AO Smith Hybrid Water Heater Troubleshooting [7 Easy Solutions]

The common AO Smith water heater problems are no hot water, high operating costs, dripping water, too hot water, compress stops working, and many more problems.

Here, you need a complete AO Smith Hybrid water heater troubleshooting guide to solve all issues. This article aims to guide you in solving all your AO Smith water heater troubles.

Ao smith hybrid water heater troubleshooting

So, read the guide thoroughly to detect and fix your hybrid water heater problems instantly.

AO Smith Hybrid Water Heater Troubleshooting [7 Easy Solutions]

This article listed the possible problems and solutions you may encounter in using the AO Smith Hybrid water heater. Let’s go through the issues and answers below:

1. No Hot Water

The most common problem you may face in using the AO Smith Hybrid water heater is no hot water supply. The probable causes for this problem are:

  • The water heater has no power
  • High temperature
  • Vacation mode of the electrical unit
  • Upper temperature stops proper functioning
  • Water heater exceeds the capability of hot eater pattern


When your heater doesn’t supply hot water, it has no use for you. If your hybrid heater stops providing hot water, you should solve the problem in the following way:

  • Restore unit power and check the tripped breaker or blown fuse
  • Reset the desired operating mode
  • Reset the limit of your heater’s high temperature.
  • Modify different heaters mode
  • For getting water heater service, contact a qualified person

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2. High Operating Costs

Operating cost is an important issue that you can’t ignore. Sometimes the operational costs of AO Smith Hybrid water heater can be too high because of the following reasons:

  • Dirty air filter
  • Piping or faucet dripping or leak in hot water
  • Sediment build-up in the water tank
  • Too high-temperature point
  • Selected electric mode


By taking several steps and solving some issues, you can prevent the high operating cost of your heater. Solve the increased functional cost problem of your water heater by doing the following:

  • Adjust the setpoint temperature or User Interface Module
  • Clean and remove dirt from the air filter
  • Reduce heaters energy cost
  • Insulate exposed faucet
  • Minimize sediment build-up
  • Repairs the hot water leaks

3. Dripping Water

If you experience dripping water from outside of AO Smith Hybrid water heaters, you should go for the following reasons. The factors are:

  • Loose joint in water connections
  • Clogged condensates drain of the heater
  • Inappropriate drain piping


Dripping water can be a significant problem for your hybrid water heater if you ignore it. The solutions to this problem are the following:

  • Inspect the water heater connections and repair the loose joints
  • Replace or re-seal the gasket
  • Clean and maintain the unit regularly

4. Too Hot Water

Several factors are responsible for which the AO Smith Hybrid water heater supply too hot water. The other reasons behind this problem are the following:

  • Too high thermostat setting
  • Shorted heating elements
  • Broken thermostat
  • Malfunctioning in electronic control


The aim of using a water heater is to get hot water, but too hot water is not helpful. If your hybrid water heater supply extremely high-temperature water, do the following:

  • Adjust the thermostat setting
  • Hire a technician for solving the malfunctioning in electrical control
  • At each different faucet, install a thermostatic valve

5. Compressor Stop Operating

If suddenly the compressor of your AO Smith Hybrid heater stops operating, you should focus on checking the following factors. The factors responsible for this problem are:

  • Broken compressor
  • Refrigerant leak in the compressor
  • Damaged run capacitor
  • Indefinite resistance


Before stopping operating, you should check and maintain your compressor regularly. The solutions to this problem are:

  • Broken compressor replacement
  • Check and repair the refrigerant leak
  • Check, repair, or replace the damaged run capacitor
  • Replace the resistance-measuring element

6. Insufficient/Slow Hot Water

Your AO Smith Hybrid water heater may start to supply slow or insufficient water for the following reasons:

  • Too low-temperature setting point
  • The usage pattern of hot water exceeds the current mode
  • Reversed water connection to your home unit
  • Lost heat
  • Hot water leak
  • Non-functional heating elements


The probable solutions to your insufficient hot water problem are the following:

  • Increase the temperature setpoint
  • Modify usage patterns to a different mode
  • Insulate exposed piping
  • Hire an expert technician for solving the heating elements issue
  • Repairs the leaks in hot water

7. Temperature Drip

A sudden drop in temperature setting can cause a significant problem in your AO Smith hybrid heater. Other causes leading heater to this problem are the following:

  • Non-functioning temperature valve
  • Excessive hot water pressure
  • Issues in the thermal expansion tank


For solving the above problems, you should do the following:

  • Check and replace the non-functioning temperature valve
  • Check the inlet pressure of the water supply
  • Install valve which reduces water pressure


How long does the AO Smith hybrid water heater last?

