Red Stone Heater Troubleshooting [11 Easy Solutions]

Red Stone makes some of the best portable infrared heaters on the market. For the odd occasions on which there’s something wrong with your heater, here’s our Red Stone heater troubleshooting guide.

red stone heater troubleshooting

We’ll discuss the most common issues that users experience and answer some frequently asked questions about the Red Stone heater. Keep on reading to learn how to fix your heater ASAP. 

Red Stone Heater Troubleshooting [11 Problem Solutions]

We do keep our solutions simple. But, troubleshooting your heater by yourself is a good idea when the problem isn’t too complex and you have some experience with electricity, gas, and electrical appliances. 

But if you don’t feel confident about DIYing a fix for your heater, always contact a professional. Heaters are expensive and it is just not worth the risk. So, we’d recommend you read our guide carefully to see if you can perform the solutions yourself and save your hard-earned money.

Now, let’s take a look at the most common troubles faced by Red Stone users who use portable infrared models, Red Stone gas heaters, and Red stone kerosene heater. 

  • The blower doesn’t work
  • The heater won’t turn on
  • The fan works but no heat
  • The heater gets overheated
  • A bad odor is produced by the heater when running
  • Tripped circuit breaker
  • The heater won’t run when power is on
  • Cold air coming out of the heater
  • Noisy heater
  • The heater won’t turn off
  • Leakage

1. Blower Doesn’t Work

It’s possible that the fan isn’t working because of:

  • A faulty switch.
  • A fan motor has failed.
  • Wire connections between the fan and the motor are poor.
  • Blades that are obstructed.


You can try to fix this issue by removing the lid to inspect for any blockages or loose wiring if the blades are clogged. In case everything looks good, use a volt-ohm meter to see if the motor is producing electricity. If it does, you’ll have to replace the engine. For an in-depth look, read how to troubleshoot a malfunctioning blower.

2. Heater Won’t Turn On

Sometimes, the heater isn’t getting any power, even when it is plugged in.


Check to see whether the power source is working properly if the heater will not turn on. Double-check that the cord isn’t frayed. By plugging in a known-good device and testing the circuit breaker, you can ensure that the electrical socket is in good working order. 

Make sure the GFCI outlet hasn’t tripped, in case you connected the unit into one. If you’re using a gas-powered heater, ensure that the propane tank is full, the connections are secure, and the gas valve is set to open. 

Before you try to light the heater, be sure you can hear the gas flowing through it. Make sure the valve that releases the gas is working properly if you don’t hear any gas flowing through. Gas valves usually click several times when in proper working condition.

3. Fan Runs But No Heat

This type of problem can happen for a faulty heating element or loosened or wiring disconnection to the unit. 


Carefully check all the wiring connections and fix them. Obviously, don’t forget to turn off the heater’s power to check and fix it.

4. Heater Gets Overheated

Overheated heaters are a safety hazard. Because of this modern heaters have a safety mechanism that automatically turns off the heater when overheated.


When the thermostat is turned off, the heater emits uncomfortable heat in the surrounding area. Setting the thermostat to maximum heat is the easiest method to avoid this. The temperature in the surrounding area will gradually rise to a comfortable level. Once this has occurred and you are at ease, gradually lessen the heat until the heater turns off.

Single-touch thermostats are more convenient than the other ones. You’ll have to set the temperature on single-touch smart thermostats to your preferences. The advantage of these thermostats is that they provide a far more precise reading than analog thermostats.

Always get an infrared heater with a thermostat to avoid and regulate overheating. Don’t make the mistake of using an extension cord to power the heater. It could cause a fire hazard.

5. A Bad Odor While Heater Running

When utilizing new infrared heaters for the first time, a burning odor is common. If it’s a brand-new infrared heater, there’s nothing to be concerned about. The problem is when a used heater produces a burning smell.


When utilizing new infrared heaters for the first time, a burning odor is common. If it’s a brand-new infrared heater, there’s nothing to be concerned about. A dirty heating element, on the other hand, can cause a burning odor. It’s because dirt causes the filament to prematurely burn out, which can be deadly.

