Dimplex Fireplace Remote Control Not Working [Why + How To Fix]

The major reasons behind the Dimplex fireplace remote control not working include:

  • Dead batteries.
  • Degradation of the power supply to the unit.
  • The remote control is not initialized with the fireplace.
  • Interference in the radio frequency.
  • The internal defection of the remote. 

Plus signal interference between the remote and unit or malfunctioning of the receiver are some leading reasons for occurring this issue. Or, simply you are not operating the remote as it should.

dimplex fireplace remote control not working

In such cases, simply go through the user’s manual to verify whether you’re using the remote control correctly, replace the dead batteries, and then re-program the remote with the fireplace following the Dimplex fireplace remote control’s correct instructions

If still, the problem persists, be sure it’s time to test the remote receiver. Keep on our complete guide to learning how to do so.

Quick Solutions For Dimplex Fireplace Remote Control Not Working

Before heading to the details, let’s have a short glimpse at the below quick table highlighting all problem reasons for this issue with their quick solutions:

Probable reasonsPossible solutions
Dead batteries> Replace the batteries.
Interruption In Power Supply> Make sure all the buttons on the remote are in well working order. 
Internal functions of the remote > Make sure all the buttons on the remote are in well working order. 
The remote is not initialized with the remote> Initialize the remote control with your fireplace. 
Interference with radio frequency> Reset your Dimplex fireplace remote control to eliminate the frequency interference. 
Signal interference> Make sure you are operating your remote from a 25ft distance and there is no hard obstacle in the path, interrupting the signal. 
The receiver is not working> Install the receiver correctly.
> Replace the dead batteries.
> Perform the learning functions. 
Abnormal operation of the remote > Make sure you’re operating the remote correctly. 
Dead remote > Replace the dead remote. 

Why Is My Dimplex Electric Fireplace Remote Not Working [9 Easy Fixes]

Here are all the reasons behind the malfunctioning of your Dimplex fireplace remote control are included with their effective solutions:

1. Dead Batteries Or Are Installed Incorrectly

If your Dimplex fireplace is not turning on or not operating well by your remote control, the first would be reason is the dead batteries of the remote. Higher chances are the batteries are dead, corroded, or not installed correctly. 

Basically, the remote control sends a strong signal to the electric fireplace. But due to the dead batteries of the remote, you will certainly issue while operating the remote control. Generally, the batteries last up to 6-12 months. In case, you’ve changed the batteries for so long before, it‘s time to replace them with fresh ones. 

What To Do:

Take your fireplace remote control and pop on to open the battery compartment to inspect the batteries. If you have the flat version, simply pinch the left corner of the remote and it should slide out for you.

open the battery compartment to inspect the batteries

Or, depress the tab on the battery cover on the back of the remote control. Remove the battery cover and you will access the battery. Now take out the old batteries and insert the new ones. Replace the battery cover. Also, make sure the Child Lock is in the “unlocked” position.

2. Interruption In The Power Supply To The Fireplace

If still, your remote control isn’t responding even after replacing the batteries, higher chances are you are encountering an interruption in the power supply to your fireplace. Several factors would be responsible here. Like:

  • Tripped circuit breaker
  • Blown out fuse
  • Damaged or burnt-out wiring
  • Non-working power outlet
  • Defective power cord
  • Or the power cord might be tightly bent or over-stretched
  • The main power switch on your fireplace is turned off

How To fix:

As your electric fireplace run on electricity, you need to ensure a good source of main electrical power for your appliance to operate. For this instance, you can check as follows:

electric fireplace run-on is plugged directly into a wall socket

Step #1: First of all, check out the main power switch on the electric fireplace. It should be turned on. 

Step #2: Next, ensure that your fireplace is plugged directly into a wall socket. Also, the power switch on the socket should be turned on. 

Step #3: Also, make sure, the manual switch of your electric fireplace. Otherwise, it will override the signal coming from the remote. 

