10 Reasons Why You Should Get an Electric Fireplace with Shelves

Can’t decide whether you should get an electric fireplace with shelves or not?

Then don’t go anywhere. You have reached the right place. Here you will get to know all about the electric fireplace bookshelves that will help you finalize your decision. 

And by the end of this article, you will be able to learn to build your own fireplace as well. Be sure to give it a thorough read to put an end to your dilemma.

10 Reasons to Buy an Electric Fireplace with Shelves

A fireplace can turn the ambiance of your house into a cozy home during winter. But setting up the woods, maintaining and checking the fire can be really troublesome.


You know winter is a lazy time. So, you surely don’t want to hamper your comfort by getting up every time the heat gets low. This is where an electric fireplace comes in handy.

The advancement of technology has modernized literally everything. Even the fireplace is revolutionized. The latest models of modern electric fireplaces now come with shelves. These shelves make the fireplace not only look classy but also convenient.

But what makes it worthy of your consideration?

Here are 10 reasons to buy an electric fireplace with shelves. 

1. Budget-Friendly:

An electric fireplace is cheaper than a traditional wood-burning fireplace. There are a few factors that make an electric fireplace cost-effective.

Factor 1: Reasonable Fuel Cost

The first factor that saves you money is the fuel material. You don’t need to buy and feed wood to an electric fireplace which makes it cheaper than a traditional fireplace. 

An electric fireplace at maximum setting will cost a little more $4 in 24 hours while a traditional fireplace requires $6 dollar worth of pellets just for a day. 

The difference may not seem much but if you count the total cost of the whole month an electric stove can save you $60.

Apart from this, the cost of an electric fireplace is a lot less than a traditional one. While an electric fireplace with a bookshelf costs around $100-$2,200, the price of a wood-burning fireplace ranges from $1,900-$3,300. 

So it must be apparent to you now how an electric fireplace is cheaper than a traditional wood-burning stove.

Factor 2: Minimize Overall Expense

Setting up an electric fireplace requires less than a regular wood stove. There is no need for masonry or wall construction work. Setting up a vent also costs a lot in the case of the traditional fire stove. 

Electric fireplace on the other hand is very easy to set up and use. These devices don’t demand you to modify your wall. You can easily install an electric fireplace wherever you want just by hiring an electrician.

2. Easy to Install:

An electric fireplace is easier to install in comparison to a traditional wood-burning fireplace. The whole process and the essential materials to set up different types of fireplaces create this difference. A wood-burning fireplace requires the following things to install:

  •  Constructing a chimney
  • Accommodation of gas lines
  •  Building a fireplace pit
  •  Building a hearth

And all of these need to be done by a professional. Moreover, it can take up to 2-3 days to set the whole thing up.

In contrast to this, setting up an electric fireplace is a lot easier. Many electric fireplaces just need to be plugged in. Yes, it’s as simple as that.

The other fireboxes and electric fireplaces usually require to be hardwired using either 240V or 120V to set up. Any electrician can do this task easily.

Another benefit of an electric fireplace is that it’s very compatible. Unlike wood-burning stoves, electric fireplaces can be accommodated anywhere you want.

3. Compact Size:

An electric fireplace doesn’t take up much space. It creates a far smaller footprint within your room in comparison to a wood-burning fireplace. Even a huge-sized electric fireplace takes up 6” to 8” in the length of your wall. 

The electric fireplace is flexible to use as well. You can set it up on any wall you want as long as it has access to electricity. The traditional fireplace doesn’t offer you this advantage.

Purchasing an electric fireplace with shelves can save you a lot of space as well because the fireplace simultaneously works as a shelf and a fireplace.

4. Safety:

It goes without saying that an electric fireplace is much safer than the traditional one. There is the chance of anything catching on fire. 

Wood burning fireplaces have the hazards of ash and smoke inhalation as well. But this is not all. The fireplace is one of the main reasons for house fires in the USA.

Electric fireplaces on the other hand don’t have these harmful probabilities. They are safer and easy to control. You won’t have to worry about raging fire or any such thing if you have an electric fireplace. 

