The 5 Best Masterbuilt Electric Smoker Reviews in 2022

Masterbuilt is popularly known as the master of the smoker. The high-built quality, incorporation of so many impressive cooking features, and ultimate cooking performance bring this super popularity to all types of users. So, if you are planning to have a masterbuilt electric smoker, it’s sure, you are wise enough.

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5 Best Masterbuilt Electric Smoker in 2022 At a Glance

NameWhat For BestKey FeaturesMore
Masterbuilt MB20071117 Digital Electric SmokerBest Budget Friendly
  • Cooking Space: 730 sq. inch

  • Dimension: 19.88 x 20.47 x 33.26 inc

  • Weight: 45.09 lbs

  • Digital Control System
  • Masterbuilt Bluetooth Digital Electric SmokerBest for Newbie
  • Cooking Space: 721 sq. inch.

  • Dimension: 20.87 x 20.08 x 31.89 in

  • Weight: 53 lbs

  • Smart Bluetooth technology
  • Masterbuilt MB20070210 Analog Electric SmokerBest Analog
  • Smoking racks: 3

  • Dimension: 20 x 21.69 x 40.15 inch

  • Weight: 49.9 lbs

  • Analog Control System
  • Masterbuilt 20077515 Front Controller EleBest RF Controller
  • Cooking Space: 700 sq. inch.

  • Dimension: 20.28 x 19.69 x 32.13 inc

  • Weight: 53.4 lbs

  • RF Control Technology
  • Masterbuilt 20073716 Portable Electric SmokerBest Portable
  • 2 Cooking Racks

  • Dimension: 15.94 x 23.62 x 23.42 inc

  • Weight: 21.6 lbs

  • Foldable legs

  • Temperature reading gouge
  • 3 Common Mistakes People Do While Buying an Electric Smoker

    Buying the perfect electric smoker is not always the easiest thing to do. People tend to make mistakes while purchasing such appliances and these mistakes make them suffer in the long run.

    However, knowing about such common mistakes can help you to make the right purchase. This is why here take a look at the 3 common mistakes people do while buying an electric smoker.

    1. Not Considering The Capacity:

    Most people buy a smoker in the summertime to enjoy smoky meat in the warm weather. They have a particular plan in mind. Most of the time, people don’t consider that they might need to use the smoker in the future for smoking a larger amount of meat.  

    This can lead to disappointment and regret. For this reason, it’s always wise to make sure your smoker is big enough for a large family. 

    2. Decide Its Positioning:

    Don’t just rush off to the store and buy a smoker. Purchasing such appliances requires days of preparation. You have to make sure that you know just the place you will position your fireplace and prepare that spot before making the purchase.

    The majority of the people buy the device and find out later that it isn’t fitting in their house.  As a result, they are left with no option but to return it.

    3. Choosing The Wrong Features:

    The electric smoker comes with a variety of features for different purposes. Not choosing the right type of features is one of the biggest mistakes most people make. For example, electric smokers are mainly designed for the outdoors. But in case you want to use the smoker indoors, you need access to proper ventilation.

    So, what you have to do here is to purchase an electric smoker with vents. There are many more features you must be aware of, before choosing the perfect electric smoker. Otherwise your smoking experience won’t be satisfying at all. 

    5 Things to Consider to Get the Right Masterbuilt Smoker

    Masterbuilt smokers are incredible for smoking your food. But how do you know you are getting the right masterbuilt smoker? Well, we will help you with that. We have certain points for you to follow that will get your hands on the perfect smoker. Here are 5 things to consider to get the right masterbuilt smoker for yourself. 

    1. Count The Openings:

    Firstly, count the number of openings in the device. This factor is very important because it determines the amount of heat that will escape the system in case it gets too hot. What the openings mainly do is they remove the excessive heat from the smoker and maintain the edibility of the food. Too much smoke can make your meatless appetizing. So, don’t forget to check out the number of openings.

    2. Temperature Control Panel:

    You have to make sure that your Masterbuilt smoker allows you to control the temperature of your smoker. No one wants to get their food burnt, and this can be a hard thing to avoid unless you can control the temperature.

