Travis Industries Gas Fireplace Troubleshooting [9 Easy Solutions]

Travis Industries Gas Fireplace is a widely-accepted fireplace for every homeowner. Most homeowners love this due to its ease of use, on-demand heat, and the realistic flame or glow it offers.

Indeed, you can experience the same feeling by sitting in front of this gas fireplace as your grandfather did in front of a traditional wood fireplace. 

But a malfunctioning gas fireplace will shutter all of these enjoyments. The defective pilot light or the main burners will be enough to let you go nuts as you will not get the heat you need. 

travis industries gas fireplace troubleshooting guide

And this Travis Industries gas fireplace troubleshooting guide will help you to solve all the fireplace problems easily.

So, keep reading…

Travis Industries Gas Fireplace Troubleshooting

From this Section, you will learn the issues that you will experience over time and how you can solve those problems. 

1. Pilot Won’t Light

Several reasons are responsible for not allowing the pilot to be lit. If the gas shut-off valves remain closed, the pilot won’t light. Or, you may don’t set the gas control knob to the Pilot position.

Similarly, if you don’t push the valve control knob or press the igniter repeatedly, the pilot light will never come on. Nonetheless, not having enough propane in the tank will be another culprit. 


Start with inspecting all the shut-off gas valves and turn them on or open if any of them is closed.  Then, set the gas control knob to the Pilot position. Next, press the knob, which will allow the gas to flow to the pilot light.

Finally, keep pressing the igniter until you see the pilot light. And last but not least, don’t forget to check the tank level. Refill the tank with propane if needed. 

2. Thermostat Doesn’t Work

The thermostat of your gas fireplace will not work if you set the thermostat too low. Plus, the fireplace thermostat will not function anymore if the main burner switch is turned off. 


Firstly, ensure you set the On/Off switch to the “On” position. You can find the On/Off switch behind the control cover. Then, set the thermostat to the high setting or above the room temperature.

If the thermostat still doesn’t work and you find it defective, you have no alternative but to replace it. Well, to replace the thermostat correctly, you can go through our easy steps to add a new thermostat to a gas fireplace.

3. Remote Control doesn’t Work

Here is why your remote control of Travis Industries Gas fireplace doesn’t function:

  • The batteries of your remote control run out or are dead.
  • Maybe the remote control receiver is set to Off.
  • The remote is too far away from your fireplace.


Do these if you experience the above issues with your remote control:

  • Replace the batteries.
  • Make sure you turn on the remote control receiver. 
  • Bring the remote control close to your gas fireplace. 

4. Flames Are Too Short

You can see too short flames in your gas fireplace if you set it to the low setting. To fix this issue, you should adjust the flame height and turn it to a High position. Below, we will show you how to do it. 


Like other gas fireplaces, your Travis Industries gas fireplace has an adjustable flame. You can adjust it to tailor the look and heat output according to your needs.

Travis industries gas fireplace flame adjust button in diagram

To adjust the flame, locate the middle dial on the gas control valve. Turn the dial counter-clockwise to adjust the flame higher just like in the picture given above.

Well, if the flame adjustment doesn’t work, you should follow our complete guide on reasons & simple solutions for gas fireplace flame too low to fix the issue.

5. Too High Flames in The Gas Fireplace

Are you struggling with the issue of too high a flame in your Travis gas fireplace? Have you rotated the flame adjustment dial to lower the flame? If not, we recommend you try this first.

However, when the answer is “yes” & the flame adjustment failed to fix the flame too high issue. Then, one or more reasons given below could be the culprit behind the problem.

  • High gas pressure
  • Burner type may be wrong
  • Faulty gas valve


Start the fixation process by checking the gas pressure & adjust it. Also, make sure you adjust the gas regulator properly. But when you get the regulator defective, you need to replace it.

However, if the gas pressure is perfectly okay, now it’s time to visually inspect your gas fireplace’s burner type. Ensure you installed the right type of burner that is suitable to burn gas in your unit.

Lastly, check the gas valve using a digital multimeter to find out whether it is the main culprit or not. If the gas valve is okay, ensure it is opened. Plus, you adjust the control valve accurately.

But when you find the gas valve is faulty, you need to replace it with a new one. Well, if you are not so handy with the whole process, you can hire a professional.

Alternatively, to deal with the above-mentioned problem correctly, you should follow our easy instructions on too high flame in a gas fireplace.

6. The Glass is Covered By A Thin Layer of Shoot

As you have stopped here, you must have a shooting-covered glass problem. Right? Don’t worry because you can fix the issue easily. However, before jumping into the solution, let’s know the causes first.

  • Incorrect installation of the logs or coals
  • Improper air shutter adjustment


Visually inspect the log setting whether they are correctly installed as in the picture given below or not.

travis industries gas fireplace log installation

If not, you should set the logs rightly because you don’t have any alternative to fix the issue.

Well, start with the rear log placement. Make sure you place the rear log’s flat notch on both sides properly on the grate. Then, slide the log back to the end brackets on the grate just like in the picture below.

travis gas fireplace rear log setting

Next, set all the logs according to the first picture in this section.

