How To Convert Manual Gas Fireplace To Remote Control [7 Easy Steps]

Converting a manual gas fireplace to remote control or replacing it is SUPER easy and simple. Just you need to have a gas fireplace remote control kit and install it. And it’s all when you are wondering to know how to convert manual gas fireplace to remote control one.  

And interestingly, after the conversion, you will discover that you can start your gas fireplace just with a simple click which is only possible with a modern fireplace.

But to make it happen, you need to know how to install a gas fireplace remote control. Right? So, now let’s know the installation process…

How To Convert Manual Gas Fireplace To Remote Control

Here are the simple steps for your gas fireplace remote control conversion. Follow the steps and have your desired remote control converted gas fireplace and ensure a cozy living place for you.

learn how to convert manual gas fireplace to remote control

Step 1: Get A Smart Thermostat Remote And Receiver

For the gas fireplace remote control conversion with an electronic ignition system, initially you need to have one of the smart thermostats that are user-friendly, safe, and reliable. Here SkyTech Thermostat or a universal fireplace remote control can be a great option for you.

smart thermostat remote control and receiver

The thermostat will come with a transmitter and a fireplace remote receiver. After getting the transmitter and receiver, simply follow the steps given below for your gas fireplace remote control installation. You will find your existing manual gas fireplace as a smart remote control one. 

turn your existing manual gas fireplace as a smart remote control one

Step 2: Install The Battery Into The Transmitter

When you get the thermostat, it’s time to install the battery into both. First, you need to have 2/4 AAA size 1.5 V batteries. Then remove the battery cover and insert all the batteries. 

Make sure the batteries are inserted in the right position of the (+) & (-) position.  And for better performance, it’s recommended to have Alkaline batteries as the batteries come with long life. Once you have inserted the batteries,  replace the battery cover. 

Step 3: Insert Battery Into Receiver

Here you have to insert 4 AA size 1.5 batteries into the receiver. Alkaline batteries are suggested to use for maximum performance and long life as they are known as the best performer. 

insert batteries into the receiver

Remember new batteries are preferable and important for better operation. Carefully open the battery cover and install the batteries in the (+) and  (-) position.

Step 4: Operating The Receiver Fireplace Remote

Now, you will find 3 modes ON, OFF, and REMOTE in front of the receiver. If you keep the fireplace switch in the on position, the receiver will stay On until you slide it to the remote or off position.

operating the gas remote receiver with three modes

And when you slide the switch into the OFF position, the device will remain OFF. Now, if you slide the switch into the remote mode which you will find in the center, the receiver will work if it gets the signal or command from the transmitter. 

It’s advisable that if you stay away from the home for a long time, it’s safe to keep the switch in the OFF position. Even if the receiver is placed at the reaching position of the children, it’s recommended to slide the switch into the OFF position. 

Step 5: Perform The Learn Function

In front of the receiver, you will get the LEARN button. Take a pencil or a small screwdriver and press the learn button. 

After pressing the learn button, you will get a signal, and thus the receiver gets paired with the transmitter. It indicates that the receiver is ready to use or function with the transmitter. 

gas fireplace with remote
Photo Credit: Zac Gudakov, Via Unsplash

Step 6: Install The Receiver 

The time has come to install the receiver into the gas valve. Most of the gas fireplace valves will be found on the front of the valve.  In your existing gas valve, you will get 3 terminals to connect wires namely TH, TP & TH/TP.

You need to connect the 2 wires from your receiver to the TH & TH/TP port. After connecting the receiver wires to the valve port, your remote is ready to function. 

connecting the receiver wires to the gas valve port

Note: Keep the receiver away from the valve and make sure it’s away from the overheat of the fireplace mantel

Step 7: Test The Remote Control Function

Now your remote control is ready to function. Press the setting button on the remote and set the necessary programs in the remote according to your need.

test the remote control to run your gas fireplace

And it’s all to add a remote control to a gas fireplace. Now, test all to make sure your fireplace is working perfectly with your newly installed remote. 