    Monitoring and controlling the temperature will give your food the perfect texture and flavor. And the ability to control heat allows you to cook different types of food in a proper way. Basically, this is why a temperature control panel is a must in your electric smoker.

    3. Heat-flow of The System:

    Be aware of the quality of the heat structure in the system before making the purchase. The stronger the heat flow of the system is, the faster your food will be cooked. A perfect electric smoker generates a good amount of heat to cook a meal in the right way. This is why make sure your electric smoker can produce enough heat.

    4. Food Tray:

    A food tray is an essential part of an electric smoker. There are different types of food trays and these differences are based on shape & size, positioning, and material. Firstly, the food tray comes in different shapes and sizes. The type of food you intend to cook will determine the size of the trays.

    And these trays can be positioned either vertically or horizontally with or without inclination. The tray’s position depends on the type of food you cook. The material of these trays is important to look at as well. The material must be either stainless steel or any other durable material that requires minimal maintenance.

    5. Budget:

    Budget is always an important factor to consider no matter what you purchase. When you will look for smokers in the market, chances are you will be presented only with expensive products. This shouldn’t be a problem unless you have a tight budget.

    However, you can always find cheaper alternatives that provide satisfactory performance as well.  There are numerous options available for you. So check out the one that fits your budget avoiding the one that you can’t afford. If you keep these 5 things in mind, you shouldn’t have any problem purchasing the right electric smoker.

    Why is a Masterbuilt Grill or Smoker Best?

    You probably know that a masterbuilt smoker is considered the best. They are really popular for their incredible features and performances. But what makes them so great? Here you will get to know it all with the 5 reasons why Masterbuilt grill is the best:

    1. Convenient Design:

    The whole design of Masterbuilt grill and smokers is unique. They place the charcoal in a hopper of the grill. Other smokers, in contrast to this, store the charcoal at the bottom of the smoker. A fan horizontally forces the heat and flames into the grill. There the flame enters a large diffuser that creates an even heat. This heat rises to the grates and as a result, cooks the food perfectly. 

    There is a digital thermostat set in the system as well. This device controls the fan and maintains the perfect temperature. These designs are not available on other similar devices. 

    2. Highly Efficient:

    Masterbuilt smokers are very strong. The temperature settings and the heat production is very effective to cook food in a short while. On average, a Masterbuilt smoker can heat up to 700 degrees in under 15 minutes. And the temperature control system allows you to cook food quickly with utmost efficiency.

    3. Multipurpose:

    As the name suggests, the Masterbuilt bbq grill serves multiple purposes of smoking and grilling. The temperature of a Masterbuilt smoker can rise up to 700 degrees. This temperature makes the grilling and smoking a quick process.

    The simple settings of temperature and timer allow the users to smoke and grill whatever they want. Monitoring the temperature ensures that the foods are not undercooked.

    4. Easy Maintenance:

    Most smokers are very messy. Their design and features don’t help at all when it comes to cleaning and maintenance. Most grills require you to remove the debris from the bottom of the grill. The dirty grates need to be scrubbed clean as well. And emptying the drip pan periodically is anything but pleasant.

    Masterbuilt solves all of these problems with its simple design. In the case of this device, you just need to open the lower hopper door and remove the bucket to dump it. This will have cleaned the whole masterbuilt smoker. It is as simple as that.

    Even cleaning off the ash is easy. But you have to make sure that the smoker is cooled down before you proceed to clean.

    5. Modern Feature:

    Most of the Masterbuilt smokers have a digital display on it that allows you to monitor the cooking progression and control the temperature. Just a look at the display will tell you what is the temperature of your food and for how long it’s been cooking. 

    Many modern Masterbuilt smokers such as the 560 model have WiFi features. You can remotely control the whole system with your smartphone. For this, you just have to download the free Masterbuilt application and pair it with your device.

    This frees you from the hassle of checking the food every now and then. Basically, these are the points that make a Masterbuilt grill or smoker the best. Now you probably cannot deny that the Masterbuilt smoker is really amazing.

