Rec Tec Bullseye Problems + Error Codes [10+ Easy Solutions]

Rec Tec Bullseye is one of the best pellet grills in the market. It’s by far and away from the most bang for your buck. This grill is built to last a lifetime and comes. Besides, this grill is convenient to use and gives you the most flavor. 

However, if you own the grill for long enough, there is a chance that it can malfunction. In other words, you will go through several Rec Tec Bullseye problems over time. 

rec tec bullseye problems

To fix those Rec-Tec problems, we will talk a little bit about Rec-Tec troubleshooting. So, stay in tune with us till the end to solve the grill issue and let your Bullseye function properly. 

7 Common Rec Tec Bullseye Problems & Their Solutions

Rec-Tec is a widely accepted grill brand every grill lover trusts. It helps you to cook mouth-watering smoked meat or food. However, it doesn’t mean the grill will never get defective.

most common rec tec bullseye problems

Just like other appliances, you will also go through some Rec-Tec problems over time. And this chapter will educate you about those grill issues and provide the solutions as well. 

1. Rec Tec Grill Won’t Light Or Turn On

Your Rec Tec Bullseye will not turn on for several reasons. A defective GFCI outlet or tripped outlet is the first culprit that prevents your grill from turning on.

Besides, you will fail to light your grill if you don’t turn the power switch to the On position. A blown fuse is also responsible for this issue. 

rec tec grill won’t light or turn on

Secondly, the temperature dial issue may also encourage your grill from lighting. Your Rec-Tec will not ignite if the temp dial remains in the Off position. 

Thirdly, the Rec-Tec igniter not working is another grill issue that causes your grill to not light. GFI is tripping, and the computer will not turn on are the indicators that let you know it’s the hot rod.

Also, look at the firepot, and if it gets pellets but won’t light, we bet it’s the defective ignitor rod.

Apart from these, a clogged auger or defective auger motor is also responsible for not turning on the grill. 

And lastly, the controller board issue is another reason that stops your grill from turning on. Loose wire connections on the controller board may stop the grill from lighting. 


First off, ensure you turn the power switch to the On position. Then, check the GFCI outlet for a trip. If the outlet gets defective, replace it. 

Now, take a look at the temperature dial, and set it to the On position.

When it comes to the ignitor rod or hot rod, change the hot rod with a new one. If you don’t know how to replace the igniter rod, check out this video. 

Next, check the auger to see whether it gets clogged by dirt & debris or not. If it gets jammed, ensure you release the blockage from the auger.

Regarding this, you should disassemble the unit to reach the auger motor. If you are not professionally inclined, hire a professional to do this task for you. 

If the controller board gets faulty, call the Rec-Tec support team to solve the issue. 

2. Rec Tec Grill Smoking Excessively

A lump of smoked meat always brings water to our mount. But over-smoked meat is bitter to taste. But a grill that produces excessive smoke is an indication of a malfunctioning grill.

rec tec grill smoking excessively

Old or wet pellets, excess ash in the firepot, and grease buildup inside the grill are some caveats that cause your grill to smoke more. A defective blower fan is also responsible for the grill smoking issue. 


Check the wood pellet quality before adding it to the hopper. Ensure the pellets are dry & fresh. Next, inspect the burn pot for ash.

We recommend you vacuum out the ashes after every 3-5 cooks. Also, don’t forget to clean the interior parts like the cooking grate & tray by removing the grease buildup. 

Lastly, visually inspect the blower fan for clogging. To do so, unplug the unit from the power. Then, pull out the access grate on the bottom of the hopper to check the blower fan.

If there is any obstruction, clear it. Try to spin the fan manually. If it’s a bit typical to rotate the fan, replace it. 

3. Rec Tec Grill Won’t Heat Up Or Maintain Proper Temp

Rec tec not heating up or failing to hold the proper cooking temperature is another grill issue you may encounter. Environmental conditions like direct sunlight or windy weather conditions are the main felon behind your grill temp issue. 

rec tec grill won’t heat up

If you operate the grill under direct sunlight, the temp will rise above the desired temp level. On the other hand, you will experience a crazy temperature swing if you grill in windy conditions. 


Keep your grill away from direct sunlight. Never operate your Rec Tec in the middle of the day of the summer season. If there is wind outside, you can cover the grill with an insulation blanket to maintain the proper temperature. 

Also, ensure you use quality wood pellets to hold the ambient temperature. Of course, remove the ashes from the burn pot. Plus, you can read our ultimate solution guide on why my pellet grill not heating up.

