Why My Pit Boss Not Heating Up + How To Fix [Solved]

The Pit Boss not heating up is a common issue that the majority of users encounter. Faulty ignitor, damaged smoke chamber along with dirty grill are the most common causes that result in the Pit Boss not getting hot. On top of that, blocked airflow, a damaged grill fan, and no smoke in the grill also play a major role in the grill not heating up.

The trouble with the wiring, blown fuse, and damaged power outlet also contribute to the Pit Boss temperature issues. In this guide, we have shortlisted all the Pit Boss heating problems. Continue reading to know the problems and their fixes in detail!

pit boss not heating up

How Long Does Pit Boss Take To Heat Up

We often fail to understand whether our Pit Boss is heating up properly or encountering a delay if we don’t know the amount of time it takes to heat up. The Pit Boss is a highly performing pellet grill in the market right now and it heats up within a short time. 

The grill typically takes about 3 minutes on average to heat up properly. If the Pit Boss reaches a high temperature in less than 3 minutes, then the grill is overheating. On the other hand, if it takes longer than 3 minutes to reach the required temperature, then the Pit Boss isn’t heating up fast enough. 

How Do You Make Your Pit Boss Smoker Hotter

The process of increasing the temperature of your Pit Boss is easy and doesn’t consume much time. Let us take a look at how to make your Pit Boss smoker hotter. 

In order to heat up your Pit Boss smoker, preheat the grill to 350 degrees Fahrenheit before you start using it. Turn on the smoke setting of the Pit Boss grill by pressing the “S” button and leave the lid open. Wait for a few minutes and you will notice that smoke is coming out of the grill. 

Close the lid back once the grill starts heating and turn off the smoke setting. Adjust the temperature on the grill thermostat and put in the temperature you need. 

Why Pit Boss Not Heating Up & How To Fix

Here, we will discuss each and every problem causing the Pit Boss not heating up fast along with their solutions in detail.

1. Ignitor Not Working

One of the most common reasons that cause the Pit Boss not getting hot is a faulty ignitor. The Pit Boss ignitor failure occurs when it’s damaged or the connection to the ignitor is loose. The grill won’t heat up if there is a problem with the ignitor, resulting in a cold grill.

ignitor not working


There are two possible solutions to the Pit Boss ignitor not working issue and these are:

  • Examine the ignitor and make sure that are no damage or defects. Repair or replace the ignitor with a new one and ensure that it’s heating up properly.
  • Open the control panel and check the wiring connected to the ignitor. Properly connect all the wires in place using the help of the Pit Boss manual.

2. Damaged Smoke Chamber

Another major reason why the Pit Boss grill doesn’t heat up is due to a damaged smoke chamber. The work of the smoke chamber is to heat up the grill by trapping in the smoke produced from the burned pellets. However, rust or corrosion often makes holes in the smoke chamber which causes the smoke to escape, thus leaving the grill cold.


Before you turn on the grill, clean the smoke chamber and inspect it properly. Make sure that there are no holes or damage in the chamber. Replace the smoke chamber with a new one and turn on the grill to see if it’s heating up properly or not.

3. Dirty Grill

When we use the grill, ash, dirt, debris, and so on accumulate in the smoke chamber over time. This accumulation of dirt prevents the Pit Boss grill from working and won’t heat the grill up.

dirty grill


Turn the main connection to the grill off and open the smoke chamber. Clean the entire chamber properly and get rid of all the dirt, dust, ash, etc. Make sure that you maintain a proper cleaning schedule on a regular basis to prevent buildup.

4. Not Smoking

When the grill is turned on, the pellets burn to produce smoke. The smoke gets trapped in the smoke chamber of the grill which in turn increases the temperature, resulting in the grill heating up. The issue of the Pit Boss grill not smoking arises when you use old or wet wood pellets in the grill. 

not smoking

These pellets do not burn properly; thus, failing to produce the required smoke. In addition to that, a lack of wood pellets also contributes to this issue.

How To Fix It?

In order to solve this issue, check the wood pellets in the grill and make sure that they are properly dried. Remove the old wood pellets and fill the grill with new and dry pellets. Turn on the grill and make sure that the grill is heating up normally.

5. Blocked Airflow

Blocked airflow is a common reason why the Pit Boss grill won’t heat up. Over time, grease from the grill along with dust, debris, and other dirt particles accumulate in the air pipes connected to the grill. This blocks the pipes and prevents a proper passing of air which in turn stops heating the grill up.


Turn off the grill and check the air pipes to make sure that they are not blocked. Clean the pipes properly and remove all the dirt that blocks the airflow. Maintain a proper cleaning schedule to ensure that the airflow isn’t obstructed in any way.

6. Fan Not Working

A faulty motor or dirty fan blades result in the Pit Boss fan not working. When the functionality of the fan gets disrupted, it won’t be able to heat the grill or hold the required temperature. Accumulation of grease and other dirt particles prevents the fan from turning on. On top of that, loose wiring also prevents the fan from working.

fan not working


To fix the Pit Boss fan doesn’t work issues, follow the solutions below:

  • Examine the combustion fan of the grill and make sure that the motor is working properly. Repair or replace the motor if it’s damaged or faulty in any way.
  • Check the wiring to the fan to ensure that it isn’t loose in any way. Follow the manual and connect all the wires properly in place.
  • Take a cleaning solution and lightly scrub the fan blades to clean them. Do not forget to clean the blades on a regular basis.

