christy noah, senior writer of fireplacehubs

Christy Noah [Content Writer]

Christy Noah is a mom of three sweet kids. She understands how challenging it is to balance both family & work. That’s why she has chosen online content writing as her career.

This profession allows her not only to work from home but also to spend quality time with her kids.

Let’s go back!

As a young girl, Christy developed a passion for grilling foods. She began to research & experiment a lot with grilling methods. Gradually, she was doing well. And she became popular with her neighbors for her grilling food.

During that time, she repaired a few tiny issues with her smoker on the basis of research. Then, she became inspired by one of his uncles who had HVAC knowledge. 

He taught her many functions of grill & smoker. Also, taught her how to fix a malfunctioning unit & what could be the main culprit behind an issue with the grills.

With his uncle’s help & online research, Christy has become an expert to fix any issue with the grills within a few years.

However, 7 years ago after graduation, she started writing about grilling & grill issues to pursue her passion for grilling & writing. And after joining fireplace hubs, she has been writing in the same field. 

She is more than thrilled to share her practical knowledge with our readers while being able to carry out her role as a mother.

In her free time, she loves to cook, try different recipes, or play with her children.