13+ Pit Boss Error Codes [All Models + Reasons & Solutions]

The most common Pit Boss error codes applicable across all models are ErH, Er1/ErL, Er2, Er3, ErP, NoP, ErR, Lo1/Lo2, and 4P1.

Along with that, the models with the SMOKE IT control panel display the “Err code” with the PELLET/IGNITOR/AUGER/FAN icon as you can see in the below image.

However, these codes commonly indicate overheating, RTD probe connection fault, fire not established, and fire has gone out. It could also mean improper shutdown, meat probe issues, programming errors, and the control board not syncing.

Regardless of whichever model you are using, most often you’d encounter the ErH error code popping in any of the following displays. It will depend on the model you are using.

Anyway, this ErH code indicates that your grill has overheated.  And fortunately, you can solve this Pit Boss overheating issue by cleaning the grill.

Apart from it, you will struggle with the rest error codes while cooking with your Pit Boss. So, we will tell you all about those error codes, their reasons, and simple solutions. 

But, before diving deep into these codes in detail, here’s a quick list, of their meaning and most effective solutions:

Quick Solutions To Common Error Codes With Pit Boss All Models

Error CodesError Code MeaningSolution
ErH/HErOverheatingClean the entire unit
ErL/Er1RTD probe failureSecure the probe connection/ Replacing it
Er2Fire Not EstablishedCleaning the auger feed system/ Replacing the ignitor
Er3Fire has Gone OutSame as Er2/ Replacing the induction fan.
ErPIncorrect Shut-downReset the unit
noPBad Meat ProbeSecure the meat probe connection/ Replace the meat probe
ErrSame as Er1Same as Er1
LO1/LO2Programming codes (not an error)No action required
4P1Incompatible softwareReplace the control board
pit boss error codes

Quick Solutions To 4 Error Codes With Pit Boss SmokeIT Control Panel Models

Code With IconReasonsSolutions
Err With “Auger” IconJammed auger/ Faulty auger motorClean the blockage in the auger feed system/ Replace the auger
Err With “No Pellets” IconNo Pellets/ Low- quality pelletsReplenish pellets/ Use short and high-quality pellets.
Err With “Igniter” IconDamaged IgniterReplace Igniter
Err With “Fan” IconBlocked Air Intake/Failing FanClean the air intake and fan blades / Replace the fan

9 Common Pit Boss Error Codes [Reasons + Solutions]

Some of the error codes you’d see on your Pit Boss pellet grills or smokers are applicable to most units. No matter which model you’re using, these codes will represent the same problem and require the same solution.

But there are also some special and updated series that have the SMOKE IT functionality like the Pit Boss Pro series and Platinum series. The extra codes displayed by them usually have a blinking ICON along with the error code.

We’ll discuss what all of these error codes mean and how to fix them. Let’s start with the universal ones first.

1. ErH/HEr (The Unit Has Overheated)

The Pit Boss smoker error code ErH or HEr means that the operating temperature is higher than the safe working limit. While some of the error codes you’ll see are due to the fault of the devices, this one is usually the result of your negligence.

pit boss error code erh

It’s the most common error code and it usually occurs due to a grease fire. The main reason behind it is the infrequent cleaning of the pellet grill. Modern pellet grills now come with direct flame access which gives the ideal searing results but also increases the chances of a grease fire.

Besides that, putting too many pellets in the cooking chamber can also overheat the unit and cause this issue. The other possible reasons behind this error code are:

  • Faulty RTD temperature probe.
  • Bad wiring connection with the probe.
  • Malfunctioning Control Panel.


More often than not, you can solve this issue by cleaning the pellet grill. Turn off the device first by pressing and holding the power button for two seconds. Allow it to cool for a few minutes.

Then, follow the care and maintenance guidelines in your owner’s manual and remove the ashes and the extra pellets from the cooking chamber. 

You can use salt and baking soda to clean the interior as well. While you’re at it, inspect whether the wiring connection of the RTD probe is alright. Here’s what you should be looking at:

check the wiring connection of pit boss RTD probe

If that’s good, reassemble the unit carefully and wait for a while to make sure that the pellet grill has cooled down. Replace the wiring or the connectors if they’re damaged.

