Why Mr Heater Contractor Series Won’t Light [5 Easy Fixes]

Mr heater contractor series won’t light because of the leakage of gas, not getting enough supply of gas, non-functioning essential parts, or failure of the pilot lights.  

However, to solve these issues, you can locate the leakage and seal it, ensure the proper amount of gas into the system of your heater, replace the non-functioning parts with new and functioning ones, or clean the flames from the pilot lights. 

If the issue you’re facing isn’t sorted by the above-mentioned solutions, then you can take a look at our comprehensive guide. Now, here we’ll show you some other solutions and methods to sort these issues out as follows:

Why Mr Heater Contractor Series Won’t Light [5 Easy Fixes]

To dive into the details of the reasons behind your Mr. Heater Contractor Series won’t light, you better check these issues out and get the right solution sorted by yourself here as follows: 

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1. Thermocouple Malfunctioning 

A thermocouple of your heater prevents it from letting the unburnt gas out into our environment. But if everything is working perfectly, then the actual heater’s flame or the flame of the pilot light may heat up your thermocouple. This signals to the thermostat that there’s everything alright and therefore it can open the gas valve. 

However, when there’s no flame for heating it up, your thermocouple will count this as an issue that will eventually shut the gas valve. Sometimes the reason behind this is a faulty thermocouple that will shut your gas valve down unwittingly. This fake trigger to the failsafe safety can also shut down your heater and for which Mr heater contractor series won’t light. 


If this is the case with your heater, then you better replace your thermocouple as soon as possible. A new thermocouple will signal the release of the gas and your Mr. heater will light up right away. 

2. Pilot Light Failure

Mr. Heater contains a pilot light for re-ignition on your heater’s command when it also contains thermostatic control. When it can’t continue a proper pilot light, then your heater will fail to light and maintain the temperature at the same time. 


To deal with a pilot light failure, you have to find out the location of the pilot light on your heater and then change it with a new one following the user manual. After replacement, you’ll get a strong and big pilot light that will help Mr. heater contractor series to light.

3. Automatic Shutdown

When there’s any defective flame, it may cause damage to the safety feature of your heater. It can also lead to shutting off your heater automatically for which Mr. heater contractor series won’t light. Automatic shutoff can be an outcome of either a malfunctioning thermocouple or failure of a pilot light. 


In this type of scenario, you need to clean the sensors of your heater’s flame to get a remedy. Because two-thirds of the sensors would be covered by your heater’s flame. So, cleaning those flames will help you light your heater. 

4. Broken Parts

You should always check out the effectiveness of the electronic mechanism spark. You can do that by turning the gas off and then turning your heater on. If you see any spark while turning the heater on, your spark is working fine. 

But if it’s not, then there are a few damaged parts inside of your heater. Take out the user manual and locate those damaged parts.


When you’re done locating the broken parts, then take the broken parts out and update them with new ones. It’ll make your heater ignite right away.  

5. Fuel Filter Crash

If you’re attempting to light your heater and you find no air pressure or little pressure, then fuel filter crash can be the reason behind this. Fuel filter crash won’t allow registering any pressure on the pressure gauge. This is why the mr heater contractor series won’t light.


To sort out this issue, you need to ensure that the fuel filter and air pump filters are neat and clean. If not, clean them properly and then set them the way they were before. This should light Mr. Heater Contractor Series. 

How To Light Mr. Heater Contractor Series [3 Easy Methods]

In case you’re looking for instant and effective methods to light your Mr. Heater Contractor Series, then you should check these methods out: 

Method 1: 

Turn your gas supply on and then open the closed shutdown valve of your equipment. Press on the control knob with force. After that, press the ignition button and hold down the knob of the control panel continuously. Keep igniting repeatedly till all the air is released. 

Method 2: 

Fully press on the knob of the control panel of your heater. When the pilot lights ignite, keep pressing the knob for 30 more seconds. Then, open the shutdown valve from the equipment section and replace the valve as well as the thermocouple.  

Method 3: 

Try cleaning the surface of the burner of your heater. If that doesn’t light the heater, then try replacing the gas regulator at first or replace the burner if possible. Make sure that the control knob gets locked at its required setting. It’ll solve the issue within one hour and light Mr. Heater’s contractor series. 


How do I replace the MR heater igniter?

First set your heater up and open the hatch. Then take your wick up high and lift the burner as well manually. After that, use a match to light the heater.

Why does Mr. Heater’s pilot light go out? 

A blocked tube of the pilot light, an unclean thermocouple, an overfilled/empty canister of gas, a distant thermocouple flame, or drafts are the most common causes for which Mr. Heater pilot light goes out. 

Can I light a kerosene heater manually? 

First, fill the fuel tank of your heater with top-quality kerosene. Then soak with a wick for an hour. After that, lift the chamber burn of your heater and press a match to light the heater.

Why does the Mr. Heater contractor series keep shutting off?

When the igniter touches the wick, your kerosene heater won’t ignite. Since kerosene is the only thing that vapors from the above surface portion of the heater’s wick, touching the wick won’t let your heater start. 

How to clean Mr. Heater Contractor Series? 

Using either the soft side of a sponge or a piece of coarse wool to clean off any dirt, remnant, or soot is the best way to clean your heater. You can also use an eraser to clean between the screw threads. 

Final Verdict

All your queries should be answered properly through this article. Hopefully, you also got what you were looking for as well. Try to follow the methods and solutions the way we have stated here and you’ll be able to sort Mr heater contractor series won’t light issue by yourself. 

If there’s still something that is troubling you, then you can let us know in the comment section. We will be pleased to help you solve your trouble.

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