Dimplex Electric Fireplace Troubleshooting Guide [7 Easy Fixes]

Dimplex electric fireplace troubleshooting is as simple as the Avalon pellet stove troubleshooting. Just keep reading our simple troubleshooting guide. You will get easy and simple solutions to the following issues with your Dimplex electric fireplace.

  • Remote control not working
  • The fireplace showing error codes
  • How to reset your Dimplex fireplace
  • How to unlock your Dimplex heater
  • Dimplex thermostat troubleshooting
  • Fireplace flame is frozen
  • The fireplace turns on/off by itself

So, let’s get started…….

7 Dimplex Electric Fireplace Troubleshooting

Here’s a list of the most common issues faced by the consumers of Dimplex Electric Fireplace. 

1. Dimplex Remote Control Not Working

A few possible causes that are responsible for your Dimplex electric fireplace remote not working are:

  • Improper operation
  • An outside source may be causing a radio frequency disturbance.
  • The batteries could be dead.
  • The remote may not be initialized with the fireplace.
  • The remote may need replacement.
  • The remote receiver could be broken and in need of replacement.


See which of the causes is applicable in your case. Eliminate the causes one by one. Reading the user’s manual to see if you are handling the remote correctly, replacing batteries, and checking if there’s any other source causing radio frequency disturbance is easy to do.

If your Dimplex electric fireplace is new, the most likely cause of your remote control transmitter not working is that you haven’t initialized the remote control to the fireplace. If you haven’t initialized your remote control, here’s how you do it.

  • Make sure that the power supply through the main service panel is on.
  • You’ll need to access the manual controls. For some models, you’ll have to pull down the grill or remove the glass doors. You may also need to pull out the right-side steel curtain.
  • Find the manual controls.
  • Turn on the main power switch.
  • You’ll find a switch marked as ‘ON’. Press and hold it for 5 seconds.
  • Press the ON button on the remote control. After this, your fireplace remote receiver will be synchronized with the transmitter.

If you have checked the first four causes and your remote is still not working, your remote possibly needs a replacement. After checking with a new remote, you’ll need to replace the remote receiver if the issue is still unfixed. 

2. Dimplex Error Codes

If you’ve been using a Dimplex Electric Fireplace for a while, you may come across this issue. Your fireplace shows an error code on the LCD panel and you can’t adjust the temperature and set the timer of your fireplace. 

Basically, your fireplace is locked down and you can’t get heat from it. Don’t worry if this happens. It is easily fixable and we’ll tell you how. But first, let’s have a look at what causes these errors to occur.

Reasons For Showing Error Codes:

Different error codes are displayed by a Dimplex fireplace. Dimplex uses a number system to indicate errors. Each number is assigned to a specific cause. Here’s a list of the error codes and their causes.

E1: This error indicates an open circuit or short circuit in the temperature sensor and PCB.

E2: Indicates open circuit or short circuit in temperature sensor, copper tube, and PCB.

E4: Indicates the internal water container is full. Refer to WATER DRAIN

E22: Component thermistor hardware fault

E30-34: Component overheat

E40: Internal serial communications error 

E41: Heating element fault 

E50: Open window detected 

E52: Heat output disabled 

E53: Time loss error 

E54: Occupancy sensor not detected 

E55: Unknown error 

E60: Wireless communication module error 

E61: Hub connection error


  • Unplug the fireplace. Leave it unplugged for a minimum of 5 minute
  • Plug it back in and turn your fireplace on. Check the heat settings to ensure it is running alright.
  • If you’ve been using your fireplace continuously, this problem may reoccur once or twice. But if it is happening more than that, note down the serial number given at the back of your firebox. Let the Dimplex customer care know how often this issue is happening and they’ll fix the issue for you. You may need to replace a part of your fireplace.

3. Dimplex Heater Locked

The reasons behind your heater getting locked are:

  • You may have enabled the child lock.
  • You may have enabled PIN Lock. 