As a result, it’s critical to keep the heater clean by vacuuming debris and dust regularly. Remember to clean the unit only when it is turned off.

6. Tripped Circuit Breaker

It is pretty annoying when your heater trips the circuit breaker. Here’s how to solve it.


When a space heater trips the circuit breaker, the first thing to check is whether the heater is set to the highest setting. Most heaters have two wattage levels. In that case, reset the breaker and try using it at a lower setting. 

On LOW heat (without tripping), it might function, but not on HIGH heat. If it happens again, search for a different cause.

What additional appliances are connected to the same electrical circuit? Are you working with a lamp, a sewing machine, or a hairdryer? Because each device uses some current, the overall current drawn by the circuit may be excessive. 

Unplug them and see if the heater works on its own. On the same circuit, you should not use two heating devices at the same time, such as a space heater and a curling iron.

7. Heater Won’t Run When Power On

If the heater doesn’t work after you’ve ensured that it is getting power, consider the following infrared heater troubleshooting tips.


Make sure the front grill of the heater is clean and dust-free. Keep the grills clean at all times because accumulated dust only causes difficulties over time. When they get dirty, just clean them with a ball of fine steel wool. Maintain a habit of cleaning the grill on a regular basis to ensure a free flow of air.

Examine the fans and, if necessary, clean them as well. After turning on the heater, give the fan some time to switch on. The fans don’t always switch on right away; they need time to warm up and start.

In case, the fan is still not working properly, clean the air filters. For more information, consult the instruction Red Stone heater manual. Clean the back vent as well, using a vacuum cleaner if possible.

8. Cold Air Coming Out of The Heater

The following are some of the most typical reasons for an infrared heater to blow cold air:

Reason 1:

Your unit may have a ‘ fan only’ setting. It’s because heaters set to ‘hot’ rather than ‘fan only’ can overheat and turn off the radiator power. To reset the heater, follow the directions in the instruction booklet or on the heater itself.

Reason 2:

When a heater with a digital thermostat reaches the desired temperature, it turns off for half a minute. It’s a built-in feature that blasts off excess heat to ensure constant and accurate readings.

9. Noisy Heater

It is usually the sound of heating elements expanding when the heater is turned on. This is pretty normal. You don’t need any action to fix it.

10. Heater Won’t Turn Off

If the following conditions exist, the heater may not turn off:

  • It is far too large for the space.
  • There is insufficient insulation, resulting in increased heat loss. This puts a strain on the heater’s capabilities.


The following steps can be taken to solve the issue:

  • All outside walls will be insulated.
  • Doors and windows should be weather-stripped to avoid excessive air filtration from entering the space.
  • If the room is large enough, you might also try utilizing an additional heater.

11. Leakage

Air leakage in heaters is an issue commonly faced by Red Stone users.


For propane heaters, make sure none of the hoses are leaking and that the heater is getting enough gas. This will also keep you safe. Fill a spray bottle with one part soap to three parts water to check for a leak. This liquid should be sprayed along the connecting hoses. 

Turn up the volume. You have a leak in your system if bubbles emerge along with the hoses. Remove the hoses and blow them out if you don’t see any leaks but your heater is still not working properly. 

Debris, such as dust, might become caught inside the hoses over time, obstructing the flow of gas. For this task, you’ll need a compressor and an air gun tool. A can of pressurized air won’t produce enough pressure. Having a cordless compressor can save you the hassle of using gas. 

Here, watching the video will be helpful for you.


How do you turn on a red stone heater?

Press the ON/OFF button on the control panel or the Power button on the included remote control to turn on the heater.

Do infrared heaters wear out?

It takes a lot less effort to maintain an infrared heater than other kinds of heaters. Because infrared heaters have no mechanical parts, they require very little maintenance. There are no motors to replace, no air filters to change, and no lubrication is necessary.

How much does it cost to run a 1500-watt heater for 24 hours?

About $ 0.2 per hour, which adds up to $4.80 in 24 hours.

