Camp Chef Flame Out Error Code: Reasons + Solutions [Solved]

You have used Camp Chef Woodwind for the last six months, and you have a lot of sweet memories with it. It serves you by allowing you to cook mouthwatering & juicy rib, smoked meat, and grilled chicken. Indeed, it ran perfectly until last night. 

camp chef flame out error code meaning & causes

Last night you went to cook ribs. You came outside about 30 minutes later, and the smoker was cold. And the LED said ‘Flame’. To fix this, you turned off the unit and turned it on again. But the error code persists.

So, you go nuts and ask- what is Camp Chef Flame Out, and what does it mean? To get the answer to those questions, keep going forward. You can also learn how to fix the Flame Out error code. 

Camp Chef Flame Out: What Does It Mean?

Flame error on Camp Chef means flame out. In simple words, you can see the error message on the display when the fire goes out or falls below a certain temperature level. And the temperature level doesn’t go back up. 

camp chef flame out

The problem will frequently happen in colder months. If there are no pellets or you put wet wood pellets, the grill fails to produce enough heat.

Therefore, a faulty temperature probe or a defective controller will pop up the error message on the digital display. A jammed auger or auger issue is also responsible for the Camp Chef Grill problem. Besides, having not sufficient wood pellets or ash in the ash port can also extinguish the grill fire. 

How To Fix The Error Code ‘Flame Out’ On Camp Chef

[Method 1]

Method 1: You already know what causes the Flame error to pop up on the digital control display. Now, it’s time to learn how to fix the Camp Chef flame-out error message. 

camp chef flame out error message

Here are the steps to fix it:

  • Turn the pellet grill off and unplug it from electric power.
  • Inspect the hopper to see whether there is any wood pellet or not.
  • Next, check out the firebox for wood pellets. In this case, pull out the burner clean-out lever and remove the cup from the bottom of your grill to check for pellets. If there is any, vacuum the fuel out from the cup.
  • If you can find a lot of pellets in the cap, put the cup back into its place & shut down the burner clean-out. Then, pull out the grill grate, grease tray, and heat deflector. Next, remove all the wood pellets from the bottom of the grill. Now, restart your Camp Chef Grill to see whether it clears out the error message or not. If the problem still persists, you should change the heating rod. 
  • If there are little to no pellets in the cup, ensure you turn the dial to the feed position. It will help you to check whether the pellets fall out of the burner or not. If not, inspect the auger. You should replace the auger if it doesn’t turn. On the other hand, you must replace the auger shredded pin if the auger is turning on. 

Fix ‘Camp Chef Flame Error Code ’ [Method 2]

Method 2: Also, try out the following tips to clear out the Flame-out error messages on your Camp Chef Grill.

camp chef flame error code
  • If your Camp Chef Pellet Grill loses power, it will display the Flame error code. So, restoring the power will be an easy fix for this issue. In this case, you can use a generator to give it power due to a power outage. 
  • Never put wet wood pellets in the hopper. After finishing every cook, ensure you remove the pellets from the hopper and store them in a dry place.
  • Clean the firepot after every batch of cooking. Ensure there is no ash accumulated in the firepot. Otherwise, it will cause a Flame-out problem.
  • A defective temperature probe is also the culprit that causes the flame error. So, replace the temperature probe to fix this issue.
  • And lastly, check out the controller of the Camp Chef grill. If it gets faulty, replace it. 
  • Finally, you should contact Camp Chef customer service if these troubleshooting steps fail to resolve the Flame error message. 


What do you do if your camp chef flames out?

Your Camp Chef flames out if there is no power or a power outage occur. The easy fix to this problem is to restore the power by using a generator. Therefore, dump the ash from the fire pot to clear the flame-out error message. 

What causes flame out on a pellet grill?

Excessive ashes in the fire pot, poor pellet quality, and inconsistent supply of fuel will cause the flame-out issue on the pellet grill. 

Are pellet grills easy to clean?

Pellet grills, especially the Camp Chef are easy to clean. It has a new ash clean-out system. Just pull the lever, and the ashes will drop into the cup. Now, dump the cup to discard the ash. 


We hope you learned the reasons behind the problem: Camp Chef Flame Out. Power outage, putting poor wood pellets, a fire-pot filled with ash, and a defective auger are responsible for this issue. To clear the Flame-out error message, follow the troubleshooting steps we mentioned above. 

If any of the troubleshooting methods don’t bring any luck for you, we recommend you call the Camp Chef Support Team. 

Note: You can also read how to fix Camp Chef ash cleanout stuck if you are struggling with such an issue.

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