How To Unlock Dimplex Heater

i) For Child lock

Press the back button and enter the button together. Hold for three seconds. The fireplace will be unlocked.

ii) For PIN Lock

  • Press the Menu button.
  • Select ‘Unlock’.
  • Enter the PIN code. The device will be unlocked.

4. How To Reset Dimplex Heater

Here are the steps to reset a Dimplex Heater.

  • Make sure you isolate the supply. You can turn off the power at the fusebox or the power inlet where your heater is plugged in.
  • You’ll need to grab a grip. There are two screws on either side of the heater. Unscrew them with the grip. 
  • You can now easily remove the front cover of the heater. Hold the heater from both sides and lift the cover up to remove it.
  • On the top of the heater, you’ll see the reset button. 
  • Use an insulated screwdriver to push the button down till you hear a click.
  • Your heater will be reset. Now, put the front cover back on and screw it on tightly.

5. Dimplex Thermostat Troubleshooting

Problem 1:

The LCD screen is blank or abnormal


  • Make sure the thermostat is fully installed.
  • Make sure that the power has been reconnected at the fuse or the circuit breaker.
  • Your heater may have a power switch of its own. If it does, check that it is in the ON position.

Problem 2:

Your thermostat housing is too hot for you to touch.


Actually, there is no solution to this issue. It is normal for the thermostat housing to reach a temperature of 45-50 degrees Centigrade while working at full capacity. You don’t have to worry about this. The heating of the thermostat doesn’t affect its operation.

However, you should be careful to keep any flammable or heat-sensitive material away from the thermostat housing. 

Problem 3:

The bottom pane of the LCD is blinking.


Don’t press any buttons for 16 seconds. You’ll see that the display has returned to the “current temperature mode” on its own.

Problem 4:

You can’t change the temperature settings.


Check that the temperature is within the acceptable range of 5-35 degrees Centigrade.

6. Dimplex Electric Fireplace No Flame/Frozen

When you find Dimplex electric fire flame effect not working, the followings may be the cause:

  • The wiring is loose.
  • The flicker motor may be defective. 
  • The LED driver board may be defective.


  • Check whether the wiring is loose. If so, fix it.
  • If the flicker motor or LED driver board is defective, you may have to replace them.

7. Unit Turns On/Off By Itself

Your Dimplex is turning on and off by itself due to:

  • The remote control of the fireplace has the same frequency as any other remote control transmitter in your house.
  • Outside radio frequency disturbances.
  • The fireplace remote receiver may be broken.


  • Try replacing the remote control. Don’t forget to initialize the new remote control to the receiver.
  • You will need to replace the remote control receiver if that doesn’t work.

How Do You Clean a Dimplex Heater?

Here are the steps to clean a Dimplex electric heater:

  • Turn off the power supply. Wait for the heater to cool. 
  • Take a clean microfiber duster. Remove loose dust with it.
  • With a damp sponge, wipe down the surface of the heater. Let the heater dry.
  • If your heater has a cover, remove it. Use a compressed air duster on the heater’s interior compartment. This will clean the loose dirt as well as any debris that’s in there.
  • For an uncovered space heater, the process is different. The heater’s vents and slats should be cleaned with the nozzle of the compressed air duster. You can clean out the heating element if needed, by spraying air on it.
  • Next, take a vacuum that has a brush attached to the hose. Delicately remove dust from the interior of the heater by vacuuming. While vacuuming a space heater, focus on the vents of the heater. Vacuum away all dirt from there. 
  • Except for coverless electric space heaters, at this stage, you can clean any heater’s interior surface with a damp sponge. After wiping down, let it dry.
  • If your heater has a cover, vacuum it to clean and use brush attachments to remove dirt from the fins before putting it back on. Use brush attachments to remove dirt from the fins. 

Is It OK To Leave An Electric Fireplace On all Night?

There is no reason why you can’t keep it on except for the following situations:

  • If you are using an extension cord for your fireplace, it isn’t safe to keep it on overnight. 
  • Also, if your fireplace smells a bit weird or isn’t functioning properly, don’t keep it on overnight.

