How To Fix Hayward Pool Heater Code CE [5 Easy Solutions]

Ignition control board malfunction, faulty display board, control module’s faulty wiring or connection, defective main circuit board, and faulty fuse in the circuit board are responsible for displaying the Hayward pool heater code CE. 

All these above major reasons are responsible for the CE code on Hayward heater. We break down the detailed causes and solutions behind each.

So, go through this article, you will assuredly learn to fix your Hayward heater CE code issue by yourself. 

How To Fix Hayward Pool Heater Code CE [5 Easy Solutions]

CE stands for “Communication Error.” CE means the display board and ignition control board’s communications error.

In simple words, the Hayward pool heater service code ce indicates the control module’s communication error. The factors causing the CE code in heater and their resolving ways are the following: 

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1. Defective Ignition Control Board

The ignition control board works in communication with the display board. Now, if the ignition control board becomes faulty, it fails to communicate with the display board and shows the Hayward pool heater CE code. The major culprit leading to this trouble are: 

  • Transistor failure 
  • Shorted ignition coil 
  • Damaged spark plug 
  • Overheating or heat buildup damaged the control board 
  • The aged ignition control board 
  • Power surge 


If you see the CE code on the Hayward heater for the faulty ignition control board, you should immediately replace it. The other easy solutions are: 

  • Replace the failed transistor and shorted ignition coil 
  • Check and replace the corroded spark plug. 
  • Ensure the ignition control board is not overheating due to excessive electricity pressure. 
  • Don’t use the ignition control board for a longer period. Replace the aged board 
  • During the power surge, turn off your Hayward heater’s plug. Also, make sure the electricity line is stable enough, and there is no power surge issue in it.

2. Display Board Malfunction

Any issue with your Hayward heater display board will hinder communication with the ignition control board.

As a result, you will see the Hayward pool heater service code CE on your heater. The main concerning reasons for it are:

  • Power coming from the faulty power supply board to the display unit 
  • Failed transistors 
  • Insufficient water flow 
  • Power surges 
  • Pressure switch malfunction 
  • Aged display board 
  • Loose wiring 
  • Dirt on the display board 
  • Burn outboard due to overheating 
  • Water causes the display board’s short circuit 
  • Clogged filter 


Inspect and replace your Hayward heater’s faulty display board. The other effective fixing ways are

  • Check and replace the faulty power supply source
  • Replace the defective transistors, and aged display board
  • Check the power surges issue. 
  • Tighten the display board’s loose wiring 
  • Properly clean the display board. 
  • Avoid using too many appliances and heaters in a single outlet to prevent overheating. Also, don’t use the heater for an extended period. 
  • Keep your heater’s display board safe from water to prevent a short circuit. 
  • Properly clean the clogged filter

3. Control Module’s Faulty Wiring or Improper Connection

The defective connection or improper wiring of the Hayward heater control module is another reason why your heater displays the CE code.

The heater’s control module automates and controls the ventilation and heating operation. The factors that cause this trouble are: 

  • Heater’s power source issue 
  • Control module’s damaged wiring 
  • Faulty wiring of the display interface 
  • Control module and display interface plug’s insecure or inappropriate connection 
  • Display interface assembly or control module malfunction 


If you experience the Hayward heater CE code for your heater’s control module’s defective wiring and connections, you should follow the easy steps below to solve it: 

  • Disconnect your Hayward heater’s power connection and then reconnect it 
  • Check for the heater’s control module wiring or connection malfunction 
  • Also, check the wiring of the display interface and replace the faulty one 
  • Make sure the control module and display interface plug’s secure attachment 
  • Replace the malfunctioning display interface assembly or defective control module 

4. Main Circuit Board Malfunction

The Hayward heater’s main circuit board is also known as the integrated control circuit board.

The faulty main circuit board is one of the major causes of displaying the communication error (CE) code. The accountable factors for it are: 

  • Loose wire connections 
  • Heater’s loose connections with the mainboard
  • Water damage 
  • Transformer failure 
  • High voltage 
  • Defective circuit breaker 
  • Short ground issue 
  • Main board’s improper installations 


First, check your Hayward heater’s faulty main circuit board and replace it. Also, to combat the above issues, follow the effective fixing ways below: 

  • Tighten the main circuit board’s wire connections 
  • Check the heater’s loose connection with the board and tighten it 
  • Keep the heater’s main board safe from water to prevent damage to it 
  • Replace the failed transformer and faulty circuit breaker 
  • Ensure the proper installation of the main circuit board within the heater 
  • Check the short ground and high voltage issue and take steps to prevent it 

5. Circuit Board’s Faulty Fuse

Another factor responsible for displaying the Hayward pool heater ce code is the faulty or blown fuse in the heater’s circuit board.

The defective fuse causes a communication error within your Hayward heater. Check the following factors below that contribute to this crisis:

  • Overloaded circuit board 
  • Loose electrical connections or damaged wiring 
  • Ground fault or short circuit 
  • The fuse draws excessive power from the circuit board 
  • Multiple electrical appliances plugged into a single socket  
  • Faulty electrical outlets 
  • Using the wrong sizes and types of fuse in the circuit board 


Inspect the circuit board’s fuse and replace the defective fuse to solve this CE code displaying issue. The easy ways to get rid of this crisis are: 

  • Don’t use multiple electronic appliances and heaters at a time to avoid the circuit board’s overload 
  • Tighten the electrical connections and replace the damaged wiring 
  • Ensure your Hayward heater is not going through the ground fault issue 
  • Replace the fuse which is creating overload by drawing excessive power 
  • Check the electrical outlet malfunction and replace it 
  • Ensure the fuse’s proper types and sizes in the circuit board 


How do I reset my Hayward pool heater?

Using the keypad, you can manually reset your Hayward pool heater. Press the heater’s “Mode” button and then select “Standby.” Then again, select the “SPA” or “POOL” original operating mode. 

What does SF code mean on Hayward Pool Heater?

SF stands for “Sensor Failure.” The SF code on your Hayward pool heater means the circuit board fails to send good data to the temperature sensor. Usually, the faulty sensor and damaged wiring cause this code. 

How do I get my Hayward heater out of bypass mode?

For getting out your Hayward heater from bypass mode, place your heater in Standby Mode by pressing its mode button. For 3 seconds, simultaneously hold down the mode and arrow buttons to complete the Bypass operation. Once the heater gets out of bypass mode, you will see the “bo” on the screen. 

How do you change a pressure switch on a Hayward pool heater?

Un-thread the heater’s pressure switch from its header and remove it. Now install a new switch, and before the assembly, apply the pipe thread sealant. When threading into the heater’s header, be careful the thread should not cross the pressure switch. 

What causes ignition failure on the pool heater?

The inadequate or undetected gas supply, faulty Hayward pool heater, malfunctioning PC board, and defective gas valves are mainly responsible for the ignition failure on the pool heater. 


Now you know what Hayward pool heater code CE is and what factors are responsible for displaying this code.

If you see your pool heater is showing this code, hopefully now you will detect and fix it by yourself immediately. If you struggle to resolve this coding issue, don’t forget to comment. We’ll tell you the fixing way. 

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