Are Electric Fireplaces Safe To Leave On Overnight [Explained]

You are planning to get an electric fireplace to warm up your ice-cold room. But at a time you are thinking, are electric fireplaces safe because your experience with your existing fireplace ( wood or gas) was not happy? 

You are right. The wood and gas fireplace creates harmful emissions that can affect our health. According to Heart.ORG, wood-burning appliances are a threat to our hearts and lungs as they emit harmful air pollutants and risk of catching fire from nearby objects like gas-burning units.

So, it’s not a surprise to ask: Are electric fireplaces safe? And more are electric fireplaces safe to leave on overnight?

are electric fireplaces safe to leave on overnight

In short, yes, an electric fireplace is completely safe as it doesn’t release any dangerous gas or smoke. And you can leave it on overnight following some safety tips. But it’s best you turn your electric fireplace off when your unit is alone for a long period or you are going to deep sleep or leaving home.

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6 Reasons Why Electric Fireplaces Are Safe

In this section, we elaborate and break down the facts on why and how electric fireplaces are safe and cause no major issues like the conventional fireplace.

1. Don’t Produce Real Flame

An electric fireplace doesn’t have any real fire except the illusion of real flame. So, there is no chance or risk of spreading the fire or igniting nearby objects. 

the illusion of real flame

The electric fireplace works using a main electrical supply to power the heating component. And the blower inside it helps to spread the warm air into the room for supplemental heating. To create a real fire-like effect, it uses LED or 3D technology which offers multicolor flame with realistic fire effect and flickering flame.

2. Generate Heat Artificially

Unlike wood or gas fireboxes, you don’t require to burn wood or use gas to generate heat. Instead, the infrared heater with an electric fireplace produces supplemental heat by getting power from the electricity.

electric fireplaces generate heat artificially

The electricity supplies heat to the heating coil and spread the heat from one component to another. While the fan or blower inside the insert expands the hot air into the room to make the room warm. And as an electric fireplace features a space heater, it will heat up to your set space, not more than.

3. Don’t Release Any Smoke or Gas

An electric fireplace is an infrared fireplace whether it is a wall-mounted or freestanding fireplace. So, like the traditional fireplace, it doesn’t require burning wood or gas to produce heat. As a result, an electric fireplace insert generates no byproducts like smoke or gas.

electric fireplaces don’t release smoke or gas

Further, the electric heater needs no venting system to vent the emissions. That’s why it is safer compared to the wood or gas fireplace. And the best part is- the insert is eco-friendly as it emits no smoke into the air. 

4. Don’t Need A Continual Fresh Air Supply To Burn Fire Safely

The traditional firebox requires a steady supply of fresh air to burn the fire safely. If the fireplace doesn’t get the right or continuous amount of oxygen, the insert starts producing harmful emissions like carbon monoxide. As a homeowner, you know how challenging it is to stay in the room in this situation. 

electric fireplaces don’t need a continual fresh air supply to burn fire safely

But such a scenario will not occur with an electrical fireplace insert as it generates heat using electricity and a heating element. So, you don’t need to worry about safety issues.

5. Turn Off the Heat and Flame When Required

Every electric insert or wall-mounted electric fireplace has a controlling system to adjust the heat and flame effect. You can customize the flame and heat level according to your comfort level. 

turn off the heat and flame of the electric fireplace when required

In case of an emergency, you can unplug it from the outlet to avoid any electric fire issues. 

6. Doesn’t Get Hot To Touch Like a Heater

Unlike a heater, an electric insert doesn’t become extremely hot to the touch. So, you don’t need to worry if you have pets or small children in your home. 

electric fireplace is not too hot to touch

Therefore, every fireplace includes a warning message written on the sticker to avoid touching a specific part of the unit. On top of that, modern fireplaces allow you to use the flame effect without running the heater. In return, it remains safe. 

Watch to learn 5 fast facts about electric fireplaces:

Are Electric Fireplaces Safe To Leave On Overnight?

Yes, you can leave your electric fireplace on overnight without any issues by taking some precautions. However, we recommend you not to operate the electric fireplace for a long period as it may get damaged by overheating. 

electric fireplace is on at night

Compared to other fireplaces, there is less chance or risk to catch your furniture on fire or cause carbon-monoxide licking. But for ensuring safety, we suggest you turn the unit off if you leave the room for an extended time. 

On the other hand, if you want to leave the electric fireplace on overnight, make sure you set the moderate temperature level (60-65 degrees) and set the zone heating feature.

Moreover, ensure you keep away the flammable stuff like carpet, clothes, and rugs next to the electric cord. Taking these precautions beforehand, you can run the electric fireplace for the entire night.

Are Electric Fireplaces Safe On Carpet?

Yes, it’s safe to place an electric fireplace on the carpet especially on low-pile carpet or on a rug.

But, here, you must ensure that the carpet doesn’t block either the inlet or the outlet to the electric fireplace heater because it may cause your unit to be overheated and shut down. 

electric fireplace on the low pile carpet

Plus, make sure the area is properly ventilated and insulated for safety. To do this you can use a sturdy wooden base or some kind of fireproof material like ceramic tile under each leg of your electric fireplace.

Well, it would be wise to check the manual of your electric fireplace as most of the manufacturers state whether their units are suitable to use on carpet or not. 

Are Electric Fireplaces Safer Than Space Heaters?

An electric fireplace is safer than a space heater for many reasons. Let’s now explore those reasons in detail:

are electric fireplaces safer than space heaters

Reason 1: Electric fireplaces are safer to operate and use than space heaters. In fact, electric fireplaces mimic woodfires but don’t produce any real flames, smoke, or gas like carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, and other toxins. Thus, they provide you fresh and clean air atmosphere at home without any risk of fire hazards.

