Honeywell R8184g4009 Keeps Tripping [7 Easy Solutions]

Honeywell r8184g4009 keeps tripping the reset button mainly because of the malfunctioning or dirty CAD cell, weak ignition transformer, blockage in the oil line, and faulty burner motor.

Also, insufficient fuel, oil valve’s delayed opening or closed valve, and damaged flexible couplings are responsible for it.

However, our todasy’s troubleshooting guide will explore each of the above problems and their easy solutions. So, read the following guide, learn the tripping reasons, and fix the issues by yourself.

Honeywell R8184g4009 Keeps Tripping [7 Easy Solutions]

The following are the concerning factors for which your Honeywell r8184g4009 oil burner control keeps tripping the reset button. Let’s discuss the details:

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1. Dirty or Defective Cad Cell

The burner control system’s major part is the CAD (Cadmium Sulfide) cell, and its job is to sense the oil burner flame’s presence.

Your Honeywell r8184g4009 oil burner control will keep tripping due to the faulty or dirty CAD cell. The reasons for it are:

  • Oil burner soot creates a blockage in CAD cell
  • Faulty electrode’s setting
  • CAD cells are very low or very high resistance to electrical current flow
  • Damaged CAD cell itself


The CAD cell senses the flame by detecting the visible spectrum’s light. In case of malfunctioning or dirty CAD cell, you can follow the easy solutions below:

  • Properly clean the oil burner’s dirt and remove the CAD cell’s blockage.
  • Inspect the setting of CAD’s electrode that is attached to the surface. Also, ensure that electrode-protecting glass is sealed correctly.
  • 300-1000 ohms is the approximate appropriate CAD cell resistance for a correctly adjusted burner. Ensure that the CAD cell is getting enough flow of electrical current, and it should not be more than 1600 Ohms.

2. Weak Ignition Transformer

By taking the 120 volts AC input, the ignition transformer converts this input into 10,000 volts AC output. The weak ignition transformer transforms the input voltage to less than 9,000 volts.

As a result, your Honeywell r8184g4009 oil burner control doesn’t get enough volt to operate, and it starts tripping. The factors responsible for it are:

  • Transformer’s poor contact
  • Dirty or defective flame scanner
  • Damaged pilot ignition cable
  • Broken or Cracked electrode
  • Pilot ignition transformer malfunction


The weak ignition transformer’s reduced output voltage cause delayed ignition and weak ignition arc. Solve this trouble by following the solutions below:

  • Ensure the solid and stable contact of your oil burner control’s ignition transformer
  • Properly clean the dirty flame scanner and replace the defective one
  • Inspect the pilot ignition cable and replace the damaged cables
  • Replace the cracked or broken electrode
  • Repair the faulty ignition transformer. If repairing is not possible, replace it.

3. Clogged Oil Line

Your Honeywell r8184g4009 starts tripping the reset button when the developed pressure within it doesn’t fall. The furnace’s clogged airline mainly caused this issue. The reasons behind it are:

  • Oil line or oil filter’s irregular cleaning
  • Dust, dirt build up in the oil line, nozzles, and filters
  • The oil line’s kink or bend collects dirt, reduces flow, and creates a blockage in the line
  • Heating oil sludge


The fixing ways of the above issues are the following:

  • Regularly clean your furnace’s oil filter, nozzle, and oil line
  • Remove the oil line’s blockage by cleaning the dirt and other foreign objects build-up
  • Ensure that your furnace’s oil line is perfectly straight. There is no kink or bend in the line
  • Make sure that the oil tank is not passing the heating oil sludge to the fuel line

4. Defective Burner Motor

One of the major causes of your Honeywell r8184g4009 oil burner control won’t work, and the reset button keeps tripping is its defective burner motor.

The oil burner fails to run or operate perfectly if there is an issue with its motor. The accountable factors for this problem are:

  • Damaged starter or the motor itself
  • Overloaded motor
  • Burner motor is getting low voltage
  • Blocked vents and filters
  • Dirty motor


To solve the burner motor malfunction issue, follow the solutions below:

  • Replace the damaged starter or motor if repair of it is not possible
  • You can reduce the motor’s overload by bringing a larger motor for your furnace.
  • The motor’s nameplate indicates the motor’s determined voltage level. Make sure your furnace’s burner motor is getting that voltage.
  • Remove and clean the air filter and vent blockage.
  • Properly clean the dirty blower motor.

