The 11 Best Fire Pit Smoker Reviews in 2022

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Looking for the best fire pit smoker but not getting? Don’t worry. 

You are on the right page because we have unboxed 11 fire fit smokers after much in-depth research and going through many users’ opinions. We tried to unravel all about the fire pits what we did with the 5 best masterbuilt electric smokers.

Good quality fire pits, brand, the way the fire pit is made of, burning quality, smoking ability, size, design, and maneuverability, everything we covered up while reviewing. So don’t browse another page. Let’s stick here if you don’t like to buy the wrong fire pit. And your wise decision will certainly enable you to fix your mind where to invest at the end of the review.

The 11 Best Fire Pit Smoker for 2022

As we have gone through a depth in research, especially based on the users’ experience and finally pick the 11 best fire pit smoker in 2021, you may certainly choose your desired one from our list.

BALI OUTDOORS Wood Burning Fire Pit

After roaming around so many fire pits, we finally made up our mind to show you Bali Outdoor’s fire pit very first. Because we get to see, it meets all the ins and out to become the best fire pit smoker. 

Besides providing you indirect super cozy heat, the fire pit will allow you to cook enough meat with its large grilling area. 

Plus, the best parts of it are its lightweight & portability, simple to put together, and you can maneuver without much effort.

Product Specifications

  • Material: Metal
  • Fuel type: Firewood
  • Weight: 27 pounds
  • Dimension: 32inch × 24inch
  • Made in: USA

Easy to Assemble 

No matter you have bought your first fire pit but you won’t go nuts to fix 4 small screws together. 

It comes with definitive instructions which are pretty easy to follow and assemble accordingly. Once you put all the parts together, then you may headstart the wood firing easily. 

The wood rack will sit on the deck easily and even though you will

Well Made

The well-built design is a prerequisite when you will buy a fire pit. Balli focused on it and for that we find the base comes with 4 steel rings fixed as four legs. 

Moreover, such a steel ring gives robust construction. So it sits in the backyard, front yard, outdoor and indoor, in any place sturdily. 

Fire Pit logs & Poker

The fire pit features a unique collapsible and triangle log rack which is made of pure steel. So, the log racks are super sturdy but flexible.

As the fire pit easily holds the fire pit logs, it allows better ventilation and huge space for quality wood burn and fire. 

Also, the fire pit includes a fire pit poker. So, you can poke the wood when the fire slows down and rage it easily to burn well. 

Quality Burning

Don’t care only how well built and easy to assemble a fire pit would be. The key purpose is to burn wood chips. 

So we must find whether the burning fire brings good value for money or not. Well, while inspecting we come to know it provides less direct heat and it works well to keep and trap the heat for a long time. 

Moreover, different weather with or without cold and wind will demand different heating, and thankfully you can customize it accordingly.

Cooking Capability

This awesome fire pit grill comes with a large cooking area.

So, while enjoying a pretty cold evening in your backyard, you can enjoy smoke flavor BBQ foods with your family members or friends.

Benefits We Find 

One of the key benefits we found is the portability and ease to maneuver.

Therefore, one can easily take it anywhere for camping and toasting delicious meats. 

When it comes to maneuvering, then it resolves many issues since it is easy to assemble and reassemble.

Drawbacks We Find

This fire pit does not come with a screen cover.

However, one can manage to heat and serve without putting the screen top. 

The triangular log is designed in such a way that it doesn’t have the underneath rack because the log itself can manage the essence of it.

Due to these lacking, the fire pit seems portable, so apparently, these drawbacks sound good!


The key reason to have this awesome wood-burning fire pit is its lightweight humanized design and portability.

For 4 people to get together without much effort, this backyard fire pit would be good to go for regular grilling

Sunnydaze Cosmic Outdoor Fire Pit 42 Inch

If you want to experience the bonfire wood taste and flavor on your dish then think about an extra-large patio. At the same time, don’t invest in a bulky patio as well. 

Keeping this in mind, Sunnydaze decor brings an amazing fire pit poker for you. It is large in shape but not bulky in weight as it is made of steel. 

Product Specifications

  • Material: Steel
  • Fuel type: Wood
  • Weight: 36 pounds
  • Dimension: 32.7″
  • Made in: USA

Extra Large Size 

Now, a single-family member won’t miss out on the gathering in your backyard at night.

