Bradford White Water Heater No Status Light [Why+ How To Fix]

Bradford White water heater no status light is mainly due to any of the following:

  • The Pilot won’t light.
  • The igniter not sparking.
  • Insufficient fuel supply.
  • Faulty electrical connection to the gas control valve.
  • Bad thermopile. 

Plus, the tripped thermal switch and clogged air intake filter beneath the heater tank are the other two main culprits that can stop the status light from flashing.

bradford white water heater no status light

To troubleshoot the issue, visually inspect the pilot, thermopile, and igniter. Simply cleaning and repairing the defective part can bring any luck.

If not, you will need a complete guide to track down the responsive factors and find ways to fix them.  

Quick Solutions To Bradford White Water Heater No Status Light

Before moving to the detailing part, let’s walk you through a quick table, highlighting all the probable problems behind this issue with solutions:

Probable Reasons Possible Solutions
Pilot not lighting> Clean out the pilot tube.
> Replace the bent pilot tube.
The igniter is not sparking. > Verify the spark wire to the igniter connection.
> Replace the worn-out ones.
> Blow out the debris from the spark button assembly.
Insufficient gas supply> Open the gas shut-off valve from the main line all the way. 
> Purge the air in the gas line.
Bad thermopile> Test the thermopile electrically.
> Replace it if needed. 
Wiring issues> Fix the faulty wiring issues with the gas control valve. 
Tripped thermal switch. > Reset the tripped switch. 
Clogged air intake filter. > Clean the flame arrestor with the cleaning brush. 

Bradford White Water Heater Status Light Not Blinking [7 Easy Solutions]

Here are the reasons behind the no status light not blinking in detail with the corrective actions:

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1. The Pilot Won’t Light

If the pilot is not working or won’t light, there will be no blink on the water heater LED status light.

The pilot light is a small flame that ignites the burner after releasing the gas to it. If the pilot fails to light the burner, the water will not heat.

So first up, you have to ensure whether the pilot is lighting on your water heater. Checking the pilot knob is quite simple.

Basically, the pilot light is located at the base of the unit, just below the gas valve. 

After removing the cover panel, you will see a short glass to view the pilot assembly. Just look through the gas and check whether there is a steady blue flame. 

bradford white water heater pilot light

If not, be sure the pilot tube is accumulated with dirt and debris that is preventing to lights the gas from coming out of the main burner. Don’t worry! Simple cleaning will get back the pilot into normal operation. 

How To Do:

First up, turn off the gas supply and detach the pilot tube from the gas valve connection. Take compressed air to blow out the restrictions from the tube. Alternatively, take a needle and slide it down to the pilot hole gently. 

Move it back and forth and take out the stuck large debris from the hole.

clean the pilot tube

After cleaning reassemble the pilot tube. While doing so, ensure that the pilot tube is turned to its position correctly. If it is bent away, you need to replace the defective pilot tube termination.  

When done! Relight the pilot. Check out the how-to section below:

How To Relight The Pilot On Bradford White Water Heater

Follow the below simple steps to relight the pilot on your water heater:

Step 1: First up, set the temperature control knob to the off position. Wait for 10-15 minutes to clear the unburned gas from the air.

Step 2: After that time, turn the control knob on the Pilot position and push down on it.

Step 3: While holding the pilot on the gas valve, press and hold the piezo igniter button at the same time. Keep depressing both buttons until the status light starts blinking.

Step 4: When done, release the valve and check whether the pilot is staying lit. Then set your desired temperature setting.  

2. Igniter Not Sparking

After resolving the pilot issue, if still there is no blink on the status, be sure the bad igniter is now the culprit to blame. All water heater equips an igniter that is used to ignite the gas of the burner.

After pressing the piezo igniter, there should be an electric spark that lights up the burner. If there is no spark in the igniter, be sure either it is not getting the voltage or the defection itself. 

Other major reasons would be:

  • Corroded or loose connection to the igniter terminal.
  • Too long a gap between the spark rod and the pilot head.
  • Worn out spark wire.
  • Accumulation of the carbon dust on the spark rod.

How To Fix:

Here are below a few steps that you may follow to fix the igniter issues:

Phase #1: First up check the wiring connection to the igniter. You will find an orange connector to the spark wire. 

Just pull it out and check the connection for any corrosion. If so, sand out the connection with sandpaper. After cleaning reseat it firmly.

check the wiring connection to the igniter

Phase #2: Verify the spark wire as well to ensure that it is grounded properly. Replace the worn-out ones. 

Phase #3: Take compressed air to blow the accumulated dirt from the spark button assembly and the wire.

Phase #4: Adjust the spark rod with the pilot head. Note that, the rod should be about 1/8” away from the ground or pilot head.

Phase #5: If you are a defective spark electrode, it will never initiate the ignition. Replace the bad one if it is beyond repair.

3. Insufficient Gas Supply

If the status light does not blink even after attempting the above steps, be sure there is an insufficient fuel supply through your water heater. If there is not a proper gas supply, the pilot won’t heat the thermocouple that fails to light the heater.

Anyway, there are a few factors that may lead to gas supply interruption to the unit. For instance:

  • Insufficient gas supply.
  • Air in the gas line.
  • The gas shut-off valve is not opened all the way.
  • Kinked flex tube

How To Fix:

First off, head to the gas shut-off and ensure it is open all the way. The valve lever should be perpendicular to the gas supply line.

Now measure the gas pressure of your water heater with a pressure gauge. In the case of a natural gas-operated water heater, the pressure reading should be in between a 5-8” water column.

If your water heater gas pressure isn’t in this range, contact your local gas supplier.