Turn it on again and the error code should no longer appear. If it does despite cleaning the unit, you’d most likely have to replace the RTD probe or the control panel.

Fixing these issues one by one will solve the ErH error code. But, for a comprehensive solution, you can read our ultimate solution guide on how to fix the Pit Boss ErH error code.

Remember, this error code will keep reappearing if you don’t maintain your pellet grill properly. To keep it from happening again, you need to clean it at regular intervals. Follow this guideline to understand the frequency of how often you should do it:

Name of PartEvery yearHow To Clean
Bottom of Main GrillEvery 5-6 SessionsScoop It Out, Shop-Vac Excess Debris
Fire PotEvery 2-3 SessionsScoop It Out, Shop-Vac Excess Debris
Cooking GridsEvery SessionBurn off, Use a wire excess brush
Flame BoilerEvery 5-6 SessionsScrape (Only clean, don’t wash)
Front ShelfEvery SessionScrub with soapy water
Grease BucketEvery SessionScrub with soapy water
Auger Feed SystemWhen the pellet bag is emptied outLet the auger push out sawdust while the hopper is empty.
Hopper Electric ComponentsEvey yearRemove the dust from the interior and wipe the fan blades with soapy water
Air Intake VentEvery 5-6 SessionsDust and scrub with soapy water
Temperature ProbeEvery 2-3 SessionsScrub with soapy water

2. Er1/ErL (RTD Probe Connection Fault)

All Pit Boss smokers or grills have an RTD (Resistive Temperature Detector) probe which measures the internal temperature of the unit. 

pit boss error code er1

It’s an essential part of the system as it sends the reading to the control panel so that the desired cooking temperature can be maintained.

When you see the Er1 or ErL error code, it’s usually because the RTD detects low temperature. It could be due to the RTD probe having a bad connection or going bad. A faulty control panel may also be the root cause of this problem.

You can easily test the RTD probe if you have an infrared gun. Now, set a temperature and gauge the results after a while. 

If the readings of the control board and IR gun are within a few degrees of each other, it means the RTD probe is fine. Otherwise, it needs to be replaced.

Apart from getting the ErL code, here are some common signs that you have a bad RTD probe:

  • You’re getting uneven cooking results. The food is either not cooked in all areas or it’s overcooked.
  • The unit keeps turning on and off.


The first thing you need to do here is to check whether the temperature setting in your Pit Boss grill is too low and bump it up if needed. It’s a simple solution that’s often overlooked. If that doesn’t work, you need to check the connection of the RTD probe.

Remove the access panel so that you can get to the back of the control panel and inspect the connection. Check whether there’s any rodent damage on the wires and if it’s attached properly.

You’d need the wiring diagram for your model for knowing where to look. If you’ve lost your owner’s manual, you can visit the Pit Boss website and find an online copy.

You can visit their product page or search for your specific model number.

search for your pit boss specific model number
select the grill to download pdf manual

There’ll be a download link to the PDF manual below the description and detail of all the Pit Boss grills.

download the pdf user manual of pit boss grill

Check the Temperature Probe Molex Connector and see the condition of the wiring there. Replace the wires or the connectors if you find any issues with them and see if that solves the problem.

If that doesn’t do the trick, your next plan of action should be to replace the temperature probe. If the Pit Boss error codes ErL still persists, your last option is to replace the control panel itself and it should be fixed.

Yet, if you find the error is still appearing, then you can read our all-inclusive solution guide on how to fix the Pit Boss Erl error code.

How To Replace The RTD Temperature Probe

Follow these steps to replace the RTD temperature probe in your Pit Boss pellet smoker or grill:

Step 1: Remove The Hopper Assembly

  • Disconnect the unit from the power outlet and let it cool down.
  • Remove the pellets from the hopper and store them in a bucket.
  • Use a Philips screwdriver to remove the four screws connected to the hopper.
  • Remove the hopper from the grill.

Step 2: Remove the RTD Probe Cover

  • Clean off all the dust that has accumulated in the auger and auger motor.
  • Open the lids of the grill that are located on the same side as the hopper to access the RTD probe.
  • Remove the two screws from the RTD probe cover.
  • Slide the cover upward and it’ll come off.