The extra-large size (42″ in diameter and 22″ in high) fits many people and lets them sit around the fire pit to allow them to swap stories. 

Design & Construction

The decorative design with moon and star cutouts matches the existing decor of your home or backyard.

Apart from the look, this unit is also durable and long-lasting. 

It uses thick steel as its construction material that protects it from regular wear & tear. Plus, its high-temp paint finish resists rust & heat, which adds longevity to it.

Convenient to put together

Assembling the unit is a breeze. Just put together three legs by screwing the nuts.

Then, attach the outer ream and you are ready to go to burn to keep you warm. 

Benefits We Find 

The spark screen attached to this unit keeps you safe from the flying embers or spark.

Plus, the easy installation is another plus that takes no time to put together.

Therefore, it is portable and you can carry this camping fire pit anywhere you go. 

Drawbacks We Find

The weight of this fire pit is a bit bulky.

So, you need two people to put it together though you can manage it by yourself with a lot of sweat. 


If you have a large family, it will be your ideal pick for its extra-large size which fits several people.

Best Choice Products Hex-Shaped 24 in Steel Fire Pit

Fire pits are a great choice to warm up the cool outdoor environment. But isn’t it good to have an easy-to-carry, nice-looking, durable fire pit that will also be safe to use? 

This Hex-Shaped 24 Steel Fire Pit with flame-retardant mesh fire pit lid can serve the purpose effectively.

Product Specifications

  • Material: Steel
  • Product dimension: 24×25 inches
  • Weight: 22 pounds 
  • Color: Bronze 

Clownish Decor

It has an oil-rubbed bronze finish with a tight steel mesh. The decorative lattice and hexagonal shape give a unique rustic look that is perfect for outdoor decor.

Whether it is used as a bonfire or a fascinating piece, it always catches your eyes even from a distance.   

Versatile Fire Pit

At the bottom of the pit, there are steel risers that adjust the wood logs and help to increase airflow.

This natural wood fire is an effective way of comfortable warmth. The mesh lid does not let the debris, sparks, or ashes come out and ruin the clean environment of the patio.


Double-steel construction material has assured the quality. This fire pit is long-lasting, yet lightweight and portable.

Just you need to be a little careful while using it near wooden structures.

Besides the sturdiness, it has a nonpareil size and shape that makes the fire pit more attractive.

Benefits We Find 

The lid holds ashes and sparks so your patio, poolside, or porch space will remain clean and safe.

As it is small in size, you can clean it easily. 

Easy to assemble, and because of the compatibility, this handy outdoor fireplace can be easily moved from one place to another.

Also, you can use it to roast marshmallows. 

Drawbacks We Find

You need to be a little careful while moving or assembling to avoid cuts as the fire pit smoker has sharp edges.

Also, you may face difficulty while putting the lid on.


If you want a compatible fire pit that will provide warmth and also work as decor, you can go for this item.

It is a great value for money with a unique look.

Fire Pit Set, Wood Burning Pit – Includes Screen

If you want a versatile fire pit that will help you in different ways, you will need to look for a slightly better option that will be a choice for your patio.

This square wood-burning pit plays a role as outdoor decor and can be used for a bonfire at the same time.  

Product Specifications

  • Dimensions : 30 x 26 inches
  • Material: Powder-coated steel
  • Weight: 47.8 pounds
  • Shape: Square

Enduring Model

This tile wood fire pit is made of powder-coated steel which is a well-known material to resist tarnish. As it is waterproof, it will last longer in outdoor spaces. 

It comes with a cover made of PVC that will effectively conserve the quality of the fire pit against the ambivalent environment.

Easy to Assemble

This fire pit requires much less effort to assemble. So it is easy to set up. You don’t need any cleaning product, like any harsh chemicals or dish soap to clean. 

All you need to do is to wipe the outside with a damp cloth. As it does not produce much residue and dust, it is super easy to maintain.

Stylish Appearance

It is a great combo of natural elements with a modern design and has excellent marble accents. It suits perfectly on your deck or patio if you are planning to have an evening bonfire with your family and kids. 

Also, it can be used as an outdoor decor for the steel legs and sturdy countenance.

Benefits We Find 

This wood fire pit comes with a bunch of parts.

