4 Easy Steps for Gas Fireplace Key Replacement

There are some gas fireplaces that have knobs or switches to light the fire. But some older fireplaces have metal keys. The key is needed to insert into the keyhole. It turns on the gas flow & starts the fire. 

Sometimes the fireplace key needs replacement. It’s important to learn the replacement process for safely using a fireplace. Let’s know the gas fireplace key replacement process and the proper way to use this eco-friendly furnace. 

Why Do You Need Key Replacement In A Gas Fireplace

In an older fireplace, key replacement is the most important part. You have to illuminate the flame through the key. You can raise or reduce the volume of flame and thus you can adjust your gas fireplace flame. Also, the right process of replacement of the key can run the fireplace for a long time without any problems. 

Points To Keep In Mind Before Replacement Of Keys Or Key Valve

These following things you should not forget while replacing the fireplace key:

  • When you replace the key or key valve, make sure to turn off the gas supply. 
  • Don’t tie the valve channel lock too loose, nor too tightly. 
  • Don’t install the gas key valve within 6 feet of the fireplace.
  • Don’t jiggle the key in the keyhole roughly. The key may break and get stuck in the keyhole.
  • If you are not confident enough, call a professional to do the installation process. 

4 Steps for Gas Fireplace Key Replacement

A gas fireplace is a system that starts a fire with natural gas. Generally, propane gas is used in a fireplace. 

Some of the best advantages of a fireplace are that this process doesn’t need the hassle of burning wood. It gives continuous heat and needs no cleaning. Also, it is an energy & cost-saving process to warm the house. Here is how you can replace the fireplace key: 

Step 1:

Look below the base of your fireplace. There you will find a small metal hole. It is the keyhole. 

Generally, the keyhole is located on the front floor of the furnace. If not, check the lower portion of the wall, it will be located there. 

Step 2:

Grasp the key handle. The handle kinda looks like a metal pole. Thrust in the square located at the end of the key. 

When it reaches the end, jiggle the key slightly. You will feel it locked into the place. 

Step 3:

Turn the key counterclockwise on an average of one or two turns. It will help to release the gas flow into the fireplace logs.

Step 4:

There is a gas tube located near the gas logs. Implant the end of a butane lighter near it. Now press the trigger. It will produce a flame & flare up the gas logs. 

Step 5: Now insert the key into the keyhole. After igniting the flame, you can increase or decrease the height of the fire as you need. You will need to turn the key counterclockwise to increase the flame & clockwise to decrease it. 

To turn off the fire, twirl the key clockwise until the flame turns out to be very low. Then quench the flame to stop it. 

Alternative Of Key Replacement

The Gas fireplace key alternative is not perceptible. But some fireplaces don’t have keys. Before using these types of furnaces, make sure that it has a control panel with an ignition switch. 

A control panel will be fixed to the fireplace-base and concealed by a decorative & sign indicated screen that is movable. 

4 Easy Steps for Gas Key Valve Replacement

The key valve is an integral part of a fireplace. Usually, it is residing near the furnace. Without a key valve, you can’t turn on the gas supply of your fire pit. The key works through the key valve, so it’s important to learn how to replace the key valve also. 

The gas valve is adjustable enough to replace it from time to time. It’s very easy to change one on your own. Required tools & parts you will need in this process are:

  • Decor Flange 
  • Decorative Trim Ring
  • Universal gas valve key
  • Channel locks or Large socket wrench 

Step 1:

First, you need to pull out the old key valve from the hole. Fix a decor flange into the hole. A decor flange is used for connecting valves or pipes.

It will connect the key valve to the fireplace. 

Step 2:

Connect a decorative trim ring to the flange. It’s not that necessary. Decorative Trim defines the architectural style of a hole.

It’ll look decorative to add an extra part to the key valve. 

Step 3:

Now connect the universal gas valve key to the engaging parts. 

Step 4:

Lock the entire process with a channel lock. It will grip the process so that the valve doesn’t become loose & causes accidents. 


How to use a fireplace with a gas starter?

You will need to set the logs on the wood grate over the log lighter. Then turn the key to open the gas line and toss in a little match. The flame will light up around your logs. After the log caught on fire, turn the valve closest to the gas line & enjoy the warmth. 

How do you turn on a gas fireplace with a key?

Insert the key end into the keyhole. Jiggle it clockwise & counterclockwise to set it in position. While jiggling it you will feel it gets locked. The fire will ignite by rotating the key. Then change the height of the flame to have the right temperature. 

How to use a gas log fireplace?

First of all, look at the manual that you got with the furnace. Remove the outer fireplace cover & put the key in the gas valve knob. To ignite the fire, hold a long lighter to the burner. Then turn on the gas key & immediately replace the outer cover. 

Are there different size gas keys?

There are different types of fireplace key sizes. Generally, 3, 8, 12, 18 & 24 inches of keys are used in a fireplace. Recently a 6-inch gas valve key also came available. 

How do I realize if the gas key valve is on or off?

When you notice the long side of the noble is parallel to the incoming gas line it’s on & the gas is flowing. In the quarter turn, it’ll be closed. Make sure you have no combustible material around you when you are doing the Gas key valve on or off


So these are the following steps you need to complete for a gas fireplace key replacement. It’s not hard to replace a key or key valve on a fire pit. 

If you follow the steps accurately, you will be able to replace it in no time. But as there is a possibility of casualty, whatever you do, do it with safety.

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