However, it is best practice if you turn it off when you won’t be in the room or will be sleeping. For one thing, it will raise your utility bills a lot. You can save yourself a lot of money and worry if you set your fireplace’s climatic controls at a medium temperature. In this setting, your fireplace will turn off automatically when your room is adequately heated.


Where is my Dimplex serial number?

You can find it in three different places. They are on top of the unit or the right-hand side of the unit or the behind the control unit.


Dimplex electric fireplaces are one of the best in the market. Yet, you may sometimes feel difficulty in operating it. Hopefully, our guide on Dimplex electric fireplace troubleshooting will help you whenever you face any issues.

If you have any further queries, feel free to comment below. We’ll try our best to help you out.

55 thoughts on “Dimplex Electric Fireplace Troubleshooting Guide [7 Easy Fixes]”

    • Hi Gloria

      Please check if the wiring is loose. If loos, fix it. Then check the flicker motor. If the motor is defective, the flame will be frozen. And finally, check the LED driver board. If the board is defective, you will face low flame. I hope, you will get the solution.


  1. Hi I have the clb20n.
    It has stopped working.
    The most it will do is switch on the flame effect for less than a second then it goes off.
    At which time you can see a small glowing red light on the right hand side of the backplate.
    Please help

    • Hi Gary

      Please check your fireplace circuit breaker. When the circuit breaker gets tripped, it may happen. The solution is as easy as flipping it back on. After checking the circuit breaker and fuse, move on to other parts of the electric fireplace. Also, investigate if there are any loose connections with the cables.

      I hope, you will the solution.


  2. Hello William,
    We purchased a condo that had one of these installed in it, but we can’t seem to get it to produce heat. There’s a wall switch (looking like a light switch) that seems to turn the unit on, and then three individual power switches hidden at the base of this model (one for the lighting effects, one for the fan, and one for something else?). We can turn it on, hear the fan running, and see the fake flames, but feel no heat. I can find a label with the serial number, but no model number.

    The previous owners left us no remote or owner’s manual for it. Do you have any idea what could be wrong or how to troubleshoot it? Thanks.

  3. Should there be an increase in heat produced when the thermostat is increased? It seems to remain the same and I would like more heat!
    I have a just installed a Dimplex Revillusion, model RBF30WC.

    • Hi Julie

      You can get more heat from your electric fireplace by installing a damper cap, running your ceiling fan clockwise, and installing tempered windows. Plus, check all insulation and weather stripping and make sure there is a leak. I hope, you will get more heat.


  4. Dimplex fireplace: After unplugging it to reset the unit it works for a short time. Then the log is no longer illuminated and the heat stops. The rest of the flame is working. And if you turn the flame off then the heat works

    • Hi Michael

      When the flame on an electric fireplace not working, the bulb can be the culprit. You need to replace the bulb if no flame effects are being displayed.


  5. Hello
    I’ve had my Dimplex electric stove heater for years, but now the heater stops working after a few minutes.
    I took the heater unit off and cleaned it. That didn’t work.
    It will blow warm air for a couple of minutes and then stop, and not start again until I turn it off for a while, and then back on.

    • Hi Patti

      Overheating, restricted airflow, faulty temperature settings, dirty heating elements, and faulty bulbs can be the prime reasons for this malfunction. Check all these facts. Hope, you will get the solution.


  6. William,


    I purchased a Dimplex Chelsea TV stand/electric fireplace and set it up yesterday. The stand came with wheels, but I opted to not install them, so the unit is setting on my wood floor. The LED screen works fine, but the heater will only stay on for a couple minutes before shutting off. I’m wondering that since it is sitting directly on the floor, that the unit might be overheating, triggering the auto shut off.

    Thanks for your help.

    • Hi Dave

      The dusty air filter is one of the culprits which trigger the fireplace’s auto shut-off problem. As you set it directly on the floor, perhaps more dust and debris are building in it. As a result, it creates a lazy flame and triggers the auto shut-off process. Fix all the facts, hope you will get the solution.


    • Hi Ruthie

      Your fireplace may stop doing anything for various reasons including short running cycles, power source issues, inconsistent flame, unresponsive fireplace remote etc. Very first you should contact a technician to check which issue is responsible for creating trouble. And then fix it.