However, if your log installation is absolutely fine, go for the next step by checking the air shutter. Ensure you adjust the air & gas flowing correctly. Improper adjustment of the air shutter can produce sooting due to incomplete combustion in the flame.

In case, you are not flexible with the whole procedure, you can hand over the fireplace installation to a professional or your local Travis gas fireplace dealer.

7. Main Burners Won’t Start

The main burners of your Travis Industries Gas Fireplace will not start for the following possible reasons:

  • The On/Off switch may remain in the “Off” position.
  • You may set the thermostat too low or it is disconnected or gets defective. 
  • The remote is not working accurately
  • No fuel in the tank
  • The pilot doesn’t light


First, make sure you set the On/Off switch to the “On” position. 

Then, check the thermostat & ensure it is connected correctly. Plus, set the thermostat to a high setting or above the room temperature. If the thermostat doesn’t work properly, you need to replace it.

When you get the thermostat & the tank level is okay, now it’s time to check out the remote instructions to fix it.

Finally, inspect the pilot assembly & clean it as a dirty pilot can’t be lit. Well, if setting the gas control knob to the pilot position and continuously pressing on the pilot igniter repeatedly fails to light the pilot, we bet it gets defective.

Well, in this case, try to fix the issue by watching the video or replacing the pilot light with a new one.

2 More Issues With Your Travis Industries Gas Fireplace

Like the problems we mentioned above, you can also experience the following issues with the Travis Industries Gas Fireplace.

1. Pilot Goes Out Intermittently

The pilot light will not come on, or it may go out intermittently if you shut off the gas supply. To fix the problem, we recommend you turn on the gas supply. If turning the gas supply will not solve the pilot issue, call the Travis Tech Support Team for help. 

2. Flames Are Too Blue

The blue flame will come on when you start the fireplace. After fifteen minutes, the blue flame will turn to a lifelike yellow or orange color. In fact, the blue flame you see in the initial stage is normal as you can see in the picture below.

travis gas fireplace blue flame at the initial stage

But if the flames are too blue continuously, maybe the air shutter is widely opened. Check & adjust the air shutter properly to fix this issue. 


Why is my Travis Industries fireplace beeping?

Your Travis Industries Fireplace will beep if the batteries of the remote control are dead. So, replace the batteries with ones to fix this issue. 

How do I program my Travisdustries remote?

To program your Travis Industries Remote, press the PRG button on the receiver. Now, press the power button on the remote control to sync up the remote. Now, you can control the gas fireplace with the remote control. 

Do gas fireplaces turn off automatically?

Yes, most of the new gas fireplaces have some safety features. An automatic gas shut-off is one of them that allows the gas fireplace to turn off automatically when there is carbon monoxide build-up or pilot light goes out, or the unit gets too cold.


Like every electric appliance, your Travis Industries Gas Fireplace will start malfunctioning over time. For example, the pilot will not light, or the main burners will not start are some examples of them. We broke down every possible issue you may go through in this troubleshooting guide. 

So, you can bookmark this guide so that you can detect the fireplace issue right off the bat. And don’t hesitate to reach out to your dealer if the solution we provide will not work for your fireplace problems. 

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31 thoughts on “Travis Industries Gas Fireplace Troubleshooting [9 Easy Solutions]”

    • Hi Thomas

      The gas fireplace’s light usually stops working because of the spark igniter problem. Clean out the dirt and debris build-up between the thermocouple and igniter. Hopefully, it will light again.
      On the other hand, your fireplace’s fan would stop working because of a shorted-out fan motor, blown fuse, or tripped circuit breaker. Contact a technician to know the exact reason.


  1. 12/29/2021

    I have followed the Travis Industries Gas Fireplace instructions about starting the fireplace when the pilot is ignited. We have not had the fireplace working for at least a year. I put
    new AAA batteries in our remote starter. The pilot is on, and there is a clicking sound in the fireplace when the right arrow on the remote is depressed. Any information you could give would be greatly appreciated. Avoiding a service call is atop my list.

    Pierce White

    • Hi Gerald

      The problem may be with pilot light, thermocouple, and thermopile. Check them if they are faulty and replace them. Hope, you will get the solution.


  2. My touch pad controller is dead and the lights in the fireplace are on. I have turned off the power trying to reset but light stays on and touch controller is dead.

  3. Hi,

    We had a new fireplace installed and the remote works intermittently, sometimes we can reset it other times it will not reset when hitting the button on the control unit. The control unit reset beeps, but the remote will not. Then sometimes it will randomly reset the next day. Could there be some interference? They just put a new unit in with an antenna and we are having the same issue.

  4. Hi William, I have been having problems with my Fireplace Xtrordinair 36 DV XL 321651. The first issue I had was pilot not staying on when starting. (I cut my pilot off during warm weather). Then, main burner won’t come on. The remote is saying its on. I see on the control module the light is on. I tap on the gas valve and it will come on. Then I can watch it for a while and the main will cut off and I still hear gas on. I just cut he main off. Can the gas valve be refurbished? I found one at (Robertshaw millivolt valve 50% turndown quick dropout (propane)) FP0804 $312. I couldn’t find the pilot assembly. I have checked with several TRAVIS Industry dealers, no response or they say they can not get parts. I was just going to replace pilot assembly and valve but I would be just guessing and wasting money if it was something else causing the problem. Any and all help is appreciated. Thanks.