4. Fire Continues To Go Out

The Rec-Tec Grill will continue to go out if the hopper of your grill gets clogged by moist pellets and buildup.

fire continues to go out

Therefore, putting low-quality or wet pellets in the hopper will also be responsible for putting out the fire continuously. Plus, the too low-temperature setting can also cause the fire to go out. 


Start with unplugging the grill. Then, remove the wood pellets from the hopper to clear the blockage. Next, add dry and fresh pellets to the hopper. And finally, turn the temp dial clockwise to increase the cooking temperature. 

5. Pellets Not Being Delivered To The Fire-Pot

The auger of your grill helps to move the wood pellets from the hopper to the firepot. If the auger gets blocked by wet pellets, it can’t bring the fuel to the firepot.

pellets not being delivered to the fire-pot

And guess what- you can expect your grill to ignite if the firepot is empty or no pellets in it. 


Visually check the auger for a jam. In this case, unplug and turn off your Rec-Tec grill. Then, remove the cooking grate and heat deflector to reach the auger.

Inspect whether the auger motor is turning or not in the firepot.  If it doesn’t spin, we bet it gets clogged. So, release the blockage to let the auger turn again. 

6. Flair Ups

Flair-ups will occur if you cook fatty foods in a high-temperature setting. If you set the temperature too high or cook greasy or oily foods above 300 F degrees, you will experience the flair-up issue. 

rec tec bullseye smakers flair ups


Cooking oily foods at low temperatures will solve the issue. In specific words, set the cooking temperature at 300F or below to avoid flare-ups. 

7. Smoke Coming From Hopper

Smoke will come out of the hopper if the pellet level in the hopper is low.

smoke coming from rec tec bullseye hopper

Apart from these, excessive wood pellets in the hopper and the auger tube getting filled with pellets are also causing burn back. 


Just vacuum out the pellets from the hopper. Also, remove the pellet dust from the auger tube to solve the grill smoke issues. 

3 Common Rec Tec Error Codes Solutions

Besides the grill problems we mentioned above, you can also encounter these Rec Tec Bullseye error codes.

rec tec error codes

From this chapter, you can learn about the meaning of those error codes and the way of clearing them. 

i) Rec Tec Error Code 1:

Rec Tec Bullseye Er-1 or Rec-Tec Er-1 means the grill gets overheated. When the grill temperature reaches 650F, the display will show the error message.

Also, broken wires, plugging the temp probe in the wrong tabs, or defective RTD probe are also responsible for displaying the error message. 

To solve this issue, we recommend you replace the RTD probe if it gets defective. Clean the interior of your grill if a grease fire occurs. Also, check the temp probe wire connection and repair the loose connection if needed. 

ii) Rec Tec Bullseye Error 2:

Rec Tec Er-2 means the pellet grill won’t light, or the grill operates below 175F for 20 minutes or more. Besides, the blower fan problem and defective igniter rod are also responsible for showing the error message on the controller board. 

To clear out the message, make sure there are sufficient and good-quality pellets in the hopper. Then, inspect the hot rod and find if it’s defective or not.

If it’s faulty, replace the hot rod with a new one. Lastly, check the blower fan for obstructions and clear them. 

iii) Rec Tec Bullseye Error 3:

Rec Tec Er-3 indicates there is a power failure when you operate the pellet grill. If you plug your unit into a defective outlet, you can see error code 3 on the controller display. 

To clear the error message, replace the tripped outlet and plug the unit into a working outlet. 


What temp is low on the Rec Tec bullseye?

200F is the low temperature on the Rec Tec Bullseye.

How long does it take Rectec bullseye to heat up?

It takes only a few minutes to heat up the Rec Bullseye to reach your desired temperature in the range of 200F-550F. Typically, the grill takes 10 minutes to reach a temperature above 400F. 

Does the Rec Tec Bullseye have WiFi?

No, the Rec Tec Bullseye doesn’t have the WiFi feature. 


Like every grill from other brands, the Rec-Tec Pellet Grill also has some limitations. For example, the grill won’t light or turn, the igniter rod gets defective, and it produces a lot of smoke are some examples of Rec Tec Bullseye problems. 

But now, these grill issues will not be a pain in your neck. We solved every issue in this Rec-Tec grill troubleshooting guide. So, follow the troubleshooting steps we mentioned above to fix the grill problems. 

On the other hand, you should reach out to the Rec-Tec Support Team if you fail to solve the grill issues. 

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