Reason 2: Plus, an electric fireplace doesn’t need a chimney or venting. Its flames are made with LED lights.

While a space heater is a small space heating device that is operated with electricity or combustible fuel like gasoline, diesel, propane, or kerosene that emits gas like carbon dioxide. Well, electric fireplaces are more reliable than space heaters in this regard.

 Reason 3: In the case of your electric fireplace, you can easily control the overheating issue with the thermostat.

Plus, an electric fireplace automatically shut off, when it begins to overheat and prevents any risk to your home. On the other hand, space heaters are not such predictable as electric fireplaces.

Reason 4: One more thing, a space heater uses a lot of electricity, and sometimes it causes a power failure and overloads circuits.

Reason 5: Electric fireplaces are safer for kids or pets than space heaters. An electric fireplace generates heat at a low temperature as it has a safe heating option.

It doesn’t have any too hot surface area and when you touch its screen, it makes you feel like a TV screen. Whereas, a space heater including its grills which emits heat becomes too hot after being used for some time. It is very dangerous for babies and pets.

Note: At present, some space heater manufacturers are incorporating various types of security features to update their heaters. These safety features lessen the risk but can’t eliminate it completely.

Are Infrared Electric Fireplaces Safe?

Yes, Infrared electric fireplaces are safe as there is no real fire, flames, or harmful radiation.

They emit healthful far-infrared radiation that is not harmful to health. But industrial Infrared heaters can emit near-infrared radiation that can be damaging to our skin and eyes. 

infrared electric fireplace

Well, Infrared electric fireplaces use infrared heaters that emit infrared light to heat the area. They don’t need to heat the air in the room like a fan-forced electric fireplace.

Plus, infrared electric fireplaces heat a large area  (up to 1000 sq ft) quickly compared to conventional fan-forced electric fireplaces(up to 400 sq ft).

As a result, you can feel the heat faster. This fast heating feature makes it more expensive than fan-forced electric fireplaces.

A drawback with an Infrared electric fireplace is it loses heat fast when it is turned off.

However, to use an infrared electric fireplace, you should always follow the manufacturer’s instructions. Plus, keep little children and pets away from the unit when it is being used for safety.

Do Electric Fireplaces Give Off Radiation?

Yes, Infrared electric fireplaces give off infrared radiation which is not damaging to health. In fact, there are two types of electric fireplaces.

One is a fan-forced electric fireplace that heats your room by convection method which means its heating coil flows cool air in, warms the air, then flows it out into the room.

Another one is an infrared electric fireplace that provides heat by radiation and makes you feel warmth faster than a fan-forced unit. Well, this radiation is not harmful to health as they emit far-infrared radiation.

When Electric Fireplaces May Not Be Safe?

Your electric fireplace may not be safe if it doesn’t have an automatic shutting-off safety feature to protect it from overheating issues. In this case, it would be wise not to leave your unit alone for a long time.

Plus, be aware of a tightly bent or over-stretched power cord that could make a problem.  Also, check the fuse box or breaker for any tripped switch and replace it if necessary and unplug the fireplace when it is not used. Don’t allow any liquids near your electric fireplace for safety.

Are Electric Fireplaces Safe For Tv?

Placing your TV on the electric fireplace is completely safe and causes no adverse effect to your tv. However, before purchasing an electric fireplace TV stand, make sure it can hold your TV.

are electric fireplaces safe for tv

You can also put your TV over the electric fireplace and the electric heat from it doesn’t bring any damage to the television. 

Most of the electric insert blows the heat through the bottom or the front of the unit. So, you can install your television over the fireplace TV stand safely. 

Electric Fireplace Safety Tips

Maintain the following electric fireplace safety tips to avoid potential dangers: 

  • Never keep flammable items near the fireplace insert.
  • Remove the electric cord from the outlet when it is not in use. 
  • Never use the fireplace if the electric unit, cord, or outlet gets damaged.
  • Don’t try to bring change or modify the insert. 
  • Don’t lift the unit by holding the glass.
  • Make sure any unwanted objects are not inside the fireplace insert. 
  • Never use the electric fireplace stove or insert it outside.


Can electric fireplaces catch fire?

No, there is no possibility of catching fire or fire hazards from an electric fireplace.

Can electric fireplaces run continuously?

Yes, you can run an electric fireplace continuously. But, make sure you have plugged in the power cord in a standard outlet.

Do electric fireplaces give off carbon monoxide?

No, an electric fireplace doesn’t produce any carbon monoxide as it doesn’t produce any real fire.

Are electric fireplaces bad for your health?

No, as an electric fireplace doesn’t produce any harmful gases and fumes, it is safe for our health.

Are electric fireplaces toxic?

No, an electric fireplace doesn’t produce any smoke and other hazardous toxins that wood smoke produces.

Are electric fireplaces safe for babies?

Yes, electric fireplaces are safe for babies.

Can electric fireplaces overheat?

Don’t worry about overheating because when electric fireplaces start to overheat, they turn off automatically.

Are electric fireplaces safe to breathe?

Yes, electric fireplaces are safe to breathe as no smoke or harmful gas is produced when they are being used.

Are all electric fireplaces infrared?

No, all-electric fireplaces don’t use infrared heaters. Infrared electric fireplaces use infrared heaters while fan-forced electric fireplaces use heating coils.


From the above discussions, we find electric fireplaces are completely safe to make your room warm and cozy. Just like other electric appliances, you should take some safety precautions to prevent possible issues. 

Try to maintain the safety tips we provided above to avoid the potential danger caused by an electric insert. 

Do you have any questions related to the term: Are electric fireplaces safe? Let us know by leaving a comment below. 

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