    The 5 Best Masterbuilt Electric Smoker Reviews in 2022

    Now, let’s learn all about our Top 5 Masterbuilt Pro Electric Smoker Review:

    1. Masterbuilt 20072115 Bluetooth Smart Digital Electric Smoker 

    When you are looking for a master from masterbuilt electric smoker, Masterbuilt 20072115 is for you. With its smart Bluetooth technology, this awesome smoker will make your food smoking super simple and provide your ultimate smokey mouth-watering foods.

    Product Highlights

    • Smart Bluetooth technology
    • Cooking Space: 721 sq. inch.
    • 800-watt heating element
    • Fuel: Electric
    • Weight: 53 lbs
    • Color: Silver
    • Door: Stainless Steel
    • Dimension: 20.87 x 20.08 x 31.89 inches

    Features & Benefits

    This smart smoker comes with so many handy features. Let’s know all about them and theirs convenience:

    Smart Bluetooth Technology

    The most outstanding feature that makes the smoker popular to the smoky food hobbyist is its integrated Bluetooth smart technology. Getting this smoker, you can effortlessly on or off the power of the smoker, monitor as well as control the cooking time and temperature with remote control.

    And the Bluetooth connection will make it happen. The Bluetooth connection works so efficiently that you can control and maintain everything so precisely 20 ft.  away from the smoker.

    Even the technology will associate you to operate the food light as your wish and also monitor the internal meat temperature. And a more surprising issue is that you can use your mobile phone as the remote control connecting through Bluetooth. But before that, you need to download the masterbuilt app from your mobile play store.

    What’s a great thing! What can’t you do with this smart device to make your smoky food palatable? You can do everything.

    Cooking Space & Capacity

    As the fireplace has a 721 sq. inch. huge cooking space with its 4 chrome-coated smoking racks, it will access you to smoke 80 lbs. of food at a time. So when you are planning for a family party or a small party, you can simply smoke the amount of the following foods to enjoy the party:

    • Chickens: 12 (whole)
    • Turkeys: 2 (whole)
    • Ribs: 4 racks
    • Burgers: 24 pieces
    • Sausages: 48
    • 4 Pork Butts: 4

    Smoking Capacity

    The smoker can constantly smoke up to 275 degrees as the device features 800-watt heating elements. So, you can smoke your foods in low heat or high heat to have delicious smoky food. It’s your freedom.

    LED Front Control Panel

    When you need to have more space on the top of the smoker, you don’t need to be worried. The digital front control panel with a removable sunshade is designed in such a way that you can easily prepare additional space if you need it.

    Besides, the control panel comes with blue LED light with high output. So, when you will open the door, you will discover that the high output of the LED lights will illuminate the food in the low light.

    Also, the wood cheap loading is effortless. As you find the patented wood chip loading system at the smoker side, you can comfortably load the wood chips without opening the smoker door.

    Smoke Control

    As the smoker has an air damper, you can control the smoke which way you like remotely. Besides, the smoker’s adjustable door latch will also help you to retain heat and smoker.

    Wood Chip Tips

    While smoking your food, you should have wood chips. Now the question is which wood chips are good for smoking? Here for your convenience, it’s wise to always remember that different foods require different types of wood chips for a better smoky flavor.

    As if you are planning to smoke beef, it’s better to use mesquite chips to have a stronger smoke flavor with an alluring taste.

    But if you are looking for smoking fish, the best choice for you is alder chips as it pairs well with fish to reward your real smoke flavor. But, remember, applewood chips also pair well when you like to smoke pork or chicken. Above all, hickory goes well with all types of meats’ smoking mildly and precisely for better smoke taste.

    Easy Cleaning

    When you are thinking about the cleaning fact, it’s definitely simple. You can hassle freely remove the drip pan, water pan grease pan, and the wood chip tray and clean up them. You can read the simple cleaning steps of masterbuilt smoker to turn your cleaning task effortless.


    You may be planning to smoke food in your yard or garden or somewhere else. Here you shouldn’t be worried about carrying your smoker as the smoker includes a rear-mounted handle and wheels. You can simply carry your smoker with the help of the rear-mounted handle and wheels.


    As the smoker is made from high-quality stainless steel, it is super durable. It will stay tuned with you for so many years to reward you with mouth-watering smoke foods and make you happy. To prolong it, one thing is recommended. Don’t forget to clean the smoker after every cooking. Maintaining the smoker regularly, you can definitely enhance its life.