Step 3: Loosen The RTD Probe

  • Unscrew the screws and nuts connected to the RTD probe.
  • If it doesn’t come off on its own, use a sharp object like a flathead screwdriver to pry it out.
  • Tap it a few times with a hammer if needed and that’ll make it come out.
  • Disconnect the probe from the control board.
  • Push the tab on the black connector’s side while pulling the connectors away from each other.

Step 4: Replace The RTD Probe

  • Get the RTD wire by pushing it through the hole in the grill.
  • Pull the RTD probe and remove it from the grill.
  • Put the new probe in place of the old one.

Now, do the above steps in reverse to complete the replacement. After putting everything back together, the error code should go away.

How To Replace The Control Board

When the error codes on the Pit Boss don’t go away after replacing the faulty part in question, chances are that the control board itself has gone bad.

replace pit boss control panel

You’ll have to replace it in such cases to get rid of the error codes. Here are the steps to do it:

  • Unplug the pellet grill from the power outlet. Unscrew the screws connected to the service door under the hopper and remove them.
  • Clip the zip ties with wire-cutting pliers. Then disconnect the four white connectors and one black connector.
  • Locate the 6 press clips that hold it in place: 3 at the top and 3 at the bottom.
  • Reach your hand into the hopper from the bottom and press the clips to unclip the control board.
  • Put the new control board and secure its position by clipping it. Connect all the connectors and wires as they were before.
  • Hold the wires from the bottom and zip them up to secure them. And screw the service door back in.

If you follow these steps, the control board replacement job will be perfect. Now, the error code will surely disappear as you’ve eliminated all the possible reasons that could cause this issue.

3. Er2 (Fire Not Established)

Your Pit Boss pellet grill or smoker will display the Er2 error code when the control board detects that no fire was established. Generally, this code means that the unit wasn’t able to get the temperature above 160 degrees Celcius in half an hour.

The most common reasons behind this issue are the hopper running out of pellets, the auger not being primed with pellets, and the hot rod ignitor being timed out. However, it can also be caused by a blockage in the auger or a failing auger motor.


The first thing you need to check is whether there are pellets inside the hopper and if the auger is primed. Refill the pellets if the hopper is emptied out of it and let go of the prime button when you see a few of them drop into the burn pot.

Restart the grill and see if the error code goes away. If it still remains, the next thing you should do is clean the auger system. Get rid of all the blockage and check whether the auger motor has failed. You can do it by pressing the prime button and seeing if the auger turns.

In some cases, you’d have to remove the auger and put it back in if it doesn’t turn after removing the blockage. 

When the issue is not caused by any of the above reasons, the culprit is a malfunctioning hot rod ignitor. You have no other option but to replace it if that’s the case.

As a shortcut to get rid of this error code, you can press the “On/Off” button and it’ll go away. Your unit will go into run mode. But remember that it’s not only a temporary fix and you’ll see the error code until you fix the underlying cause behind it.

How To Remove The Auger

The process of removing the auger can vary a little bit depending on the model you’re using. You can look up the specific procedure for your model online if you want.

But these steps will be applicable to most Pit Boss pellet grills in replacing the auger:

  • Empty the pellets from the hopper and clean any visible blockage. Unplug the unit and let it cool down.
  • Remove the hopper assembly to access the auger.
  • Disconnect the wires running from the auger motor to the control board. Remove the screws that secure the auger to the shaft.
  • It may require some force but you should be able to pull the auger out now.
  • Clean out any pellets or debris that have jammed the auger.
  • Put the auger back in and assemble everything back together.

If the auger doesn’t turn even after you’ve done a thorough job of removing and cleaning it, you’ll have to replace it. You can do it following the above steps, except, instead of putting the old one back in, you’d replace it with a new one.

How To Replace The Hod Rod Igniter?

Before replacing the ignitor, do a quick test to figure out if it’s actually the issue that’s causing the Er2 error code.

how to replace pit boss igniter

Turn the unit’s dial to smoke and place your hand over the burner pot to see whether it’s working. If it fails, you can follow these steps to replace it:

Step 1: Access The Fire Pot

  • Remove the grill grates and frame boiler by sliding them out to access the fire pot.
  • Unscrew the four screws connected to the fire pot using a Philips screwdriver.

Step 2: Access The Igniter

  • Turn and pull up the fire pot.
  • Remove the set screw that holds the igniter in its position.
  • Take the igniter and feed it back through the burn tube.