7. Blown Fuse

Another common reason behind the Pit Boss not heating up is a blown fuse. Often times the fuse connected to the LCD screen on the grill blows, preventing it from working. The grill won’t heat up if the screen doesn’t display the set temperature.


Turn the grill off and open the control panel. Examine the fuse and make sure that they are functioning properly. Replace the blown fuse with a new one and turn on the grill to ensure that the LCD screen is displaying the temperature.

Note: You can also read our guide on why Pit Boss grill keeps blowing fuse & easy solutions.

8. Loose Wiring

There are quite a few wires connected to the grill that often loosens up automatically. The grill won’t work properly if the wires are not connected securely. Not only that, but loose wiring plays a major role in the grill not functioning properly.


Open up the control panel and examine the wires connected to the grill. Secure the loose wires in place and make sure that all the wires are connected properly. You can take help from the Pit Boss manual about the wiring of the grill.

9. Faulty Power Outlet

A faulty power outlet will prevent the grill from turning on and will result in the Pit Boss not heating up. Not only that but plugging the grill in a faulty outlet can often take a dangerous turn.

faulty power outlet


Unplug the grill from the power outlet and wait for a few minutes. Check the outlet and make sure that it’s working properly. Plug the grill into another outlet and turn on the grill to see whether it’s heating up properly or not.

10. Faulty Control Panel

Another common cause that results in the Pit Boss grill not heating up is a faulty control panel. If any part or piece of the control panel isn’t working properly, then it won’t be able to send the proper signals to the grill. This will either result in the grill not working at all, or will result in the grill overheating or not heating up. 

faulty control panel


Turn off the grill and open the control panel. Examine the control panel properly and make sure that all the keys and connections are working. Repair or replace the control panel. Turn on the Pit Boss grill and make sure that it’s heating up properly. 

11. Improper P-Setting

Before we get into how improper P-Setting affects the temperature of the grill, let us understand how it works. The P-setting in the Pit Boss grill controls the rate at which the auger feeds the pellets to the firepot. This is where the pellets burn to produce smoke and increase the heat of the grill. 

Adjusting the P-setting is essential so that the auger feeds the pellets to the firepot in time to maintain the temperature of the grill. If you set the P-setting at an improper rate, then the auger won’t feed pellets to the firepot in time. This will prevent the grill from reaching the desired temperature. 


Check the P-setting and ensure that it’s set at the proper setting. Adjust the P-setting correctly and turn the grill back on to make sure that it’s working properly. For the Pit Boss grill, typically the right P-setting is set at 4. 

How To Adjust Pit Boss P-Setting

Adjusting the Pit Boss P-setting is quite easy and can be done without any trouble. Slightly push the P-setting button on the grill and wait for the setting to appear on the LCD screen of the grill. Push the button to change the setting and repeat the process until you reach the required P-setting. 

However, when you adjust the Pit Boss P-setting, make sure that you wait for a few minutes before changing the setting again. 

How To Maintain The Pit Boss Grill

The majority of reasons that cause the Pit Boss grill to not heat up arise due to improper cleaning or a lack of proper maintenance. Maintaining the grill and cleaning it properly is essential to ensure that it works properly. Here, we will talk about how to maintain the Pit Boss grill.

Set up a proper cleaning schedule and clean the fan, pipes, and smoke chamber nicely on a regular basis. Clean the greased pan along with the grill as well and ensure that it’s clean before you use it.

Keep an eye on the wood pellets to ensure that there are enough pellets to heat up the grill and cook the food. Make sure that you use the right-sized pellets and ensure that all the pellets are fresh and dry.

On a regular basis, check the wiring of the grill and make sure that they are perfectly set in place. Continue to repair or replace the parts that become damaged or faulty in order to maintain the longevity of the grill.


Why Is My Pit Boss Temp Higher Than Setting?

Oftentimes, the Pit Boss temp reaches higher than the setting due to excessive wood pellets, faulty heating elements, or auger jam. Wrong temperatures and bad weather are also responsible for this.

What Happens If Pit Boss Grill Doesn’t Heat Up Properly?

If the Pit Boss grill isn’t heating up properly, then the food won’t cook properly or will take longer to cook. It will also cause damage to the grill components. 

Can I Fix The Pit Boss Not Heating Up Issue On My Own?

Yes, you can fix any Pit Boss issue on your own. Examine the grill to identify the problem correctly and take the necessary steps to repair or solve the issue. 


We have discussed each and every possible issue that results in the Pit Boss not heating up. You now know all the solutions to these problems and can easily fix them on your own. Whenever you face an issue that prevents the grill from heating up, take help from this guide and solve it within minutes.

Drop a comment in the box below if you have any questions or queries about the Pit Boss grill. We will get back to you with the answer as soon as possible. 

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