Why Does My Grill Sound Like A Jet Engine [Reasons + Solutions]

Almost all gas grill users have a query “why does my grill sound like a jet engine?” The possible reasons include faulty regulators, air displacement, and an improper gas or propane connection. Also, grill moisture escaping and a clogged burner system causes noise problems. 

why does my grill sound like a jet engine

If you are in trouble with the above grill issue, don’t go anywhere. Here, you will get all the quick solutions to it. Read through our article precisely.

Why Does My Grill Sound Like A Jet Engine [Reasons + Solutions]

Here are the major reasons for your gas grill noise issue and how to fix it easily.

1. Regulator Noise

You will see a regulator hose in every gas grill. It mainly uses a restriction for flowing propane or gas, which feeds the burners. The valves of the regulator control the propane circulation to the burner. 

When the gas flows through the burners, sometimes it creates a noise like whistling or humming due to movement.

The sole solution is gas grill regulator reset methods. Here are reset procedures to solve your gas grill regulator making noise problem: 


  • Before starting, turn off the gas in the propane tank.
  • Now, disconnect the hose from the tank.
  • Then, open the lid of your gas grill.
  • This time, turn all the burner knobs into high positions.
  • Leave it for 2 minutes.
  • Turn on the knobs again.
  • Connect the hose back to the propane tank.
  • Slowly turn on the propane tank, and your regulator is being reset. 

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2. Air Displacement

The gas grill uses two or more burners simultaneously. For that, there may enter vapors and release rapidly from the convenient venting. This speedy moving air through small spaces created strange noise like a jet plane. 

Sometimes air may trap on the burner or propane tank, which leads to the gas grill humming noise problem. Anyway, if air bubbles are trapped in the gas line, you should remove them by the following methods. 


  • Turn off the gas valve at the propane tank. 
  • Then open the gas grill lid.
  • Turn off the burners properly.
  • Now, start twisting the shutoff valve of the propane tank clockwise. Continue turning until the valve is completely closed.
  • You will hear slight hiss sounds due to releasing of excess air from there.
  • Turn on the valve and check if there is still any noise or not. 
  • If yes, contact gas grill customer service. 

3. Improper Gas or Propane Connection

This is the most common reason for occurring noises in your gas grill. The wrong connection of the propane tank leads to noise problems.

In other cases, your gas grill whistling sound or clicking noise identifies that your gas connections are not secure or connected with the faulty regulator. Anyways, reconnect the propane tank in the right way to your grill


  • First of all, turn off the gas valve in the propane tank. Turn the valve clockwise to close it. 
  • Then, ensure that all the control knobs of your gas grill are turned off.
  • Now, take a wrench and place its open mouth over the nuts of the regulator. Turn it clockwise to lose the regulator connection with the propane tank.
  • Now pull the tank and check it. If it is empty or faulty, replace it with a new one. 
  • Place the tank on the gas line and reattach the regulator to the propane tank again. Don’t forget to check the regulator this time. 
  • After threading the knob back onto the valve, screw it clockwise. 
  • Continue screwing until it is tight.
  • If still grill noising, see the next part.

4. Moisture Escaping

Sometimes, environmental differences affect the operation of a gas grill. In freezing weather, the propane tank stops working and creates some unbearable noise like a jet plane. 

This happens because of escaping moisture or water into the vents. However, you can also operate your gas grill in cold weather by following some tricks.


  • First of all, place the unit in a dry and sheltered place where less wind is flowing. 
  • Also, it will be better to use a propane grill on a windless day instead of a freezing temperature environment.
  • Always coat the burner and another part with a cooling coil to prevent moisture and rust in winter.
  • Cover up the gas grill lid to prevent cold wind from entering. Use a propane grill for better action. 
  • After grilling, don’t forget to wrap the burners in a plastic bag to repel moisture and insects from them. 

5. Clogged Burner System

A blocked burner system is a major reason for creating such unwanted sound. The clogged burner causes uneven burning of fuel that results in extreme noises.

To get rid of this problem, you should be regular in burning cleaning. Follow the below to clean them properly:


  • Before cleaning, check the external situation of the burners. 
  • If they are damaged or faulty, no need to clean them. You have to replace them or call the manufacturer.
  • If not, start cleaning. First, take a wire brush and clean the outer parts of the burners. Remove the stuck debris from there.
  • Now clean the ports of the burners by using a flexible wire or open paper clip.
  • Tap on the burner and remove all the debris from the ports and tubes. Never use water to clean your gas grill burner. 
  • Now reinstall the burners in the proper place again


Why is there high-pitched noise in my grill propane tank?

The gas grill propane tank has high-pitched noise when the tank is overfilled with fuel. Also, excessive pressure on the regulator and faulty tank surface cause this issue. 

What is the difference between a propane gas grill and natural gas grill?

Usually, a propane gas grill is fueled by a replaceable tank. On the contrary, a gas grill is fueled by the direct natural gas line system.

Final Verdict:

Hopefully, our comprehensive gas grill noise-solving guide has been very informative to you. Still, if you have any queries, don’t hesitate to ask us through the comment section. Thank you for staying with us. 

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