william s parks- founder of fireplacehubs

William S Parks: Founder Of Fireplacehubs.Com

Hey, I am William, and I did B.Sc. in Physics & trained myself in appliance repair and maintenance.

As I am obsessed with traveling and grilling foods, I know the grilling techniques, its science, and how to get the best result of grilling foods.

Besides, you will be happy to know that I did fix the issues with my smokers always & I know well the root causes of malfunctioning grills and how to turn them working fines instantly.

Armed with my knowledge, I share my experiences writing grills’ troubleshooting guides for my readers and how to get the best and juicy barbeque.

Also, as I did fix my own heating appliances like fireplaces or heaters, I know the origin of the issues and how to fix them. I also share my knowledge about heating appliance issues and how to fix them with my readers.

However, to make my jobs simple, I have built a team who are mechanically inclined and help me to write the guides, edit, and research. 

I firmly believe my efforts will definitely minimize your struggles, save your pocket and turn your life super enjoyable.

However, if you have any queries, don’t hesitate to contact me. I will be happy to get back to you ASAP with the best solution to your Q.

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William, Founder Of Fireplacehubs