Yet assembling is easy. You can use it as a table to rest small tools or drinks without intruding on the fire pit area.

Also, it comes with a fire pit bowl, a tile rack, a log rack, a spark cover including a ring handle to facilitate the working process.

Drawbacks We Find

You may have to struggle while setting the tiles in place.

You will be unhappy if you expect the fire pit to be sturdy.

The screws are poorly designed and also not long enough.


This set of fire pits comes with a cover, log poker, and other tools that will help you whether you want to warm up the cool patio, poolside, or make it an intense focal point.

Pleasant Hearth Martin Extra Deep Wood Burning Fire Pit

Pleasant Hearth makes a big name by providing outdoor activities accessories like fireplaces, fire pits, and others.

And this Martin Wood Burning Fire Pit is not an exception to that. Its bronze finish and sleek design will be a nice addition to your backyard.

Product Specifications

  • Material: Steel
  • Product dimension : 26 x 26 x 26 inches
  • Weight: 24.9 pounds
  • Color: Rubbed Bronze

Raging and consistent fire

The extra-deep bowl has plenty of space to stack up woods for a raging fire.

On the flip side, its built-in CirculAir system helps to flow ample air for consistent fire to keep you warm.

BBQ Features

The winter gathering at night in your backyard will be more enjoyable with this fire pit enjoying the barbecue. The bbq smoker features a built-in fire pit grill grate to smoke and grill something delicious over the fire.

Long-lasting Unit

The entire fire pit uses steel as its construction material for ensuring durability. Also, the steel can resist corrosion which adds longevity to the unit. 

Plus, drainage holes prevent water builds-up to ensure the long-lasting life of this barbecue pit.

Benefits We Find 

Portability is the first upside of this unit. It’s only 24.9 pounds.

In return, you can carry it from the backyard to the garage effortlessly.

Also, the installation process of this is a breeze.

Further, it features a mesh cover to escape from a spark.

Drawbacks We Find

The bolts that come with the unit are a bit small.

So, you need to purchase the long one to install the fire pit properly. 


If you are on a budget but looking for a stylish, multi-functional, and durable fire pit, then it will be your perfect bait. 

Fire Sense Portable Folding Round

Fire Sense comes and wins many hearts of fire pit smoker lovers due to their Mesh Spark Screen.

Under competitive pricing they add this feature so what’s more? 

Again, it lifts up ashes using the screen lift tool. Overall this patio is lightweight and much more affordable.


  • Material : Lightweight Steel
  • Product dimension : 15 x 22 x 22 inches inches
  • Weight : 7 pounds
  • Color : Black

Portable Fireplace

How does it feel when you will carry a smoker alone with or without your friends?

Thankfully, this amazing portable fire pit smoker comes with foldable legs so it takes less space and easy to take anywhere you want.

Also, you don’t need to have a fire pit table as it stands high on ltd 4 legs.

The frame of it is only 22-inch diameter and it easily engulfs into the carrying-case, so it brings amazing portability. 


Keep this in mind, that you are going to invest only 50$ and get amazing bon-fire taste.

While escaping into the woods with two or three people, then you won’t worry with the money, indeed.

Great for Novice

Finally, we sorted out a fire pit which works really great for a novice cooker. The wooden chunks mindfully burn without giving you the hard time.

Also, you will find ease to lose the handle screws alongside the fire screen and lift tool included there which is a bonus tip!

Benefits We Find 

This fire pit is for small gatherings with little  fire to the right direction when you want to toast small snacks.

The portability knows no bounds with it under the least affordable pricing.

When it will come to your doorstep, you will count a few minutes for assembling.

Overall, it will benefit you with price, assembling, and maneuvering. 

Drawbacks We Find

The drawbacks come with so many areas.

Let’s start with the size, it measures pretty small to those who are gluttonous and eat more.

However, it is good for storing, indeed.

By the way, a hidden drawback is durability and it hurts really bad when you leave it out in the rain water, that’s all we find.


Well, you must come to know so many drawbacks and loopholes, but see the price tag and the lightweight of it.

If you love to see these two good points, then forget about the drawbacks. 

Pleasant Hearth OFW821RC Langston 12

Do you want a reliable fire bowl that fits in any backyard space while containing blaze for a long time? 

