9 Pit Boss Error Codes [Easy Solutions]

Using your Pit Boss grill will be easy if you know the Pit Boss error codes and their solutions. And in this article, we will be helping you with just that.

Here we will discuss the whole Pit Boss error codes list. These codes include Er1, Er2, Erh, Err, ErL, ErP, noP, LO1/LO2, 4P1. We will get right into it but before that, let’s have a quick look at these error codes,

Error CodesError Code MeaningSolution
Er1Temperature probe failureSecure the probe connection
Er2Ignition failureReplace the ignitor
ErhOverheatingClean the whole unit
ErrSame as Er1Same as Er1
ErLSame as Er1Same as Er1
ErPIncorrect Shut-downReset the unit
noPBad Meat ProbeReplace the meat probe
LO1/LO2Programming codes (not an error)No action required
4P1Software issueReplace the control board

How To Fix Pit Boss Error Codes [9 Easy Solution]

Below you will find the meaning, reason, and solution to 9 Pit Boss error codes. Just give it a quick read and let the simple solution fix your issue.

Pit Boss Error Code Er1: Temperature Probe Failed To Make Connection

When this error code comes up, your Pit Boss won’t heat up. Er1 error code means that the temperature probe can’t make any connection. Such occurrence results from low grill temperature and a bad thermometer.  


Fixing pit boss er1 code is really simple. Here’s how to do it,

  • Disconnect the grill from the AC outlet
  • Empty the hopper 
  • Remove the pellets from the auger and the burner as well
  • Open the access panel by removing the 4 screws holding it
  • Secure the temperature probe Molex connector properly
  • If the temperature probe has gone bad, get a new one and install it through the Molex connector
  • Put everything back to their place and start the unit

And Er1 error code of your Pit Boss is now fixed just like this.

 Pit Boss Error Code Er2: Ignition Failure

The Pit Boss error code Er2 means that the ignition failed to boost the temperature above 160°C within half an hour. Your unit will not work at all once this error code has been detected. 


If you are in a hurry, you can clear this error code by pressing the “ON/OFF” button. Though this will take your Pit Boss unit to Run Mode, the issue will still remain. As the main problem is the ignitor, you have to change it to solve this Pit Boss temperature issue. Here’s how:

  • Remove the grill grates and the flame boiler
  • Unscrew the firepot screws
  • Remove the screws holding the ignitor
  • Detach the ignitor from its place
  • Dislocate the bottom plate beneath the pellet hopper
  • Put the Ignitor through the burn tube and detach all the ignitor wire connection
  • Get a new ignitor and attach its wires with Molex connector
  • Put everything back to where they were and screw everything up

After this, the Er2 error code should be completely solved.

 Pit Boss Error Code ErH: Overheating

The error code ErH indicates that the Pit Boss unit is overheating. The possible reason behind this smoker overheating is grease fire, faulty temperature probe, or excessive fuel. This error code will shut off your grill system and, in the meantime, can damage other components.


The Pit Boss ErH error code fix is quite simple. Here’s how:

  • Turn off the unit
  • Unplug all the connections from the electrical outlet
  • Dispose of the excessive pellets from the hopper
  • Clean the interior of the unit with salt and baking soda
  • Ensure that the wire connection of the temperature probe is perfectly secured

Checking these issues one by one will solve the ErH error code.

Pit Boss Error Code ErR: Temperature Probe Failure(same as 1)

Depending on the Pit Boss model, the error codes differ by only a bit. The ErR or the Err error code on the Pro Series Pit Boss models is the same as the Er1 code we discussed at the very beginning.


Check the first error code on our list. 

Pit Boss Error Code ErL: Failure of Temperature Probe (Another version of Er1)

Many people confuse the 1 with L on Er1 Error code. This confusion occurs because “1” looks like a small letter of “L” (l). So basically, what you are thinking is ErL error code is actually the Er1 error code.


Pit Boss erl code meaning is your smoker temperature probe fails to make a connection. Consult the first error code we discussed in this article for details. 

