What Is A Hot Plate-A Complete Guide to Use It

Looking for a quick way to prepare delicious and healthy food with your digital electric smoker like Masterbuilt? You need the best hot plate for smokers.

But do you know how it works to quicken your cooking job and make the food delicious?

If not, stick with me. I will tell you everything covering the following common queries…

  • What is a hot plate?
  • How does a hot plate work?
  • How to use a hot plate in a smoker?
  • What benefits of using a hot plate in a smoker?
  • How to clean and maintain it?

What is a Hot Plate?

A hot plate is a flat surface that heats up and cooks food. And as the hot plates come with a simple flat surface of a very compact dimension, they don’t weigh much either. They weigh only 3lbs. But, they generate an impressive amount of heat.

The surface of the hot place can rise to 540℃. A hot plate is the best portable cooking appliance available right now. So, you can take it anywhere you want and it will work perfectly.

It will make your cooking simple and easy. A hot plate can be used in a smoker as well. It can boost a smoker’s efficiency a lot. So you might want this upgrade.

However, only a quality hot plate can do that. So you probably understand by now that with this device you can cook pretty much anything on a pan. 

Types of Hot Plates

There are mainly two types of hot plates depending on their respective energy source.

  • The electric hot plate uses electricity to generate heat
  • Gas-fueled hot plates use butane, propane, or any other common flammable gas

These appliances can be categorized based on the number of burners on them.

There are:

  • Single small hot plates
  • Single large burner hot plates
  • Double hot plates.  

This variety allows the users to choose the perfect appliance for them. This appliance is mainly popular among very busy people and those who are always on the go. 

If you are looking for a quick way to cook food without making much of a mess, or if you are planning to go camping or somewhere where cooking is problematic, a hot plate can be just the thing you need. 

How Does A Hot Plate Work: 6 Steps

You should get a hot plate if you are looking for a quick and simple method of cooking food. You may not realize just how convenient a hot plate is.

But we will show you why this is the best option for you. Here check out how a hot plate works:

1. Positioning The Hot Plate

You have to perfectly position the hot plate first. Place the hot plate in a dry place and before placing, make sure to wipe the bottom of the hot plate dry. 

2. Using The Perfect Cooking Pot

Using the proper cooking pot is a very crucial point. Make sure to use a heat-resistant pan with a hot plate. You can put anything on a hotplate that you use to cook on a stove. Cast iron, stainless steel, and carbon steel are all good options as a cooking pot for a hot plate.

3. Plugging In The Device

Now that everything is perfectly set, you need to plug the device in. Remember, on average a hot plate draws around 1,200 watts of electricity.

This is roughly 16.55 amps. So plug your hot plate in the perfect outlet keeping this in mind. 

4. Start Cooking

By now you have perfectly set up everything needed. It’s time to start cooking. Add the ingredients to the hot plate while it is getting hot. You don’t have to get hot all the way because it only takes 10 minutes.

5. Cook Your Food

Now cook your food according to your recipe. Make sure to use heat-resistant cooking appliances for cooking. And never touch the hot plate with bare hands. Be careful not to let your pets or kids get near the device while it is on.

6. Wrapping Up

After you are done with cooking, it is time to wrap everything up. Firstly, remove your cooking pan/pot from the hotplate and unplug the device.

Wait for it to cool down. This can take up to 30 minutes. You can proceed to clean the hotplate only after it has cooled down properly. And that’s it. 

It only takes 6 steps to perfectly use a hot plate for cooking. The most amazing thing is you can cook your food in less than an hour with a hot plate.

5 Benefits Of Using A Hot Plate In A Smoker

If you are a big fan of smokers, you need a hot plate. Many people use hot plates to boost the efficiency of the smoker. If you want that as well, you can try out the best hot plate for smokers.

But what makes a hot plate a marvelous upgrade for smokers?

Check out these 5 benefits of using a hot plate in a smoker and you will get your answer… 

1. Hot plate allows you to easily control the internal temperature of your wood smoker.

2. May it be a charcoal smoker or wood smoker, you can turn any smoking appliance into an electric smoker with a hot plate.

3. Hot plate provides consistent heat. Your whole food is sure to be evenly cooked.

4. Using a hot plate in a smoker is cheaper than other alternatives.

5. It’s light. It’s compact. It’s easy to use. Even an amateur can get the utmost efficiency from a smoker.

Apart from these, hot plates have much more to offer. Using one with a smoker can be the best upgrade.

