Westpointe Infrared Heater Problems [7 Easy Solutions]

The common Westpointe infrared heater problems are the heater shutting off issue, blowing cold air, fan not spinning, overheating, no heat, and bad smell from your heater. 

However, whatever your heater’s problem, you can fix it just by reading our Westpointe radiant infrared heater troubleshooting guide. So, get started…  

Westpointe Infrared Heater Problems [7 Easy Solutions]

Here are all about your radiant infrared heater issues, their causes, and simple solutions. 

1. Heater Shuts Off

Your infrared heater shutting off due to low airflow (Dirty Air Filters), overheating, interrupted power supply, bad thermostat, and jump up of dust and junk. This can be resolved or maintained easily.


Having faced the crisis, you might follow the steps to repair it.

  • Check your heater’s circuit board and reset it. Also, check the switch
  • Enter your cord with the socket
  • Change the power cable or air filters
  • Clean the dust and junk
  • Maintenance flame sensor
  • In case of broken thermostat, replace it

2. Heater Blowing Cold Air

Every heater has a fan. As a setting, we set only the fan instead of the heat setting. When you use the heater in normal mode, it will blow cold air. Besides, there are several reasons behind blowing cold air instead of heat.

 For example:

  1. Your thermostat is set incorrectly
  2. Dirty filter
  3. Heater overheated
  4. Clogged condensate line
  5. Problem with the gas supply
  6. Leakeg in air ducts
  7. Damaged thermostats


You require changing the mode of heat setting instead of a regular fan. Sometimes, digital thermostats work late within a few seconds. So, wait for a half minute to run the heater. Plus…

  • Clean your heater’s filters 
  • Repair or change the thermostat.

3. Infrared Heater Fan Not Working

Sometimes your infrared heater fan won’t work. The reasons behind the fan not working are the disconnection of wire with the fan, damage in the fan’s motor, and dust build up in the fan and motor.

Low voltage is also another cause for your heater fan not spinning. So, you can check one by one and repair your heater’s fan. 


  • Check motor of the fan internally
  • Make sure it is free of dust
  • Check the wire’s connectivity properly
  • Even if it does not work well, replace it with a new one

4. Heater Overheating

Heater overheating is one of the general problems. It may happen because of the long time use. Most probably, some parts are getting extremely heat with use.

But short-time overheating is one of the major problems. Also, it is a risk because overheating can entirely damage your infrared heater.

A thermostat helps to keep the balance of the heater’s temperature. When the heat increases, the heater may turn off automatically. Then the fan of the heater can’t supply sufficient air.

So, you need to follow these tips:

  • Be sincere with the heater thermostat 
  • Inbuilt safety overheat system that will switch off automatically
  • From time to time, decrease the temperature and volume
  • Buy an infrared heater with a thermostat
  • Use an extension cord to power the heater

5. Automatic Switch-Off by Circuit Breaker

This may be because the unit is not getting enough air or the control switch/ thermostat is not working properly.

Besides, your current flow going on high voltage for the time being. Circuit breakers are used to break the high voltage and save your eclectic device. As soon as, the internal temperature becomes excessively hot, the unit will off itself automatically.


  • Unplug your heater, and wait 5-8 minutes to cool down
  • Switch it on again
  • Cheek short cycling
  • Repair the circuit breaker fuse

6. Fan On, But No Heat

When you notice your heater electric fan is working fine but there is no heat from your heater, then, the faulty heating element and disconnected wire to your heater unit are the main culprits.


To fix this issue, first, you should shut off your heater and unplug it from the outlet. Then…

  • Check the heating element. If it’s faulty, replace it.
  • Also, investigate the wire connections to the unit. If there is any disconnection, reconnect the wire.

7. Burning Or Bad Smell

Generally, a new heater produces a burning smell as the insolation inside the heater gets melted from the heat. It goes away a few days later. Plus, the clouds of dust settled on the burner, heating transformer and other components create a bad smell.


  • Cheek electrical faults
  • Remove the dirty heating elements
  • Clean the dust in the heater with a vacuum

Yet, if you find your heater does not work well still now, most probably, you may need to replace some parts in the unit. So, call a professional technician for your infrared heater maintenance.


How can you reset your infrared heater?

To do so, unplug the heater from the electrical outlet. Then you will wait for a few minutes to cool down the units. After cooling down, plug the cord back into the wall socket and press the power button on for 5 seconds. Finally, the heater will start running as usual.

Why does my infrared heater make sound?

It’s normal for a few heaters like parabolic, quartz, and radiant. They create a cracking sound as soon as switched on. It is the sound of spreading heating elements.

Can an infrared heater be repaired?

Solving many issues rest on your capacity to find out faulted areas. You may be able to solve minor problems. To do adjust the thermostat to the right position, and change the general setting, you can fix many cases. You can fix it when the heater does not function properly.


We have explained the common problems of your Westpointe infrared heater and their EASY solutions. The solution depends on your problems. We hope our guide could help you to solve your heater problem.

Yet, you are struggling with any more issues, you can let us know in the comment box. We are ready to help you.

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