3 Popular Types of Stoves [Read To Pick Right One]

You are trying to decide what types of stoves to purchase but fail to make up your mind. The kinds of cooktops in the market make your buying decision challenging. Further, different styles, designs, and usability are confusing you to focus on a specific stove type. 

Therefore, a cooktop doesn’t only help you cook delicious foods for your family & friends but also adds a touch of fashion to your kitchen. Indeed, it’s the centerpiece of your kitchen. So, choosing the wrong one doesn’t only affect cooking but also the decor of your kitchen. 

To help you out, we break down every type of cooktop, its upsides, and downsides. In return, you can decide which one you should pick and set in your kitchen. So, let’s look forward and explore the best stove for cooking. 

How Many Types of Stoves are there?

You can find 3 main types of cooktops in the market, including:

  • Gas 
  • Electric
  • Induction

Apart from these, there are also various types of stovetops. We also discuss them in the other section of this article. First, let’s know about the three principal stove types along with their pros and cons. 

Gas Stove

A gas stove is a type of cooktop that uses natural gas and propane to operate it. Based on the ignition, there are two types of gas stoves available, including manual and auto ignition gas stoves. 

The best part of a gas stove is its ability to change or adjust the heat level from a rolling boil to a slow simmer. For the passionate home cooker or chef, a gas stove will be the best trait for those who like to cook at high temperatures. 

The unit uses an open flame as its heat source and lets you adjust the heat setting for cooking. Therefore, a lot of upgraded gas stoves feature commercial components to let you cook restaurant-quality meals. 


  • Widely used and easy to get
  • Heat up quickly
  • Let you change the heat level 


  • A lot of the heat is lost
  • Getting the exact temperature every time for cooking is difficult

Electric Stove

An electric stove will be best if you look for a cooktop that is easy to install and offer a consistent cooking temperature. 

You don’t require a gas connection to operate this cooktop. Plus, the burners on the unit are heated by electricity. Due to the electric settings, you will get a more precise temperature for cooking than its counterpart. 

Modern electric stoves are more powerful than the gas on. They can maintain a low simmer and don’t heat the home.


  • Easy to use
  • Offer precise and consistent cooking temperature
  • Convenient to clean


  • The electric cooktop is less responsive than the gas stove

Induction Stove

The induction stove, so far, is the best cooktop option on the market. It offers the power range of an electric stove and the responsiveness of a gas cooktop. 

If you want to get a cooktop that offers premium cooking power, superior heat controllability, and safety, you must go for the induction stove. 

An induction cooktop is a type of electric stove that uses electromagnetic power to cook food. The benefits of using this cooktop are many. It offers superior temperature adjustability, heats up faster, and is friendly to the environment. 


  • Safe to use
  • Offer ultimate temperature controllability
  • Eco-friendly


  • Pricey

Other Types of Cooktops

Besides the three main types of stoves, there are also other kinds of cooktops, including: 

Downdraft Cooktop

A downdraft stove uses exhaust fans. You can install the fan in different places like in the unit, in the centers, behind the burner, and at the side. 

If you want, you can put together the fan next to the stove. The upside of this cooktop is- you don’t require to install the overheat hood. 

Overhead Hood Cooktop

Such a kind of cooktop uses an overhead hood. The advantage of using a hood is- it keeps the cooking area well-ventilated. 

Coil Cooktop

A coil cooktop is durable and heats up quickly for cooking food.  You can put a heavy pan like cast iron on it without damaging the unit. Therefore, cleaning the unit is a breeze as there is no restriction on using any cleaning agents. Though it heats up quickly, you don’t have any control over the temperature. 


What is the healthiest and safest type of stove?

An induction cooktop is the safest and healthiest type of stove. As the induction cooktop only gets hot in the cooking vessel area, not the rest of the surface, there is no possibility of getting burnt. Plus, they cook fast, so they are energy efficient. Plus, they don’t emit any gas which keeps the environment green. 

What are the four basic types of cooktops?

The four basic types of cooktops are electric cooktops, gas cooktops, range tops, and induction cooktops.

What is the best stove for cooking outdoors?

A gas stove is best for cooking outdoor.

Which is better butane or propane stove?

A propane stove is better than butane because propane heats up more efficiently than a butane stove.


Cooking in the kitchen without a stove is challenging. But we made this simple by compiling different types of stoves. Gathering knowledge about them, you can easily decide which one you should pick. 

You can go for the gas stove if you want to adjust the heat level instantly. On the other hand, an electric hotplate cooktop will be your best bait if you look for an easy-to-use option that offers a more precise temperature.

And finally, if the budget is nothing for you, an induction stove is just waiting for you. Now, it’s your turn. Which kinds of stoves are you going to pick? Let us know by stopping in the comment box.

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