Then, the Langston Deep Bowl Fire Pit from Pleasant Hearth is just for you. To explore more breathtaking features with this fire box, check the entire review below. 

Product Specifications

  • Material: Steel
  • Product dimension : 33.46 x 33.46 x 22.83 inches
  • Weight: 26.4 pounds
  • Color: Bronze

Prolonged Life

The unit is made of steel which adds durability to it. On top of that, this pleasant fire pit features drainage holes to prevent water build-up.

In other words, it prevents rust from corroding the unit and gives a long lifespan to it.

Consistent Heat

The deep fire bowl has enough space to stack up more fire pit logs & woods. Plus, it features a CirculAir system that allows ample air to flow. 

As a result, you will get a roaring fire that provides steady heat to keep you warm on a cold night.

Built-in Grilling Feature

Bring entertainment to your backyard space and feed you & your family with some mouthwatering barbeque grill meat!

This bbq pit comes with a chrome-plated cooking grid for barbecuing something special.

Benefits We Find 

The first upside of this unit is its superior protection capacity.

It includes a mesh cover that protects you from the flying embers. 

Therefore, installing the whole unit is a breeze.

Plus, its compact design allows you to move it from here to there. 

Drawbacks We Find

The only downside of this Pleasant Hearth fire pit is- its mesh-wire top is a bit flimsy.

Otherwise, the entire unit is sturdy and durable. 


It is worth having this fire pit in your lineup for its durability, heating capacity, and built-in grilling features.

Bond Manufacturing 52124 Nightstar 32.7

Any fire pit that comes with dazzling flickering without giving hard time to put together sounds a blessing.


Thankfully, this night start does the same job. It is round and the size is good enough to toast 5 burgers with sausage. To know more read the whole review on it below. 

Product Specifications

  • Material: 100% Steel components
  • Fuel type: Wood
  • Weight: 36 pounds
  • Dimension: 32.7″
  • Made in: USA

360-Degree Orbital Fire Pit

Sigh!! Finally, a custom fire pit comes to you which has a swivel. So it rotates away from the direct heat from one side to another. 

Therefore, every corner of the dish gets a proper wood fire. When we sorted out the key features, we enchanted with it first, and here is why we include it here for review. 

Apart from the rotation, you can adjust the flame around the bowl as it comes with a fire pit poker. Cast iron serves the most delicious and healthy food both. 


You have heard of the popular saying “A Man of Steel”.

Now your fire pit will do the same with amazing durability for years of use. Each component comes with steel from the base to the fire rack.

The screws of it are also included. The fittings are sturdy but flexible to assemble. 

Benefits We Find 

Regular camp-fire is a hassle due to not getting the right fire pit.

Here you will find it a great tool for burning down tasty foods in the backyard or any place you want to roam around.

Aside from it, the rack is made of cast iron.

So direct or indirect flame both would be nice to put together.

Drawbacks We Find

We didn’t find any noteworthy drawbacks aside from the pricing.

Since it is not suitable for large gatherings, the pricing would be somewhat ridiculous to some buyers.


Finally, we will talk about one point which we didn’t admit before.

The fire pit is not just good for swivel mechanism, but also, it receives fire and expands the heat in all directions, turns out, you will get to see a perfect night with perfect cooking.

Pleasant Hearth Sunderland Deep Round Bowl Fire Pit-36 

Looking for a fire pit that holds a large capacity of wood and offers consistent heat? 

Then this outstanding one from Pleasant Hearth will definitely surprise you. It features a large bowl to add more woods that offers robust and steady fire to keep you warm. 

Product Specifications

  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Product dimension : 36 x 36 x 22.83 inches
  • Weight: 28.6 pounds
  • Color: Black

CirculAir System

The heart-winning feature we spot out is its CirculAir system. It draws more air to your fire pit and lets the wood ignite.

Plus, ample airflow allows the fire to grow bigger and produce enough heat to create a cozy environment in freezing conditions.

Built-in Grilling Feature

Make the cozy and entertaining environment in the ice-cold winter more enjoyable by cooking some delicious barbecue. The unit features a chrome-plated cooking grid. 

Now, you can cook from roast veggies to a seasoned steak using this fire pit smoker. 

Removable Mesh Cover for Safety

For ensuring superior safety, it comes with a removable mesh cover. Make sure you use the cover when using this fire pit to escape you & your guests from the spark. 

