Why My Traeger Keeps Tripping Breaker [4 Easy Fixes]

Every time you plug your Trager in and try to start it, the Traeger keeps tripping breaker. When you plug your Traeger, you can find the light comes on in the temp gauge. And it immediately trips the GFI.

You tried two different outlets on different circuits, but it did the same thing (trips the GFI). So, you go nuts and ask: why does my Traeger smoker keep tripping the breaker? 

Faulty mechanical components or damaged wires are the culprits to let your Traeger trip the breaker continuously and thus your Traeger keeps shutting off finally. A defective fan, auger motor, and hotrod can also be the culprit behind this issue. To fix this issue, we compiled this Traeger Grill Troubleshooting Guide.

Following the step-by-step guide we mentioned below, you can solve the Traeger Grill problems with ease. 

Why My Traeger Keeps Tripping Breaker [4 Reasons To Fix]

Here are some culprits that may cause your Traeger to trip the breaker frequently. 

1. A Worn Out Power Cord

The first culprit that may cause your GFCI or breaker to trip continually is the damaged power cord. If you plug the power cord into a defective outlet, it may damage the power cord or trip the breaker.

Sometimes rats can cut the power cord, which may cause a current leakage to the ground or faulty ground. And when you plug this damaged power cord, it will trip the breaker or GFCI. 

To solve this issue, inspect the power cord for visual damage. Then, check out the condition of the electric outlet. Never plug your Traeger in the outlet which is used to power other electric appliances.

It may wear out the power cord. Now, follow the below steps to check if the power cord is ok or not.

  • Make sure you turn the Traeger off and unplug it from the power.
  • Use a screwdriver to remove the two screws from the mounting onto the hopper. Now, clip the zip ties holding all the wires bunched up and remove the controller.
  • Locate the fuse of your controller. There are two different rectangular boxes- a green or grey box with a lid and a cylindrical use box. You can find them on the bottom left hand of the controller. Open the black tube with a screw-on cap to get the fuse. If it looks black, you need to replace it.
  • Disconnect every wire from their Molex connectors without the black one. 
  • Plug your grill into an outlet and turn it on.
  • You can find a red light on your controller, which indicates the grill will turn on. If the fuse pops out and the red light will not come on, understand there is a problem with your power cord. 

2. Faulty Induction Fan

If you find the power cord is okay and it doesn’t pop the fuse, it may be the problem with the Traeger Induction fan. To figure out whether it’s a problem with the fan or not, follow these troubleshooting steps.

  • Turn off the grill and remove it from the electric outlet. 
  • Leave all the wires disconnected from their Molex connectors. But make sure you don’t detach the orange wire. 
  • Plug the unit into an electric outlet and turn on your Traeger grill. 
  • You can hear the sound of the fan running. 
  • If it trips the fuse, we bet the fan wires are faulty, or the fan is defective. 

3. A Defective Auger Motor

A faulty auger motor can also be the culprit that may cause the breaker to trip frequently. Follow the below steps to see whether your auger motor functions properly or not.

  • Ensure you turn off your Traeger grill and unplug it.
  • Leave every wire disconnected from their Molex connectors- except the black and red wires. 
  • Plug your unit into an electric outlet and turn on your Traeger.
  • If it trips the fuse or breaker, you must replace the auger motor. 

4. Faulty Hotrod

A defective hotrod may be the caveat that will cause your breaker to trip frequently. So, head over to the following steps to test the Traeger hotrod.

  • Turn off your grill and detach the unit from the electric outlet.
  • Keep the purple and black wires attached to the Molex connectors. Make sure you leave other wires, except these two, disconnected from their Molex connectors.
  • Now, back the unit and attach it to the electric outlet. And turn the grill on.
  • If the fuse pops out or trips the breaker, the hotrod is defective. So, replace it to fix the issue. You can check out this tutorial from Traeger to learn how to replace the hotrod. 


Where is the Traeger D2 controller fuse location?

You can find the Traeger fuse on the rear of the controller board. Indeed, the fuse can be found on the back of the controller. 

Why does my smoker keep blowing a fuse?

A blown fuse equals an overloaded amp. If the fuse blows out when starting your smoker, it means the hotrod draws more amps than required. And it causes the fuse to blow out. We recommend you replace the hotrod to solve this smoker issue. 

Why does my Traeger keep shutting off?

A defective power cord, damaged wire connection, and bad thermostat are some culprits that are the reasons behind your Traeger not igniting or turning it off frequently. Fix these issues to operate your smoker smoothly. 

Why is my Traeger getting too hot?

The reasons behind the temperature of your Traeger getting high unusually are the firepot of your Traeger filled with ash and wood dust. So, keep the firepot clean by removing the ash and wood dust. 

What temperature is high on a Traeger?

450F is the highest temperature on a Traeger. However, the cooking temperature may vary due to the pellet quality, dryness, and ambient temperature. Typically, you will get 350F-450F by setting the Traeger on High. 


We hope you get the answer to your question- Why does your Traeger keep tripping the breaker?

A worn-out power cord, defective induction fan, and faulty hotrod are responsible for this Traeger issue. But the main culprit that often causes the breaker to trip is the faulty hotrod.

A defective hotrod draws more amp than required which blows out the breaker. So, replace it to stop your Traeger from tripping the breaker. 

If any of the troubleshooting steps we mentioned above can’t fix your grill issue, call Traeger customer service for help. 

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