5. Lack of Fuel

Lack of heating oil in the furnace or running out of fuel is one of the major causes for which your Honeywell r8184g4009 oil burner control keeps tripping.

If the oil tank is empty or fuel runs out of it, the oil burner control will fail to work properly.


Make sure that your furnace’s oil tank is full or has enough fuel so that the oil burner control can operate perfectly.

6. Delayed Opening of Oil Valve or Closed Valve

The furnace gas valve ensures enough gas flow to the burner and pilot light by opening and closing the valve.

The burner fails to get enough fuel and air supply because of the closed valve. As a result, there is no flame in the furnace at all. The causes of this trouble are:

  • Valve malfunction
  • The valve delays opening because the oil film remains within the valve seat and reeds between
  • Over compression
  • Gas overheating
  • Oil delivery’s low pressure
  • Burner’s slow start-up due to the air leaks
  • Dirty oil burner


Inspect whether your furnace’s oil valve is closed or not. If it is close, then follow the solutions below:

  • Replace the defective valve
  • Ensure the oil burner’s appropriate compression level
  • Reduce the gas overheating
  • Make sure the oil burner control is delivering oil at the proper pressure
  • Ensure there are no air leaks within the valves and the burner is starting up at the perfect rate
  • Properly clean the dirty oil burner

7. Damaged Flexible Coupling

The job of flexible couplings is to move torque within the misaligned shafts or from one shaft to another.

The damaged flexible coupling is one of the main reasons why your Honeywell r8184g4009 oil burner control keeps tripping. The main culprit for this crisis are:

  • Excessive vibration or noise within the furnace
  • Bearing failure
  • Higher power consumption
  • Excessive misalignment
  • Overloads or over speeds
  • Harsh operating conditions


The flexible coupling’s main job is to work on the misaligned shafts, but there is a particular limit to its misalignment.

When it crosses the boundary, the flexible coupling gets damaged. The way to get rid of this issue are:

  • Ensure that your furnace is working perfectly and is not producing any excessive noise or vibration
  • Replace the damaged bearing
  • Make sure your furnace is consuming power at an adequate level
  • Ensure the misalignment shafts are not crossing the flexible coupling’s particular enduring limit
  • Confirm the furnace’s smooth operating condition


Why does my oil burner keep turning on and off?

Your oil burner keeps turning on and off mainly because of short cycling, damage in the heating unit, a broken or defective thermostat, faulty or lost wiring, damaged batteries, or improper thermostat placement.

How do you reset a furnace blower motor?

Switch off the furnace and remove the cover of its blower compartment. First, ensure that the blower motor is cool enough to avoid danger. Then, find out the furnace’s reset button. Press this button, and it will reset your furnace blower motor.

How do you Prime a Honeywell oil furnace?

Turn off the furnace’s power and check its thermostat. Then find out the fuel pump’s bleeder valve. Next, catch the fuel by placing a container below the bleeder valve. Now turn the furnace’s power on. As long as the fuel’s steady stream doesn’t establish, keep open the bleeder valve.

How do I reset my Honeywell furnace thermostat?

First, turn the thermostat’s power off and remove its batteries. Now set the batteries following positive to negative and negative to positive. Wait for 10 seconds or more and now follow the correct way to put the batteries. Turn ON the thermostat.

How many times can you press the reset button on the oil furnace?

You should press the reset button on your oil furnace highest two times. After pushing the reset button each time, the burner’s chamber receives more fuel. Thus if the chamber accumulates excessive oil, it could explode or catch fire.


Already you know why your Honeywell r8184g4009 keeps tripping. Hopefully, you will now detect and fix your Honeywell oil burner control issues by yourself.

If you need any help to resolve any problem, comment and let us know. We’ll back to you with a solution ASAP.

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