Charmglow Electric Fireplace Manual [Step by Step Guide]

It is common for many new Charmglow electric fireplace users to be confused about how to use their devices. If you are one of them, then congratulations!

You are at the right place. Here, you will get to know the proper way of using your electric fireplace.

charmglow electric fireplace manual

We will give you the tips and instructions you have been looking for. And you can trust us because the information used in this article is taken directly from the Charmglow electric fireplace manual.

Well, by the end of this article, you will get to know-

  • How to install the Charmglow electric fireplace
  • How to operate the Charmglow electric fireplace
  • How to deal with Charmglow electric fireplace troubleshooting
  • Charmglow electric fireplace maintenance 
  • Essential things to know about Charmglow electric fireplace

So let’s begin…

5 Steps To Installation The Charmglow Electric Fireplace

Charmglow fireplace is very popular nowadays. They are proven to be very effective and their performance is, without a doubt, very satisfactory.

But to get the most out of this appliance, you have to understand the instructions in the Charmglow electric fireplace manual.

And the first step to enjoying its warmth, you have to install the device properly. It can be a hard thing to do if you don’t know what method you should follow.

And the installation guide in the instruction manual is quite complicated. But here we have presented the whole installation method in 5 simple steps.

If you follow these 5 steps accordingly, you will be able to perfectly install the Charmglow electric fireplace like a professional. Here’s how to do it,

Step 1:

Firstly, you have to perfect the positioning. Place the completed wood mantel closer to its final location. Ensure that the back of the fireplace is accessible. This is a crucial part because you will need to install the Charmglow electric fireplace insert from the back.

Step 2:

Now deal with the metal mounting brackets. The metal mounting brackets are attached on either side of the fireplace’s center opening. There were supposed to be a few screws. Remove them using a Phillips head screwdriver.

Step 3:

Carefully take the Charmglow electric fireplace insert out of its packet. Position the insert behind the fireplace. The insert must face the wood mantle.

Lift the insert and gently push it into the mantel’s opening till the flange is seated against the inside of the fireplace. The insert must be centered right and left in the opening. You may need the help of an adult for this task.

Step 4:

In this step, re-attach the mounting brackets you detached in the 2nd step. Use a Phillips head screwdriver and screws supplied with the Charmglow electric fireplace. While you do this, be aware so as not to over-tighten the screws.

Step 5:

For the final steps, you will need an assistant. Cautiously lift the unit you just completed and position it front-facing out in the location you have selected for your fireplace. Ensure that the electrical cords are secured before you move or lift the fireplace.

And when it comes to choosing the final location, make sure that your fireplace will have proper access to a grounded electrical outlet.  And after you have followed all these steps, you will have a perfectly installed Charmglow electric fireplace.

6 Points Of Operating The Charmglow Electric Fireplace Like A Pro

Now you have learned to properly install the Charmglow electric fireplace. But if you don’t know the proper way of operating the Charmglow electric fireplace, then your device is practically of no use.

And operating such a device is truly complicated. However, we have tried to simplify the operating method for you, and here will get to know 6 simple techniques for properly operating your electric fireplace part by part. 

As your Charmglow electric fireplace is made up of different parts, you have to learn to use each part individually. Here below, we have demonstrated just that. Take a look.

Accessing The Control Panel:

Accessing the control panel is important to perfectly operate any device. But it can be complicated sometimes to locate the control panel in an appliance.

The control panel of the Charmglow electric fireplace is located at the upper right corner of the insert behind a door. If you push the door and lift it, the control panel will be open to you.

Powering The Device:

The power switch is undoubtedly a mandatory part of an electric fireplace. The power switch on Charmglow electric fireplace is positioned on the backside of the inserts. There is a power option in the Charmglow electric fireplace remote as well.

Fan Blower Heater:

Charmglow electric fireplace has a heater. It is a fan-forced heating device. The “HEATER switch” of this device turns the heater on and off. There is also a temperature control switch that controls the thermostat feature.

It regulates the room’s temperature according to your needs. A good thing about the Charmglow electric fireplace heating device is that it is designed with a delayed activation sequence. Due to this feature, the heater takes a few seconds to start blowing after the device is turned ON. 

In the same way, when the device is turned off, the fan blower of the heater continues to run for a few seconds.

Temperature Control Knob:

The temperature control knob of the Charmglow fireplace maintains the temperature level of the heater. The heater temperature rises as the knob is rotated clockwise. But when the knob is turned anti-clockwise the temperature decreases.

This is a very useful and important part of the fireplace as it regulates the ambiance of the room.

Down Light:

There can be a downlight switch in your device if it is of 28EF010GRA or 33EF010GRA model. The purpose of this switch is to illuminate the inside of the firebox. Though it may not seem like much of a deal, this feature is very useful with an indoor Charmglow electric fireplace. 

Flame Control Knob:

You can control your Charmglow electric fireplace’s flame brightness with the flame control knob. Turning this knob to the right brightens the flame effect. It increases the warmth as well.