    The Things Users Like Most

    Most of the users love its Bluetooth connection technology because they can monitor the meat temperature as well as the smoker temperature via the app remotely. They find the technology super helpful as they also control their cooking away from the smoker.

    The users of this smoker like the digital control and the LED lights and display. The front viewing window and side access wood chip tray are liked by most of the users. Also, the portability feature makes smoker owners happy as they easily move the smoker using the wheels and rear-mounted handle.

    The Things Users Dislike Most

    The small chip tray. The chips which the tray can hold burn for 90 minutes. So, after every 90 minutes, you need to reload the chip tray. But, you can add an optional external smoker box which will work great and provide you good smoke for 3 hours.

    A few people also dislike the limited Bluetooth range. They hope it could be more than 18 feet.

    Final Thought On The Smoker

    If you are a newbie and looking for a smart and digital electric smoker, then you can get Masterbuilt 20072115 Bluetooth Smart Digital Electric Smoker 30 inches without a second thought. But if you need 40 inches, then Masterbuilt MB20074719 Bluetooth Digital Electric Smoker, 40 inches is for you.

    2. Masterbuilt MB20071117 Digital Electric Smoker 

    Masterbuilt MB20071117 is the most popular electric smoker from masterbuilt. Built from high-quality stainless steel, the smoker is highly capable of providing real smoke food either to a newbie or pro. And it’s possible because of its so many handy features.

    Product Highlights

    • Digital Control System
    • Cooking Space: 730 sq. inch.
    • Heating Element:800 watt
    • Maximum Inside Heating Temp-275ᵒ F
    • Fuel: Electricity
    • Weight: 45.09 lbs
    • Color: Black
    • Material: Stainless Steel
    • Dimension: 19.88 x 20.47 x 33.26 inches

    Features & Benefits

    Now you may be wondering which outstanding features make this master electric smoker so popular! Right? Don’t worry. We are telling you everything in detail:

    Digital Control Panel

    Who doesn’t love digitalization when he or she likes to deal with an electric smoker? Maybe no one. As the smoker features an advanced digital control panel, it will allow you to set the internal temperature up to 275°F from 100°F.

    Integrated thermostat with this digital technology will let you set and control the cooking time & temperature effortlessly. Even the patented handy system will permit you to control the turn on and off the smoker.

    You don’t need to do anything. The awesome digital panel will make sure everything for consistent smoking. This is a very comforting fact not only for the new food hobbyist but also pro food lovers.

    Cooking Space & Capacity

    The smoker has a  730 square inches huge cooking space with chrome-coated racks. So, when you are planning for cooking food for a small family gathering or party, you can easily smoke up to:

    • Chicken: Whole 6 Pieces
    • Turkeys: Whole 2 Pieces
    • Racks of ribs: 4
    • Pork butts: 4

    But, remember, when you are dealing with cooking large racks of ribs, you may need to cut them in half to accommodate. Or you might have to remove a rack if you are going to cook extra-large ribs.

    Smoking Capacity

    When there comes the cooking of a masterbuilt electric smoker, they are always master with the issue. You will find the consistent smoking performance from masterbuilt. And in the case of MB20071117, it’s no different.

    While smoking the food, you will notice that the smoker can smoke your food between 100-275°F internal temperature. As you can set the temperature according to your wish, you will find premium smoking results from this smoker and enjoy the delicious smoked food.

    Loading Chips

    As the smoke comes with a patented side wood chip loader, you don’t need to open the smoker door to load chips. Just, simply open the smoker box, load it with chips, then install it again. You will find it working nicely.


    It’s simple to operate the smoker. As the smoker’s fuel is electricity, only you have to plug in the power cord to run the smoker. Then you have to just set all the digital controls like time and temperature and let the smoker work. You will find awesome smoke food after your setting time. Don’t need to worry.


    You may have a question about the durability of the smoker. Here all the users find the master built electric smoker super durable. In case of this, you will find that the smoker’s main cabinet is made of a combination of quality stainless steel and plastic trim.

    And the interior of the smoker is made from high-quality aluminum. So, you can stay worry-free when you think of the quality and durability of the smoker. It will make sure you smoke for an incredibly long time. Only you have to make sure the regular maintenance of the smoker.  Always clean the smoker after every smoking job.