Step 3: Replace The Igniter

  • Open the door underneath the hopper by removing the screws.
  • Clip the zip ties holding your wires together.
  • Pull the ignitor wires back through the burn tube and into the hopper.
  • Get the ignitor out through the hopper.
  • Disconnect the purple and white wires attached to it.
  • Put the new ignitor in place of the old one and connect it to the wires.

Now, doing the above steps in reverse will complete the hod rot igniter replacement job. Once you replace it, the control board of your unit should no longer display the Er2 error code.

4. Er3 (Fire Has Gone Out)

This one is similar to the Er2 error code but the only difference is that fire was established in this case and it has gone out. You’d have to diagnose this error code the same way as the Er2 code. The reasons that cause both these issues are the same and so are the fixes.

The only additional thing you need to check here is the induction fan. If there are faulty wiring connections or the fan is jammed, you have to address these issues. The fan can also go bad altogether and cause this issue.


Start by checking the hopper and see if it has run out of pellets. Refill it if it’s empty. Clean any blockage to the auger if you face any difficulty priming it. Inspect the hole of the fire pot for any blockage as well and make sure that air is going through it.

If you do all these things and the error code still doesn’t go away, there are most likely issues with the induction fan. Check the wiring of the fan, if it’s jammed, and whether the fan blades are caught on any wires. Make sure you fix these issues. If it still doesn’t work, you need to replace it.

How To Replace The Induction Fan

Follow these steps to replace the induction fan in your Pit Boss pellet grill:

how to replace pit boss induction fan
  • Unplug the unit, let it cool down, and unscrew the screws attached to the bottom of the hopper.
  • Slide out the plate to have access to the fan and clip the zip ties that hold the wires in their place.
  • Remove the screws that are connected to the fan.
  • Disconnect the Molex connectors that connect the fan to the control board.
  • Replace the fan, attach it to the Molex connectors, and tighten the screws.
  • Zip the wires to the original position and reassemble the bottom plate of the hopper.

Now, you’ve successfully replaced the induction fan. Restart the pellet grill and you should no longer see the error code.

If the code still remains for any reason, your only option would be to contact Pit Boss customer care and have them fix the issue for you.

5. ErP (Improper Shutdown)

When you see the Pit Boss smoker error code ErP on the control board, it means that the unit hasn’t gone through the proper shutdown procedure. The auger stops but the fan keeps running to run the pellets remaining in the fire pot when this happens.

It’s usually caused by a power outage in the middle of a cooking session or accidentally unplugging the unit from the outlet. You’ll also see it when you turn on the unit but you made a mistake in shutting it off properly in your last grilling session.


You shouldn’t lose your mind over this error code as it’s quite easy to fix it. Turn off the Pit Boss and let it go through a shutdown cycle for a couple of minutes and the error code should go away on its own.

If the error code keeps reappearing even when you don’t have power outages, you may have a faulty power outlet or power cord. Diagnose them and replace them if you find any issues with them. 

You can also install a voltage stabilizer to make sure that the unit has consistent power without any fluctuations.

6. NoP (Meat Probe Fault)

Seeing the NoP error code on the control board indicates issues with the meat probe. Firstly, it can be caused by a simple issue like a bad connection between the meat probe and the control board.

Pit Boss Error code NoP

If that’s not it, the second most common reason behind it is that the meat probe has gone bad. But the worst thing that can cause this issue is a faulty control board and it’ll be an expensive fix unless you’re covered by a warranty.


Start by disconnecting the meat probe from the connection probe of the control board and connect it again. Make sure that the adapter is securely connected when you do it. 

If there are no signs of damage on the adapter end or the wires of the meat probe, the next thing you need to look at is the meat probe itself.

If there are any signs of physical damage on the meat probe, it’s a good indicator that it has gone bad. You’ll have to replace it. 

But if the meat probe is working well, you most likely have a malfunctioning control board and you’ll have to replace it to remove the error code.

How To Replace The Meat Probe

Replacing a faulty meat probe will make the error code go away and you can enjoy pain-free cooking sessions again. Follow these steps to do it:

  • Unplug the pellet grill and wait for it to cool.
  • Unscrew the bottom plate of the hopper to access the meat probe.
  • Feed it through the access slot and unplug it from the receptacle.
  • Put the new probe in its place.