Step #4: It’s always better to avoid plugging an electric fireplace into an extension cable. If you are plugged in, you need to ensure that the power cable is straight into the wall socket.

Step #5: Above all, make sure that the fireplace isn’t installed in a confined space. There shouldn’t be any obstruction from other components.

Step #6: Don’t miss to check the faulty wiring. Replace the burnt-out or damaged wires.

Step #7: If the problem is occurring from the tripped circuit breaker, just reset the breaker and it will be resolved. Inspect the fuse on your fireplace if any have. Replace it if necessary.

Step #8: You can try it out by plugging your fireplace into another wall socket and see if it will turn on. 

3. Problems With Remote Control Buttons

If your remote control is not working, the problem may lie in the internal functions. There would be a few buttons (on/off) that are not operating when pressed. This is quite common as you are using these buttons more frequently. 

Or, the condition of the remote is the culprit itself, like, any of the internal wiring or electric connection of the remote has been damaged 

What To Do:

The quickest way to test the remote power button is to turn on the fireplace manually and see if other buttons work. If it is working, be sure the problem is only the power button.

In case not, higher chances are the internal wiring is not in good condition. For this instance, your remote control needs service. If you are inclined to this fact, we recommend taking the remote to a technician to resolve the problem.

4. The Remote Control May Not Be Initialized With The Fireplace

Most of the time, the remote control is not initialized with the fireplace which is why it fails to respond well. This is like you need to program a universal TV control, the same as your fireplace remote control needs to be set up. 

At times, users forget to initialize the remote after first getting up. Well, if you have also installed the fireplace just now and haven’t programmed the remote control yet, it‘s time to do that.

How To Set Up Dimplex Fireplace Remote Control?

To set up the remote control, simply go through the provided owner manual with your fireplace or you can follow the below-suggested steps. 

Step #1: First off locate the On/Off Switch from the lower right-hand corner of your fireplace. Make sure it is in the “ON” position.

locate the dimplex electric fireplace on and off switch

Step #2: Now, set the Three Position Manual Control to the remote position. You will find the button on the upper right side of the firebox.  This will be the far-right position.

Step #3: Now locate the initialization button just next to the three-position button. Press and hold this button.

Step #4: While holding the Initialization Button simultaneously, press the Flame/ Heat On/Off button or the Purifier On/Off button on the remote control.

initialization button simultaneously, press the flame, heat on & off button

Step #5: When done, release the initialized button.

Step #6: That’s all you have done! The firebox is ready for remote operation. Now simply press the Flame/Heat On/Off button to turn on the Heat function.

5. Interference With Radio Frequency

Interference with the remote radio frequency is another leading reason in case your fireplace remote control is not operating. Radio frequency interference is basically a disturbance from any external source that disrupts the normal functions of your fireplace remote control. 

Consequently, the higher possibility is that the radio frequency from the neighbor’s remote is interfering with your remote control. This is the circumstance that the neighbor device is using the same IR as your fireplace is remote.

What To Do:

As for the solution, you need to set a different frequency of your remote control to communicate with the fireplace.  Also, it will eliminate interference.  But first, make sure there is no electric device or remote control nearer to your fireplace. Then proceed to the below resetting procedures:

How Do I Reset My Dimplex Remote

Here is how you will reset your Dimplex remote:

Step #1: Take your remote control and press the “Sleep Timer Down” button and the “Purifire™ Speed Down” button.

Step #2: Press both buttons simultaneously until “COD” appears in place of the sleep timer digits.

Step #3: When done, Release the button. Now press and hold the Initialization button on your fireplace.

Step #4: Then press the “Flame & Heat On/Of” button on the remote control and that’s all you have done!

Signal Interference Due To Poor Installation

If still, the remote control is not working well, there might be a single interference due to an incorrect installation of the fireplace or the receiver. Generally, you need to set the receiver up to 25 feet distance of the remote in order to operate it fluently. If you are operating your remote control higher than this range, be sure the problem is occurring from here.

