EcoSmart Water Heater Problems [7 Easy Solutions]

The most common EcoSmart water heater problems are the thermistors issues, displays error code “E1”, high water flow rate, cold water, leaks, noise, etc.

ecosmart water heater problems

Whatever the problems you are encountering, you can easily and instantly fix that issues by yourself just reading our today’s EcoSmart water heater troubleshooting guide.

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EcoSmart Water Heater Problems [7 Easy Solutions]

You may encounter the following problems while using the EcoSmart water heater. The issues and solutions are the following:  

1. Thermistor’s Problem

Two thermistors consist of each EcoSmart water heater. One thermistor is in red wire (outlet side), and another is in yellow wire (inlet side).

If there is any problem with the thermistor’s function, your water heater will not produce hot water. The probable reasons for this problem are:

  • The LED display not working or showing the set temperature
  • The thermistors control board failed to send power to the water heaters elements
  • Disconnected thermistors


Even if there are some problems with thermistors, the EcoSmart water heater can still run and remain activated. To solve the thermistors problem, do the following:

  • Ensure thermistors unit power by turning on the breaker to the “ON” position
  • Make sure the LED display is showing the set temperature
  • Replace the disconnected parts of the thermistors

2. Flow Meter Problem

The EcoSmart water heater’s inlet side consists of the flow meter. The flow meter is important as it activates the heater. But for the following reasons, there may be some issues with the EcoSmart heater’s flow meter. The reasons are:

  • LED display fail to illuminate
  • Hindrance in free spinning
  • Blockage or clog in the flow meter
  • Blockage in the propeller


If your EcoSmart water heater won’t start or stop running because of a flow meter fault, you should do the following:

  • Run the water in high volume to clean the flow meter
  • Call an expert and check whether the meter is sensing the water flow or not
  • Flash out the propeller-blocking particles
  • Have the water flowing at a high volume to match the illumination of the water display

3. Displays an Error Code “E1.”

Error code “E1” on the EcoSmart water heater display indicates that the inlet thermistor of the heater fails to read correctly. It also shows that you may need to replace the temperature. The reasons for this problem are the following:  

  • LED display turn off
  • The improper placing of the round knob
  • LED display fails to read CE1
  • Hinders smooth running of water


Try out the following solutions which can resolve the issue temporarily. The solutions are:

  • Turn on the LED display and keep it running
  • Turn on water so that the LED display can read the error
  • For 3-5 seconds, press the round knob, and after that release it
  • Run the water for 3-4 minutes and check the heater for hot water

4. High Flow Rate of Water

EcoSmart water heater’s other problem is the high flow rate, indicating error code “E5”. The reasons behind this problem are:

  • Too high-water flow
  • Water valve’s outgoing or incoming is highly tight
  • The round knob fails to rotate clockwise


The aerator is the mandatory equipment in the water heater to control the too high water volume. However, the following solutions can also help you to solve the problem.

  • Use aerator in shower, sink, or tub to control or lower the water volume
  • Slow down the incoming or outgoing water coming from the water valve or passing through the system
  • Install a slightly close flow restrictor to control the water flow
  • Make sure the clockwise rotation of the round knob

5. Cold Water

Your EcoSmart water heater won’t provide hot water if the thermostat fails to receive proper power. Other reasons for this problem are the following:

  • Faulty thermostat
  • Lack of power
  • Faulty heating element
  • Faulty circuit breaker


Don’t worry if your water heater starts to supply the cold water in your home. You can solve the cold-water problem by doing the following:

  • Make sure the heater’s thermostat is receiving power
  • Check the power switches and make sure it is supplying proper power to the heater
  • Replace and reset tripped circuit breaker
  • Make certain the power indicators of the buttons are on

6. Leaks in Water Heater

The following reasons are responsible for the leak in your EcoSmart water heater. The reasons are:

  • Loose or over-tightening plumbing connections
  • Loose heating elements
  • Faulty gasket
  • Corrode in storage tanks


Be a little careful, and you can prevent the water heater from leaking problems. The solution for this problem is:

  • Check the loose connections and tighten them to stop the leak
  • Tighten the heating elements
  • Replace the faulty gasket
  • Check the leak or rust in water heater and the storage tank. Hire a professional to solve the corrosion problem

7. Noisy Water Tank

Several problems are responsible for a noisy water tank. If you hear any noise from your EcoSmart water heater, you should check the following factors.

  • The tank’s bottom consists of sediment
  • The heating element is burning the sediment


Noise from your EcoSmart water heater is one of the significant signs you should seriously consider. Do the following to solve the problem:

  • Drain your water tank
  • Maintain your water heater regularly
  • Hire a professional and replace the heating element


Why am I getting hot water though the digital display is not working?

When your heater digital display is not working but you are getting hot water, then probably there is something wrong with your electronic board. On the other hand, electrical connections or plumbing errors may be responsible for the water heater not working.

What does E4 mean on EcoSmart Tankless Water Heater?

E4 on the EcoSmart Tankless water heater indicates a temperature sensor for cold water. When the flow meter sensor of water heaters has some issues, it shows an E4 error code. This E4 code means that the computer which starts the machine is not getting the signal from the flow meter.

How often should a EcoSmart Water Heater be replaced?

If your EcoSmart Water heater has aged more than ten years, you should focus on replacing it. The EcoSmart water heater can last for 6-12 years with proper maintenance.

How to know when the EcoSmart Water Heater needs to be replaced?

Too old water heater, noise in the heater, leaking in the water heater, heater inlet valve or rusty water and water heater stop heating are the five most common signs of a water heater problem. If you observe any of the five signs in your EcoSmart water heater, you should consider replacing it.

How long do the EcoSmart Water Heaters last?

The EcoSmart water heater lasts much longer compared to any other water heater. With proper maintenance, the longevity of this heater can be up to 20 years. However, the water tank lasts only for 10-12 years. So take care of your EcoSmart water heater, and it will last long.


Now you know what are the common EcoSmart water heater problems and their easy solutions. So, whenever you begin to sttruggle with any issue, just read our EcoSmart tankless water heater troubleshooting guide and fix it.

Note: You can also read to know how to reset your EcoSmart water heater.

6 thoughts on “EcoSmart Water Heater Problems [7 Easy Solutions]”

  1. Problems with flow sensor, this is my second senor to be replaced. Eco smart 27 started make ng rattling noises. Same problem when the first went up and damages element. Cold water inlet pipe bursted.

    • Hi Runin1wild

      Your water heater needs a physical check-up to find out the reason for sensor failure. It would be wise to take help from the EcoSmart customer support center.

      Wish you all the best.

        • Hi Donald

          You are facing water temperature issues due to one or more reasons like a broken dip tube, a faulty element, a thermostat, or a blocked exhaust.

          Well, to fix the problem, inspect all the issues one by one & try to find out the main reason behind the issue & fix it. Plus, make sure the exhaust pipe is open & the vents are clear. Also, ensure the system is installed correctly.

          Hopefully, your water heater problem will be solved.

          Best of luck!

    • Hi Sheila

      Generally, an EcoSmart water heater produces a popping sound due to scale & sediment buildup inside the tank. Plus, this sediment can form a thin layer of dirt on the bottom of the tank.

      And your water heater stops heating water may be due to one or more reasons like a faulty heating element, crossed wires, too high flow rate, or the voltage is less than 240V.

      Well, to fix the water heater issue, it would be wise to contact the Ecosmart customer support center or your local Ecosmart dealer.

      Best of luck!


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