Crown Boiler Troubleshooting [7 Easy Solutions]

Typical boiler problems include not turning on, low boiler pressure, leaking water, boiler not heating, or poor heating. Additionally, malfunctioning of the radiator, boiler not responding to the thermostat is also in the row of several boiler problems.

crown boiler troubleshooting

If you are in trouble with any of the issues in your crown boiler, don’t go anywhere. Our crown boiler troubleshooting guide will help you in this case. So, stay connected with us.

Crown Boiler Troubleshooting [7 Easy Solutions]

Here we have listed 7 common problems with quick, effective solutions. Just go through our suggested solution methods for your boiler problem.

Moreover, it will lessen the hassle of reading the crown boiler manual. So, without wasting any more time, scroll down and start reading in-depth. 

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1. Boiler Won’t Turn On

Several reasons are responsible for causing this problem. Typical causes are faulty power supply, blown boiler fuse or circuit breaker, and defective boiler control panel.

Also, tripped breaker, broken power light, and low gas pressure lead to this issue. Anyways, you will need some effective troubleshooting to get rid of this problem. You may see our below-mentioned steps:


  • First, check the power supply of the unit. In the case of a low power supply, you have to fix it quickly.
  • Check the fuse whether it is well functioning. Replace the fuse if you find any defect there.
  • If you notice that the control panel has failed to work, you must contact crown boiler customer service.
  • Power light failure is rare in this issue, but it’s not a bad idea to check it. If it is broken, you have to replace it. Contact a manufacturer if it seems complicated to you.
  • If your appliance doesn’t get enough pressure and causing this issue, see the below section. 

2. Low Boiler Pressure

The Boiler pressure gauge measures the amount of water passing through the central system, which is boiler pressure. Showing the gauge’s needle between 1 and 2 defines that the unit is in the ideal pressure.

But if it becomes low, the unit will stop normal working. Water leaking and bleeding radiator are the two major reasons for occurring this problem. If you are troubled with this issue, fix it by the following steps:


  • First, turn off the boiler and unplug it. 
  • Leave it for some while to let it cool.
  • Then, you will see a metal hose attached to two valves. It is a filling loop of the boiler. Now locate the filling loop on the right angle and ensure both of the same directions.
  • Now open the valves in order to let normal water flow into the system.
  • It’s time to measure the pressure in the gauge. If it reaches one, then the problem is solved.
  • Now locate the valves to the previous position. Before tightening it, release some water from the loop to ensure normal water flow.
  • Turn on the boiler again, and it is at normal pressure. 

3. Boiler Leaking Water

Crown boiler leaking water is the most common problem among the user. Some simple steps you can quickly fix the issue. But before going through the solutions, you should know the reasons behind this.

Some possible causes are the unit’s improper installment, faulty or leaking pump seal, defective pressure relief valve, and leaking water from a pipe.


  • If the problem is in the boiler circulator, you must replace the pump seal. You may call the manufacturer to do this.
  • Now come to the pressure relief valve. If it is damaged, there is no way but to replace it.
  • But if the relief valve is leaking, you may fix it. For this, open the valve and discharge water for a while to let the valve closer. Repeat twice or thrice to fix this.
  • Also, check if the boiler is installed correctly or not.  

4. Boiler Not Heating Or Poor Heating

The possible reasons for crown boiler no heating or poor heating problems are:

  • Not enough power supply.
  • Malfunctioning of the pilot light
  • Incorrect thermostat setting
  • Defective pump seal
  • Blocked valve
  • The electric ignition system malfunctioned


  • Replace the blown fuse if there have. In the case of tripped breaker, reset it manually.
  • Open the valves again in the correct way.
  • Make sure pilot lights are functioning well. If not, relight it.
  • Verify that the thermostat is set to “Heat.” Also, always set the temperature higher than the current room temperate.
  • Replace the defective pump seal.

5. Radiator Not Heating

Typical reasons for the crown boiler radiator not heating issue are defective zone valve, trapped air in the radiator, defective circulator, or pump seal. It would be better to apply below DIY fixing methods to fix this issue. 


  • If you find any faulty zone valves or circulars, replace them with new ones. Take professional help if needed.
  • Besides, don’t forget to check the pipeline as well. As because eroded pipe often cause this problem.
  • Finally, remove trapped air from the radiator valve.

6. Boiler Noisy Pipes

Some of the common issues lead to the boiler producing excessive noses. The Damaged circulator pump is the main of them.

Loosen internal parts, sludge heat exchanger, dirty conductor, trapped air in the pipeline cause various strange noises. For example, whistling, banging, clanging, buzzing, humming.


  • First, identify where the problem in your crown boiler.
  • Replace damaged circulator pump.
  • Inspect the boiler and tighten all loose parts.
  • Clean out the conductor and heat exchanger properly. 
  • Don’t forget to remove trapped air from the pipeline. 

7. Boiler Not Responding To The Thermostat

Crown boiler doesn’t respond to the thermostat due to insufficient power supply, damaged thermostat batteries, incorrect temperature settings, broken or defective boiler, faulty wiring, damaged components, wrong installment of the thermostat. However, you may try to fix this by the below methods:


  • First, scrutinize the thermoset. 
  • Then, check if the battery is dead or any loose wires there. Replace the batteries and wires also if needed.
  • Also, make sure the proper power supply is in the appliance.
  • Install the thermoset in a better location.
  • Set the thermostat power always high than the room temperature.
  • If all that doesn’t work, contact customer service. 


Why does my crown boiler keep turning off?

The boiler keeps turning off due to the wrong thermostat setting, blocked internal components, low boiler pressure, trapped air within the system, and faulty thermocouple.

How to troubleshoot boiler frozen condensate pipe?

To unfreeze the frozen part, take a hot water bag or bottle. Then hold it on the frozen area for a few while. Besides, pour warm water over this. But be careful that you are not using boiling water for this.

Final verdict:

Here we have tried our best to assemble all pieces of information related to crown boiler most happening issues. Hopefully, our comprehensive discussion has become much informative for you.

Still, if you are with any questions, feel free to ask us in the comment section. We’ll be happy to help you.

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  1. went to turn on heat…no response from boiler…i turned the switch off waited then back on.

    boiler is flashing 378???

    boiler was working all winter fine.

  2. New Crown Aruba 70btu boiler model AWR070BNT3SU1. On ititial start up digital readout indicates StR 1, then goes thru checks and after a minute ends up Err64. The manual only gives vague reference to soft lockout due to internal fault but then seems to indicate a problem with the flue damper. (it seems to operate fine). Any suggestions to narrow the problem down?


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