Reverse the above steps to make sure the new meat probe stays in position. These are consumable parts and they’re not covered by a warranty. They go bad every now and then. 

That’s why it’s a good idea to have a few spare ones so that you can easily replace them and make the error codes disappear.

7. ErR (Same as Er1/ErL)

This error code also represents a problem with the temperature probe. The error code ErR is displayed in the pro series to represent the same issue that’s normally done with the Er1 or ErL code. The process of diagnosing and fixing this code is also the same.


How to fix Pit Boss ErR code? Just like before, start by inspecting the temperature probe for any wiring damage. Inspect the connection at the Molex connectors and make sure that it’s okay. 

You may have to replace the temperature probe or the control board to remove the error code.

8. Lo1/Lo2 (Programming Codes)

When you see these lo1 or lo2 error codes on your Pit Boss display, it’ll be hard to find much information about them online. Even some of the customer support guys will have no idea what causes it. 

But these are just simple programming error codes and you don’t need to worry about them.


Pit Boss lo1/lo2 error codes should disappear on their own after a while and you don’t necessarily need to take any action here.

But if you want to expedite the process, you can try turning your grill off and turning it back on again to see if it goes away any sooner.

9. 4P1 (Control Board Not Syncing)

This error code comes up only in the modern Pit Boss pellet grills and it indicates the control board is no longer syncing with the program. In other words, the software is not compatible with the control board.

This issue is most likely caused by the control board being damaged. If you want to use the unit in this condition, you can. But you’ll not be able to operate the control board.


The first solution you can try to get rid of the code is quick and easy. Press and hold the “On” button for about five seconds and press it twice. The code should disappear right away when you do it. 

But it’ll return the next time you turn it on. For a permanent fix, you’ll have to replace the control board.

4 More Error Codes With SmokeIT Control Panel Models

The common error codes have already been covered. But if you have a unit that features Smoke IT integration, there are a few more codes that you can come across. 

These devices usually run on PID algorithms that constantly monitor the temperature inside the cooking chamber and make adjustments. You can control these Pit Boss grills from your phone either via Bluetooth or WiFi. There’s also the option to upgrade the control panel in these models.

Pit Boss err code with icon

The Gen 2 series and the Platinum series  (Lockhart, KC Combo, and Brunswick) are usually the models that’ll display these special error codes. 

There are also other models that can display these error codes and these models are just examples. Here’s a rundown of these codes:

1. Err With “Auger” Icon Blinking

The main reason that causes this issue is the auger not being primed or when the auger motor is jammed. It can also be due to the bad connections of the auger or a faulty auger motor.

Pit Boss err code with auger icon

Before you use the unit for the first time, keep in mind that if the hopper is pre-filled with old pellets and the burn pot is empty, you will notice Err error code with Auger Icon. 

The ignitor will time out before the pellets ignite if the auger isn’t primed. If you skip this process, it can also trigger the error code.


To inspect whether the auger is jammed or not, see if it turns at first when you press the prime button. If it doesn’t, remove the cooking components from the main barrel and turn the unit on. 

Turn the Temperature Control Dial to SMOKE and check if the auger feed system is working properly.

You should have visual confirmation that the auger is dropping pellets into the burn pot. If it’s not working correctly, start by cleaning any blockage that you see. Next, inspect the wiring and replace it if you see any signs of damage.

If you don’t see the error code still go away, you’d have to replace the auger as the motor has most likely gone bad. If the motor is spinning and you still see the error code, chances are that the control board is malfunctioning and you’d have to replace it.

2. Err With “No Pellets” Icon Blinking

The message behind this error code is obvious and it indicates that the burn pot isn’t getting sufficient fuel or pellets. Even if you have enough fuel in the system, the error code can still be triggered if the quality of the pellets is poor.

If the wood pellets are too long, they can also obstruct the flow to the auger feed system. Water can also get into the hopper if you don’t cover your grill after usage and it can create a jam.


The first thing you should do to get rid of the Pit Boss err code no pellets is to press and hold down the power button for two seconds to shut down the unit and reconnect it. Inspect the hopper to see if it’s running low on fuel and refill it if needed.