    That’s it.

    Hassle-Free Cleaning

    Like all other masterbuilt electric smokers,  MB20071117 is easy to clean. Just remove all the removable parts of the smoker from the inside and clean them following the masterbuilt electric smoker cleaning instructions.

    If you clean the smoker’s water pan, grease pan, chip tray, drip pan as well as the interior and exterior of the smoker, you are surely prolonging your smoker’s life.

    The Things Users Like Most

    Most people like the excellent digital maintenance system of the smoker. The system makes their cooking hassle-free and provides them tasty smoke foods. The next feature that makes the users happy is the convenient wood chip tray. They can easily open the tray, load the chips when they need, and install again hassle-free.

    It doesn’t require them to open the smoker door. Another awesome thing that makes the users happy is the Slow Smoker Accessory Attachment option. When you are looking for cold smoking, the smoker will allow you to install a cold smoking add-on kit.

    This proficient kit will enable you for hot smoking or cold smoking up to 275˚F for 6 hours with its continuous wood feed system. This is really a great tool when you are in urgent need to hassle-free smoking and ideal smoking results.

    Plus, the huge cooking space of the smoker is loved by all as they can smoke a huge amount of foods at a time. The users also love its fully-insulated body as it retains heat perfectly.

    Things People Don’t Like

    As the wood chip tray is small in size, the users need to refill the tray with chips after every 90 minutes. But you can solve the problem by having a cheap pellet tube that will allow you to load extra chips for continuous smoking.

    A few users are claiming that the cooking racks could be bigger. It will allow them not to cut the largest racks of ribs. But many others find it okay.

    Final Thought On The Smoker

    When you are looking for a low-priced but quality-proved master electric smoker, you can blindly get this outstanding smoker. It’s because you will find that the smoker has mounting popularity with the highest reviews. Certainly, it might not get such incredible popularity without its quality and performance.

    Isn’t it?

    3. Masterbuilt MB20070210 Analog Electric Smoker

    When you are wondering about an analog electric smoker from masterbuilt, you can definitely consider having a Masterbuilt MB20070210 Analog Electric Smoker. The built-in temperature gauge will easily allow to set and control the temperature for having better smoke flavor.

    Product Highlights

    • Analog Control System
    • Smoking racks: 3
    • Heating Element:1500 watt
    • Fuel: Electric
    • Weight: 49.9 lbs
    • Color: Black
    • Material: Cast Iron
    • Dimension: 20 x 21.69 x 40.15 inches

    Features and Benefits

    If you get the smoker, you will find the following features with smokers to turn your cooking task interesting:

    Temperature Settings

    The smoke comes with a built-in temperature gauge with an easy dial temperature setting system. So, you can easily set the temperature in various options and control it to get the ultimate smoke flavor.

    Cooking Capacity

    As the smoker has three chrome-coated racks, you will get plenty of room to smoke your desired amount of food. You can smoke up to:

    •  3 chickens
    •  2 turkeys
    • 3 pork butts
    • 3 racks of ribs

    So, if you are planning for a small family arrangement, the smoker is rightly capable of smoking your whole food at a time. You don’t need to be worried about repeating the cooking hassle.

    Other Handy Features

    • The removable water bowl will add moisture to your food to bring the real smoke flavor.
    • As the smoker has an adjustable air damper, it will help you to control the smoke as you desire to get your wished smoke flavor.
    • And the 1500-watt heating element of the smoker will make sure you consistently smoking to make your food mouth-watering.
    • Loading the chips is easy as the smoker allows you to slide out the wood chip tray easily. It will also ease your ash removal and cleaning the smoker box.
    • You will find the grease cleaning simple as the smoker has a  front access grease tray. The tray will catch the excess food drippings which you can easily clean after your cooking job.

    The Things Users Like Most

    The incredible 1500 watt powerful heating element is highly capable of delivering smoke consistently to have better smoke flavor. It seems to be outstanding to the smoke food lovers. People also find the adjustable air damper useful as it enables them to control the smoke inside the smoker to add smoke flavor.

