Dimplex Electric Fireplace Not Blowing Heat [Why + How To Fix]

The major reasons behind Dimplex electric fireplace not blowing heat include:

  • Low-temperature setting.
  • Worn-out heating element.
  • A faulty blower assembly.
  • Loose connection in the electrical wiring.

Else, malfunctions of the heat safety switch or lack of airflow through the unit due to blockage in the air inlet or outlet are the leading reason why your electric fireplace is blowing cold air.  

Anyway, when this happens, you can simply reset the unit through the main power switch. Let the fireplace reset for 5 minutes before plugging it in again. Besides, ensure that the heater switch on/off is turned on. If still the same situation, you may have a failing blower assembly or broken heating element that needs replacement. 

Keep on reading this comprehensive guide to getting to know how to fix this major fireplace heating issue quite easily. 

Quick Solutions For Dimplex Electric Fireplaces Not Blowing Heat

Before heading to the detailed troubleshooting, let’s walk you through a quick table highlighting all the probable reasons with their effective solutions:

Probable Reasons Possible Solutions
Wrong temperature setting > Ensure the ON/OFF switch on the control panel is turned on. 
> Set the temperature higher than the room temperature. 
The heater gets overheated > Reset the unit from the main power switch.
> Wait for up to 5 minutes before switching back it on. 
Worn-out heating element > Inspect and remove the accumulated dirt and debris from the blower assembly.
> Test the continuity of the fan motor.
> If needed, replace it. 
Dimplex electric fireplace blower not working> Inspect and remove the accumulated dirt and debris from the blower assembly.
> Test the continuity of the fan motor.If needed, replace it. 
Loose or damaged electrical wiring> Look for any frayed or damaged wiring connection from the inside of the unit.
> Make sure all the electrical contacts are intact. 
> Tighten the loose wires and replace the damaged ones. 
Malfunctioning of the safety switch > Inspect the safety switch for any dirt or soot buildup.
> Clean it properly using a thin file or sandpaper.
> Test the switch as well and replace it if you find any malfunctions. 
Blocked air inlet or outlet> Clean the blocked air inlet or outlet passages. 

Why Is My Dimplex Electric Fireplace Not Blowing Heat [7 Easy Solutions]

Here are all the reasons described well behind why your electric fireplace is blowing cold air with solutions. To fix your fireplace issue, make sure you have gone through each of the troubleshooting sections sensibly:

Note: Read our guide on dimplex electric fireplace troubleshooting guide.

1. Wrong Temperature Setting

If there is no heat in your Dimplex electric fireplace or the fan is blowing cold air, it would simply be related to the thermostat setting. Higher chances are you’ve set the temperature low or wrong for why you are encountering such issues. The fireplace may not be plugged in on the main power line or wall socket firmly. 

Also, there is a power switch on the fireplace control itself. The unit will fail to provide heat if this switch is not turned on. Another major mistake that the user often do is setting the thermostat below the actual temperature.

Basically, the thermostat dialer helps to keep the room at a constant set temperature. Also, the fireplace is designed to automatically adjust the heat output to keep the room at this temperature. 

But in case, the room temperature is already above the set temperature, there will be no chance of blowing heat for the heater.

So, first, let’s start with some of the simpler ways to fix all the above common issues:

What To Do:

As for the first step, head to the main power line where your heater is plugged in. Ensure the power cord is inserted firmly into the wall socket. 

Now check the ON/OFF switch of the unit. If it is tuned off the heating element will automatically stop working. Flick the switch to turn it on. In case, the switch is stuck, try cleaning it using a cotton swab.

Just beside the ON/OFF switch, there is a “—“button to control the flame effect. Pressing this button will sequentially through the three levels of the fireplace.

  1. Flame only
  2. To flame and low heat
  3. To flame and high heat.

Now, this time you need to check and set the temperature higher than your current room temperature. It will be better to turn it up about 5 degrees. After doing all these steps, hope that your fireplace has started giving heat. If not, proceed to the next step. 

2. Your Electric Fireplace Needs Reset

After ensuring the proper temperature setting in your fireplace unit and still there is no heat, there might a minor glitch in the overall functions of this electrical appliance. A restart of the fireplace will effectively work here. 