What To Do:

As a solution, head to your fireplace receiver and change its position of it. You can test the receiver by setting it at different points on the fireplace. Find out which position is providing the strong and clearest signal. 

When done, secure the receiver at that place. Also, it is good to inspect the receiver regularly whether it is staying in the same position.

7. Fireplace Remote Receiver Not Working

If you replace the batteries in your remote and still it’s not working, the problem would be relatable to the non-operational receiver. A receiver is basically a little box, secured within the control cavity of your fireplace that picks up the signals from your remote to tell it what to do. 

fireplace remote receiver not working

Unlike the remote control, the receiver is also equipping a few batteries that might be dead. Along with this, there might be a few more reasons why it’s started malfunctioning. Like:

The wiring of the receiver to the terminals is not secured or your receiver box is broken itself.  At times, if the receiver is not installed correctly or there’s anything physically that’s obstructing it from getting a clear signal from the remote control.

How To Fix:

If you’re not getting the receiver to work with your fireplace, follow the below simple troubleshooting steps to get it working again:

i). Locate The Receiver & Position It Correctly

First of all, locate the receiver and ensure it is positioned correctly. For this instance, you may go through the manual. Also, check whether there is anything hard object that is creating obstructions from getting a clear signal. 

Just remove the obstacles from the path. Ensure the wires are securely tight to the terminals. If not, fix it. 

Now, slide the slider switch on the receiver box to the “On” position. Right then, your fireplace should turn on. If not, more likely you’ll need to service it. Without worrying, proceed to the next step:

ii) Replace The Batteries

Now pop off the back cover of the receiver box, take out the batteries, and replace them with fresh ones. 

 replace the batteries

Make sure you’ve inserted the batteries in the positive and negative terminals correctly.

iii) Perform The Learn Function

Just after installing the new batteries of the receiver box, you need to re-sync the unit. To do so, you need to locate the “Learn” button on the receiver box. If you are confused, just see the picture below:

perform the learn function

First off, make sure the slide switch on the receiver is in the correct position. It should be right to the “Learn” button. Now, simply press and release the button quickly and a beeping noise will confirm you have a successful re-syncing. 

When you hear the beeping noise, press the “On” button on your remote control. At this point, you will hear a beeping noise again, and the fireplace should turn on.

iv) Reset The Memory

After performing all the above steps quite perfectly and still, you can’t get your remote to work, be sure this is the time you need to reset the memory. Basically, every receiver of the electric fireplace has a memory that stores the signals from the remote control. 

Most of the time, the memory of the box gets filled up and for that reason, it fails to incorporate with the learn function.  A simple reset will be enough to resolve the issue. To do so, press the Learn” button with a pen or any sharp object. Keep holding it for 10-15 seconds. 

 reset the memory

Release the button when you hear consecutive beeps, indicating the memory has been reset. In case, you are facing any issues, you may need to take it to an electronics specialist.

8. Improper Operation

Improper operation of the remote is one of the leading reasons behind its malfunctions. Like, there is no issue with your fireplace remote control but the problem is you have not operated it properly. For this instance, simply read through the user’s manual to verify whether you’re using the remote correctly.

9. Damaged Remote

Last but not least, in case, you are not getting your remote working well, the remote might be damaged itself or have serious physical damage. Higher chances are it has dropped in water or get cracked by falling down. 

Dropping any remote control into the water messes up the programmed radio frequency or falls a great impact on the overall functions. In such case, you need to adjust the frequency of your electric fireplace remote control frequency by following. But in case, that doesn’t work, be sure the remote control is entirely damaged. 

Here are a few possible damages that you will see happen to your remote:

  • Corroded battery terminal
  • Sticky circuit board
  • Damaged IR emitter
  • Circuit board damaged
  • Non-operation buttons

Whatever the fact is, you need to replace your remote control with the new one. Always try to cover your new remote using a polyethylene plastic cover to prevent it from damage. Also, avoid dropping/sucking your remote. Clean it out regularly using a mild antiseptic liquid damped on a cloth. 