You can also watch the video for a better understanding and make the gas fireplace remote control adding process more simple.

Benefits Of Adding Remote Control To Manual Gas Fireplace

Benefits Of Adding Remote Control To Manual Gas Fireplace
Photo Credit: Gabriele Rampazzo, via Unsplash

You will get several advantages by adding remote control to your manual gas fireplace. 

  • First of all, it offers the best comfort with the best output while operating. 
  • Also, you will get more physical warmth from the remote control one. 
  • If you want to get rid of the struggles of managing a gas fire, the remote control will be the best substitute for that. 
  • The more accessible interface will provide you with the advantage of being simpler to operate. Starting of turning on-off to adjusting the temperature can be done by remote control. 
  • A gas fireplace can spread the heat far from a hundred-square-foot area. So, if you are in the consolation of your budget, it is a good recommendation to go with a remote control fireplace.

Cost Of Converting Manual Gas Fireplace To Remote Control

Already you know, to convert your manual gas fireplace to remote control, you need to have a smart thermostat and receiver.

Here a quality thermostat will cost you about $150-$300. The price ranges differ in their quality and the compatibility of your fireplace.

cost of converting your manual gas fireplace to remote control
Photo Credit: Francesca Tosolini, via Unsplash

If you want to have a high-quality programmable thermostat remote control with a backlit LCD touchscreen from Skytech, it will cost you up to $210. But, when you will get one without a touchscreen, you can get a quality thermostat from Skytech for $130-$160.

On the other hand, if you get one from Durable, you can have a Durablow Gas Fire Fireplace Remote Control with Thermostat and Timer for between $80-85.

Lastly, if you feel trouble installing all of the components, you may have to hire a technician. So, the overall cost of converting your gas fireplace to remote control will be $200-$350.

How To Operate The Gas Fireplace Remote Control

In every gas fireplace remote control, you will see three modes there. The first one is “On”, by which you can manually turn on the fireplace. On the contrary, when you press the OFF button, it will disable the remote receiver and turn off the fireplace. 

how to operate the gas fireplace remote control

The remote mode will help you to handle the transmitter. You have to slide the receiver off mode before installing the fireplace and slide back to the remote after installation. Additionally, you can set your unit to either manual mode or thermostat mode. 

In manual mode, you can adjust the height of the flame and temperature on your own. On the contrary, you can set the room’s temperature on thermostat mode.

Always set the thermostat temperature higher than the current room temperature.

How To Reset Remote For Gas Fireplace

Sometimes, you may face various problems with the remote of your gas fireplace. To operate the unit again, there needs to be reset the remote, and it is best to troubleshoot any issue with the remote. If your remote control is malfunctioning, go through the following steps:

  • Before starting, you have to remove the front of your gas firebox.
  • Make sure that your fireplace is cool.
  • Then, you will see a control model underneath the fireplace. 
  • Check the on-off control tab where it is in the Remote position. 
  • Move the tab into the OFF position.
  • Leave it for 2 minutes.
  • After a while, move the tab back to the Remote position. 
  • Wait for 2 minutes. Your remote is being reset and ready to use. That’s all the simple way to reset the remote in a gas fireplace.

How To Start A Gas Fireplace Without A Remote/Manually

You can start your gas fireplace without a remote by using the ignition system & button. While turning on your gas fireplace manually, just follow the following steps:

  • To turn on your modern gas fireplace without remote control, first, rotate the gas control knob to the pilot position from the Off position.
  • Then press the pilot knob of your gas fireplace. It will circulate and send gas to the ignition system.
  • Now, press the igniter switch. Now, keep pushing on the ignitor button until your burner will light. It may take a little long time or a few attempts to light the fireplace if you haven’t used your fireplace for the last few months.

How To Light A Gas Fireplace Without A Key

You need a lighter, a piece of paper, and a little crescent to light a gas fireplace without a key. Then, take your hand or some pliers if it’s too tight and turn the crescent counterclockwise.

 lighting a gas fireplace without a key
Photo Credit: Spacejoy, via Unsplash

You need to do this so that you can get your crescent wrench inside to turn your fire on and off. 

