Smoky Mountain Series Smoker Manual-Step By Step Guide

The Landmann Smoky Mountain Smokers have become well-recognized for their function, quality, and design. That’s why reading a few awesome Landmann electric smoker reviews, you have got one. But, now you are struggling with some difficulties while assembling this machine and so laned here. 

Right? Don’t worry as I’m here with your Landmann smoky mountain series smoker manual. I will tell you the overall installation process. Go through this detailed instruction manual and minimize your struggle.

Smoky Mountain Series Smoker Manual: Simplified Installation

You will need to follow some sequential steps to assemble your landman smoker. Read the steps and follow them carefully so you can set your smoker perfectly:

Step 1:

Make sure the inside cabinet is free from packages. Now set the cabinet upside down on a soft carpet or cardboard. It will prevent the cabinet from scratching.

Step 2:

Align the damper plate with its corresponding butterfly-like holes. The metal tab needs to be placed inside of the 3 holes. Also, place the plastic tab guard at the top of the mountain smoker. 

Now insert a bolt through the damper hole and butterfly hole. 

Step 3:

Place a lock washer through the inside of the cooking chamber and secure it with the bolt. Now thread the nut tightly to make sure the damper plate is snug, also can rotate with a little bit of resistance. 

Repeat the same task for the other side of the cooking chamber.  

Step 4:

Now it’s time to fix the legs. Lineup the holes of the leg and insert bolts into them. You will need to insert 1 bolt per leg to the backside. In the case of front legs, there will be an extra hole. Mount them at the front side. They will secure the panel and the legs with their bolts.

Step 5:

Place the control panel in between the front legs and insert the remaining bolts loosely. Align both sides and holes of the control panel and match them on the legs. Now insert 2 bolts and secure them tightly.  


Make sure that the burner tube slides perfectly on the brass valve stem. If the fit is improper, there will be poor gas flow.  

Step 6:

Attach the burner assembly inside of the cabinet with 3 bolts and tighten them. Attach the igniter wire with the igniter which is on the control panel. Now you can turn your smoker upright carefully. You will need someone else to help you with the task.

Step 7:

Attach the adjustable chimney to the cabinet top, align the thread tabs with corresponding holes from underneath. Position the chimney knob to adjust it on the right side. 

Step 8:

Place the meat hanger to the metal tabs on the top of the cooking chamber. The Meat Hanger bolt end should match with the thread tab. Now insert the bolt and tighten it, align the carry handle with corresponding holes.  

Step 9:

Insert the bolts from the outside of the cabinet, and insert the thread, nuts, and lock washer from the inside. Now secure the nuts with a wrench and screwdriver. Repeat the same steps for the other side of the cabinet assembly. 

Step 10:

Align the handle bracket holes in the front panel. Insert bolts from the outside and thread, lock washer, and nuts from the inside drawers. Tighten the nuts with a wrench or screwdriver. Repeat the steps for the other drawer, too.

Step 11:

Place the cooking grids in the available rack. Place the lid on the wood chip box which is on the drawer frame. Place the water pan on the drawer frame, slide it into the cabinet. Align the handle of the door with their corresponding cabinet holes. 

Step 12:

Insert a bolt through the handle-hole and thread the nuts, lock washers from inside of the door. Secure the nuts with a wrench or screwdriver. Now place the temperature gauge mounting pin from the mounting hole which is at the front side of the door panel. 

Step 13:

Attach the wingnut and flat washer with the mounting pins and insert R-Hook into the pre-threaded mount. Tighten them firmly. Secure the hose to the leg by the zip tie. It will help to prevent contact between the hose and the hot burner chamber.

Step 14:

Make sure the hose isn’t rubbing on the burner chamber. Use the S-hook on the handle of the smoker when the LP tank is not connected to the smoker if it’s a gas smoker. This will help to prevent the dirt particles from entering the end of HVR.  

Well, now the assembly is complete. If you follow the steps properly, you won’t face much difficulty installing the smoker. 

Some Important Cooking Instructions:

Here are some cooking instructions that you need to follow while using this smoker:

  • Inspect and clean the hose, and the LP cylinder connection before each use. If there are any leaks, wear, or cuts in the hose, replace it before using. 
  • Avoid overfilling the water pan. 
  • Place the food in a single layer and keep some space between two pieces.
  • Use a meat probe thermometer before taking the food off from the smoker.
  • Check the water level frequently.
  • Do not open the door of the smoker while cooking. 
  • Maintain the precautions mentioned in the instructions properly to avoid unwanted incidents.    

These are some of the basic rules you must maintain while cooking with a smoker. It will help you to make your cooking process smoother. 


1. Why does my smoker keep going out?

➤ When the smoker is air-tight, the air can’t flow through the smoker – this problem can occur. Because of insufficient air, the charcoal inside the smoker dies out & doesn’t stay lit. Check if there are any exhaust holes in the smoker’s body & fix them. Also, check if your smoker is properly ventilated. Add enough cooking wood chips in need. 

2. How do you maintain the temperature on a smoky mountain?

If your smoker temperature gets up to 200°F, & the day is also quite hot, you have to throttle back the vents. Leave it open about ⅓ & keep fiddling with them. When the smoker will repose on 225 or 250°F, you can fiddle with it. You can gradually increase the temperature in this process.

3. Why does my electric smoker keep turning off?

➤ The main reason for your electric smoker to keep turning off is the bad electrical outlet or outdoor electrical cord. It can also happen when the fan or wiring is shorting out. Check the smoker if it is shutting down every time after you use the outlet. If this happens, replace the outdoor electrical cord. 

4. How do you smoke in a smoky mountain?

➤ Firstly you need to set up the bottom section of the cooker with a charcoal grate in place. Remove the charcoal chamber. You have to set aside the lid & middle cooking section. Now place a weber chimney started on the grate. Fire up a batch of coal. Finally, fill the chimney all the way to the top with charcoal. 

5. Why does my charcoal not stay hot?

➤ Sometimes the grill has been filled up with ashes from the previous grilling. So the air can’t flow through the grill. This prevents the charcoal from staying hot. Dirty grills are also a cause of this problem. Keep your grill clean & wipe out the ashes of the previous grilling season to keep the charcoal hot. 


This smoky mountain series electric smoker manual could give you an overall guideline of the assembly and installation process of the smoker. 

It is always better to take a look at the owner’s manual while dealing with the smoker so that you can perfectly understand what to do and what not to do.

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