Why My Propane Smoker Flame Goes Out [Reasons + Solutions]

The common reasons behind your propane smoker flame goes out are the safety shut-off valve problem, no airflow, the flame being blown out by the wind, a bad thermocouple, a blocked burner, and a defective regulator.

In this article, we will explain all the reasons and solutions precisely. So, we can assure you after reading the article, you can easily solve your smoker flame-out issue by yourself. So, let’s get started.

Propane Smoker Flame Goes Out [6 Easy Solutions]

Here are the details of the reasons and resolutions to your propane smoker flame frequently going out issues. So, keep reading…

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01. Issue With Safety Shut-Off Valve

There is a safety shut-off valve located on the propane tank. Sometimes it can be faulty to cause your propane smoker flame to go out. As a result, the propane smoker will not work.


In this situation, firstly, close both the needle valve and the tank valve. Then, gradually open the tank valve. Now, you will hear a ping or something because the safety valve resets itself.

The safety valve is constructed to close off the propane source if there is an open situation on the downstream side. Closing the needle valve fixes that situation and solves the problem.

02. No Air Flow

Every smoker requires good airflow through the heating chamber. But if the smoker is airtight and there is no airflow in the smoker, then the flame will go out.

It is the same case for a propane smoker and it will also cause the propane smoker not to work.


To solve it, check the exhaust holes in your propane smoker’s body. If there is any dirt or junk, clean it thoroughly.

03. Flame Being Blown Out By The Wind

There is a needle valve in the propane smoker that just provides you with further proper control over the flame.

Even with the needle valve itself in place, if the flame is extremely low, then it could get blown out by the wind. It will cause your propane smoker not to work.


In this circumstance, you can set up a windbreak to protect the flame. This will solve the issue.

04. A Bad Thermocouple

Sometimes, the flame goes out of your propane smoker when you release the temperature knob. This issue occurs because of a bad thermocouple.


In this case, check the thermocouple to be sure it’s positioned correctly in the flame. You also need to hold the thermocouple down sufficiently long for the security thermocouple to heat up.

If you hold it down for a sluggish count to 10 and it yet turns off, then this thermocouple requires to be replaced.

05. A Blocked Burner

There can be critters, spider webs, and mud daubers in a burner that blocks it. Also, some other gunk in the burner can restrict airflow in the burner and cause it to be blocked.

As a result, you will face the propane smoker fire keeps going out.


To solve this, you need to take a decent burner brush or other scrubbing mechanisms to the burner to clean out any gunk from it.

If still it isn’t solved, then check the connection between the regulator and the burner. There is an area in there where some air may get in by the structure that may get blocked. You are required to clean it if it is blocked.

06. A Defective Regulator

Sometimes, the regulators of your propane smoker don’t come to full pressure if you begin the smoker or grill before they have detected full pressure.

This problem happens because of a defective regulator. It will also cause your propane smoker flame keeps going out.


Firstly, ensure your propane bottle is level. Then, try shutting off the propane bottle fully with the smoker valve still open. After that, shut off the smoker valve.

Now, wait a minute and turn on the bottle waiting for around thirty seconds. Finally, turn on the smoker and light it. If that does not work, then you require to replace the regulator.


Why does my propane smoker keep going out?

Your propane smoker keeps going out due to gas leaking from cut, cracked, LP cylinder, burned hose, gas cylinder valve, and leaking between LP cylinder and regulator. It can also go out for fire under the control panel and grease fire.

How to keep a propane smoker at 225?

Firstly, once you start the propane smoker, set the vents fully wide open. It will aid your smoker to reach 225 degrees Fahrenheit rapidly. Then, when it has heated up, set the vents to half-closed. It will aid stop the speeding up of cooking temperature without dowsing it.

How long will a 16oz propane tank last?

The answer to this question differs for various sizes of propane tanks. But generally, a 16-ounce propane tank will last around an hour of cooking on high.

How long does a 20lb propane tank last on a grill

Generally, a medium-sized grill at high temperatures will use around 2 lbs of fuel for each meal. According to this, a 20 pounds propane tank will offer 18 to 20 hours of cooking time on a medium grill. A bigger grill can burn via 20 pounds of propane quickly within 10 hours.

How much propane does a smoker use?

The amount of propane a smoker uses relies on several aspects like the type of appliance you cook with, grill size, climate, and cooking temperature. However, on average, when smoking on a medium-sized smoker with the temperature set to high, a smoker will use one to two lbs of fuel for a cooking session.


We are hopeful that these causes and solutions to this issue will solve your problem easily.

Still, if it has not been solved or any more help is needed, then you can let us know in the comment box. We will be very glad to help you and solve it as soon as possible.

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