On the other hand, if you turn the knob to the left or counter-clockwise, the flame will reduce bit by bit. You can turn the flame off if you turn the knob completely to the left. This above discussion is sufficient to make you an expert with your Charmglow fireplace.

If you can apply these methods properly, you shouldn’t have any problem getting the comfort you hoped for. 

6 Charmglow Electric Fireplace Troubleshooting

Charmglow electric fireplace is a pretty strong and efficient device. But it can have some trouble due to many possible effects. And such problems can hamper the overall functionality of the fireplace.

However, knowing the solution to such problems and applying them properly can solve the issues. This is why here we have brought you 6 Charmglow gas fireplace troubleshooting.

Take a look at the possible problems and their easy solutions-

Troubleshooting 1: Switches Not Turning on

Issue: There will be no power in your fireplace

Solution: Make sure that the unit is plugged into a standard 120-volt outlet

Troubleshooting 2: No Flame Effect

Issue: Switches will light up but there won’t be any flame effect.

Solution: When you find your Charmglow electric fireplace flame effect not working, simply remove the glass panel from the front and then remove the ember bed.

You are supposed to look for loose or broken light bulbs. If the light bulb is broken, replace it immediately. Charmglow electric fireplace bulb replacement is simple. Just follow the steps given below to replace your fireplace bulb:

  • Allow the fireplace 10-15 minutes to cool down.
  • Open the fireplace rear access panel mostly found in the back. You may find it on the front. Here you need to have a screwdriver as you need to unscrew a few screws to open the panel. 
  • Once you open the panel, find out the old bulb and replace it with the new one. 
  • Then again install the rear access panel. 
  • Now plug in your power cord and turn on the fireplace. You will find your fireplace is glowing again. 

Troubleshooting 3: Problem With Down Light

Issue: Downlight is not lighting up

Solution: Just like the previous point, remove the front glass panel and check the light bulb inside. See if it is okay and properly fitted. Replace the bulb, if necessary.

Troubleshooting 4: Logs Glow But Flame Effect Does Not Work

Issue: The logs in the electric fireplace will glow but there won’t be any heat.

Solution: There are two things you can try in this case:

Firstly, open the backside of the unit and make sure that the spinner is properly mounted in the rare part of the unit. If everything is okay there, check the functionality of the spinner motor.

You may need to call Charmglow electric fireplace customer care if the motor doesn’t work. 

Troubleshooting 5: Flame Effect Operates But Heater Doesn’t Work

Issue: The flame effect will perfectly work but the heater blower will not blow warm air.

Solution: Make sure that the heater switch is on. If it isn’t, then take it to the “ON” position. Take the thermostat to the “H1” position

Troubleshooting 6: Heater Not Working While Power “ON” & Thermostat On “H1”

Issue: Despite everything being in its proper position, the heater doesn’t blow warm air

Solution: When you discover there is no heat from your electric fireplace, you can simply solve the issue.

To fix this heat issue, just you have to turn the device off first. First, put the main switch in the “OFF” position, and then unplug the device from the unit.

After keeping it turned off for 5 minutes, plug it back in and restart the device. you will find your electric fireplace is providing you the heat like before. This is all the troubleshooting you will know about from the Charmglow electric fireplace owner’s manual. 

 Though there can be other Charmglow electric fireplace problems, those are easily solvable. The issues discussed here are the major ones and now that you know about it all, your fireplace should not bother you with further trouble.

5 Important Points Of Charmglow Electric Fireplace Maintenance

You obviously don’t want your Charmglow electric fireplace to go into such a condition that it needs repairing. But electric devices at one point stop working. Right?

Well, if you can take proper care of your Charmglow electric fireplace, it will last for decades. But how do you ensure proper maintenance of your Charmglow electric fireplace?

Here are 5 important points that can keep your electric fireplace in good condition. 

1. Clean your fireplace at least once every 3 months. And do an annual checkup of each and every part.

2. Make sure to turn OFF the motor while cleaning the device.

3. The electric outlet wiring of your device has to be compatible with local building codes. Other regulations regarding the electrical system must be in a proper manner.

4. Make sure there is no water or liquid on or around your electric fireplace. If you notice any sign of any liquid near your device, dry it off immediately.

5. The best thing you can use to clean the Charmglow electric fireplace is using citrus oil. Use this with soft fabric. But whatever you do, never use household cleaners or brass polish.

Maintaining these 5 points while taking care of your device will be enough. This way you won’t have to see your electric fireplace decaying in front of you. 

9 Essential Instructions For Charmglow Electric Fireplace

Charmglow makes beautiful appliances. Apart from the electric fireplace, there is a Charmglow ventless gas fireplace as well. And all of their devices demonstrate impressive performance. But only work if used properly.

Fortunately, you know everything about properly using the Charmglow electric fireplace by now. However, knowing a few important instructions can help you to use your fireplace device more efficiently.