Many models have automatic shut-off systems. This feature adds more to the safety of such devices. Apart from the chance of electricity leakage, an electric fireplace has zero safety issues. Even this problem can be handled easily by contacting an electrician.

5. Zero Maintenance:

Maintaining a wood-burning fireplace is quite troublesome. You need to clean every inch thoroughly, take care of the blower, and look after the wood’s condition as well. 

Fortunately, you don’t have to face these issues in the case of an electric fireplace. An electric fireplace operates virtually. This means there is nothing for you to clean. Though you need to wipe the front glass every now and then, it’s nothing compared to the heavy toil of cleaning a traditional fireplace.  

6. Eco-Friendly:

In addition to ashes and smoke, fire from the fireplace causes carbon monoxide poisoning. This component is very harmful to the environment. The fumes can make you sick as well. 

Above all, the pellets and woods used to get the traditional fireplace working require cutting down trees which is anything but eco-friendly.

Electric fireplace on the other hand uses only a little amount of electricity. There is no emission of harmful gas or any fume that can damage your lungs. Apart from these, it doesn’t require any fuel that can possibly harm the environment. This is why the electric fireplace is deemed to be very eco-friendly.  

7. Convenient:

Starting a wood fire is a lot of work. You will have to manage well-processed wood and then burn them. To maintain the temperature you will have to keep feeding wood to the fire. And if the fire burns out in the middle of the night you will have to get up again to reignite the fire.

An electric fireplace can save you from these irritating troubles. With a simple press of a button, you can control whatever you want. You can set the temperature at the level you want it to be. Some digital fireplaces come with advanced sensors that can determine the perfect temperature for you.

And the best thing about this is you can do this laying in your bed. You won’t have to get up to fix the fire. With remote control, you can maintain it all.  

8. Easily Movable:

Imagine setting up a fireplace and having to move the next year. It sounds exhausting, right? 

It’s close to impossible to remove and readjust a traditional fireplace. Even if you somehow manage to do so chances are the fireplace will be heavily damaged.

In contrast to this, an electric fireplace is easy to install and adjust. You can easily detach the fireplace from the wall and place it wherever you want. As long as you have a stable supply of electricity you won’t have to worry about anything.

9. Classy Look:

Well, traditional fireplaces look good, to be honest. They give a vintage look to your house. But an electric fireplace with shelves can decorate your house with a classy look.

The advanced display of the electric fireplace shows an animation of fire. This animation is so realistic that it’s impossible to recognize as fake at first glance. If the shelves are decorated properly the glossy finish of the fireplace looks stunning with any background.

10. Multipurpose:

The name says it all. An electric fireplace with shelves has storage along with the main heating device. You can arrange books, accessories and many things on these shelves. If you think of setting up shelves with a traditional fireplace, then you will immediately see the flaw in this plan. 

If you place anything inflammable near the wood-burning stove then there is a high chance of a house fire. 

But when it comes to an electric fireplace you don’t have much to worry about. You can place anything near the fireplace. It gives you the freedom to arrange your wall the way you want.  

5 Things to Consider Before Purchasing Electric Fireplace with Shelves

If you want to feel cozy and warm in your home then installing a fireplace is a great idea. And from the above discussion, you probably know by now why electric fireplaces with shelves are the best option.

But should you just buy an electric fireplace that catches your eye? 

Of course, you shouldn’t. You will see glossy advertisements for this type of product but don’t fall for such promotions. If you want to buy the perfect electric fireplace with shelves for your house then there are 5 things that you must consider.

Be sure to keep these points in mind.

1. Where Do You Want To Place The Device?

The first thing you should determine is the place you want to install your electric fireplace. Though this type of device is easily movable, it’s better to have a target position for your electric fireplace. This way you will be able to choose the right type of electric fireplace.

If you are planning to consider an electric fireplace with shelves it would be better if you install it indoors, plausibly in the living room. But if it doesn’t seem appealing to you then you can place it wherever you want.