Further, it features a poker to lift the cover and maneuver the unit safely.

Benefits We Find 

The unit is built with the user in mind. You can put it together effortlessly.

Additionally, the construction material (stainless steel) adds longevity to it. 

Drawbacks We Find

The only drawback of this fire pit is- it’s a bit challenging to install the protective ring properly.

Otherwise, it will be your best trait that keeps you warm on a cold night. 


If you look for a fire pit that holds more wood and offers steady heat, then it will be better to go for it.

Its 30-inch wide and 12-inch deep bowl lets you load more wood to provide warmth. 

Landmann 28345 Big Sky Stars and Moons Firepit

Getting a perfect fire pit for your backyard or patio is not a get-at-able task. But this Landmann 28345 proves you wrong. It fits in every backyard or patio no matter how big or small they are. 

The 12.5-inch fire bowl with moon & star cutout design helps to preserve the fire for a long time. In exchange, you and your family will remain warm for hours.

Product Specifications

  • Material: Steel
  • Product dimension : 29.5 x 29.5 x 23 inches
  • Weight: 28.4 pounds
  • Color: Black

Better Air Circulation

The heart-melting feature of this unit we spot out is its star & moon cutouts design. It doesn’t only give an elegant look but also circulates the air superiorly.

In return, the fire in its bowl lasts for a long period which keeps you also warm for an extended time.

Protection Capability

Due to its design, you may ask- is there any spark screen behind the cutouts to prevent sparks or embers flying out to you?

Yes, it features a mesh guard or covers to keep you and your guests safe from the spark. 

Sturdy Design

With its three sturdy legs, you don’t need to worry about the wobbling fire pit. It remains stable and level on the ground even in the windy environment.

Benefits We Find 

Durability is the first when it comes to talking about its upsides.

The steel construction materials give it prolonged life. Therefore, portability is another plus of this unit. 

It features a ring around it which makes moving the unit a breeze.

Also, this Landmann fire pit comes with a built-in BBQ grill insert for smoking meat.

Drawbacks We Find

The only downside of this fire pit is- it starts getting rusty over time.

However, you can surpass this issue by painting the entire unit with high-temperature spray paint. 


We recommend you to have this in your lineup if you look for a fire pit that preserves the fire for a long time. Plus, it fits in every patio or backyard due to its compact design.

Peaktop HR17501AB Concrete Round Charcoal and Wood Burning Fire Pit

What if a fire pit provides a great ambiance in the ice-cold winter while allowing you to grill meat? 

Yes, Peaktop HR17501AB is what brings your imagination into reality. The round wood burning fire pit provides heat to keep you & your family warm.

And the built-in grill grate allows you to keep the meat on it to cook. 

Product Specifications

  • Material: Lightweight Concrete
  • Product dimension : 21.65 x 21.65 x 11.81 inches
  • Weight: 29.4 pounds
  • Color: Light Gray

Stylish Design

Its round shape design with light gray color adds a pleasant look to it. In return, it brings back the aesthetics or adds a touch of fashion to your backyard or patio decor.

Plus, the flames dance across the surface of the pit which creates an ambient display. 


The versatile design of this allows you to use it as a fire pit and a BBQ grill. The 22 inches fire pit features an open design to make the wood or lump charcoal loading easy and provides enough heat to keep you warm. 

Above all, the grill grate allows you to cook delicious barbeque to spend time with ultimate fun. Also this handy too la comes with a fire pit poker to irritate the fire. 

Sturdy Construction

The unyielding concrete base prevents cracking and its weight (29.4 pounds) keeps it in its place even in windy condition. Plus, the construction material adds longevity to the unit.  

Benefits We Find 

The unit comes with two built-in handles.

As a result, you can lug it around where you want and move it in an emergency time.

Therefore, it is easy to put together, convenient to clean, and comes with a wow look. 

Drawbacks We Find

The metal cooking grate and ash screen are made of cheap materials.

So, we recommend you to be careful and cover the metals to give them a long life. 


It will be your go-to fire pit if you look for one that keeps you warm and let you cook at the same time. 

Buying Guide

After scrutinizing the market, we reviewed the best fire pit smoker combo on this list. Still, picking the best one from ten options is a daunting task.