Now check for the air in the gas line as it may interrupt to get sufficient gas even if there is proper pressure.

In that case, turn the control knob to the Off position and leave it for 5 to 10 minutes. It will bleed the air out of the gas line. 

 turn the control knob to the Off position

Don’t miss to test the flex tube as it may be kinked. If that is so, simply straighten the flex tube.  

4. Faulty Gas Control Valve’s Electrical Connection

If the status light doesn’t blink on your Bradford white water heater but the pilot lights, they may be faulty electrical connections to the gas control valve. 

Due to loose or corroded wiring connections like igniter wires, thermocouple wires, and thermal switch wires, the status light will not blink, indicating that there are some malfunctions in the gas valve system. 

How To Fix:

  • Inspect each of the electrical connections to the gas control valve. Look for any corrosion in the electrical system. 
  • Remove the black connector on the gas valve and then re-insert it. Make sure it is seated firmly and there is good electrical contact.
  • Next, remove the electrical connectors of the thermal switch and look for any corrosion. If all are clear, simply reinsert the connectors. 
  • If you are technically inclined it’s better to contact a professional to handle the wiring issues.

5. Bad Thermopile

In most cases, the thermopile leads to the status not blinking. Thermopile is the essential equipment of the water heater that transforms the heat energy into electrical energy.

It is like multiple thermocouples that are connected in series and generate the millivoltage. 

But a bad thermopile will fail to generate the needed electrical voltage to continue the heating process.

Higher chances are thermopile voltage is low for why the gas valve shuts off and there is no gas flow to the burner. As such, the status light will not blink.  

First up, you have to test the thermopile to determine whether it is functioning correctly. Flow the below section:

How To Test Thermopile On Bradford White Water Heater

Follow the below step-by-step to test the thermopile on your water heater:

Step 1: First, turn off the gas shut valve of your water heater. Remove the cover of the combustion chamber.

Step 2: Disconnect the two wires of the thermopile that leads to the gas valve.

Step 3: Take a multimeter and set the volts to the DC option. Connect the probe to each connector. 

Step 4: Relight the pilot and hold down the button. The voltage will start rising in a few minutes. 

relight the pilot

Step 5: In an open circuit test, a well-working thermopile should give a reading between 650-850 millivolts. If the reading is below 400 millivolts, be sure it is defective and you need to replace it. 

6. Tripped Thermal Switch

The tripped thermal switch is the most apparent reason if the status light blinking is malfunctioning on the water heater. The thermal switch acts as a safety switch in a water heater. 

When there is excessive heat buildup inside the combustion chamber, the thermal trips and shut off the gas supply to the burner assembly. As a result, the status will not blink. Other major reasons for continually tripping the switch include:

  • Loose wiring connection.
  • Presence of flammable vapors near the unit.
  • A faulty thermal switch is the culprit itself.

How To Fix:

First up, inspect the thermal switch wiring and ensure it is in well-working condition. The wire connectors to the switch should be seated firmly. If all are good, simply press the middle red button of the switch. If it has tripped, you will hear a click down. 

 inspect the thermal switch wiring

In case still, the switch keeps tripping, indicating that the water heater is not getting enough air. Go through the below section to know the details with the right fixes. 

7. Blocked Base-in-filter & Arrestor

Unlike other gas-operate water heaters, Bradford’s white water heater needs an adequate air supply to ensure burn safety. As a general rule, it needs 50 cubic feet of air per 1,000 BTUs/hr. 

But due to a lack of combustion air, there builds a great amount of carbon monoxide starts inside the combustion chamber which blows out the pilot. As a result of this fact, the status will not blink. 

The major reason for the lack of combustion air would be:

  • Clogged venting.
  • Dirty air intake filter.
  • Clogged flame arrestor. 

How To Fix:

First off, check whether there is sufficient fresh air supply to the room for proper gas combustion. Now inspect the vent pipe to check for any blockages. If so, clean out the vent pipe. Also, ensure proper adjustment of the vent pipe. It should be slopped ¼” per foot.

Now, clean the air intake filter or flame arrestor underneath the heater using a brush. 

clean the vent pipe

Move the brush back and forth and clean out the clogged dust or lint. After cleaning, the status light of your Bradford white water heater should start blinking.


Do all water heaters have a pilot light?

No! All water heaters don’t have a pilot light. Only older models equip the pilot light at the base of the unit. Most modern water heaters use electronic ignition instead of standing pilots to ignite the gas. 

What color should the status light be on a gas water heater?

Generally, the green flashes on the status light indicate that the unit is in a well-working condition and does not need any action. But in case the LED blinks red light a different number of times, signs that there are major malfunctions going through the system.

Is there a pilot light on an electric water heater?

No! There is no gas or pilot light on an electrically operated water heater. Instead, it equips an electric ignition system to heat the water in the tank.

How do I reset my Bradford White water heater?

First, turn off the control knob to the Off position to allow the escaped gas out. Now switch the knob to the Pilot and hold it down. Keep holding the red button below the knob until you hear a click. The status light will flash green. 

In Bottom!

No light blinking on the status light is a clear sign that the water heater is not in normal working condition. There is some major malfunction going through the heater system that needs your attention. 

Start by monitoring the pilot flame to see whether it is on. If not, fix the pilot issue first. Apart from this, there are far more culprits that can cause the status light to not blink. Throughout our comprehensive guide, we have well described how to troubleshoot them with corrective action.

Well! That’s all from us here! Hope that there should be no confusion left over on why Bradford’s white water heater has no status light. Don’t forget to share your valuable thoughts through comments.

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