Next, take the lighter and the piece of paper and go to your fireplace. Light the piece of paper and throw it in the middle of the fireplace. 

Then, go to your valve and turn it clockwise slowly. You will hear the gas coming and you can find your fireplace to light up.  

How To Turn On Gas Fireplace With Wall Key

Many gas fireplaces come with wall keys or wall switches. And it’s pretty simple to turn on your fireplace with the wall switch and key.

Just turn the wall switch to the On position, and you can find the fireplace pilot to come on. 

How To Light Your Gas Fireplace Without An Ignitor

Remove the decorative front and locate the heat or flame control knob (marked as HI and LOW) underneath the unit.

Ensure you set it to the lowest setting. Now, locate the on/off knob. You can find it next to the flame control knob. Set it to P.

And then, turn on the gas valve. Now, hold down the on/off knob and you can hear the gas coming. Next, take a lighter and a piece of paper.

Light the paper and throw it in the middle of the gas logs holding down the on/off knob. And you can find your fireplace to light up. 

How To Light A Gas Fireplace Without Electricity

You can find the battery compartment underneath the fireplace. So, remove the decorative front and access the battery compartment.

Now, you should put 2D batteries in the compartment. Then, turn on the switch actuator.

When you set it on, you will get a battery override power to the ignition source. Finally, hit the power button on your remote control and you will get a spark and light your gas fireplace. 

Convert Gas Fireplace Pilot To Electronic Ignition

Converting a gas fireplace to an electric start or electronic ignition is not a DIY project. You may need to replace the gas control valve and pilot assembly.

Then, you should spend money on getting an ignition control module, transformer, and AC power source. 

Fortunately, the Universal Retrofit Spark Ignition Conversion Kit from Honeywell includes every accessory you need for this conversion. You can also get other kits like the Reznor electronic ignition conversion kit. 

Keep in mind; that this conversion wouldn’t be cheap. In parts alone, you may need to push the $500 ballpark. But the main problem is- that it’s not a simple task.

You must have deep knowledge of this conversion workflow. Otherwise, you should find someone willing to do it. 

If you are mechanically inclined and get the gas fireplace electronic ignition valve kits from Honeywell already, follow the below steps to convert your fireplace pilot to electronic ignition. 

  • We assume your gas fireplace has a shut-off valve before a union, and then, the gas valve. You need to remove this gas valve. Regarding this, turn off the power to the unit, shut the gas valve, and split the couplet. Then, pull out the gas valve.
  • Prepare the threads, screw the new gas valve into place, and recouple the union. 
  • Next, remove the thermocouple and its copper line and insert the heat sensor into the thermocouple hole. 
  • Now, position the electronic spark assembly and run the wire back to the control unit.
  • Then, mount the control unit onto the side of the heater. Afterward, insert the appropriate wires into the correction position on the valve and control unit. 
  • It’s time to open the gas line and check for leaks. If you find leaks, fix them. 
  • Finally, turn on the power and the thermostat. You will hear the gas valve click and the spark will also click. If it fires up, the gas valve will remain open till the thermostat is fulfilled. And Voila! You complete the conversion workflow. 

Cost Of Converting Gas Fireplace To Electric

The gas fireplace electronic ignition valve kits or conversion kits alone will cost you up to $500. Indeed, you need to spend between $600-$1000 to convert a gas fireplace to an electric one.

In short, gas fireplace conversion is a pricey workflow, and it will leave a dent in your wallet. 


Can you upgrade the gas fireplace wall switch to a thermostat?

Yes, you can upgrade your gas fireplace switch on the wall to any kind of digital thermostat. Even you can add a remote control with WiFi that will allow you to control and adjust the room temperature from any place in your room.

Can you manually light a gas furnace with electronic ignition?

No, you can’t light a gas furnace manually which is equipped with electronic ignition.

What is millivolt ignition?

