Traeger Smoke Stack Adjustment Guide [Know A-Z]

If you are wondering about Traeger smoke stack adjustment, our comprehensive article is going to be much helpful for you.

Because of the lot of benefits of the smokestack, many users are planning to add a smokestack to their existing pellet grill. To do this, certainly, they will have to learn the tips to adjust it. 

traeger smoke stack adjustment guide

Here we have included all those needed tips clearly. Also, you will come to know the benefits of adding a smokestack, the actual timing to use it, the cleaning procedure, and many more. So, read through every single word from below. 

Traeger Smoke Stack Adjustment [Know A-Z]

Traeger is one of the high-tech ways to make tasty and smoky food. But if you want to enhance the flavor of smoke on food, adjustment of a smokestack is a must.

Besides, it will assist in recovering some other major things, including incomplete combustion, improper venting, temperature fluctuations, and so on. Learn everything about this fact below.

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Why Do Traeger Need Smoke Stack

Smokestack is an essential element for ensuring a proper venting system. In the case of a pellet grill like Traeger, it is not completely needed to work. But by using a smokestack, the efficiency of the pellet grill increases so high.

For that reason, nowadays, users have a great interest in setting up the smokestack on their pellet grill unit.

There has a huge benefit of smokestacks included on the pellet grill. Read through the below points, which will provide you with a better idea about why actually we need a smokestack on Traeger:

  • A pellet grill smoke can automatically produce a good amount of smoke, which is evenly distributed throughout the cooking chamber. For that, the more smoke in the food, you will get more smoky flavor infusing the food.
  • A pellet grill without having a smokestack uses less fuel because the produced smoke fails to escape through the open-air vents. For that reason, users have to fill out the fuel again and again.
  • Smokestacks have enough adjustable gaps that let you control the amount of smoke venting out.
  • Users of pellet grills with smokestacks not only get control of the smoke production but also can control the temperature as well. Smokestack assists in making the temperature more evenly.
  • Apart from all those, a smokestack can easily keep the water and debris out of the pellet grill.
  • In the winter season, you get the best benefit from this when there are icy winds and snow in the surrounding. It helps to reduce the heat from flaring up in this weather.
  • Also, it reduces the chance of filling the messy smoke in the backyard.

When To Use Smoke Stack On Traeger?

Many of the grill users have a query on when they will use or adjust the smokestack on Traeger. Though the smokestack has a crucial benefit to the pellet grill system, it is not needed to use on a regular basis.

Specifically, it is most needed in the winter season when you desire to cook in cold, windy weather.

If your grill venting system is opened, it will seem so harder for the grill to maintain the temperature that you set it to. For this, it extends the cooking time, which falls a great impact on the amount of fuel.

But if your grill has a featured smokestack, it will easily mitigate the extreme wind weather entering the grill. By this, the temperature that you set will be under control. In short, must use a smokestack on your Traeger while cooking in the weather’s colder temperatures.

How To Adjust Smoke Stack On Traeger

Now it is essential to learn about how to adjust the smokestack on the Traeger. When installing or assembling the grill, you will have to adjust the smokestack. Here we have included all the needed steps to adjust the smokestack on Traeger:

  • First, you have to ensure that the smokestack is adequately vented. For that, either you have to increase the height of the stack or may need to open the stack cap at a maximum level. 
  • To increase the height of the smokestack, turn it counterclockwise and adjust it to your preference.
  • Also, adjust the stack cover or cap by turning it to the right or clockwise. Ensure it has 1-2 inches high from the bottom of the cap.
  • Don’t ignore the positioning of the smokestack as well. It must be at the center of the cooking chamber. This is for the smoke will be evenly distributed to the chamber.
  • But if you are using good quality hardwood pellet with approximately 31,800 Btu, you will need to install two smokestacks. Otherwise, the smoke will not escape properly.  

Should Traeger Smoke Stack Be Opened Or Closed?

If the fact is about opening and closing for Traeger Smokestack, it should always be open as the expert suggestions. Closing the stack cap or decreasing the gap, it will affect the amount of smoke being generated by the Traeger.

When we lower the gap or close the stack, it will first restrict the airflow. For lack of proper airflow, the grill will produce less heat. 

Also, while cooking in cold and windy weather, the temperature will start fluctuating. By this, the set temperature can’t be controlled.

There will build a high amount of gases in the grill without appropriate venting, which increases the risk of explosion. So, obviously, you should never close the stack cap completely. There should be at least between 1 to 2 inches difference in the cap. 

Cleaning Of Traeger Smoke Stack

To keep the efficiency of the smokestack, it is a must to clean it periodically. After prolong using the grill, there will surely build up ash, carbon, and grease over the smoke stack wall and cap.

You have to clean out the smokestack at least the difference of 6 months. Here are the needed steps to clean the Traeger smokestack:

  • First, make sure that the grill is turned off and unplugged.
  • Make sure that the grill is completely cool to the touch.
  • Now disconnect the smoke stack’s cover and inspect the interior to clean it with ease. You will find a lot of black soot on it.
  • Clean out those using a wire brush.
  • Then, take a damp cloth and wipe down the stains of soot and ash from the cap of the smokestack on a pellet grill.
  • Avoid water while cleaning the interiors as it causes the grill to rust.
  • Once the cleaning is done, reassemble the cover of the smokestack.


What does the chimney cap do on a Traeger?

The main purpose of a chimney cap adjustment is to allow direct access or remove the smoke. It will keep the rain out as well. But here a proper cap adjustment is needed. Otherwise, it will restrict the airflow. 

How do I adjust the smokestack on a pellet grill?

First, adjust the smokestack by turning it counterclockwise. Then adjust the cap by twisting it clockwise. But there should have at least a 1-2 inch gap to ensure fluent air flowing. 

How tall should a smokestack be on a pellet grill?

The length of the smokestack depends on the size of your pellet grill to ensure maximum heat output of the firebox. For example, if the grill chamber is 500 to 600 square inches, the smokestack should be 3-4 inches to 14 inches(including the cap) in diameter. 

The Bottom Line

Smokestack is the top feature of a pellet grill, which provides better airflow, and temperature control enhances smoke production and gives a more pleasant taste to food. Hopefully, now you know all the details about this great feature. 

We can expect you will make the best adjustment to the smokestack on your pellet grill following our guide. Still, if you have any queries about our article, leave a comment below. We will come back to you ASAP. 

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