How To Operate My Dimplex Electric Fireplace Without A Remote

This may wonder you that operating any Dimplex electric fireplace can be possible even without using a remote control. There are manual controls for every Dimplex fireplace model, located in the lower right-hand corner from where a user can control the various functions of the unit.

First off, make sure your fireplace is plugged in at the wall and the wall socket turned on. Now, locate the fireplace’s controls and you will find three manual control switches. They are Main On/Off Switch, the 3-Position Switch, and the Initialization Button.

i). Main On/Off Switch:

This switch is mainly used to turn the fireplace on and off. While you are turning it on, it supplies power to the 3-Position Switch. Also, you can turn off your fireplace using this switch as your desire. 

fireplace on and off switch

Turn off the switch on the wall, and then remove the power cable. You should always turn off the fireplace before unplugging it. This is a kind of safety measure to protect your electric fireplace from power surges and damage.

ii.) 3-Position Switch:

Just right after the On/Off switch, you will find a 3-Position Switch to control the Flame effects on your fireplace.

 3-position fireplace  on off switch
  1. Remote (right position): By pressing this button, all functions of your fireplace will be controlled by the Remote Control.
  2. Flame (center position): The flame effect of your fireplace is turned on.
  3. Flame & Heat (left position): When the 3-Position manual switch is in the left position, it will work as a thermostat dial. Pushing the switch to the left once will be heat level I and 2 times refers the heat level II. 

iii). Initialization Button:

This button is used to synchronize the provided remote control with the fireplace. In many models, there will be a dialer to control the flame height. For a better understanding, you can watch the below video.

Can I Use My Phone As A Dimplex Fireplace Remote Control?

Yes! You can use your phone as a Dimplex remote control by installing the Dimplex Control App. This is the most popular app among users that give complete remote access. It is used to Monitor and control the heat of the fireplace from anywhere you are sitting. 

While operating electric fireplaces, most of us prefer the convenience of using a smart device. For this instance, the remote application always comes in the first row. Here, the remote will remain the same functional, and the app will create a graphic interface to operate the unit.

In the case of the Dimplex electric fireplace, there is a featured graphic interface to operate your fire that is widely available on Google Play Store and App Store. After installation, you need to connect your unit to a Dimplex Hub to gain control through the app. To do so, you can scan and connect to Bluetooth to communicate directly with the Hub.  

The app is quite easy to set up and ensures you a user-friendly interface thus you can control the unit without any hassle. Even you will get multiple language options to set up the Fahrenheit and Celsius readings as your choice. 

Can You Get A Universal Remote For An Electric Fireplace?

No! There is no such true “universal fireplace remote” available on the market that can be used with your electric fireplace. This is because the remote control for an electric fireplace is basically model or brand specific. The radio frequency or the overall function of another fireplace remote control may not be compatible with your fireplace unit. 

Thus you can’t operate any other fireplace remote as a universal remote for your electric model until the manufacturer recommends you a specific brand of remote


How long do fireplace remotes last?

Under normal circumstances, a fireplace remote will last up to 10 years, even much longer than that. But you need to replace the batteries within 6-12 months to ensure the best operation of the unit. 

Where Do I Find The Dimplex Fireplace Remote Control Replacement?

To get a new remote control for your Dimplex fireplace, simply, you can visit their official website. Or, you will find the remote on various online shopping sites like Amazon or eBay. They bring and sell the remote control based on every Dimplex model.

In Closing

Remote controls on the electric fireplace send signals to the receivers to turn the unit on/off and to control the heat function effectively. But in most cases, users face several malfunctions while operating the remote. 

They get puzzled and look for effective troubleshooting steps to get back to normal operation. Thinking this point, we’ve well decorated this comprehensive guide on Dimplex fireplace remote control not working. Hope that after thoroughly reading there should not be any confusion left over in your mind. 

If still have, don’t get hesitate to let us know through comments. We are always here for you.

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