  5. I have a Avalon prairie gas stove from 2008.. pilot lights .. when I turn on it runs for 30 to a minute and everything blows out.. won’t stay running

    • Hi Craig

      Generally, this type of problem happens when dust gets into the pilot assembly. As a result, the pilot produces a lazy flame that lifts away from the thermocouple and causes dropping the temperature of the thermocouple. And finally, all these are responsible for shutting off the gas valve.

      To solve the issue, clean the pilot assembly and check the gas supply whether it is enough or not.
      If it doesn’t work, take help from a professional tech.


  6. Hi William, I have Travis Fireplace Xtrordinair 36 DV XL model 321651. I was having problems with pilot assembly not staying on. Cleaned the assembly. Next once pilot is on, and I turn on by remote (remote says it is on but main burner not lit. Module light is on. I can tap gas valve and it will light up. Then it cut off and gas stays on. Can Robertshaw gas valve ($320) be the problem. Can I purchase it somewhere cheaper than this? Should I replace both or is it something else?
    Need LP gas control valve . Travis Industries
    Part number. 97300130

    Also Pilot assembly LP
    Part number 93006021

    • Hi Amy

      Did you clean the thermocouple? If not, first try cleaning it. Also, clean the clogged burner ports. Plus, ensure the gas pressure. Yet, if you find the issue is existing, then think the gas valve is the culprit and replace the gas valve. You can get cheaper than your mentioned price online like from amazon.


  7. pilot light not staying lit… pilot light, thermocouple, and thermopile replaced. functioned well for one week then pilot went out, again not staying lit. Service person said its a low flow. We have natural gas. Any commets to add for troubleshooting?

  8. I need service. I am in Kansas City area. I have a 864 clean face. Who can I contact. The fireplace takes a long time to light. It’s 6 years old Please contact me. Thanks

  9. Intermittently the fireplace will stay on after reaching the programmed temp getting several degrees higher and I have to turn it off manually. I do keep the remote in unobstructed range. It randomly does it so makes me nervous for how high it might get to if I’m not there to turn it off.

    • Hi Peg

      First, check the remote & ensure the on/off switch is in the “on” position. If the remote is in the “on’ position, then a bad regulator or a defective pilot light could be the culprit that stops your gas fireplace from turning off.

      However, it would be wise if your fireplace is visually inspected by a technician to find out the main cause & fix it. Alternatively, you can take help from your local Travis gas fireplace dealer to get a solution.

      Hopefully, your problem will be solved.

      Wish you a happy life.

  10. we just put in a new 4415 Fp the remote is synced , however the accent lighting will not turn off even when the remote shows it is off. everything else on remote works .

    • Hi Gil

      As you are saying that everything is okay on the remote except the accent light issue, now you should check the accent light connections & all the buttons on the remote for any pushed-in button & fix them when you get any faults.

      If it doesn’t work, take help from a professional.


  11. I have a DVL GSR2 NB insert. I just replaced the batteries in both the fireplace control and the remote control. The flame lights and burns perfectly. However, both the fan and the light do not work. The remote says they should be on and I hear a beep when changing the settings of each but neither one works. Both of the fuses are good.
    Please advise.

    • Hi Dave

      To fix your gas fireplace issue, first clean the blower. Also, make sure all the wiring connections are in good condition.

      If cleaning doesn’t work, you may need to replace the blower.

      Hopefully, you can solve your fireplace problem.

      Best of luck!

    • Mine had this problem – I found the 3.15A fuse on the FP control board was blown. I was replacing the light bulbs and the fuse blew on the hot wire to the lights. I did not expect the IFC fuse to blow.

  12. Aloha! We have two Fireplace Extraordinaire wonderful fireplace inserts. The one in our home works great, the new one we bought about 4 years ago for our beach home on Puget sound, does not work as well.
    We do not use it regardless often but do enjoy fires when we are here in the colder months. Sometimes we turn it on and it starts up fine, however most of the time it is slow to start and makes a huge blast when it starts. After that it burns nicely but it’s pretty scary when it starts.
    We use portable tanks that are lager than a bbq tank but still manageable for two seniors to move. I think when I bought them on Amazon they are 7.5 or 30lb tanks.
    We would sure appreciate any insight you an share with us.
    Make it an awesome day!

    • Hi John

      Generally, such type of issue can be happened due to the improper setting of the pilot light. Consequently, when the gas begins to flow, gas may build up & explode.

      Well, to fix the issue, make sure the pilot assembly is placed correctly. If it is okay, then, clean the pilot light, thermocouple & thermopile.

      Hopefully, your fireplace issue will be solved.

      Wish you all the best!

  13. I have a 430 GSR2 gas insert and the repair company says I need a pro flame 2 valve and I need to find one, because it is on back order with them.
    Please advise


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