Z Grills Temperature Problems [7 Easy Solutions]

The ambient temperature on your grill will help to cook the meat evenly. You will never get the juicy, soft, and delicious rib if your grill goes through temperature issues. Your Z Grill will not be an exception from that. Defective temperature sensors, firepot filled with ash, and loose temperature sensor connections are responsible for Z Grills’ temperature problems. 

If you want to cook the meat evenly, you should address those problems and fix those issues immediately. And this Z grill troubleshooting guide will help to break down the temperature puzzles.

7 Common Z Grills Temperature Problems & Their Solutions

Temperature problems of your Z grills will be the obstruction to cook the meat evenly. So, it’s indispensable to detect temperature issues and solve them. And this chapter will help you to do so. 

01. Z Grill Temperature Keeps Rising

Due to the following reasons, the temperature of your Z grill will keep rising above the current setting and as a result, your grill won’t smoke your food perfectly


Keep the lid open until the temperature drops down to the desired temperature setting. You should open the lid several times to bring the temperature down. Therefore, never try to add extra wood pellets into the firepot. Also, use fresh and dry pellets. 

02. Z Grill Not Getting Hot Enough

If your Z grill is not getting hot enough or reaching the desired temperature level, check out the fire-pot for ash. A thick bed of ash can put out the fire. Therefore, low-quality wood pellets or soft pellets have low heat output. You can’t expect high heat output from this type of fuel. On top of this, wet or moist wood pellets also provide low heat output. 


Ensure there are no wood pellets in the firepot. Then, check the wood quality. We recommend you use dry, fresh, and hardwood wood pellets to get better heat output. If you can figure out there is no problem with the fuel, we bet it is the problem with the grill. In this case, call customer service for help. 

03. Temperature As Different From The Dial Setting

The temperature you see on display is not the same you set on the dial. Using no fresh and dry pellets will be the culprit behind this issue. Due to this, the temperature will be off by 50 degrees. Therefore, a firepot filled with ash can also be the source of the Grill temperature issue. 


Close the lid of this grill and run the Z grill for 10-15 minutes to check whether the temperature stabilizes or not. If the temperature fluctuates, inspect the firepot to ensure there is no ash. Then, fill the firepot with fresh and dry wood pellets. 

04. Temperature Is Jumping Around Rapidly

A loose temperature sensor connection is the caveat when you see the temperature on display rising rapidly. If the wire connection between the grill and the controller on Z Grill 700 is loose, it will display inaccurate temperature reading. 


If you own the 700 models, ensure you tighten the cable connection between the grill and the controller. To fasten the wire connection, detach the grill from power. Then, use a screwdriver to pull out the two screws on the front of the controller.

Now, you can find two skinny white sensor wires. They should be fastened securely into the blue or green terminal block. If they are loose, tighten them up. If this step doesn’t work for you, contact Z grill customer service for help. 

05. Unexpected Grill Temperature Is Displayed

Environmental factors can influence the grill temperature. Operating the grill in the middle of a day of summer, windy conditions, and high outdoor temperature will never allow you to gain the ambient temperature. Due to these reasons, the display of your grill will show an inaccurate temperature. 


Never try to grill in the middle of a sunny day. Keep your grill in a shaded area. To reduce the inside grill temperature, open the lid. Then, start your grill in 40 minutes, and the grill will give you the temperature you need for grilling or cooking. 

06. Defective Temperature Sensor

If the temperature of your Grill will keep rising towards the max temp setting, we bet the temperature sensor of the grill gets defective. You can check whether the temp sensor is okay or not by putting another temperature probe in the grill near the grill temperature probe. 


Replacing the temperature probe with a new one will be an easy fix to this grill issue. If you don’t know how to replace the temp probe, call the Z grill support team. 

07. It Takes So Long For The Temperature To Drop

It will take up to an hour to lower the grill temperature. Indeed, you should wait for a long time to drop the temperature level on your Z grill.


Make sure you add wood pellets to the firepot periodically. It will prevent the fire from putting down completely. The best method to reduce the temperature is to set the dial to the Shut Down Cycle. When you find the temperature drops down, turn the dial to your desired temp setting. 


Why is my Z grill getting too hot?

Your Z grill will get too hot if you keep the grill lid open for a longer period.  It will cause many wood pellets to feed into the firepot, responsible for a large fire. And when you shut the lid, it increases the heat of the grill. 

Do Z grills have temperature probes?

Yes, Z grills have temperature probes. They help you to monitor the internal temperature of the cooked food to gain the perfect doneness. 

Why does my pellet grill temperature fluctuate?

The temperature of your grill will fluctuate for several reasons. For example, outdoor temperature, humidity, air circulation, and pellet quality can impact on fluctuating the grill temperature. 

How do I reset my Z grill?

Follow the below steps to reset your Z grill.

  • Set the control dial to Shut Down Sequence.
  • Now, turn the power button to the Off position once the ten minutes sequence will be over.
  • Fill the hopper with pellets.
  • Lastly, turn on your grill as normal, which automatically resets every setting. 

How long does it take the Z grill to heat up?

Z grill takes 10-15 minutes to heat up. So, ignite the grill, shut down the lid, and wait this amount of time to let your grill heat up. 


We break down six troubleshooting steps to fix the Z grills’ temperature problems. So, follow each step until you can solve the temperature issues and gain the ambient cooking temperature. However, you can reach out to the Z grill support team if any of the methods fail to fix the grill temperature issues. 

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