  7. I have an electric DimPlex fire insert the switches on the wall that I turn it on and off. It was working I turned off the blower and then everything quit working I have no flame or blower I have checked the Circuit breaker everything is good there.

  8. My dimplex remote control LCD still on even the backlit is off…its drained the battery fast.
    Is that problem is normal or need to replace …

      • Have had a Dimplex insert 2 years. It does not blow heat, and it is very noisy with fan on. It is connected 110. Any suggestions?

        • Hi Jeff

          Your fireplace is making a sound because of the years of rotation, its nuts, screws, and bolts might become loose. Check all the nuts, screws, and bolts around the fan and fix them. Sound may be coming due to a faulty motor.

          And your fireplace is not blowing heat because you might set the thermostat below the actual temperature while keeping the fan switch on. Plus the manual reset might have tripped. Check all these issues and fix them. Hope, you will get a solution.


  9. Great site! We have a Dimplex Model # 6901860400 that recently has been acting up. Using the remote it turns on just fine, but we are unable to shut it off with the remote. The light on the remote goes on when we push the buttons but the fireplace does not respond to the “off” button. Batteries have been replaced and unit is periodically cleaned. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

  10. I have the allen electric fireplace serial # ww12991-201407369 and i turn it on and it heats then i get an E1 on it. I lost the remote for it.

    • Hi Aimee

      E 1 code is either due to a clogged filter or a tripped tilt switch. Unplug the unit, turn onto the side, then back upright again, and plugin. Clean filter if necessary.


  11. Hi there. I have the Dimplex free-standing electric fireplace. Serial number 19008D4F 002.
    About 4 weeks ago, the unit stopped producing heat . The light is on under and behind the logs, but the flames no longer flicker and there is no longer any heat coming out. I’d love any ideas you might have! Thank you so much for your time.

    • Hi Cynthia

      Do you have a separate switch for the heating element on the side of your fireplace? If yes, make sure that the switch is in the “on” position, otherwise, it disables the heating element to produce heat. Plus, check the heating element which may have burned out. If you get it faulty, repair or replace it.

      Hope you will get the solution.

      Wish you all the best.

  12. Help please, whenever I use the heater on my xlf74 electric fireplace my unit shuts down. Can someone tell me why. And what do I need to do to fix the problem….thank you

    • Hi Gary

      Reset the heater as it may be overheated. When an electric fireplace overheats, it shuts down automatically to protect the fireplace itself or your home from any damage. Plus, you can check the manual to get more instructions.


  13. Have had a Dimplex insert 2 years. It does not blow heat, and it is very noisy with fan on. It is connected 110. Any suggestions?

    • Hi Jeff

      Your fireplace is making a sound because of the years of rotation, its nuts, screws, and bolts might become loose. Check all the nuts, screws, and bolts around the fan and fix them. Sound may be coming due to a faulty motor.

      And your fireplace is not blowing heat because you might set the thermostat below the actual temperature while keeping the fan switch on. Plus the manual reset might have tripped. Check all these issues and fix them. Hope, you will get a solution.


  14. Our unit is 14 years old. Model # is 6901860400. It stopped working entirely; the remote has new batteries. The problem seems to be with the power adapter that the fireplace cord plugs into, which then plugs into the wall outlet. When the cord is plugged straight into the wall, without the adapter, the fireplace can be turned on manually with the switch on the unit itself. The remote still doesn’t work to turn it on or off though. Is the adapter a safety mechanism to keep the plug from overheating, or is it simply what communicates with the remote? Can the fireplace be safely used without the adapter?

  15. Just installed a sil60 dimplex electric fireplace and it works fine with remote but with cover on none of the touchscreen buttons will work. What needs to be done to correct this. Thanks

    • Hi Aaron

      The touchscreen works with the sensor. If you cover it with anything, it can’t sense with your finger. So, if you want your touchscreen to function, don’t cover it anything like clothes.


  16. Dimplex DF2600L: After it’s on for about 2 minutes of heat it blows cold air. The lights, flames and blower continue working.