2. How Much Heat Do You Need?

You will have to determine the size of space you want to heat. More space obviously needs more heat, and in the case of smaller space, a little heat is enough. If the room is big and/or there are lots of people in your house then you will need a big electric fireplace.

But, if the room is not so big and/or there are only a few people in the house then you need a small portable fireplace. Work out this matter wisely because if you are not cautious about this matter you may end up with the wrong product.

3. What Type of Storage Unit Do You Need?

Electric fireplace with storage surely looks cool. And there are a lot of options you can choose from. So before buying you have to decide what type of fireplace you want. Here are a few popular options that you can choose from.

  • Electric fireplace with bookcase
  •  Electric fireplace with shelves on each side
  • Electric fireplace with TV built-in
  •  Electric fireplace with TV stand

If you look up on the internet or explore the popular stores you will find mainly these electric fireplaces available for you. If neither of these options meets your needs you can make a fireplace of your own.

4. What Style Are You Looking For?

This point more or less is related to the previous two points. Before buying an electric fireplace you have to take the surroundings into consideration. Think about the wall you want to install the fireplace on. If your fireplace doesn’t match the color of your wall then your purchase can be disappointing to you.

However, if you don’t know what will go with your wall, then you can consider an electric fireplace with shelves or a gray electric fireplace. These two colors will look stunning with any background. Even most of the houses in the USA have a gray fireplace. 

But if you have other options in mind then you can consider that as well. In addition, you have to think of the type as well. You may want a fireplace with a cherry TV stand, cherry entertainment centers, or just corner fireplaces with an entertainment center.

Simply put, there are a lot of options available for you. Make sure to check them all before making a purchase.

5. What Is Your Budget?

Budget is obviously an important matter to consider. After determining the types of electric fireplace you want, go through all the options available for you. This way you will be able to get your hand on the product that fits your budget. 

Basically, these 5 points will help you to get the best electric fireplace for your house. Keep these in mind while purchasing.


1. Should TV be placed above a fireplace?

Ans: You shouldn’t place the TV above a traditional fireplace. The area around a fireplace is hotter than any other part of your wall. So if you put your TV above the fireplace, heat will affect the TV. And electric devices such as TV can get heavily damaged due to external heat. However, the case is different when it comes to an electric fireplace. An electric fireplace blows out heat only from the front and doesn’t have any significant effect on the other parts surrounding the device. This is why it’s safe to place a TV above an electric fireplace but not above a traditional one.

2. What is the most realistic electric fireplace?

Ans: The Dimplex Revillusion Built-In Firebox is deemed to be one of the most realistic electric fireplaces available in the market.Its Revillusion Flame technology creates large and bright flames that flicker. The logs glow in the same way it does in reality. Even the brick background has a natural look. All these features make it look super authentic.

3. Do electric fireplaces use a lot of electricity?

Ans: Most electric fireplaces draw 1,500 watts of energy for every 400 square feet it heats up. This is an average estimation. Larger models draw more energy. This is not a lot of energy. Even if you run your electric fireplace at a maximum setting for 24 hours then it will cost you less than $5.

4. Are electric fireplaces tacky?

Ans: If you are talking about modern electric fireplaces, then the answer is no. The latest models or the mid-century model with modern look electric fireplaces have realistic glossy looks. It looks classy if positioned properly.But the old models were not so good. Their animation and other display effects looked cheap. So if you are talking about old models of electric fireplaces then the answer is yes, they are tacky.

5. Do the electric fireplaces really heat a room?

Ans: Yes it does. A good electric fireplace can increase the temperature of a room by 7.5°C (13.5°F).  

6. Do electric fireplaces need their own circuit?

Ans: Most of the electric fireplaces need their own circuit for the built-in heater. However, many of the electric fireplaces can be plugged into a regular outlet.

Final Words:

Electric fireplace with shelves is getting popular day by day. For their classy look and satisfying conveniences, it’s a perfect addition to your house. You should definitely get an electric fireplace if you want to give your house a dashing appearance. 

But carefully consider everything discussed here before making any decision. Let us know in the comment below what model you are intending to get.

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