Heat N Glo Fan Not Working [3 Easy Solutions]

Heat N Glo Fan Not Working is a common fireplace issue. A defective heat or fan sensor, a faulty fan speed control, and broken fan blades are responsible for this issue.  

By fixing those problems, you can turn the fan on again to let it circulate the heat around your room. Fortunately, we break down how to troubleshoot those fireplace fan issues. So, read on till the end to fix the Heat N Glo fan problem. 

Heat N Glo Fan Not Working [3 Easy Solutions]

Your Heat N Glo Fan won’t turn on for the following three reasons.

1. Heat Sensor or Fan Sensor Gets Defective

Most fans of a fireplace connect with a fan sensor switch. This switch will turn the fan on when the fireplace heats up to a specific temperature. It also turns off the fan automatically when you shut off the fireplace, and the unit cools down. 

Depending on the model of your fireplace, it will take 5-15 minutes to heat the fan sensor or heat sensor. If the fan doesn’t turn on after this period, it’s a problem with the heat sensor. 

How To Fix:

To determine whether it’s a problem with the fan sensor or the fan, you should eliminate the fan sensor from the unit. So, turn off the fireplace and wait until it cools down. 

Now, remove the heat sensor from the circuit by unplugging the wires. Then, use the jumping wire to complete the circuit.

Then, power up the fireplace and see if the fan is turning on or not. If the fan is turning, you should replace the heat or fan sensor. We recommend you hire a professional to replace the fan sensor if you are not mechanically inclined.

2. A Faulty Fan Speed Control

The fan speed control will help to vary the speed of the fan. If the fan’s on/off switch or the fan speed control is set to the off position, the Heat N Glo fan won’t turn on. Secondly, a faulty fan speed control is the culprit behind the fireplace fan issue. 

How To Fix:

Ensure you set the fan speed control to the On position. Then, plug the unit and turn on your fireplace to see whether the fan is turning or not. If the fan doesn’t turn on, inspect the speed control. 

So, remove the fan speed control wire from the circuit and use a jumping wire to complete the circuit. Now, power up the unit and see whether the fan is turning or not. If it turns, replace the fan speed control. 

3. The Fan Gets Defective

If bypassing all components the fan will not turn on, we bet the fan or blower itself will get damaged. Maybe the blade of the fan gets broken which is responsible for not turning the fan. 

How To Fix:

Replacing the fan is the only solution to fix this issue. You can check out this tutorial to learn how to install the fireplace fan along with the heat sensor. However, you can also call Heat N Glo Fireplace customer surface to do this task for you. 


Can I run a gas fireplace without a fan?

Yes, you can operate a gas fireplace without a fan. It will work efficiently using radiant heat to warm up your room. 

Does the Heat N Glo fireplace have a fan?

Yes, the Heat N Glo fireplace has a fan. You can find it at the bottom of the fireplace panel. 

How long does it take for a fireplace fan to turn on?

It will take 5-15 minutes to turn on the fan depending on the fireplace you own. 

How do you adjust the flame on a Heat N Glo fireplace?

First, remove the decorative front from the fireplace. Then, you can find a knob beside the pilot knob. Turn it to a high position or according to your desired level to adjust the flame height and heat output. 

How much does it cost to add a blower to a gas fireplace?

It will cost you $100 to add a blower and fan to a gas fireplace. 


Heat N Glo Fireplace is a reliable fireplace to get the realistic fire effect and the heat to warm your room. But the fireplace will fail to circulate the warm air into your room if the fan gets defective.

Fortunately, we have described the reasons behind a malfunctioning fireplace fan. Just follow the troubleshooting steps we have mentioned to detect & fix the fan issue. If you fail to solve the fireplace fan problems, hire a professional. 

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    • Hi Thomas

      Check the fan limit switch. Maybe it is set to “manual override” or the fan limit switch is faulty. If you get it faulty, replace it. Also, check the thermostat wiring that could be the main culprit behind the issue.

      First, try to find out the main reason and then fix it.

      Wish you all the best.

  1. My fan was working great but yesterday it shut itselg off while the fireplace was still going. This was after several hours of operation. I thought maybe if I let it cool down something might “reset,” but this morning it simply won’t come on, even after the fireplace has been going for half an hour. I’m thinking I’ll do the tests you describe above, but I’m also wondering if maybe there’s an inline fuse or something that may have burnt out?

  2. I have an HHT Cerona -36-IFT. When I turn the fan on, I can hear it but I don’t feel air coming out of the unit. If I change the setting from low (1) to high (4), there is no discernable output from the unit but I can hear the fan change speeds. How can I troubleshoot this issue?


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