Ashley Pellet Stove Error Codes [7 Easy Solutions]

Ashley pellet stove error codes have different meanings. Your stove self-diagnoses the issue that it’s facing with error codes.

Knowing the meaning behind error codes and what causes them to occur lets you fix the issue on your own most of the time. With this article, we are here to help you do exactly that. Keep reading to learn the solutions to each error code.

Ashley Pellet Stove Error Codes [7 Easy Solutions]

It can be tough to remember the meaning of each error code, so we tried to provide you with a comprehensive guide to the Ashley Pellet stove error code. You can refer to this guide whenever an error code shows up on your stove. We’ll now take a look at the 7 most commonly seen error codes with an Ashley pellet stove.

1. Ashley Pellet Stove Error Code E1

Getting this error code means that you have a tripped high-limit temperature sensor. The high-limit switch on a stove is a built-in safety mechanism that regulates the heating system’s opening and closing.

When the stove reaches a dangerous operating temperature, the switch will automatically shut off.

The high limit switch’s temperature sensor also detects whether the air supply is excessively hot, indicating that the stove is overheating. As a precautionary measure, the system is turned off.


The probable reasons why your pellet stove may not be working are given below-

  • There isn’t enough ventilation in the room.
  • Failure of the room’s fan.
  • A blockage in the exhaust system.
  • Over-temperature switch or wire has an electrical open.


To solve error code 1, you can start by making sure there is enough ventilation in the room. If the room’s fan has failed, you’ll need to get it fixed.

Check the exhaust system for blockage. Clean the debris and grease accumulated if needed. Ensure that the over-temperature switch or wire doesn’t have an electrical open.

2. Ashley Pellet Stove E2 Error Code

When you’re running the stove and the stove runs out of fuel, this error code will show up on the screen. This is not a  hard error to fix. You can do it on your own.


So now let’s look at the reasons that might cause error code 2.

  • Hopper is currently empty.
  • Failure or jamming of the auger output.
  • Poor fuel quality led the fire to burn too slowly or extinguish.
  • A low-temperature switch or wiring has an electrical open.

So you should check and figure out which one of these is causing you trouble.


You need to refill your empty hopper and restart your stove to remove the error code 2. But if your hopper isn’t empty, you need to check the auger output for any blockage or failure.

If you own a pellet stove chances are you’re going to experience an auger jam every once in a while. You’ll know you have a jam when you hear the auger motor trying to turn and no pellets are falling into the firepot.

If you don’t have a stove with a removable auger cover, here are some things you can try to clear a jam. 

Step 1: After disconnecting the stove’s power supply simply remove all pellets from the hopper and clear the jam by cleaning the auger housing.

Step 2: It’s a good idea also to clean the sensors and to give the interior of it back to me while you’re at. 

Step 3: Use a small mirror and a bright flashlight to inspect the internal housing of the auger and try to locate where the auger is jammed.

Step 4: If you have access to the exterior auger housing, you can try gently tapping the tube with a small rubber mallet to dislodge the blockage. 

Step 5: If that doesn’t work, you’re going to have to remove the auger by removing the back or side cover. Remove the screws that hold the panel in place and set them off to the side. 

Then remove the cover giving you access to the auger motor and the auger feeding to remove the screws holding the auger motor in place. 

Step 6: Slide the auger out of the feed to make sure everything is clean.  Remove all foreign objects from the feed tube. Give everything a good vacuuming. Put it all together and you should be good to go.

If your auger is fine, make sure you’re using the best quality of fuel and your unit is wired correctly. You can consult your user manual for the wiring diagram.

3. Ashley Pellet Stove E3 Error Code

If within the startup time, the stove was unable to attain the Room Fan On the temperature, error code 3 will show up on your display.


The possible reasons that can cause error code 3 are-

  • The fire burned too slowly or went out due to poor flame or fuel quality.
  • Failure or jamming of the auger output 
  • The hopper is empty during startup.


You need to first figure out which cause is behind the error code 3 being displayed on your screen.

Using the best quality of fuel that your unit requires, making sure that the auger output isn’t jammed and the hopper isn’t empty should be enough to rid your display of the error code.

4. Ashley Pellet Stove 5660 Error Code E4

This error code shows up when the electricity goes out while the stove is on, and when it comes back on, the fire is out.


When the following things happen, error code 3 shows up on the display.

  • A low-temperature switch or wiring has an electrical open.
  • Loss of power


Check to see if the unit is plugged in properly. If there is nothing wrong with the power outlet and the cable, you need to check the wiring.

Take your user manual and double-check your stove’s wiring with the provided wiring diagram. Fix any errors that were made and make sure every connection is snug.

5. Ashley Pellet Stove E5 Error Code

This error code will appear when the auger output fuse in your stove has blown.


This can happen when the auger motor has gotten jammed or gone bad.


You’ll have to clean up the blocked auger to fix this issue.

6. Ashley Pellet Stove E6 Error Code

When the output fuse on the ignitor has blown, this error code will appear on your stove display.


Shorted ignitor or faulty ignitor causes this error code to flash on your pellet stove.


You should call in a professional to help you with this one. Your ignitor may need a repair or replacement.

7. Ashley Pellet Stove E7 Error Code

This error code shows up when the output fuse for the Draft Fan (Exhaust Fan) has blown.


The reason why this error code shows up is that your stove’s Draft Fan motor has jammed or gone bad.


Check to see if your Draft Fan motor has jammed. Clean the fan motor to fix this issue. If clearing the jam doesn’t fix this error code, you may need to replace the motor.


What is the average life of a pellet stove?

Pellet stoves can last up to ten years when used properly. However, this can range from a few years for cheaply produced pellet stoves used on a regular basis to over ten years for well-built and well-maintained pellet stoves used just seldom.

Why is my pellet stove not igniting?

Moisture in the pellets, a defective igniter, or insufficient airflow is the most common problems that prevent a stove from lighting. Pellets should always be kept dry and free from moisture or humidity. 

Airflow can also be hampered by a non-spinning combustion blower or a malfunctioning control board.

How many bags of pellets do you burn a day?

A pellet stove can burn through a conventional 40lb bag of pellets every 24 hours based on the typical pellet burn rate of 1.67 lbs.

Is it cheaper to burn wood pellets or corn?

Corn is a better fuel for heating a home than wood pellets. Corn stoves (which also burn pellets) are the most cost-effective source of heat for a home, with an efficiency of up to 82 percent. Pellets are more expensive to use than maize.

Do wood pellets burn clean?

Yes, it is true! Wood pellets are a versatile, clean-burning fuel source. They can be used with a particular insert in a fireplace or wood stove. Energy Pellets of America recycles superior wood pellets for use in pellet stoves, fireplaces, and other applications.


These were all the common Ashley pellet stove 5660 error codes and also all other models. Hopefully, you can tackle these error codes now with absolute ease.

Enjoy the warmth! 

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