It will help to set all the programs of the unit into a default setting. After restarting the fireplace, you will get back it up again as good as new.

Now certainly you are wondering about resetting your fireplace. Go through the below sections:

How Do I Reset My Dimplex Electric Fireplace

Follow the step-by-step procedures to reset your Dimplex Electric fireplace:

Step #1: At first, you need to isolate the power supply to your fireplace. To do this, turn off the power at the fuse box or from the wall outlet where your appliance is plugged in.

Step #2: Now wait for 5 minutes.

Step #3: Plug the unit back in and turn on the fireplace using your remote control or from the control panel. 

Step #4: Your fireplace is being reset and it should be working properly again

3. Worn-out Heating Element

A worn-out heating element is a leading reason if any fireplace is stopped working or not blowing hot air. A heating element is an essential component in the fireplace, located inside an electric fireplace. It mainly converts electrical energy into heat or thermal energy through the process of resistance and produces heat.

dimplex electric fireplace worn-out heating element

After long use, this component tends to be worn out or damaged which stops the overall heating process. Once the heating element is defective, you’ll need to go through a deep inspection of the elements to find whether it can be repaired. 

At times, a buildup of dirt or dust causes the heating elements to overheat which turns off the heating. In that case, only cleaning the component and its housing will fix the issues. 

But in case it is beyond repairing, replacing the defective part will be the one solution. 

How To Fix:

First off, turn off the fireplace and unplug the power cord from the power outlet. Now, unscrew the front panel of the unit that is typically located on the back of the unit. Or, its location may vary across different models of Dimplex fireplaces.

Anyway, remove the cover and inspect the heating element. You will find the heating element is connected to the housing through a few wiring. 

heating element is connected to the housing through a few wiring

First, check all the wiring to see whether there are intact and in well working condition. Tighten the loose wiring and replace it if any of it gets damaged.

Now take a multimeter and check the continuity of the element. If there is no continuity, be sure the component is defective and you need to replace it. We recommend consulting a professional to replace the bad heating element.

4. Faulty Blower Motor

Unlike heating elements, the blower motor is an essential component of the fireplace unit that helps to push warm air out and circulate the air throughout your room. Generally, the blower is located at the back of the heating compartment from where it sucks in air. 

When the sucked air moves around the warm fireplace, it increases the room temperature. Anyway, if the blower stops running, your fireplace automatically won’t produce heat.

There are various reasons why the blower stops working in your electric fireplace. The major ones include:

  • Accumulation of dust and debris on the fan blades.
  • Loose or worn-out motor wiring.
  • The fan motor may wear out.
  • Or the blower assembly is broken itself. 

How To Fix:

Go through the below fixing steps for your Electric fireplace Fan issue when it stops running:

Step #1: First off, turn off your fireplace, and disconnect the power connection from the wall socket before handling the fan. 

Step #2: Now, unscrew the front panel and inspect the blower assembly.

Step #3: Remove any dust and debris accumulated on the fan blades using a soft cloth or brush.

Step #4: Now take a vacuum cleaner, attached it with a hose and brush, and clean out the blower assembly. Here, you can use compressed air to effectively blow out all the hard-to-reach places.

Step #5: When done, inspect the fan motor to see whether it is worn out or not functioning properly. If needed, replace the faulty fan motor. Now try to turn the fan blades and check whether it is running freely. If not, spray the fan bearings with WD40. 

Step #6: If there is no issue in the fan motor, look for any loose or frayed wires. Take electrical tape to secure the loose wiring. Finally, reassemble the firebox and plug your electric fireplace back

Step #7: In case there is the same issue, check the blower motor using a multimeter. If there is no continuity, be sure it is time to replace the faulty blower assembly. 

5. Loose Connection In The Electrical Wiring

If still, the heating problem is persisting in your Dimplex electric fireplace, the best chances are that there are loose electrical connections inside the unit. After long use, the internal wiring may be frayed, loose, or damaged because of overheating, power surges, and other such issues.

