Cubic Mini Wood Stove Problems [7 Easy Solutions]

If you own a Cubic Mini wood stove, you will likely run into a few troubles while using it. But this is no reason to freak out because everything is solvable if you know the right way.

And this article is just about that. Here, you will learn about 7 Cubic Mini wood stove problems and their easy solutions. If you follow our instructions, you are sure to get the most effective result with the least amount of effort.

So let’s get started.

Cubic Mini Wood Stove Problems [7 Easy Solutions]

The most common Cubic Mini wood stove problems are smoking stove, stove not lighting up, stove not staying lit, stove not generating heat, dirty glass door, wood burning too quickly, and foul stench coming from the stove.

If your stove has either of these problems, keep on reading because you will learn all the solutions by the end. 

1. Cubic Mini Wood Stove Smoking

The most common problem you are likely to face with your Cubic Mini stove is ‘smoking’. Heavy smoke in the stove occurs due to a faulty door seal or “door gasket”. When the seal fails to hold the smoke in, you notice Cubic mini wood stove smoke leaking. 


A smoking Cubic Mini wood stove will make it difficult for you to breathe in your own house. You can fix this problem just by replacing the door gasket with a new one. Here’s how to do it,

  • Make sure that the stove is not burning and wait till the stove gets completely cold
  • Use a needle-nose plier to remove the old gasket completely
  • Take a flat-head screwdriver to remove the remaining
  • Measure the door and determine how many gaskets you need
  • Apply glue on the spot where you will install the gasket
  • Place the gasket there and keep it pressed for a few seconds
  • Leave the gasket like this overnight 
  • Start the stove the next day

Now you should not have any smoke coming from your Cubic Mini wood stove.

2. Cubic Mini Stove Not Lighting Up

Your stove is of no use if it doesn’t light up. The factors that ensure a healthy fire in the wood stove are good wood, proper airflow, and perfect ventilation. The absence of these factors will not allow your stove fire to light up.


Ensure the following stove adjustments so that your Cubic Mini stove doesn’t face any problems lighting up,

  • Make sure that the wood you are using is completely dry and properly sized. Each piece of wood should be within 16 to 20 inches.
  • Ensure proper airflow in the stove system. The draft positioning should be adjusted appropriately so that air can flow in and keep the fire alive
  • Keep the vent clean so that air and smoke aren’t stuck in the stove

If you can successfully deal with these issues, your wood stove flame will definitely light up.

3. Cubic Mini Stove Not Staying Lit

Even a perfectly fine Cubic mini stove can face this problem. Fortunately, this problem is similar to the Cubic Mini stove not lighting up. The issues leading up to this malfunction are the same factors.


Do the following if your Cubic Mini stove flame goes out after lighting up:

  • Clean the inside of the stove before burning a new batch of wood
  • Make sure that the woods are well processed and low moisture
  • Ensure perfect airflow in the system
  • Open the vent wider than it already is

4. Cubic Mini Stove Burning But No Heat

The purpose of your Cubic Mini stove is to provide heat so that you can enjoy a cozy atmosphere at your home. But your stove may fail to do this & become completely useless. However, the health of your fire is usually the culprit behind this situation.


Establishing a perfectly burning fire will generate the heat you want,

  • Clear out all the ashes accumulated on the stove
  • Adjust the vent and close it a bit
  • Put more wood in to get a bigger flame
  • Try to use hardwood logs
  • Make sure that the woods are perfectly dry

If you can ensure all these points, you will again get heat from your Cubic Mini stove.

5. Cubic Mini Stove Dirty Glass Door

Cubic mini stoves get dirty with time. And when it happens, it becomes difficult for you to maintain the stove. Though there is no way for you to prevent the stove glass door from getting dirty, you can clean it quite easily.


There are many ways of cleaning the stove glass door. But the following method is completely organic, and it literally costs no money. 

Here’s how to clean dirty stove glass doors easily,

  • Collect the ashes piled up on your stove
  • Process the ashes to make sure there is no rough element in it
  • Use a bit of water in the ash to make a thick paste
  • Apply the thick paste on the glass door and rub it gently with a cleaning cloth
  • Rinse the glass with clean water

Though using ash is not a usual method, it works better than commercial cleaning agents.

6. Cubic Mini Stove Fire Burning Too Fast

Cubic Mini stove usually burns wood slowly. But if the fire gets access to too much oxygen, then the fire can burn out faster. This will generate excessive heat that will ruin your food and waste lots of wood.


Do the following things to make sure your Cubic Mini stove fire burns at the perfect pace,

  • Close the vent a little to allow lesser air circulation in the system
  • Use dry hardwood with a moisture content of 20%
  • Throw in a few extra wood pieces to stabilize the fire

These simple steps can save your stove fire from burning out too fast.

7. Cubic Mini Stove Foul Smell

Your Cubic Mini stove can emit a foul stench while it is turned off. Excessive moisture in the stove or a wet environment (e.g. rainy day) can cause such a smell.  


You can easily get rid of your Cubic Mini stove’s foul smell in the following way,

  • Avoid using wood that is with a moisturizer content of over 20%
  • Wipe the inside of the stove to clean the whole system thoroughly
  • After wiping up, rinse the inside with clean water and wipe again with a clean piece of cloth
  • Wait for the system to dry properly
  • Burn a hot fire to remove the last bit of smoke

And this is all.

Your Cubic Mini wood stove is not likely to cause any problems other than these. So if you keep these points in mind, you will never have any difficulty with your Cubic Mini wood stove.  


Where are Cubic mini wood stoves made?

Cubic mini wood stoves are made in Quebec, Canada.

How hot does a cubic mini wood stove Get?

A Cubic Mini wood stove can generate heat output of up to 14000 BTUs.

What is the smallest wood burner you can buy?

The smallest wood burner is 4kW.

How much does a grizzly cubic mini wood stove weigh?

A Grizzly Cubic Mini wood stove weighs about 18 Kg or almost 40 pounds

What is the smallest pellet stove available?

At present, Jamestown J1000 is the smallest pellet stove available in the market.

Final Words:

Your Cubic Mini stove problems are very easy to deal with. Consulting our solution is all you need to do. So don’t spend hundreds of bucks after professionals and get it all done for free by yourself. 

If you have any questions or confusion, you can let us know in the comment below. And here we are happy to mention if you have a Heatilator wood fireplace, you can read our Heatilator wood fireplace instructions guide to run the fireplace perfectly.

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  1. Cubic mini cub smell like chemicals during use. Have burned it atleast 8 hrs. Smells kinda plastic which is scary because it’s in a fiberglass boat. Stove has your 3 inch double pipe.

    • Hi Harold

      First, make sure that your stove and stovepipes are perfectly protected from any flammable things.

      But it would be wise to take help from the Cubic customer service center to fix the issue.

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