If you find that the level of the fuel is fine and it’s not causing the issue, check if the pellets are too long or poor in quality. Replace them with high-quality ones that are also short. If the pellets are fine, then you need to look into the auger system.

Clean the blockage if it’s obstructing the pellets from going into the burner pot. If the auger motor has gone bad and fails to turn, you’ll have to replace the auger to remove the error code.

3. Err With “Igniter” Icon Blinking

This code is similar to the Er2 code and it also represents that the hot rod igniter has failed to make a proper connection with the control board. You’ll also see this code if the igniter has gone bad.

Diagnosing whether you have a bad igniter is an easy process. Remove the components of the Pit Boss unit until you have access to the igniter. Turn it on, set your desired temperature, and place your hand above it to see if it gets hot.

You should feel the heat within a minute or so if it’s working correctly. The igniter will glow if you have a clean burn pot and you can be on the lookout for this sign as well.


If you find that the igniter doesn’t work after your diagnosis, there’s either issue with the wiring or the igniter itself has gone bad. Inspect the wiring, and the connector and see if they are okay. If you find any damaged components, replace them. 

If the connection of the igniter is fine, you can narrow down the problem to a bad igniter and you need to replace it. 

Once that’s done, the error code should go away. You can temporarily fix the issue if you want to keep using the grill for a while by following the manual start-up procedure.

4. Err With “Fan” Icon Blinking

This error code on Pit Boss represents that the fan is not working properly. The most common reasons behind this error code are the fan not being connected properly, insufficient air to operate the fan, and the fan failing.

Pit Boss err code with fan icon


Start by checking the fan and making sure that the air intake is not blocked. Clean the air vents as well as the fan if you find any blockage there. 

Check the wires and connection of the fan and replace the damaged wires. Use this diagram below as a guiding point of where you should be looking.

wiring connection of the pit boss fan

Clean the fan’s blade and see if the fan works and the error code disappears. If doing these things doesn’t work, it’s highly likely that you have a bad induction fan and you’ll have to replace it.

Have you installed a new fan and it still doesn’t work? In that case, the problem lies with the control board and you need to replace it to get rid of the error codes.

How To Contact Pit Boss Customer Support

You can contact the Pit Boss customer care team by calling or emailing them from 6 am-8 pm PST (Pacific Time) every day of the week. You contact them in the following ways:

Contacting WaysContact Number/Address
Customer Care Number480-923-9630
Toll-Free Number877-303-3134
Media Number-1877-303-3135 ext 160
Media Number-2480-542-9449 ext 1304


What’s a standard safe operating temperature for a pellet grill?

It depends on the device. A horizontal grill or smoker can get up to a high temperature above 500 degrees Celcius in normal conditions while a vertical grill will not likely go over 400 degrees Celcius.

How long does the temperature probe in a Pit Boss grill last?

Normally, an RTD probe lasts for 1 year- 2 years and needs replacing after that period. Although, how long it’ll last in your case depends on how well you maintain it.

Is it okay to use a Pit Boss grill with a bad RTD probe?

While it’s possible to use it with a malfunctioning RTD probe, we don’t recommend that you do it. That’s because the grill won’t be able to keep a consistent temperature and it’ll be harder to cook the food.

What is a normal temperature swing in Pit Boss pellet grills?

If the control panel is using time-based temperature control, having temperature fluctuations of 25 degrees is normal. But in modern devices that use PID algorithms, an average temperature swing is around 5 to 10 degrees of the set temperature.

What to do if the temperature drops in the middle of cooking?

If the temperature swings go beyond the normal range and you catch it early enough, you can refill the pellets to the hopper and carry on.

Should you use Pit Boss grills in the rain?

It’s safe to use Pit Boss grills in light rain and they need to be plugged into 110v outlets for operation. But as it’s an electrical component, you have to make sure that the components aren’t exposed to rain.


While seeing the Pit Boss error codes can be annoying at first, they’re actually quite helpful. You can narrow down the root cause that’s causing the trouble.

The aim of this guide has been to help you get to a solution fast rather than wasting half an hour on the phone with customer support.

We hope you’ll be able to diagnose and fix the problems that are keeping your unit from running properly after completing this guide.

Clean the unit at regular intervals to prevent these issues from happening. Comment below if you have any questions about these Pit Boss pellet grills or smokers.