Can infrared heaters cause fires?

Infrared heaters do not emit pollutants like carbon monoxide since they do not use fossil fuels like kerosene or propane. They also don’t create fires or explosions because they use a flammable fuel source.

How long does an infrared heater take to heat a room?

It takes around 5 minutes for a 1500-watt infrared heating system to heat a 330-square-foot room from 50 degrees Fahrenheit (10 degrees Celsius) to 68 degrees Fahrenheit (20 degrees Celsius). Insulation, outdoor temperature, objects in the room, and humidity levels all contribute to the amount of time it takes to heat a room.


Hopefully, you have a clear idea of how to troubleshoot a Red Stone electric heater. Enjoy the warmth of your heater. Cheers!

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14 thoughts on “Red Stone Heater Troubleshooting [11 Easy Solutions]”

  1. my red stone radiant heater sku 1241595 must get hot and turns off sometimes not long after turning it on. the fan runs but no heat. this is the third one i have owned and they all did the same thing. what can i do.

    • Hi Derryl

      This type of problem can happen due to a defective heating element or loosened or disconnected wiring connection to the unit. So, carefully check all the wairing connections and fix them. Obviously, don’t forget to turn off the heater’s power to check and fix it.

      Hope you can solve the problem.


  2. My Redstone catalytic heater ignites fine. It gets up and running for about 2 minutes, then I hear a click and the heater shuts down.
    My propane tank is full.

    Where do I look for the problem?

    • Hi Robert

      To fix your Redstone heater shutting-off issue, first, clean the filter. To do this, make sure the unit is cool down & then, remove the filter carefully.

      Wash the filter under running water with dish soap & let it dry completely before attaching it.

      Hopefully, your problem will be solved.

      Best of luck!

  3. Hi William,

    Just purchased the Red Stone FP404RNA. Works well on Lo & Eco. But when place on Hi the fan blows but the heating element goes out or stops glowing.

    • Hi Joe

      This type of issue can happen due to a faulty heating element or loosened or wiring disconnection to the unit.

      Well, to fix the issue, carefully check all the wiring connections and fix them. Obviously, don’t forget to turn off the heater’s power to check and fix it.
      And you may need to replace the heating element if you get it defective.

      Hopefully, you will get the solution.

      Best of luck!

  4. RedStone Infrared heater, model# GD9315BCW-5JA. Fan and temp modes beep, but fan mode and Temps won’t change. The electro lock is not set.

    • Hi Kathy

      To do the electro lock, press the Temp up & Temp down buttons at the same time for 3 seconds. And to unlock it do the same process.

      If it doesn’t work, contact the Red Stone customer support center.

      Best of luck!

  5. My Redstone heater was bought a few years ago from Walmart. At least I think ours is a RedStone because it looks identical to one except without the RedStone label on the front. It’s worked like a charm for years, all of a sudden, the on/off switch won’t click. It will now smoothly toggle from top to bottom but will not connect or lock in place like the others that control the amount of heat will. What can I do?

  6. Had my heater for about 3 months. All of a sudden it is making a lot of noise when the heater shuts down and starts up when it reaches the temperature it is set at. How can I elemate the noise.

    • Hi Clara

      Generally, an electric heater expands & contracts when the heat cycle starts & finishes, and the ducts can produce a loud bang that is normal.

      However, if the sound is too much & intolerable, it would be better to take help from the owner’s customer support center.

      Wish you all the best!

  7. I’ve had my heater just over a month and it appears to work but does not shut off when the room gets warm enough – it’s done it a time or 2 but not always. I bought a thermometer for the room because I thought it was still running when warm enough to shut off and I was correct. Heater is running set on 65 and its 71 in the room…..any suggestions ??

    • Hi Sue

      To fix the issue, check the thermostat as a malfunctioning thermostat can signal the heater to run continuously.

      In that case, you may need to replace the thermostat if you get it defective.

      But as your heater is only one month old, it would be wise to contact the manufacturer’s customer support center for help before doing anything by yourself.

      Best of luck!


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