Check out here 9 important instructions for the Charmglow electric fireplace:

1. Do not touch the body of the appliance with bare skin if the device is hot.

2. Do not keep your children and pet near the fireplace before cleaning the device or opening the heater.

3. Try to keep the device unplugged when you are not using it. Turning off the power is not enough.

4. Do not use any kind of faulty or damaged material while wiring up the device. 

5. Never try to modify your electric fireplace or change its parts.

6. Do not use your electric fireplace outdoors. It will not be as efficient and will get damaged quickly.

7. If you want to turn off your device, use the button to power off your device and then unplug it from its outlet.

8. Make sure that no foreign object enters the heat box, ventilation, or through the exhaust opening.

9.  Ensure that nothing is blocking the air intake and air exhaust in any way. And this is why you shouldn’t place the fireplace on a bed-like soft surface.

Maintaining these instructions properly will enable you to use your Charmglow electric fireplace like a professional. So keep our tips in mind and enjoy the cozy warmth of your electric fireplace for many upcoming winters.


How do I fix the flame on my electric fireplace?

The following method can help you fix your electric fireplace,

  • Unplug the electric fireplace
  • Replace the bulb if it is blown
  • Replace the motor if it stops working
  • Lubricate the motor rod if the flame affects squeak

How do I set the temperature on my electric fireplace?

Charmglow electric fireplace has a temperature control knob. You can control the temperature using this knob. Here is how you can do this…

  • Turn the knob to the right side (clockwise) to increase the temperature
  • Turn the knob to the left side (anti-clockwise) to decrease the temperature
  • The knob to the left side completely to turn the heat off 

How do you manually turn on an electric fireplace?

Here’s how you can turn on your electric fireplace manually,

  • Plug the device into an active electric outlet
  • Make sure everything is in the proper setting
  • Locate the power button of your electric fireplace and press it

Where is the reset button on the electric fireplace?

The reset button is usually located on the face of the outlet between two plugs. If you can’t find it there then just turn your device off and then on again using the power button.

What does E1 mean on my electric fireplace?

If your electric fireplace shows the E1 error code then your circuit board is damaged.

What does E3 mean on my electric fireplace?

The E3 error code in the fireplace means that the heater of your fireplace is not working

How long do electric fireplaces last?

With proper care and maintenance, an electric fireplace can last up to 20 years

Why does my electric fireplace say EC?

In terms of electric fireplace, EC means “Error Code”. When your electric fireplace is showing EC on its LCD, check for problems in your fireplace.

How do I change the bulb in my electric fireplace?

You can easily change the bulb in your electric fireplace if you follow this method,

  • Turn off your electric fireplace and unplug the device 
  • Open the access panel of the fireplace. You will find the light bulb there
  • Rotate the bulbs anti-clockwise to remove the bulb
  • Do not touch the bulb with your bare hand
  • Install the new bulb by placing it in the socket and rotating it clockwise 

Final Words:

Handling a Charmglow electric fireplace doesn’t seem like much of a deal now, does it? This article has pretty much-covered everything the Charmglow electric fireplace owners manual has to offer.

If you have properly understood everything we have been talking about then you should not have any problem with your fireplace. However, if you still have any confusion, you can comment below. We will be glad to help you out.

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      Check if the fan switch is “on” and the thermostat setting is below the actual temperature. Also, check if the manual reset has tripped. To fix it, set the temperature on your thermostat. Check or replace the batteries inside the thermostat. Adjust the fan switch. Check the Breaker and fix it. Check the fuses and clean the fan. Hope, you will get the solution.


    • Hi Sam

      An electric fireplace makes a clicking noise while turning it. It happens because of the expanding heating coils. A few more causes are area shift in your room temperature, worn out or lose components, poorly lubricated or clogged components, defective or dirty blower fan, or damaged flame rod. Check which one is the culprit and fix it.


  1. I smell and see a little smoke coming out of the vent. My wife said she used a vacuum to suck some dust out of it. This is the first time this has happened

    • Hi Jason

      Your electric fireplace vent may emit smoke because of the weak draft. Chimney draft issues are responsible for this problem. You should immediately check your draft condition to fix this smoking problem.


  2. Hi. We have had our fireplace for a long time and it has worked great. Today I went to turn on the power switch and nothing happens. It’s very loose and just jiggles. It had been tight the last couple of weeks and now is just broken. I don’t know where the remote is either. Can the switch be replaced and is it worth it considering it’s over 10 years old

    • Hi Lucie

      To fix the issue, check all the wiring & fix them if you get any faults. Plus, clean your fireplace including the blower & check the fuse box or breaker for any tripped switch & fix it if needed.

      Also, inspect the fuse of your fireplace if needed.

      If still the problem exists, you may need to replace the blower.

      Alternatively, you can contact the owner’s customer support center to fix the fan issue of your fireplace.

      Best of luck!


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