Cadet Wall Heater Troubleshooting [7 Easy Solutions]

The heater keeps shutting off, the pilot won’t light, the heater stops working, frequently the heater turns on and off, the heater blowing cold air, overheating, reset button stops working are the main reasons why you need the Cadet wall heater troubleshooting guide.

cadet wall heater troubleshooting

This troubleshooting guide contains the solutions to all your heater problems mentioned above. Keep reading this guide, and you will definitely be able to solve your wall heater issues by yourself.

Cadet Wall Heater Troubleshooting [7 Easy Solutions]

This troubleshooting guide incorporates all those problems and the solutions you may face with your wall heater. Let’s start.

1. Heater Keeps Shutting Off

The users usually face a common problem: the Cadet Wall heater keeps shutting off abruptly. Low airflow is the main reason for this issue. However, the reasons for the heater’s turning off are:

  • Air filter blockage because of too much debris and dirt
  • Installing improper heater size
  • Clogged fuel pipes
  • Blocked vents


You should immediately solve your heater’s keep-shutting-off issues. Otherwise, it could cause long-term damage or hefty charges.

Even you may need to install a new wall heater due to this issue. However, the solutions are:

  • Properly clean and remove the air filter’s blockage
  • Install the heater’s proper size that best fits your home’s dimensions
  • Clean the fuel pipe’s blockage
  • Inspect the supply vents and clean their blockages

2. Blowing Cold Air

Cadet wall heater blowing cold air is another problem that users encounter frequently. However, one or more reasons could cause this issue. The reasons are:

  • Tripped manual reset
  • The fan switch’s “ON” position and actual temperature is greater than the thermostat setting
  • Even after the heater shuts down, the fan is dispersing air
  • Loose wire connection
  • Defective heater element


The solutions to combat the heater’s blowing cold air problem are the following:

  • Make sure the manual reset is okay and it’s working properly
  • Ensure the thermostat setting is greater than the actual temperature
  • Check the loose wire connections and tighten it
  • Replace the defective heater elements

3. Reset Button Not Working

Whenever there is an issue with the Cadet Wall heater, the most common solution we try is to reset it.

But, the worst thing happens when the Cadet Wall heater’s reset button is not working. The reset button may stop working for the following reasons:

  • Faulty thermostat / The thermostat fails to manage the heat
  • The heater is tripping the reset button because of a high-limit switch
  • Compromised or loose wire connections
  • Defective heating elements


Usually, the Cadet heater has a thermal reset switch. But if you see this resetting switch stops working, you should do the following:

  • Get a new thermostat unless the button will keep tripping
  • Ensure the high-limit switch is functioning properly
  • Check the wire connections and tighten it
  • Make sure the heater’s heating elements are working properly

4. Pilot Won’t Light

If the pilot stops lighting, it could cause sudden stops of your Cadet Wall heater. Its wall heater’s another problem. The heater’s pilot won’t light for the following reasons:

  • The heater is not getting the proper gas supply
  • A malfunctioning thermocouple shut off the pilot light’s gas
  • Blocked pilot tube
  • Empty tank


If the pilot fails to light, you should check the heater’s gas supply. The other solutions are the following:

  • Check the gas line’s gas valve handle and make sure you turned the gas on
  • Use compressed air to clean the blocked pilot tube
  • Make sure the thermocouple is running properly

5. Heater Stopped Working

The Cadet Wall heater’s sudden stopping may cause you unnecessary trouble. The following reasons are responsible for this issue:

  • Power supply issue
  • Blown fuse
  • Tripped breaker
  • Loose connections in unit wiring
  • Improper thermostat setting


When the heater stops working, several factors can cause this issue. But you need to identify which one is the main culprit.

Contact a technician to identify the major causes responsible for stopping the Cadet Wall heater’s working. The other solutions are:

  • Make sure the main power board is supplying enough power
  • Check for a blown fuse and replace it if required
  • Reset the tripped breaker
  • Check the wiring connections and tighten the loose wires
  • Ensure the correct thermostat setting

6. The Heater Turns On And Off Frequently

The Cadet Wall heater’s frequent turning on and off is another problem you may face.

If you see your heater turning on and off too often, it indicates there are some issues with it. The factors that lead to these issues are the following:

  • Smooth airflow blockages due to plants, furniture, curtains, or other objects
  • Malfunctioning control switch
  • Faulty thermostat


Whenever you experience a Cadet Wall heater this problem, you should do the following:

  • Ensure the wall heater unit is getting proper airflow
  • Remove the airflow blockage by removing the plants, curtains, or other objects
  • Replace the faulty thermostat and malfunctioning control switch

7. Overheating Wall Heater

Various reasons are mainly responsible for the Cadet Wall heater overheating issue. The too-high-temperature setting is one of the significant causes.

If you set the heater’s temperature above 120 degrees or the average temperature, it would start overheating.


The overheating issue could cause unnecessary mischief or even fire incidents in your home. Thus, inspect and immediately take action.

However, at first, turned down the too-high temperature setting to an average level. The moderate wall heater setting is around 120 degrees Fahrenheit. Make sure you also set it around this temperature.


How do I reset my Cadet Wall heater?

Resetting the wall heater is an easy process. To reset your Cadet Wall heater, press the reset button. The manual limit switch’s manual is called the reset button. Or you can also turn the heater’s thermostat to a low or off position.

How long do Cadet heaters last?

10-15 years is the Cadet Wall heater’s expected life expectancy. Usually, the heater provides good service within this predicted period. However, how long it will stay depends on you. If you maintain it properly, you can expect it to last more.

Can you replace a baseboard heater with a wall heater?

The recessed heaters conserve floor space. For this reason, people like to install it the most. Moreover, these heaters are aesthetically appealing. Therefore, you can accomplish the baseboard heater replacement task with a wall heater without difficulty.

How effective are electric wall heaters?

The electric wall heaters are 100% effective and efficient. This heater efficiently receives energy and converts it into heat energy. The electric heater’s easiness, effectiveness, and efficiency make it a more popular option. No heater type can beat its efficiency.

Are cadet heaters good?

Cadet wall heaters in the majority are good. And users are impressed enough with its easiness and effectiveness. Moreover, it’s effortless to install. You will get this product at a relatively low price. It’s an American-made product and lots of users like it.


Now all the issues are clear to you for which you need the Cadet Wall heater troubleshooting guide. Hopefully, you will solve your wall heater’s problem by yourself.

Still, if you feel you are experiencing other problems besides the above and you don’t know the solution also, don’t hesitate. Comment on the troubling issue, and we will guide you to fix it.

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