Oklahoma Joe ER2 Code: Why + How To Fix]

The Oklahoma Joe ER2 code comes up due to an ignition error. You’ll normally encounter this code due to these reasons:

  • The wiring of the igniter has come loose.
  • The igniter is faulty.
  • The pit control system is malfunctioning.
oklahoma joe ER2 code

Don’t worry, I am not just going to state the problems and depart. I’ll walk you through the detailed solutions for each of these issues in this guide. Let’s dive right in!

Oklahoma Joe ER2 Code [Easy Solution]

I’ll talk about the main reasons why the Oklahoma Joe Rider DLX ER2 code comes up, along with their fixes, in this section.

i) Loose Wiring

Even if the igniter is okay, the wiring must be right so that the pit control system can detect the igniter. Otherwise, the igniter won’t function even if it is completely functional and you’ll see the Oklahoma Joe error code E2 come up.

lose wiring of oklahoma joe grill


First things first, unplug the grill from the power outlet. Then, connect it and turn it back on. Sometimes, this will cause an Oklahoma Joe ER2 code reset and your problem will go away.

However, if the problem remains, you need to keep on diagnosing and exploring the possibility that the wiring may be damaged. Unplug the pellet grill once again and remove the pit control panel.

Now, it’s time for you to inspect the wiring properly and make sure that it’s not damaged. The second thing you should be on the lookout for is that the wiring is firmly connected. If any of those things are not in order, it can bring up the Oklahoma Joe error code 2 and keep the unit from igniting.

If the wiring is damaged, you need to replace it. If it’s not firmly connected, you need to tighten it. If any of these things were the issue, follow the right Oklahoma Joe ER2 code fix as mentioned.

Then, plug the grill into a power outlet, turn it back on, and see if the error code goes away. If it does, then you can rest assured that you’ve solved the problem. Otherwise, you need to move on to the second reason.

ii) Faulty Igniter

If there was no problem with the wiring, you should look into the igniter next. Here’s how you can test the igniter:

  • Remove the center grate and baffles from the pellet grill.
  • Turn the control knob to the “LOW” grill setting and let it run for three to four minutes.
  • Look into the bottom of the firepot and check the color of the igniter.
glowing red igniter

The igniter should have a glowing red color if it’s working properly. However, if it’s not functioning like it should, you won’t see it glow. That’s how you can easily tell if you have a bad igniter.


When the problem is the Oklahoma Joe ER2 code igniter not working, the only solution is to replace it. Once you do that, your grill should be running smoothly without any issues.

Oklahoma Joe ER2 Code Igniter Replacement [How To Do It]

I faced this exact issue once and had to deal with a bad igniter. I was able to replace it on my own without any outside assistance. You’ll be glad to know that I’ve broken down the process into simple bite-size steps.

If you’re looking to follow along and replicate the steps to replace the igniter in your grill, I hope you’ll have no trouble with it. Without further ado, here’s how you can complete the igniter replacement in your Oklahoma Joe grill:

Step 01- Remove The Front Lever

Get rid of all the ash build-up in your grill by removing the ash cap and dumping out all the ashes. Even after dumping the ashes, you may find a build-up of ash at the bottom of your grill.

Make sure you clear it out as well. Remove the screws that hold the front handle in place and then, take out the outer cover of the handle. You’ll have to remove two more screws to isolate the handle from the grill. You’ll see them as soon as you take out the front lever.

Step 02- Access The Igniter

Take the two screws that hold the grate in place. It may be hard to find them if your grill is filled with grease like mine. So, here’s a picture to help you out with it’s location:

access the igniter

Then, you can take it out and you’ll see two more screws at the bottom when you do that. Then, remove them, and you’ll be able to remove the basket thing in the middle of your grill. Now, you have access to the igniter.

However, in order to remove the igniter, you’ll have to undo four more screws at the bottom. Once you’re done with the process, the middle of your grill should look something like this:

middle of oklahoma joe gril

Step 03 – Replace The Igniter

Unplug the old igniter from the connector and put the new one in its place. Then, make sure it has a tight connection. Double-check that none of the wiring is damaged.

While everything is removed, it’s a good idea to do a thorough cleaning of the grill. Once you ensure that it’s all good, put everything back together as it was, and the job will be completed. That’s how easy it is to replace the igniter on your own.

However, if you’re uncomfortable doing it on your own, that’s totally understandable. In that case, I recommend getting in touch with Oklahoma Joe customer service and asking them to send a technician to replace the igniter in your Oklahoma Joe Rider DLX pellet grill.

iii) Malfunctioning Pit Control System

One of the worst possible reasons behind Oklahoma Joe Rider DLX error codes is when the pit control system goes bad. That’s because the control board is the central part of the grill and if it’s not in optimal condition, nothing in the grill will run effectively.

malfunctioning pit control system

If you’ve made sure that the wiring is okay and the igniter is also okay, there’s only one possibility now – the pit control system is at fault. As bad as it is, you’d have to fix it if you want to clear the ER2 error code.


Unfortunately, there’s no quick fix in case your pit control system malfunctions. Your only option is to replace the control board to clear the error code and get rid of it for good. The replacement job is easy if you know what you’re doing.

You have to remove the screws in the outer box of the pit control system. Then, you’ll have access to the control board. Remove the connections on the control board and undo the screws to take it out. Then, put the new one in its place and tighten the screws to secure it.

Attach the connectors to it, and attach the screws to connect the control board to the outer box. That’s all you have to do to replace it. I recommend getting the original part by calling Oklahoma Joe customer support. Otherwise, you’ll be wandering around without getting the right part.

Hopefully, running your grill now will make it free from errors, and the ER2 error code will go away for good. Remember to use your Oklahoma Joe unit correctly to ensure it stays healthy in the long run.


What the Oklahoma Joe error code 0 means and how to fix it.

It means that the control knob isn’t in the right position. To fix it, turn off the power of the grill, turn the knob to the “OFF/Shutdown” position, and turn it back on. 

Can Oklahoma Joe pellet grills be used as smokers?

Yes, the OJ Rider DLX pellet grills are quite versatile and can reach internal temperatures upwards of 600°F. So, they can be easily used as smokers.

What does the Oklahoma Joe ER5 code mean?

It means that the unit is out of flame and the temperature has been lower than 100°F for a while. It could be due to running out of pellets, the igniter not working, the jamming of the auger, or a temperature probe malfunction.

How is the temperature controlled in Oklahoma Joe grills? 

There are usually two options to choose from to control the temperature. Firstly, you can select the duration of the cook. Secondly, you can set an internal temperature when the cook stops.


I can understand the frustration of facing the Oklahoma Joe ER2 code, as I’ve been there myself. I was cooking some delicious beef when I encountered this error code, and my cook was ruined. It also makes having a pellet grill worthless if you have to monitor your cooks in fear that the code will come up.

So, I implemented the solutions above to fix my problem. Hopefully, it’ll also fix yours. Check out my guide on troubleshooting Oklahoma Joe pellet grills if you’re facing other issues.

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