Why My Monitor 441 Won’t Ignite Or Shuts Off [Solved]

Your Monitor 441 can stop suddenly and not ignite. The main reason why Monitor 441 won’t ignite is a power connection failure, empty fuel tank, contaminated fuel, clogged fuel filter, and an auto timer.

In this article, we will discuss these reasons and the appropriate solutions. By the end, you will be able to fix the Monitor 441 ignition issue perfectly. Plus if your MPI monitor 441 keeps shutting off, our solutions will help you to fix it. So stay tuned to know more…

5 Reasons Why Monitor 441 Won’t Ignite + Solutions

You can easily deal with the reasons why your Monitor 441 won’t ignite. Just maintain the following instructions, and everything should be okay.

1. Power Connection Failure

Monitor 441 heater runs on electricity. If the electrical connection is not secured, then the whole system will obviously collapse. The ignitor will not escape its effect. I am trying to say that if the heater loses connection with power, the ignitor will stop working.


The solution to this problem is very simple. Just secure the connection, and you are good. However, there are a few things you must do to ensure a perfect connection. Here they are:

  • See if the plug is properly inserted into the outlet
  • Make sure that the outlet is supplying electricity (use a tester for this purpose)
  • Look for damages in the wire connection (replace the wire if it’s damaged)
  • If everything seems okay, the problem is with the heater receptor. Call an electrician to fix it
  • See if the fuse of the heater is okay. Replace it if needed

If the power connection was the issue, then your Monitor 441 should now ignite again.

2. Empty Fuel Tank

Just so you know, Monitor 441 uses 0.3 gallons of kerosene oil per hour. And because Monitor 441 is so fuel-efficient, it is easy to forget when the fuel tank becomes empty. Once all the fuels are drained, there definitely won’t be any noticeable ignition. 

You can be sure that this is the case by checking the fuel tank when you notice no ignition on Monitor 441 or notice the burner status flashing on your MPI monitor.


You can solve this issue just by pouring more fuel into your Monitor 441 fuel tank. Here’s how to do it:

  • Turn off the whole heater system
  • Take a universal fuel pump
  • Install the hose leading to the Monitor 441 fuel tank on one end
  • Attach the other hose to the fuel cylinder
  • Once the installation process is done, start the monitor and let it do its work

Your Monitor 441 fuel tank should be full within 10 minutes if you have followed each and every step accordingly.

3. Contaminated Fuel

As you already know, a heater runs on oil. But if this oil somehow mixes with water, then the fuel may lose its functionality.

And when this happens, the ignitor will stop functioning as well, and you will notice your MPI monitor shuts off frequently or won’t ignite.


The solution to this problem is replacing the contaminated fuel. You can pour in a new batch of oil in the same way mentioned in the previous point. But how do you drain the old oil? Here’s how:

  • Turn off the heater by unplugging it
  • Drain all the contaminated fuel as mentioned in the previous method
  • Get a siphon fuel pump
  • Set its lever-end’s hose in the fuel tank
  • Put the other hose in a bucket
  • Start to pump at a light pace
  • Increase the speed gradually

You have to keep doing this till all the oils are drained. And right after that, you have to refill the fuel tank. 

4. Clogged Fuel Filter

A clogged fuel filter prevents the proper flow of oil. As the result, the heater doesn’t get enough power to run the ignitor. Sometimes, though it ignites, the burner shuts off a few moments later.


There are two things you can do in this situation. I will walk you through both here. Firstly, you can clean the fuel filter. Here’s how to do it:

  • Disconnect the power connection from the heater
  • Turn off the fuel flow at the oil barrel. (place oil rags here)
  • Locate the filter at the right-bottom side of the inside of the heater
  • Unscrew the 2 bolts holding the fuel filter there
  • Remove the fuel filter from its place
  • Now clean the filter using carburetor cleaner 

Once you have cleaned the filter, you have to place it back in its place and screw it up. However, if the fuel filter is too old or too clogged, you have to replace it.

In this case, you have to install a new fuel filter. Remove the fuel filter in the method mentioned above, and put a new one in its place.   

5. Auto Timer

Your Monitor 441 will not ignite with the operation switch if the auto timer is on.


Just reset the auto timer and you are good to go. It is nothing difficult to do. Simply press the auto button one time and everything should be okay.

Once you have dealt with all these points, your Monitor 441 heater should ignite properly.

Why My MPI Monitor 441 Keeps Shutting Off + How To Fix

MPI monitor heater runs with ignition. Once the ignition starts, the whole system begins its functionality as well.

So it means if the MPI monitor keeps shutting off, the culprit here is the ignitor. If the ignitor was not faulty, the MPI monitor 441 wouldn’t have shut off.

You can solve this issue by the methods discussed above. But the problem can still remain. In that case, you have to replace the ignitor. Here’s how to replace MPI monitor 441 ignitors easily:

  • Open the side panel of the heater by unscrewing the bolts holding it there.
  • Locate the ignitor situated inside the burn pot
  • Unscrew and remove any kind of obstructions holding it there
  • Pull it out of there and disconnect the wires
  • Install a new ignitor by setting up the wires and installing it in its place

Once you have perfectly installed a new ignitor, all the issues you have faced so far will be solved. And your MPI monitor 441 will stop shutting off. 


