Soleus Air Heater Not Working [7 Easy Solutions]

The go-to fix for the Soleus Air heater not working is to check the power supply, the main fuse, ensure the heater is in the ON position, make sure the heater isn’t tilted, compare the room temperature to the set temperature on the thermostat.

This should fix most issues that users commonly face. If your problem still isn’t solved then you may need a part replacement. Read our guide to figure out what’s wrong with your heater and fix it ASAP.

Soleus Air Heater Not Working [7 Easy Solutions]

There can be many ways in which a Soleus Air heater malfunctions. But today, we’ll discuss the two most common problems that are faced by users.

These problems are: heater turning off prematurely and heater not generating enough heat when power is on. Keep scrolling to find easy solutions to these problems.

Problem 1: Heat Turns Off Prematurely

You may experience your Soleus Air heater turning off after only running for a little while. Heaters normally turn off and on periodically. You’ll know if you are having this problem if the heater turns off before the room reaches the desired temperature.

Reason 1: Broken or Poorly Positioned Thermostat

A bad thermostat can have a broken internal gauge causing it to make the wrong temperature reading and shutting the unit off prematurely. It could also be that your thermostat has been installed in a place where the temperature is always higher than the average temperature of the room. 

It is normal for a house to have some hot spots. Those spots are bad places to install thermostats in as the thermostat gets incorrect temperature readings. 


First, you’ll need to ensure that your thermostat is not broken. Test it with a multimeter to find out. Set up and calibrate the multimeter as per instructions, and turn its dial to the lowest ohm rating before testing the thermostat.

A working thermostat will give a reading of zero or very close to zero. A faulty one may not give any reading at all or give a much higher or lower reading than 0.

If your thermostat is fine but placed in a hot spot, you’ll need to reinstall it in a better place that represents your house’s average temperature well. This should fix your heater.

Reason 2: Defective Blower Motor

When your blower motor isn’t turning fast enough, your Soleus Air heater may turn off prematurely. 


You should hire a licensed electrician to fix your blower motor for you if you don’t have much experience in the matter. When repairing the motor isn’t possible you’ll need to replace it. Here’s how you can install a new blower in your old one’s place.

Reason 3: Dirty Heater Sensor

There is a round sensor that detects whether your unit is overheated or not. It is placed under the heating elements. When this sensor senses an issue, the safety device will kick in and your heater is turned off.

This fail-safe mechanism is there because overheating damages your unit as well as risks causing a fire. A dirty sensor can malfunction and send the heater signal to turn off even when not overheated.


Your sensor needs to be cleaned immediately. Depending on the dust build-up rate in your house, your heater temperature sensor needs to be cleaned as frequently as needed. Frequent cleaning will prevent this issue as well as prolong the lifespan of your heater. 

Problem 2: No Heat Is Generated By The Heater

Damaged heaters can fail to heat a room even when they’ve been on for more than an hour or so. If the heater is getting power and this is happening the following issues could be causing this to happen. 

Reason 1: Defective Heating Element

When your heating element is broken you’ll get very little to absolutely no heat.


To test your heating element, you can use a multimeter. To calculate the resistance of the heating element, use the following formula.

R = (V x V) / P 


V = voltage powering the element

P = the power the element uses 

R = resistance

Use your heater model’s power and voltage rating in the formula to find the value of R. Then get a reading on the multimeter. If the resistance is close to your calculation, your heating element is fine.

But when the reading isn’t as expected, you’ll need to hire an electrician to repair your heating element or replace it.

Reason 2: Temperature Control Has Failed

The temperature control is a device that determines how much heating is required to get the room to the desired temperature. When it fails, your heater doesn’t work properly and fails to heat the room. 


Hire a licensed electrician to fix your temperature control. It may also need a replacement.

Reason 3: The Tip-Over Switch is Malfunctioning

When the heater is tipped over, the tip-over switch is triggered and the heater is shut down. This device is put in place to ensure safety. When the tip-over switch is malfunctioning, your heater may stop functioning.


Contact a competent electrician and get their help to fix your heater’s tip-over switch.You may need a replacement when repairing isn’t an option.

Reason 4: Burned Terminal In The Wiring

Burned wiring could be what is causing your heater to malfunction.


Repair the wire connections and ensure there are no loose wires as loose wiring can lead to more burned wires in the future.


Why is my furnace blowing cold air when the heat is on?

Ans: There could be a few reasons behind this. 

Your heater may be running a cool-down cycle or the thermostat is set at a temperature that is lower than the room temperature. Dirty filters too can cause this issue.

Can a dirty filter stop the heater from working?

Ans: Yes. A dirty filter traps hot air inside the unit, which leads to overheating.

Most modern heaters turn off when overheated. So, when you have a dirty filter, each time you turn on the unit your heater will overheat after running for some time. 

What would cause the thermostat to go blank?

Ans: Restricted airflow can cause this to happen. Fix the issue by adjusting the position of your heater to a more open space or cleaning the filter. A blown fuse can also be behind a blank thermostat screen.

Does low battery affect thermometer?

Ans: your thermostat is likely to show a low battery symbol and stop functioning when the battery is running low. You’ll need to replace the batteries to get it to work again.

How do I get my furnace out of lockout mode?

Ans: You’ll need to reset your furnace. To do that you need to shut off the power supply to the unit first. Then you’ll need to wait. Most models these days will only take 20 seconds. After that, turn the furnace back on. Your furnace should be out of lockout mode.


Now that you have an idea about what you need to do and what may be behind your Soleus Air heater not working, hopefully, you’ll get it fixed in no time.

Enjoy the warmth! 

Let us know if you have any queries by commenting below. We’ll get back to you soon.

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