So, we compiled this buying guide to help you so that you can easily choose the right one for you. 

Before choosing a fire pit, consider the following things.

Size & Style

The size of your fire pit is one of the most crucial facts you should consider beforehand. You don’t want to end your buying session by picking a fire pit that doesn’t match your home decor. 

Pick a fire pit that complements your existing home decor or backyard decor. We suggest you take the measurements of the area where you want to put the unit. 

Afterward, consider the stylish design which adds a touch of fashion to your backyard or patio. 

Luckily, our top pick meets both needs. Its round shape design with a black finish fits every home decor. Plus, you can put it in any space of your home.

Ease of Installation

You don’t want to be crazy or fall in trouble when it comes to putting together the fire pit.


Make sure the unit includes every piece of equipment including fire bowl, legs, nuts, outer ring, and so on. Above all, check whether the manufacturer provides a clear installation guide or not. 

Fortunately, every fire pit unit we enlisted is easy to assemble and includes clear instructions regarding this. 


The key reason behind purchasing a fire pit is to warm you up from the freezing conditions.

But what if it lets you grill or smoke to fill your stomach with some mouthwatering meat or BBQ?? Pick a fire pit that features a built-in grill grid.

In return, you can make your backyard environment more cozy and entertaining.

Sturdy Construction

Your fire pit shouldn’t wobble around. Otherwise, it may cause accidents like burning your skin or catching fire nearby objects.

Choose a unit that features a sturdy construction base that prevents the unit from cracking. 

For example, our top pick is the most stable fire pit on this list. Its sturdy base design with four legs keeps it in place even in windy condition. 


Longevity is another substantial feature of a fire pit you must consider. A unit made of steel or metal material is considered a durable fire pit.

So, make sure you end up choosing a fire pit that uses stainless steel as its construction material. 

Therefore, pick one that is coated with a high-temp paint finish. It prevents your fire pit from getting rust that increases the lifespan of the heater. 


You don’t want to get a fire pit that is heavy and challenging to lug around. 

Choose one that lets you move the fire pit from one place to another. In return, you can take the unit for camping, carry it from your backyard to the garage or where you want. 

Regarding this, we recommend the Pleasant Hearth Martin Extra Deep Wood Burning Fire Pit as it is only 24.9 pounds.

Safety Features

The fire pit is an open flame. So, the embers from it may burn your skin by flying to you. 

So, select a fire pit that features a mesh cover or glass screen to escape you from the flying ember.

Also, make sure the unit features fire pit tongs. It helps you to add or readjust burning woods safely.

Fortunately, all the fire pit smokers we enlisted feature with a screen or mesh cover. So, you don’t need to worry about the flying embers. 

Final Verdict

Picking the best fire pit smoker that meets both needs- warm you up & let you grill or smoke is a tiresome task.

A lot of options can easily bog you down and may direct you to choose the wrong one. 

Fortunately, this will not happen with you as we reviewed some of the market-best fire pit smokers. 

What you need to do is- just choose one based on your personal preferences like fire pit design, color, portability, and so on. 

Keep in mind, you invest your hard-earned money in the fire pit that keeps you warm in the ice-cold night and gives you the taste of smoked meat. 


Should I build a Rotisserie Smoker or buy?

Buying a Rotisserie smoker is comparatively costly. So, if you wish to save your pocket, then it’s wise to build a Rotisserie Smoke.

Why is there a hole in the bottom of my fire pit?

The holes bottom of the fire pit allows oxygen or air to circulate. It helps the fire to burn.

Therefore, the hole also allows you to fall the ash beneath the tray to keep the fire pit neat & clean.

What metal is best for a fire pit?

Stainless steel is the best material for a fire pit that adds longevity to the unit and resists corrosion. 

Is it OK to burn pine in a fire pit?

Pine is a kind of softwood that tends to burn fast and produces a lot of smoke. So, it will be better to avoid burning the pine wood.

Can I use charcoal in a fire pit?

Charcoal burns well. Also, it produces heat and offers a steady blaze to you warm. So, we recommend you use Charcoal in a fire pit. 

Do fire pits keep you warm?

Undoubtedly, Yes. 

However, how much heat you will get from the fire pit depends on the fuel you use. Make sure you use quality fuel like wood and gas to get steady heat.