Millivolt ignition is a fireplace ignition system that works with a pilot light. The system does not need any outer power.

Can I add remote control to my gas log set after installation?

Yes, you can install a remote control kit to your gas log set fireplace even after you have installed it. And thus you can convert manual gas logs to the remote control.

How does a millivolt gas valve fireplace work?

A gas fireplace coming with a millivolt ignition system has a piezo ignitor. This ignitor is connected to a button. When you switch on the fireplace, the button generates a spark getting depressed and thus lights the fireplace.

What type of gas valve can you add a fireplace switch to?

You can add a fireplace switch to a millivolt gas valve or safety pilot gas valve most of the time.

What kind of switch do you need for a gas fireplace?

You need a toggle switch for your gas fireplace. The switch will work at a ‘millivolt’ level to operate your fireplace between very low voltages like from 200-1000 millivolts in place of a 120V switch which is regular.

What happens if your pilot light goes out on the gas fireplace?

If your gas fireplace pilot light goes out often, it’s dangerous because, after the flame sensor failure, gas will be flowing even after the pilot light is put out.

Can you control your gas fireplace with Alexa?

Yes, you can control your gas fireplace with Alexa. But to control your gas fireplace with your voice via Alexa or Google Assistant, you should have a hub with a remote control device.

How do you get more heat from your gas fireplace?

Simple! Just install a blower that will distribute the warm air throughout your room and increase your gas fireplace efficiency

Do you need a gas log set for a gas fireplace?

No, you don’t need gas logs set for a gas fireplace. However, you can install one to improve its look of it. 

Do all gas fireplaces have a pilot light?

Yes, almost every gas fireplace has a pilot light.

How often should you have your gas fireplace serviced?

You should inspect your gas fireplace once a year if you use it regularly. Otherwise, inspect it after every 3 years if you don’t use it constantly. 

How far away from the fireplace can you activate the fireplace with a remote control?

You can activate the fireplace from 25 feet away from the fireplace with remote control. 

What is the difference between a gas fireplace and a gas insert?

The primary difference between a gas fireplace and a gas insert is the chimney. A built-in gas fireplace doesn’t need a chimney to draw out smoke. But the gas insert requires a chimney. 

Which is better vented or ventless gas fireplace?

A ventless gas fireplace is better compared to the vented one. It is more energy-efficient than a direct vent fireplace as no heat will escape up the flue which saves your gas bills. 

How many hours can you run a gas fireplace?

You can run your ventless gas fireplace for three hours at a time.

What do you do when your gas fireplace won’t light?

If your gas fireplace won’t light, try to light its pilot light by yourself. We hope it will solve your issues.

What does a natural gas conversion kit do?

A natural gas conversion kit makes you enable to transform your propane gas grill into a natural gas grill. 

How high should flames be in a fireplace?

The flame height for a gas fireplace is 3.5 inches. And for a fire pit, it’s 6 inches at the center. 

How do you clean the glass on your fireplace or stove?

Sprinkle a homemade solution of water & vinegar on the glass of your fireplace or gas stove. Then, let it sit by leaving it for a few minutes. Finally, rinse with water and use a soft microfiber cloth to weep. 

Is an electric fireplace better than a gas fireplace insert?

If the heat is your main concern, then a gas fireplace is better than an electric stove. But, if you think about price and energy cost, then an electric fireplace is thousands of times better than a gas fireplace.

Can you have both a gas and wood-burning fireplace at a time in the same place?

No, you can’t have a wood-burning and gas fireplace at a time in the same place. But, you can convert your wood-burning to a gas fireplace or gas to a wood-burning one.

Final Words

After reading the article, now you are wise enough and know everything to convert a manual gas fireplace to a remote control one. Right?

So, converting a  manual gas fireplace into a remote control is SIMPLE for you right at this moment. You just need to get a thermostat and install it following the above easy steps to update your fireplace & make your living space cozy and super comfortable.

Also turning your manual gas fireplace to remote control will help you to operate the fireplace safely when your gas fireplace mantel gets hot.

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