Burnham Revolution Boiler Problems [5 Easy Troubleshooting]

Burnham Revolution Boiler is the most efficient gas-fired boiler. You can easily connect it with an indirect water heater or other systems to bring back a spring-like environment on the chilly days of winter. 

But what happens if you find the main burner won’t turn on? You will feel uncomfortable as it seems someone wraps up your interior with a blanket of snow.

Like this, you will also encounter other Burnham Revolution Boiler problems over time. 

To solve those issues, we compiled this guide on Burnham Revolution Boiler Troubleshooting. So, stick with us till the end to detect and fix the boiler issue to boil the frigid conditions.

5 Common Burnham Revolution Boiler Problems & Solutions

Like other electric appliances, Burnham Revolution Boiler will start malfunctioning over time. From this chapter, you can learn the 5 most common issues you will experience. We also provide solutions to those problems. 

1. The blower Won’t Energize

The blower of your Burnham Revolution Boiler won’t energize for several reasons. They are:

  • The water temperature of your boiler is less than Aquastat Cut-in Setting.
  • Not enough power between L8148E terminals 
  • Defective Boiler Relay


First off, let the boiler water temperature fall below Aquastat Cut-in Setting. Or, you can increase the Aquastat set to point to fix the blower issue.

The solution will be a bit tricky if there is not enough power between L8148E terminals. You can find a lot of terminals there. Each of them is connected with wires. For insufficient power, you should provide power to the boiler. Otherwise, you should replace L8148E or the pressure switch. 

Then, don’t forget to check the boiler relay. Make sure there are 24 volts at the coil or 120 volts at terminals 1 and 3. If there are insufficient voltages at the coil or the terminals, inspect for broken and loose wire connections. Then, replace the boiler relay. 

On the other hand, the blower itself is the culprit if there is enough power at the coil or the terminals. So, change the defective blower to a new one. 

2. Blower Energizes But No Spark Present At The Pilot Ignitor

No spark present at the pilot sensor while the blower still energizes is a common issue of your Burnham Revolution Boiler. The following reasons are responsible for this boiler problem. 

  • Not sufficient volt between the pressure switch terminal and L8148E terminal B2. 
  • Faulty Ignition Module


Start with inspecting the pressure switch. Connect the manometer to the pressure switch and see whether the differential pressure is greater than the minimum or not. If the pressure is greater, we bet the pressure switch gets faulty. So, replace it. 

Otherwise, you should check whether the tubing is secured to the flue duct and canopy. Ensure you connect the tubing to the flue duct and canopy if the tubing is not connected. Don’t forget to inspect the tubing for cracks or holes. 

Now, it’s time to check the ignition module. Detach sensor cable from the ignition module terminal. Then, hold the wire near the terminal and see whether the spark light is coming on or off. If the spark light doesn’t come on, understand it’s a problem with your ignition module. To fix this issue, just replace the defective ignition module. 

3. Pilot Burner Won’t Light

The pilot burner of your Burnham Revolution Boiler won’t light if you don’t turn on the gas supply. Also, the pilot burner will never light if any of the manual gas valves are close.

Therefore, not enough volts between the ignition module terminals is the culprit behind the pilot burner issue. Nonetheless, a clogged pilot burner orifice is also responsible for not lighting the pilot burner. 


Your boiler pilot light won’t come on if you don’t turn on the gas supply. So, make sure you turn the gas supply on. Now, head over to your manual gas valves and check all of them are open. 

Don’t forget to inspect the ignition module terminals. Ensure there are 24 volts between PV and MV-PV. If yes, check the wirings and replace them. Otherwise, we recommend you replace the ignition module. 

Lastly, inspect the pilot burner orifice for a clog. If dirt and debris are accumulated there, vacuum the orifice to suck away dirt, dust, and particles. 

4. Spark Doesn’t Stop After Pilot Is Lit

Once the pilot light comes on, the spark will stop if your boiler functions properly. On the other hand, the spark will stop after the pilot is lit if your boiler starts malfunctioning. The following reasons are responsible for this boiler issue. 

  • Dirty sensing probe
  • The loose or faulty ignition and ground wire
  • Cracked ceramic sensing probe insulator
  • Defective ignition module


First off, inspect the sensing probe for a clog. If it gets blocked by dirt and debris, clean the sensing probe. Don’t hesitate to check the continuity of the ignition wire and ground wire. If needed, replace both the wirings. 

Also, make sure there is an electric connection between the sensing probe and ignition module. Finally, replace the ignition module if it gets faulty. 

5. Main Burner Won’t Light

Your turn on your Burnham Revolution Boiler, but the main burner won’t light. A defective gas valve, loose wire connections between ignition module terminals, and a faulty ignition module are some culprits behind this issue. 


First, check the gas valve terminals. Make sure there are 24 volts between MV and MV-PV. If there is not sufficient volt, understand the gas valve is faulty and it’s time to replace the gas valve. 

Inspect the ignition module terminals for loose wire connections. If needed, tighten them up. On the other hand, replacing the ignition module will be a wise decision if it gets defective. 

How Do I Reset My Burnham Boiler?

To reset your Burnham Boiler, follow the below troubleshooting steps:

  • Locate the reset button of your Burnham Boiler. 
  • On the right side of the central burner tube, you can find the red reset button. 
  • Push the red button to reset your Burnham Boiler


Over time, the Burnham Revolution Boiler will start malfunctioning. The pilot light won’t come, pilot orifices get clogged, and defective ignition modules are some common issues you will experience. 

It doesn’t matter what boiler issues you will encounter, this Burnham boilers troubleshooting guide will help you fix the boiler problems. So, bookmark this guide so that you can check it whenever your boiler gets defective. 

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