Why My Green Mountain Grill Making Grinding Noise + How To Fix [Solved]

You just got your first grill from GMG, and it has been great so far, at least for your first couple of smokes. The only thing you don’t like about Green Mountain Grills is- it makes a loud grinding sound when the auger is running.

But, you are not sure whether the clicking noise comes from the motor or the auger. So, you go nuts and ask yourself- why is my Green Mountain Grill making grinding noise?

The wires underneath the hopper will shift over time. And when the wires come close to the fan blade and hit the fan, it will make a grinding noise. Apart from this, your GMG will also make a clicking noise if the gear in the gearbox gets stripped. 

To help you stop the grinding noise, we compile this troubleshooting guide for you. So, keep reading. 

Why Is My Green Mountain Grill Making Grinding Noise + How To Fix

Generally, your GMG makes a noise during normal operation. But it will make unusual clicking noises if your Green Mountain Grill goes through the following problems. 

1. Wires Underneath The Hopper May Block the Auger Motor Fan

Over time, the wires underneath the hopper of your Green Mountain Grill will shift. Consequently, it may clog the auger motor fan. As a result, the fan in the auger makes clicking or grinding noise when the wires come in touch with the fan blade.


Removing the wire obstruction from the fan blade will be a simple fix to this issue. Just take a look underneath the hopper assembly, and move the wires away from the auger fan blade. You can also zip ties the wires to keep them organized. 

2. A Stripped Gear in the Gearbox

A broken gear in the gearbox of your GMG is also responsible for a noisy grill. Now, you may ask- how can I understand if the gear in the gearbox gets stripped? Simple. Your grill will make a clicking noise and the auger will not turn. 


To end the clicking noise and let the auger turn smoothly, you must replace the auger motor. If you don’t know how to remove the GMG auger and replace the motor, follow the below steps. 

  • First off, make sure you shut down the Green Mountain Grill and unplug it from the electric outlet.
  • Remove all the wood pellets from the hopper.
  • Use a Phillips-head screwdriver to unscrew the two Philips-head screws from the temperature control. Now, remove the temperature control and pull out both plugs from the top corners. 
  • Don’t forget to remove the white multi-plug behind the temperature control and set the controller off to the side.
  • Use a 10mm wrench to take apart the pellet hopper by unscrewing the 4 bolts.
  • Then, gently turn the hopper up and off to the left and keep it on a bucket or chair.
  • Find the cotter pin that attaches the auger motor to the auger and remove it from the hole. 
  • Use the 10mm wrench again and unscrew the two 10mm bolts that hold the motor bracket together. Finally, remove the auger motor by setting it off to the side. 
  • Inspect the auger for jam. If the auger gets jammed, clear it out. Then, install a new motor by replacing the defective one. 
  • Lastly, put everything back into their places by following the opposite way of disassembling the unit. 

3. Lack of Gear Lubrication

Sometimes the clicking noise is coming from the auger motor gearbox and being amplified by the metal chassis of the grill.

The gear may clog due to the debris and dust from the wood pellets. Consequently, the motor may turn momentarily and produce a grinding noise. 


You can easily overcome this issue by lubricating the gear with grease. Regarding this, you must take apart the entire unit and access the gearbox to apply the grease. Follow the steps we mentioned above to disassemble the unit.

4. It’s Normal

My GMG makes a grinding noise, and it’s normal! Yes, it’s natural. At normal operation, your Green Mountain Grill will make a whining and clicking noise. It will produce noise when the auger breaks the longer pellets. So, you don’t need to worry about it.  


To reduce the normal operating noise, we recommend you put comparatively smaller wood pellets into the hopper. However, you should call customer service if it seems the sound is abnormal. 

How to Reset Green Mountain Grill?

Follow the below steps to reset the GMG.

  • Toggle Your GMG off.
  • Hold down the Food button and back the grill on again. Now, hold down the Food button for 15 seconds. 
  • The LCD panel will start counting from 1-999. Now, release the Food button, and the LCD will display the Off option.
  • Now, unplug your Green Mountain Grill and plug it in again for a complete board reset. 


Why does the Green Mountain grill auger keep jamming?

Your GMG auger keeps jamming if you use an excessive amount of wood pellets. Consequently, the pellets will bridge up over the intake for the auger tube, and the auger fails to feed the pellets into the burn pot. 

How do you unclog an auger on a Green Mountain grill?

Remove all the wood pellets from the hopper. Then, turn your GMG into cycle 0 and tap the auger tube with a small hammer to unclog the jam. Repeat this process continuously until the auger is cleared completely. 

Why won’t My Green Mountain Grill start?

Your Green Mountain Grill won’t start if you don’t plug it into an electric outlet. Also, a defective controller will stop your GMP from turning on. 


A clicking noise coming from your Green Mountain Grill is normal. When you turn on the grill, the auger will start breaking through the longer wood pellets. And this is the reason that causes your GMG auger to make a grinding noise. 

However, your Green Mountain Grill will make unusual clicking noises if a gear gets stripped in the gearbox. Therefore, your GMG will produce a grinding noise if the wires underneath the hopper hit the auger motor fan blade.

But if the troubleshooting steps we mentioned above fail to stop the grinding noise, reach out to customer service.  

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  1. I have a Daniel Boone gmg I got second hand. It looked brand new! The previous owner complained that it jammed up on the first try, and after a few attempts at clearing it out and trying again, got the same results. I figured he was using poor quality pellets, as described by gmg saying that they would jam. So I got the best pellets and tried it out myself. First grilling was perfect. Second time I tried it, immediately jammed up and repeatedly kept jamming just like he described. After an entire day of taking the dammy thing apart and cleaning it out entirely, I ended up fashioning a block of wood to block about half of the pellet inlet to the auger. This seems to have cured the problem, but it frequently bridges and stops feeding the pellets. It requires constant attention and it is a giant pain in the caboose!
    I would never recommend one of these chinese pieces of crap to anyone!


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