    The users also praise the built-in temperature gauge as it let them monitor the temperature in the meat. As the smoker’s cast iron steel body is super durable, it can hold the heat well. People like it as the smoking task is risk-free. Easy removable parts and cleaning are found simple to many of the users.

    Things Users Don’t Like

    The built-in temperature gauge has an easy dial temperature setting system, it’s missing real number labels. So, while setting the temperature, they need to look at the screen to have their desired temperature. If there might have a few set number labels in the dial pad, it would be helpful and hassle-free.

    Final Thought On The Smoker

    If you are on a strict budget but looking for durable, high quality, and better smoking masterbuilt electric smoker, MB20070210 Analog Electric Smoker definitely demands your consideration. It will certainly make you happy like thousands of users of this smoker.

    4. Masterbuilt 20077515 Front Controller Electric Smoker 

    When you love simple, smart, and hassle-free smoking, you really need this outclass electric smoker from masterbuilt. This awesome smoker is built with high-end technology RF control (radio frequency remote control). As a passionate smoked food lover, you will meet so many outstanding features of having this electric smoker to make your smoke food yummy.

    Product Highlights

    • RF Control Technology
    • Cooking Space: 700 sq. inch.
    • 800-watt heating element
    • Fuel: Electric
    • Weight: 53.4 lbs
    • Color: Stainless
    • Material: Stainless Steel & Chrome
    • Dimension: 20.28 x 19.69 x 32.13 inches

    Features and Benefits

    If you are already impressed by this great smoker, we tell don’t buy it without knowing all about its features and benefits.

    RF Control Technology

    The marvelous feature that will surprise you -is the hi-tech radio frequency remote control system of the smoker. The amazing technology will allow you to turn on or off the power just using your fingerprint. You don’t need to indicate the remote to the smoker.

    Also, the handy feature will let you set and adjust the temperature of the smoker inside hassle freely. Besides, it will help you to set the time and monitor the internal light and meat internal temperature.

    Cooking Space & Capacity

    The smoker has 730 sq inches of cooking space which accommodates 4 racks coated with chrome. So, with its 800-watt full foam insulated heating element, you can smoke a huge amount of food at a time to entertain your family party.

    Built-in Meat Probe

    When you need to check the food temperature to make it savory, the smoker has a built-in probe. The probe is so convenient that it will let you know the actual temperature of your food while cooking.

    It will greatly help you to have the actual smoke food flavor and taste. Here you need to know how to use the meat probe perfectly to read the meat actual temperature and make the meat savory.

    Blue Led Display Monitor

    You might need to cook your food in the sunlight in any place. Then a blue led display will come to your help. It will help you to read the temperatures and cooking time without any obstacle even in the direct sunlight.

    The blue-led display makes reading temperatures and cooking time in direct sunlight easy. And you have no problem having the best smoke and taste food for you.

    Front Access Drip Pan

    The smoker has a redesigned and proficient front access drip pan. It conveniently works to absorb fire heat from beneath and alleviate the temperature from the smoker. Thus the drip pan solidifies the meat and allows the smoke to stick to the meat. And finally brings an incredible gravy and smoke taste in the cooked food.

    Other Helpful Features

    • You can’t but love the easy operating wood chip loading method. So, when you require to reload wood chips while cooking, you can effortlessly uninstall it and reload chips. It’s hassle-free.
    • Then the side/top air damper will be looking sound to you. The damper will help the smoker pull the oxygen through the fire to control the heat of the fire.
    • It will also let the smoker leave smoke, heat, and gases. And thus it will maintain the airflow to ensure the best and healthy smoke food for you.
    • The smoker features a locking door. It also has an inner liner. Both features help to keep not only the heat inside of the smoker but also the smoky flavor to turn your food alluring.
    • As the smoker is made from high-quality stainless steel and chrome, it’s super durable.


    It is easy to move the smoker as it comes with a rear handle and wheels that are equipped. So, when you need to smoke your food outside of your home, the features will make the moving of your smoker easeful.

    The Things People Like Most

    Most of the users love the hi-tech RF remote control as the technology makes their cooking simple. Also, the redesigned front access drip pan makes the users happy as it helps them to make their food real smoke, healthy and palatable.

