5 Amtrol Indirect Water Heater Problems & Easy Solutions   

Facing Amtrol indirect water heater problems? If yes, then you’re gonna thank me because today I’m going to talk about the potential Amtrol water heater problems and their easy solutions. So, let’s begin…

5 Amtrol Indirect Water Heater Problems And Solutions 

There can be multiple problems with your Amtrol indirect water heaters. If you don’t fix them fast then there’s always a possibility they might not function properly or even break down completely. Following are a few problems alongside the possible cause of the problem and its solution. 

Problem 1: No Hot Water

Possible cause: There could be multiple reasons why there’s no hot water. Some of which are:

  • Faulty thermostat,
  • Boiler is not functional,
  • No power to the unit, 
  • If the circulator or zone valve is faulty,
  • If the heat exchanger loop contains air, the smart control is not working properly. 

Solution: Following are a few solutions regarding not having any hot water issues. 

  • First of all check the circuit breaker. You should also inspect the boiler emergency and boiler reset switches alongside.
  • Next, have a look if the circulator is on boiler supply. Check purge air and air vents too. 
  • Check if the circuit is opening and closing properly or not while rotating the knob. 
  • Boiler system is essential to get hot water. So, check if the boiler system is functioning properly or not. 
  • Replace or repair the circulator and zone valve if necessary.
  • If it’s blank then you should check power. You should also keep an eye on the two orange and blue leads when the green light is turned on. 

But if you don’t see these lights on then you should replace the fuses or the controls immediately for them to perform accurately. 

Problem 2: Insufficient Hot Water

Possible cause: There is more than one reason behind this issue. They are as follows. 

  • When needs cross the limit which the machine is capable of handling this issue might arise. 
  • Temperatures being too low is also a reason behind not having enough hot water.
  • One needs to check the output of the boiler regularly. Lack of enough boiler output is also a reason. 
  • The heat exchanger is not functioning accordingly.
  • Heat exchanger flow not being sufficient enough is also the main reason behind this.

Solution: If you face insufficient hot water problems you could try taking the following measures to resolve them. 

  • First and foremost, you need to inspect sizing based on their household size and also by boiler output. 
  • Next, increase the setpoint of the temperature. 
  • Priorities wiring. If you still face the problem, add more storage. Or minimize the size of its tank.
  • Inspect the boiler supply if you are having a cold startup. If the temperature is less than 20 degrees then you need to replace the heat exchanger. 

Also installing water treatment is highly recommended. 

  • You should also look out for circulators that are undersized or aren’t functioning properly. Do the same with zone valves. The boiler loops should be pulled to remove air. 

Problem 3: Water Being Too Hot And ER2 Message Also Popping Up In Smart Control Screen

Possible cause: There can be several possible causes behind this issue. Some of which are discussed below. 

  • The plumbing process wasn’t done properly. 
  • The temperature was set higher than required.
  • The sensors which detect temperature weren’t placed properly.
  • The zone valve could be stuck and create this problem. 
  • The flow check valve got open somehow. 

Solution: If excessive water heating problems are created, the users are advised to follow the following instructions. 

  • The most common cause behind this problem is faulty plumbing. Therefore, make sure the boiler isn’t placed on the suction side of the heating circulator. 
  • The temperature setpoint should be lowered. 
  • Again insert the temperature sensor or thermistor wire.
  • If necessary replace or repair sections that need attention.

Problem 4: Noise Coming From The Boilermate

Possible causes: Following are the reasons behind this amtrol boilermate problem.

  • Presence of air on the boiler loop. 
  • The circulation pump is malfunctioning.
  • Thermal being expanded
  • Normal noises coming from the boiler while it was in its initial fill.

Solution: There are multiple solutions to the water heater noise or sputtering. Like, 

  • Purging the air loop. This should help from unnecessary noise showing up. Also, check the equipment which eliminates air.
  • Fix the pump. If it can’t be fixed, replace it. 
  • Ensuring the installation and placement of the correct thermal expansion tank is important. 
  • Always check first if there are any leaks. During the first pressurized periods, cracking or hissing sound is quite normal. But keep an eye on that it doesn’t happen often. 

Problem 5: Relief Valve Being Opened Or Dripping

Possible cause: There are mainly 5 reasons why this problem may occur.

  • Not having any thermal expansion tank is one of the main reasons behind this problem. 
  • If someone sets the thermal expansion tank incorrectly then this problem will occur. 
  • The city pressure being too high could also be a reason behind this. 
  • The whole system’s temperature was overflowing. 
  • A defective relief valve could also be the main reason behind this problem. 

Solution: There are various ways to get rid of this issue. They are as follows. 

  • A required and suitable thermal expansion tank must be installed. Otherwise, problems like these are inevitable. 
  • Keep in mind that the precharge air pressure should match with the static pressure of the water. 
  • Check the city pressure. If it crosses 80psi then install a pressure reducing valve(PRV).
  • Find out why the temperature of the whole system overflowed and fix it.
  • Change the relief valve if needed. 


How long does an Amtrol boilermate last? 

It lasts for almost 30 years without facing any kind of massive malfunction. 

How long should an indirect water heater last?

It is very common for an indirect water heater to last for at least 15-20 years. 

What is the most common problem with water heaters? 

Out of many problems that you might face with water heaters, temperature issues are the most common ones. 

What are the signs of a water heater going bad? 

There could be multiple signs of your water heaters becoming bad. For example, not having hot water or temperature issues. Or even leaking and reduced water flow. 

There can be many kinds of signs of a water heater being faulty. 

How do you know if your water heater is going to explode?

If you find the smell of rotten eggs near your water heater it is a very good sign that it might get explode soon. 

Should I turn off my water heater at night? 

It is advised to keep your water heater on all the time rather than turning it on and off now and then. 


Water heaters are an essential part of our life these days. It can help us in many ways to make our life more easy and comfortable. But like every other tool Amtrol, indirect water heaters can also face many problems. 

But not to fear, just go through this article thoroughly and you’ll find all the answers you need on how to get around this.

No matter which problem you face, if you read this article well enough you won’t face any problems solving them. 

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