At times, due to mishandling appliances, the inside wiring harnesses get loosened, and for why the heating element isn’t working. Also, the circuit breaker may trip if there’s a short in the wiring. 

How To Fix:

  • If you suspect there is an electrical wiring issue with your fireplace, do the following:
  • Inspect each of the electric connections and look for any frayed ones. Replace the worn-out wires.
  • Check each of the wiring connections going to the heating element and thermostat. If any wire has been broken free from the connector, you may need to re-solder them. For this instance, you may call a pro for help or simply follow the below effective video to make all the tasks easier:

6. Malfunctioning Of The Safety Switch

In almost all electrical fireplaces including the Dimplex models, there is a safety switch that is designed to control the heater and fan. Basically, the core function of this switch is turning off the heating element and disconnecting the circuit if the unit gets overheated.  But it remains inactive while you operate your fireplace normally.

malfunctioning of the safety switch

After long usage, it’s common to build up carbon or soot on the electrical contact of the safety switch, leading to its malfunctions. In case, the safety switch starts malfunctioning or not operating properly, it disrupts the electric circuit of the unit. Consequently, the overall heating process will stop automatically.  

How To Fix:

Here is all you need to do to fix the safety switch of your electric fireplace:

Phase#1: Disassembling

First off, unplug your fireplace from the power connection. De-solder the fireplace from the wall mount and place it upside down on a rug. 

Now, now remove the front panel to inspect the blower and heater assembly. Then unscrew the heater and fan assembly to inspect the heat safety switch clearly. Disconnect all the wiring connections to the switch and take it out. 

Phase #2: Cleaning 

In this phase, clean out the switch from the bottom and top using a thin strip of sandpaper. You will find two sides on the switch, holding a small metal button on each side. Don’t miss to scrub the button’s contact as well.

Phase #3: Testing & Replacing 

After cleaning, it’s time to test the conduit of the switch. For this instance, take an electrical tester and measure between the two sides of the safety switch. It should give a reading near zero. If not, be sure the switch is faulty and you need to replace it as soon as possible to get back the heat into normal operation.

7. Blockage In The Air Inlet/Outlet

Lack of airflow is one of the leading reasons which is why a fireplace fails to blow heat. This mainly only occurs when the air inlet or outlet passages gets blocked by dirt and debris. 

If the air inlet is blocked, it will prevent air from circulating through the heating element. Besides, a blocked outlet will prevent the warm air from being circulated throughout the entire room.

If that is so, you need to clean the blocked passages of the fireplace in order to work as it should.

How To Fix:

Typical inlet and outlet vents are located on the base of the electric fireplace. It may be the front or back of the unit based on the different models.

To clean the inlet and outlet vents, take a damp cloth and wipe down the passages. Instead, you can vacuum to gently remove dust.

Note: You need to clean the inlet and outlet to your electric fireplace once or twice a week in order to keep it dust and blockage free.  


Do electric fireplaces have blower fans on?

Yes! Most electric fireplaces have integrated heating elements and fans to produce heat. The fan is designed to draw cold air into the heater. After producing the warm air through the heating element, it circulates it into the room through the vents.

How do I reset my Dimplex electric fireplace remote?

You can reset your electric fireplace remote in a simple way. Press and hold the initialization button on the control panel. While doing this, press the ON/Off button on the remote control. When done, release the initialized button.

Is there a reset button on Dimplex electric fireplace?

Most electric fireplaces have an integrated reset button but the Dimplex model have not. In such cases, you need to reset the unit by switching the Main Power switch to the OFF position for 5 minutes. Then plug it back in.

In Bottom

Your newer Dimplex electric is certainly the best way to get you warmer on a chilly evening. But nothing is more annoying than when it starts blowing cold air not blowing heat at all. That’s the point, the users start struggling to find the probable reason for this happening. 

Through this comprehensive guide, we have discussed how to fix an electric fireplace with no heat with the responsive factors behind this issue. Are you still struggling with your Dimplex electric fireplace not blowing heat? Hopefully not! After thoroughly reading, there should be no confusion left over about the fact. 

If you still any have, don’t delay to let us know through comments. We will come back with the best solutions. 

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