    • Hi Marshall

      Your Dimplex fireplace blows cold air due to the following reasons-

      1. Tripped manual reset
      2. Setting of the thermostat is below the actual room temperature and the fan which is ‘on’ spreads the cold air after shutting down.

      First, try to find out the main reason behind your issue and then follow the solution guide is given below-

      1. Reset the fireplace. To reset, just turn off the unit, unplug it, and wait 30 minutes to power the unit back.
      2. Ensure the thermostat setting is higher than your room temperature
      3. Check the batteries of the thermostat and replace them if needed
      4. Adjust the fan switch

      Hope you will get the solution.


  17. Dimplex model DS5629GP, serial 22511D3F
    The lights and fake fire work but the heater and blower won’t come on. Remote has been lost so we were controlling it manually. Thermostat clicks as it should when the dial is turned to increase heat setting. Checked resistance and it reads .2 with the circuit open and 62.6 with it closed. Resistance is 8.8 at the blower and 10.03 at the heating element.

    • Hi Christoper

      The heater isn’t working as the heating element may have burnt out of your unit. Check all the electrical wairing and tighten them if there are any loose connections. You may need to replace the heating element.

      Well, a tightly bent or overstretched power cord could be the culprit behind your blower issue. Check the fuse box or breaker for any tripped switchs. Also, check the fuse on the Dimplex fireplace and replace it if needed.It would be better to try another socket.

      However, if you are not comfortable doing the whole process, you can take help from your local Dimplex service center. Before that check the manual for warranty coverage.


  18. Hi, I have blf5051 model fireplace and recently its turning itself on both heating and flame multiple times everyday. I have tried unplugging and plugging back on but the problem persists

    • Hi Peter

      This type of issue may happen if you operate the fireplace with remote control and maybe your unit is also being controlled by another electrical device that is operating on the same radio frequency in your neighborhood as your remote. In this case, to solve this frequency interference issue, contact Dimplex’s technical service department.

      Another probable reason behind the issue is that your fireplace may not be properly grounded. First, check your unit and make sure that the fireplace is properly grounded. It would be wise to hire a professional electrician to check and fix it.

      Hope you can solve the issue.

      All the best.

  19. the Dimples Sierra 48 ” is only about a year old. The glass below the front heat vent has turned dark brown and has a haze look on the glass??? What is the best way to clean the glass??

    • Hi Fred

      To clean the glass of your Dimplex, spray the glass cleaner on the dark glass and wipe it using circular motions with a soft cloth. Dry the glass completely after cleaning.


  20. Recently my Dimplex fireplace turns on when full sunlight hits the sensor- at the same time of day. The window that shines on it is 18 feet from the floor, covering it not an option. The angle is such that I am not finding a way to block the path. I am concerned that it will do so when I am not at home. Currently I am covering the sensor which takes away from the overall look. Any suggestions?

    • Hi Pam

      It’s a good idea you cover the sensor to take away from the sunlight as a primary solution. Plus, it would be wise to unplug the unit When you are not using it or you are not at home.

      To solve the issue permanently, take help from the Dimplex customer support center or your local Dimplex dealer.

      Wish you all the best.

  21. Hallo.my machine shows error with no code.when I press +or- several times it gives a sound like I have reached the limit but no indication of the temperature reading.i lost the remote.the temperature don’t change any way

  22. Help. Have a 22 yr old Dimplex electric fireplace. The on/off switch is stuck and can’t get it to turn off/on. Can you give me suggestions for a fix? Thank you for any help with this problem.

    • Hi Catherine

      To solve the issue, first, check for any defective wiring, tightly bent power cord, or fuse box for any tripped switch that could be the reason behind the problem. If you get them faulty, fix them.

      If it doesn’t work, take help from a technician.

      Wish you all the best.

  23. The opti-myst “flame” is really low. Trying to increase the size with the remote doesn’t work, even though I get a confirmation beep from the unit. I have cleaned it best I can, with no improvement. What am I missing? I’d appreciate any help.


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