8-12 years is the average lifetime of the AO Smith hybrid water heater. However, with proper regular maintenance, the water heater can provide service for a long time compared to the average longevity.

How much Electricity Does an AO Smith Hybrid Water Heater Use?

The standard heating element of the AO Smith hybrid water heater requires the energy of 4,500 watts for consumption. At the same time, only 550 watts requires in the heat pump. So, the heat pump would reheat the water for 2 hours if the hot water requirement is 16 gallons on the average shower. It requires electricity consumption in 1.2 kilowatt-hours.

Does the Installation of AO Smith Hybrid Water Heater Costs More?

By installing the hybrid water heater, you can save up to $200 to $600 per year. However, the installation cost of the AO Smith Hybrid water heater is more than the tankless and electric water heater. But the savings from this system is also too high.

How Noisy the AO Smith Hybrid Water heaters?

Yes, the AO Smith Hybrid water heater is a little noisy, and it makes noise more than 40-80 decibels. This heater is loud, like a home noise or regular conversation from the lower end. Again, the noise can be like the vacuum cleaner, hairdryer, etc.  

What is the Best Setting for AO Smith Hybrid Water Heater?

120 degrees Fahrenheit is AO Smith water heaters default setting in temperature. This temperature is partly helpful in reducing power consumption. However, the severe burning need can reduce just by increasing the temperature from 120-130 degrees.


Do you now know for which problems you need the AO Smith Water Heater Troubleshooting guide? If yes, then we succeed in achieving our aim.

If you notice any other issues except the above which are creating a problem in your water heater, quickly inform us. Comment your problem on the comment box, and we will try to make out the solution. 

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    • Hi David

      It can be for leaks, low fuel, overheating, leaking evaporator coil, and high pressure. Check all these issues and fix them. Hope, you will get the solution.


  1. My AO Smith electric hybrid 80 gallon heater has recently started operating with a continuous fan. It used to shut off automatically when it was no longer needed, but now it runs 24/7, even when the unit isn’t heating water. Anyone have any thoughts on what this could be?

    • Hi Darin

      Basically, this type of problem happens due to a faulty air pressure switch or vent system. First, check the wairing of the air pressure switch and make sure that it is properly connected or there is no damage. If there is no problem with the air pressure, check the sensing tube which leads to the air pressure switch and make sure that it is not damaged and attached correctly.

      Plus, check the vent pipes for the blockage and ensure that the airflow is normal.

      If it doesn’t work, take help from a technician.


  2. my hybrid compressor runs too much of the time (didn’t used to). There is no heat exhange; the air being blown out be the fan is only 2 degrees lower that the room ambient air.

  3. My hybrid water heater is displays code EPL. Electrician checked the voltage and its over over 240. The epl code is still showing. The fan is not working and its set on hybrid. I am getting adequate hot water at 120 setting. Do I need to reset it.
    It 3. Yrs old.

    • Hi Manuel

      EPL indicates low voltage. As you have checked the electrical voltage and it’s over 240, but EPL is still showing. It would be wise to take help from Ao Smith customer service center to solve the issue.

      Wish you all the best.

  4. Hi, I have just installed my AO hybrid water heater and nothing is showing up on the display. I checked and the unit is getting power but nothing is happening. Please help! Thank you!

    • Hi Dean

      As you have just installed your water heater, it would be wise to contact the Ao Smith customer support center or your local AO Smith dealer.

      Wish you all the best.

  5. I have a large house with recirculation, and have had 6 A.O. Smith hybrid hot water heaters since 2012. At least three had loss of freon from condensate corrosion. Now a six month old unit is blowing room temperature (71) while the other is 55 degrees in an finished basement. Why are these failing?

    • Hi John

      In fact, it is the most savings to set the water heater to the “Heat Pump’ mode.

      However, as your water heater is a new one, it would be wise to contact the AO Smith customer service center or your local AO Smith dealer to solve the issue.

      Wish you all the best.

  6. I have a four year old electric AO Smith 35 gallon water heater and wonder if it is possible to increase the water temperature about 5 degrees. If so how? The model # is 1822110567141 if that helps.

    • Hi Allan

      Yes, you can increase the water temperature.

      To do this you need to set both thermostats to 120°F. Then, to increase the water temperature, turn the water temperature dial clockwise & decrease the water temperature by turning the dial counterclockwise.


  7. I just installed a A O Smith 900 hybrid Hot water tank. How long does the fan run after
    Start up. It’s been running for about 2 hrs, or does it continuously run.

  8. Hello , we are having an issue with are AO Smith 80 gallon Hybird water heater , keeps beeping code ECL ? This is our second water heater Lowes replaced first one for a different fault code .
    Thank You !


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