5 Steps For Cleaning A Hot Plate

You can cook delicious food very fast no matter where you are with a hot plate. You only need to have access to stable electricity. And hot plates tend to be very durable. It can serve you for more than 8 years. 

However, its performance can gradually become disappointing without proper maintenance. This is why it’s important to clean the hot plate after every usage besides cleaning your smoker.

Here’s how you can clean your hot plate properly in 5 simple steps.

1. Turn off your hot plate completely and allow it 30 minutes to cool down. 

2. Soak a clean soft piece of fabric in distilled vinegar (You can use lemon juice as well). Then take this fabric and rub it on the hot plate. 

3. In this step, use an oven cleaner. Simply spray the oven cleaner on the hot plate and leave it like this for a few minutes to let the foam set. After that, wipe it all off with a sponge. 

4. Now you have pretty much wiped off all the dirt from the hot plate. Next, you will have to proceed to dry the device. Take a soft clean and dry towel and wipe it all over the hot plate till it’s dry.

5. Keep your hot plate in a safe dry place. Let it dry properly and then cover it up with a clean sheet of cloth.

Cleaning your hot plate in this method after each usage will allow you to cook on your hot plate for years. And these points are very easy to apply.

6 Ways To Properly Take Care Of Your Hot Plate

After using it for a few days your hot plate will be your favorite cooking appliance. However, using it constantly can affect its overall functionality. 

But if you can properly maintain the device and regularly take care of it, you will be able to use your hot plate for years to come.

Do the following 6 ways to take care of your hot plate

1. Always unplug the hot plate if you are not using it.

Even if you switch off the power to your device, keeping it plugged in can negatively affect the device.

2. Regularly check the cords and make sure there is no leakage or any problem.

If possible, check the internal wiring every now and then. 

3. Make sure that the Pyroceram (ceramic top plate) plate is in perfect condition.

If you notice any kind of crack or damage, you must replace this part immediately. 
Even a minor scratch can result in heavy damage.

4. Always keep the hot plate dry.

Use a dry towel or cloth to properly clean off any kind of liquid. 

Remember, it is important to ensure that your hot plate is totally dry. 

5. Use any non-abrasive cleaner to clean the hot plate.

And never keep the device plugged in while cleaning.

6. Keep the hot plate away from pets and children.

And if anything gets inside of the hot plate, may it be something solid or liquid, unplug the hot plate immediately. Don’t try to do anything by yourself. Call a professional instead.

And that is all. These 6 simple things can keep your hot plate in good condition for years.

Here, you can watch the video on how to use a hot plate.


What Is A Hot Plate Used For?

A hot plate is mainly used for heating or cooking food. It provides a faster way of making something edible.

What Surfaces Can You Put A Hot Plate On?

Everything you can use on a regular stove can be used on a hot plate. This includes cast iron, stainless steel, and carbon steel.

How Do Hot Plates Work?

A hot plate uses electricity (flammable fuel in the case of a gas-fueled hotplate) to generate heat. This heat can rise to 540℃ and allow smooth cooking. 

Why Are Hot Plates Dangerous?

Hot plates can be dangerous to use. They hold the following risks.

  • It can cause fire
  • It can cause injuries such as severe burn
  • Electric shock

Do Hot Plates Use A Lot Of Electricity?

On average, a hot plate draws 1,200 watts of power. If you use your hot plate for an hour every day, you will have used 36 Kilowatt by the end of the month. This costs less than $8. So we can conclude that a hot plate actually does not use a lot of electricity.

Which Is the Best Hot Plate To Buy?

Techwood 1800W Electric Double Burner Hot Plate is considered to be the best hot plate available to this day. And if you are on a tight budget, Elite Gourmet Countertop Electric Hot Burner will be a better option.

Does A Hot Plate Work Like A Stove?

Yes, a hot plate can be a great substitute for a stove. In fact, both of these appliances are compatible with a similar type of cooking pot.


The first modern hot plate was invented in 1920. And since the early 20th century, hot plates have been a very popular cooking appliance. Easy to use, easy to maintain, and impressive performance makes a hot plate a good choice.

And now that you too know what is a hot plate, you probably want one for yourself. Well, if you have any further questions before making the purchase, you can comment below.

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