    The side/top air damper draws the special attention of the users as it skillfully ensures the smoke taste of the food and makes it healthy. And the easy operating wood chip box, durability, and portability of the smoker are liked by the users.

    The Things People Don’t Like

    Many users find the water pan small. They think it would be helpful more if the pan could be a little bit larger. After the cooking task, the chrome-coated racks get sticky which some food lovers find annoying.

    Final Thought On The Smoker

    If you are a serious smoke food lover and looking for a high-quality electric smoker with so many advanced features, then this smoker certainly claims your favor. This excellent smoker will make your smoking fantastic.

    5. Masterbuilt 20073716 Portable Electric Smoker

    Looking for the best portable electric smoker for camping, road trips, or tailgating? Masterbuilt 20073716 can be the ideal one for you. Why? The answer is simple.

    The foldable legs, easy-to-read temperature gauge, 1400 watt heating element, and simple settings to low, medium, and high all together make this masterbuilt electric smoker one of the best & popular portable smokers in the market.

    Product Highlights

    • Weight: 21.6 lbs
    • Foldable legs
    • Temperature reading gouge
    • 1400 watt heating element
    • Maximum temperature: up to 275˚F
    • Fuel: Electric
    • Color: Black
    • Material: Steel & Porcelain
    • Dimension: 15.94 x 23.62 x 23.42 inches

    Features and Benefits

    As a popular lightweight and portable masterbuilt electric smoker, it owns so many amazing features. Let’s know all about them in detail:

    Portability and Storage

    The smoker has easily foldable 4 legs. So, when you are planning for a camping or road trip, you can easily carry the smoker with you. Just fold the legs underneath and keep them in your carrying bag or a trunk. Then put it behind your car and go camping. Also, the foldable legs make the storage simple for you.

    Controlling & Monitoring Temperature

    While smoking, you can control the temperature as the smoker features 3 setting options. You can set the temperature low, medium, and high which you need to have a better smoke taste. You can easily read and monitor the temperature while cooking. And the easy-to-read temperature gauge on the smoker door will make it happen for you.

    Cooking Capacity

    As the smoker has 2 chrome-coated smoking racks, there is enough room to cook a whole turkey or slabs of ribs for your 4 family members. And you can make the smoking food perfect with the smoker’s 1400 watt heating element.

    Loading Chips

    Since the smoker comes with a removable wood chip tray, you can uninstall the tray and reload chips when it is needed.

    Water Pan

    Finally, the water is ready to store and circulate the heat of your smoker. Then it changes the direct heat and adds moisture to your cooking meat so that it can’t dry out. And thus it works to make your smoke food super smoke and super taste.

    Also, the water catches the dripping greases from your cooking meat and doesn’t allow it to the heating element. Then it adds a fragrance to the exhaling liquid which brings an ideal smoke taste to your meat.

    The Things Users Love Most

    • Lightweight
    • Portability
    • Easy to use
    • Ability to bring actual smoke flavor

    The Things Users Don’t Love

    • Very small. Just ideal for 4-5 members. Not more than.
    • Need to keep a continuous look at the smoker while cooking

    Final Thought On The Smoker

    When you need the best quality and easily portable masterbuilt electric smoker for camping and cooking foods outside of your home, definitely the smoker is the perfect one. This easy-to-use smoker will make your camping memorable. Yet, it can’t reach your expectation, Masterbuilt 20050116 Patio-2-Portable Propane Smoker can be another great option.

    How do You Use a Masterbuilt Electric Smoker?

    To use your masterbuilt smoker like a pro and enjoy juicy smoked food, first you need to know masterbuilt electric smoker cooking guide. When you know all about the smoker, then follow the 8 simple steps to use your masterbuilt electric smoker given below. We can assure you, you will enjoy super delicious smoked foods:

    1. Season your smoker
    2. Preparing your your meat
    3. Preheating your smoker
    4. Setting your cooking temperature
    5. Load wood chip box and water pan
    6. Load the cooking meat
    7. Reload wood chips while cooking
    8. And finally get your smoked meat from your smoker and enjoy

    If you are a newbie, the above shortcut tips may be confusing. Then, here again, we tell you, it’s wise to read the ultimate guide to use masterbuilt smoker to prepare super juicy smoke food recipes


    What is the best masterbuilt electric smoker?