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      LO2 is a programming code. This code indicates that your grill is perfectly functioning and it will disappear within seconds. No action is needed to fix it.


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          Check that you have plugged in the smoker tightly and the power outlet is okay. You should never use a pellet grill with a cord that is longer than 25 feet. A blown fuse can disrupt the power supply. Check and fix the issue if you get it blown.  In case your Pit Boss grill keeps blowing fuse, get an electrician to take a look.

          Well, if everything else checks out fine and you are facing the same issue, contact the Pit Boss customer support center. 

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  1. ErP SMOKEIT error code ErP.
    Have done everything I can find on this problem.
    Initial power on starts correctly but after a period of time (radical) I get “ErP” on the unit (PBY4PS2) but app on the cell phone keeps the cooking screen. I power off presumably to shutdown properly. It takes 15 to 20 minutes. When it comes back to power button screen on the unit, I press but immediately get ErP. Over and over again.
    I was told to call customer service but would have to be prepared to wait 45 minutes. I did that anyway and waited over an hour and could not wait any longer.
    1.) Last night I shut down, removed all pellets except a few at the auger. Without touching any settings, unit ran from 6:00PM to 9:30PM.
    2.) Temp setting knob on unit spins but does nothing. I tightened the knob slightly but no help… knob still spins.
    3.) Appears that MP (Meat Probe) may be problematic. Program seems to run longer before ErP without MP.
    4.) Today at 12:ooPM, I put on 8 lb brisket in the smoker. I have not put in MP nor have I touched any settings; however, the time was set several times yesterday at 8 hrs and 44 mins. I started cooking again today at 7 hrs and 14 mins. As of now, it is still running but since not touching settings, I do not know how it is cooking except for timer e.g. no temp settings.

    Please give me some information to solve this problem. Also, please contact me with any questions you have… I will answer any questions or concerns you have.
    I paid a lot for this unit about six months ago from Lowes and it never has worked after many tries. I end up cooking in the oven which is not acceptable for smoking.
    I asked Lowes for help and was referred to you. Please help!

    James R Hathorn
    1566 Greenwood Ln
    Forestburg, TX 76239
    (940) 964-2902 Voice
    (940) 964-2356 Fax
    jrhathorn@att.net Email

    Please help.

    • Hi James

      After resetting your grill, you need to set your grill temperature to the smoke mode or your desired mode. From your statement, I can see your grill’s temperature knob isn’t working. It might be faulty. As you are failing to set the temp, the grill might be showing up ErP code as the safety measure. You may need to fix the temperature knob.

      However, as the Erp error code appears frequently even after following the instructions, here it would be wise to take help from the Pit Boss service center to solve the issue, James. You can get the customer care contact number below the ErP error code section of my guide. Get the number, contact them and hopefully, your struggle will be fixed.

      Wish you all the best.


  2. I tried making frozen pizzas tonight, which requires high temp 400 degree setting. But when it gets close to that it overshoots the 400 degree setting and overheats. Don’t try this very often, usually just slow smoking meat and works perfect. Had the same issue when it was brand new last summer, probably should have dealt with it then. Ended up putting the kids in the pizza oven. But wasn’t giving up on the supreme for my wife. Just kept clearing the error code by unplugging and did my best to tether the pellets going in by manually adjusting the temp knob. Got it and was glorious, 5 error codes and 45 minutes later. I’m assuming there is a problem with the internal probe, was showing 450 degrees while I had 2 external Thermo Works probes showing 300. Which is odd because they are pretty close at lower temps. Hopefully you can help me out because I really enjoy this meat making machine, even though it isn’t the biggest one. Could have bought a bigger vertical smoker, but fits perfect in the corner of my garage. Vertical type PBV3P1.

    Thanks for your help,


    • Hi Jess

      I also agree with you. As your 2 external meat probes are showing the same result but the internal one is showing high, here your smoker’s internal temp probe might be the culprit. You can try changing the internal one. Hopefully, you will get the solution.

      Wish you all the best with happy grilling.

  3. Help, my Pit Boss Pro is showing dashes on the digital display, no error code, just no Temps or p setting displayed. I bought the unit almost 2 years ago. It works otherwise, and holds Temps according to the dial thermometer on the outside.


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