Pit Boss Error Code ErP: Incorrect Shut-Down

Pit Boss grill can shut down unintentionally due to a power outage. This is actually a safety measure adopted by Pit Boss. It prevents the Pit Boss grill from starting by accident.


Dealing with the ErP error code on Pit Boss grill is very simple. You have to maintain the following points:

  • Shut off the unit by pressing the power button
  • Wait for 2 minutes before pressing the power button again to get the power back on
  • Set the dial to the desired temp setting
  • Avoid grilling if you realize there will be a power outage soon

If you keep these points in mind, you will not have ErP error code anymore.

 Pit Boss noP Error Code: Bad Meat Probe Connection

The noP error code indicates that the meat probe of your Pit Boss smoker is damaged. A faulty control board can be the main reason as well. But whatever the cause may be, it will ruin your meat in the smoker.


Ensure that the meat probe connection is secured to deal with noP error code. If the code still doesn’t go away, you must replace the meat probe in the following manner:

  • Take the meat probe out through the access slot
  • Unplug the probe from the receptacle
  • Install a new probe here 
  • Take the probe through the access slot
  • Put the probe into the tick part of the meat

And now your noP error code issue is solved.

Pit Boss LO1/LO2 Error Code: Programming Codes

If you see LO1 or LO2 error code at the start-up of your Pit Bos smoker, then you have nothing to worry about. These are just programming codes, and they will disappear within seconds.


No solution is needed here as this code indicates that your grill is perfectly functioning.

Pit Boss Error Code 4P1: Incompatible Software

Error Code 4P1 comes up only on the modern Pit Boss grill. This is a software error code that comes at the startup. It means that the control board is not compatible with the software.

This can happen if the control board gets damaged in any way. Though this error code will not affect your grilling performance, it can be quite annoying.


A quick solution to this situation is holding the “ON” button for 5 seconds, and then quickly press it twice. Yes, this will make the code away instantly, but it will return next time you turn on the device.

For the long term solution, you have to replace the control board. Contact the Pit Boss first if you still have a warranty. If not, then here’s how to replace Pit Boss control board easily:

  • Disconnect the Pit Boss unit from the power supply
  • Remove the 8 Phillips screws holding the panel beneath the hopper. This will release the grate
  • Clip the plastic fastener on the cables 
  • Disconnect the Molex connectors
  • Remove both screws on the front of the control panel
  • Give the control panel a push to leave it dangling there in front of the hopper
  • Take a flathead screwdriver to loosen the connection clamps holding the wires in the blue box on the corner
  • After slipping those cables from the clamps, you will get the scope to replace the control board
  • Slide in the wires from the new control board back into the blue box and tighten the clamps down
  • Secure all the connections and finish it up by putting everything back to their place

With this, you will have a perfectly working Pit Boss smoker. But remember to consult Pit Boss customer care regarding the control board you should install. 

There is actually nothing more to know about Pit Boss error codes. If you can properly utilize all the suggestions discussed here, you are good to go.

Watch the video to fix pit boss error code HER.


Can you cook on smoke setting on Pit Boss?

Yes, you can cook lightweight meat (e.g. beef patty) on smoke setting on Pit Boss.

Where is the fuse on a Pit Boss pellet grill?

The Pit Boss pellet grill fuse is located at the bottom of the control board.

How hot can a Pit Boss pellet grill get?

A Pit Boss pellet grill can get hotter than 350°C

Why is my Pit Boss temperature so high?

Your Pit Boss temperature is so high, probably because of the misplaced grill grates, firepot, and heat baffle. Extreme hot weather can results in high temperatures as well.

How long does Pit Boss fan stay on?

A Pit Boss fan stays on for 7 to 10 minutes after shutting the unit down.

Final Words: 

Having error codes sucks. But sometimes, it is just unavoidable. However, you can easily prevent error codes from leaving permanent effects. In order to do this, you have to know the meanings of the error codes and their solutions discussed here. 

If you have any confusion regarding any point, comment below.

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