    The best 2 Masterbuilt electric smokers are,

    • MB20073519 MES 130P Bluetooth Digital Electric Smoker, 30-Inch
    • MB20074719 MES 140g Bluetooth Digital Electric Smoker, 40-Inch

    You can trust either model for utmost performance.

    How often do you add wood chips to a Masterbuilt electric smoker?

    You must remember to add one handful of wood chips in the smoker every 4 hours. Keep repeating the cycle till the cooking is completed.

    Do you soak wood chips for a Masterbuilt electric smoker?

    Professional smokers suggest that you should soak your wood for a minimum 12 hours before using them in the electric smoker. This will enable the woods to produce good smoke.

    How long does it take to smoke a 20lb turkey in a Masterbuilt electric smoker?

    If you set the temperature at 115℃ or 235℉, your turkey will take 30 minutes to cook every pound. So it means, 20lb will take around 10 hours to cook. And in case you set the temperature at 120℃ or 250℉, your turkey will take 25 minutes to cook one pound. It means, at this temperature your 20lb turkey will take around 8 and a half hours to cook completely.

    What meat can you smoke in 4 hours?

    If you cook at 250℃ temperature, a whole chicken can take 4 hours to perfectly cook. A perfectly marinated brisket can take 4 hours to cook at 275℃.

    Should I wrap my turkey in foil while smoking?

    Yes, you should wrap your turkey in foil while smoking. But you have to,

    • Keep the temperature at 165℉
    • Wrap the foil-wrapped turkey with towels
    • Maintain the smoking time

    Do you add water to a masterbuilt electric smoker?

    You can add water to a masterbuilt electric smoker to control the smoker’s internal temperature. Use normal water, if it’s warm outside. But in case it’s winter or if the weather is cold, use boiling water instead. 

    How do you get more smoke from your masterbuilt electric smoker?

    To generate more smoke from Masterbuilt electric smoker you have to:

    1. Ditch the chip tray first

    2. Keep your food undersmoked

    3. Try smoking chicken on a higher temperature setting

    4. Control the temperature swings

    5. Use the attachments, if you want cold smoking

    6. Control the vent position

    7. Apply foil on the grill racks

    8. Avoid soaking the wood chips

    Can you use a masterbuilt electric smoker in winters?

    Yes, you can use a Masterbuilt electric smoker during the winter season. Masterbuilt digital electric smoker comes with insulation blanket. This blanket wapes around the smoker and it helps to keep the heat at the consistent temperature. This is why even during freezing weather the masterbuilt electric smoker can function perfectly.

    Can you get a smoke ring with an electric smoker?

    Yes, you can get a smoke ring on your meat with an electric smoker. For this you have to sprinkle a bit of curing salt around the surface of your meat before putting it in a regular oven. After cooking it in the oven there will be a deep smoke ring.

    How do you add wood chips to a masterbuilt electric smoker?

    Here’s how you can add wood chips to a masterbuilt electric smoker,

    1. Firstly, fill the wood chip tray halfway with chips

    2. Wait for it to start smoking

    3. Crush a few pieces of charcoal into multiple chunks, preferably four

    4. Put a few chunks of charcoal into the tray

    5. Start the smoker

    6. Keep adding one chunk of charcoal every time you load chips into the smoker

    This is the perfect method of adding wood chips to the Masterbuilt electric smoker. 

    Do you preheat an electric smoker?

    Well, preheating your electric smoker is mandatory. To preheat perfectly, you have to put a few wood chips in the smoker first. And then set the smoker at the highest settings. Keep the smoker like this for an hour. And now your electric smoker is preheated. 

    Can you smoke 2 turkeys at the same time?

    Yes, you can properly smoke 2 turkeys at the same time. If both of the turnkeys weigh the same, it won’t increase the roasting time. The cooking time can increase if one bird weighs more. Whatever you do, make sure there is enough space in the oven for proper heat circulation.


    After reading the 5 best masterbuilt electric smoker review, hope now you are capable of picking your chosen smoker. So, pick the best one and enjoy your smoked juicy food.

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