What fuel does monitor 441 use?

Monitor 441 uses Kerosene oil.

How much does monitor 441 ignitor cost?

A Monitor 441 ignitor costs around $25 on Amazon.

How long does monitor 441 last?

Monitor 441 lasts for up to 10 years with proper maintenance.

Do they still make monitor heaters?

No, they don’t make monitor heaters anymore.

Can you use diesel in a monitor heater?

Yes, using red untaxed diesel in the Monitor heater is perfectly fine. 


Now you know why your Monitor 441 won’t ignite. You also know the way to fix this issue. So overall you should not face further problems any longer. However, if you run into any difficulty, let us know in the comment below.

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16 thoughts on “Why My Monitor 441 Won’t Ignite Or Shuts Off [Solved]”

  1. All of the above solutions have been checked and tried numerous times with no success!
    The machine does it’s internal computer warm-up, the red strips light up for a few minutes, and then they begin to flash! Nothing…
    We are experiencing extreme frustration to say the least, not to mention a lack of heat as we enter the winter season!! HELP PLEASE…

    • Hi Marilyn

      Every problem is solvable. So, don’t get frustrated. Take it easy.

      And could you clean the flame rod? If not, clean it and investigate if it happens. If happens, then contact a technician to fix it.

      Wish you all the best and hope you have a sweet and warm cozy winter.


      • William,
        You may not realize what a service you’re providing here.
        There must be ten’s of thousands of us “trapped” with an ancient Monitor 441 up here in New England.
        Having enjoyed the luxury of decades of trouble-free service from our little jewel, it’s almost like a betrayal when it stops working.
        Thank you so much for your advice to have an IGNITOR! [same problem as Marilyn]
        By the way, there are ZERO technicians in Midcoast Maine – trust me, I’ve called dozens and they don’t service Monitor anymore because they cannot get parts.
        We’re on our own, baby…………….

        • Hi David
          It’s my pleasure knowing that my guide is contributing to minimizing your struggles. And as you have mentioned thousands of Minotor 441 users are struggling with issues, you can share them this guide to minimize their pains.

          Plus, if you find your MPI monitor 441 burner status flashing, then you can read our guide on how to fix MPI monitor 441 burner status flashing.

          Have a great time.

  2. Monitor 441 will ignite and run for a few minutes or a few days. Then lights are flashing again and it’s shut off. Looking to replace igniter and flame rod. Does this sound like I’m going the right direction?

  3. Our MPI 441 monitor heater is eating too much gas because it’s running 24/7. The automatic setting let’s the machine shut off when the set temp is reached, but does not start back up once the temp has fallen well below the set temp. We have a nearby door to the outdoors and left it open and watched as the room temp dropped to 52 degrees, but even so with the monitor set to 60, and waiting about 3 to 5 minutes, the unit does not start up again. This is a new house and the old owners filled the tank with kerosene before they left, and in just 11 days the take is a quarter less full (We are guessing they knew this was an issue and just said nothing about it). Since the unit doesn’t start up whem the temp gets too low it is not saving any gas. We have left it running so the pipes don’t freeze, as it works wonderfully and heats very well when on.
    This seems likely a motherboard computer or sensor issue of some sort. Please help.

  4. Hi William,
    Your advice to replace the IGNITOR on my 422 Model did the trick: it fires now and gets a little warm.
    However, it does not throw out heat and the BURNER STATUS lights just flash on and off.

    Any suggestions, Mein Guru?

    • Hi David

      MPI monitor 441 burner status flashing means the system is out of fuel. Plus, dirty flame rod, defective flame rod and dirty fuel filter can be reasons behind your monitor burner status flashing.

      To solve the problem, refuel the tank if it is empty.

      Well, if the tank is already full & you are facing the issue, then replace the flame rod if defective, and clean the flame rod and fuel filter following our instructions on MPI Monitor 441 Burner Status Flashing.

      Hopefully, you will get the solution.

      Wish you all the best.

  5. Hi!
    I’m having same problem as Marilyn – goes thru warmup and then flashing burner status with no heat.
    I did replace the IGNITOR at your suggestion. I was hopeful, but still no heat.
    Your last suggestion to her was to clean the flame rod. I do not have a manual, so I am hoping you can tell me where to find the rod?
    Again, thank you sincerely for being a White Knight in a world without Monitor Technicians!

  6. Hi William, thank you so much for all the knowledge you are sharing. It’s really appreciated. I have been looking on Amazon for the replacement 441 ignitor and have been unable to find one that resembles mine. Is there a universal one I can use?

    • Hi Shelley

      It’s nice to hear you.

      However, there is another heater that is very similar to Monitor heater named Toyotomi heater. It’s also fueled by kerosene.

      Also, you can try on another market place to get replacement parts of Monitor heater.

      Best of luck!

  7. I have a 441 monitor that does the same things that Marilyn has, but also the air circulation fan doesn’t seem to be turning on. Is there a way that I can test it without taking the stove apart?

    • Hi Kevin

      In such case, first, you can clean the fan & try again to operate your unit.

      If it doesn’t work, take help from a professional to inspect your heater & its fan to solve the heater issue.

      Best of luck!


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