. Convertible fireplaces are the best as those can use in both wall and corner areas.  But mostly, corner fireplaces fit in anywhere.

3. How do you frame a corner electric fireplace?

Ans: In 4 Steps-

  • Measure the wall space for the corner fireplace
  • Cut pieces of wood in exact dimension
  • Assemble the frame
  • Glue them properly and place the fireplace

4. How big of a room will an electric fireplace heat?

Ans: If you buy a traditional fireplace, it will heat a room of 400 sq ft. And if you go for an infrared heater, it will be able to heat up to 1000 sq ft space.

5. Do electric fireplaces really heat a room?

Ans: Definitely, yes! They heat a room whether through blowing hot air or through infrared rays. 

6. Do any electric fireplaces look real?

Ans: Some renowned brands use ultra-vivid technology or Spectra Flame effect in their product. In these cases, those bring up a feel like a real fireplace.

7. Which is the most realistic electric fireplace?

Ans: It’s hard to say. Depending on the price and quality, electric fireplaces become realistic or not.

8. Do electric fireplaces use a lot of electricity?

Ans: Electric fireplaces use almost the same amount of electricity as regular heaters. Most fireplaces run on standard household outlets. They use 120 volts to power the internal heater and draw about 1,500 watts at 12.5 amps.

9. How do you arrange furniture around a corner fireplace?

Ans: Since the corner fireplace entertainment center becomes the focal point in bedrooms or drawing rooms, the sofa set should be close and angularly faced towards it. You can also place a tea table in the middle of the sofa set as well.

10. Should I get a corner fireplace?

Ans: If you live in a winter-prone area and want more than just a fireplace, you should get a corner fireplace.

11. Where should a fireplace be placed in a room?

Ans: A fireplace should be placed opposite the side of the windows and not close to it. Put your corner fireplaces where beds or sofas are vis-a-vis.

12. Can you put a sofa in front of a fireplace?

Ans: Definitely, yes! Electric fireplaces are safe from any out leakage. And, you should put the sofa in front of the fireplace to get the warmth appropriately. 

13. How do corner fireplaces differ from traditional fireplaces?

Ans: Traditional fireplaces are either built-in walls or mounted to the wall. And they take a lot of floor and wall space. On the other side, corner fireplaces take very minimal space and fit mainly into the unused corner spaces.

Also, conventional fireplaces are costly to maintain and may not work correctly according to room size, where electric corner fireplaces are the opposite.

Final Thought

Now, you know all about the 9 best electric corner fireplaces. You can pick anyone that meets up your demand.

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