5 Things To Know For A Wise Purchase Of A Baseboard Heater Humidifier

Last year, winter hit hard. It’s possible that this year will be the same. The thought of such upcoming weather can make you consider buying a baseboard heater humidifier. And to be honest, baseboard heater humidifiers are actually a great device for the winter season.

However, there are a few things you have to be aware of before finalizing your decision. This is why, in this article, we will talk about everything you need to know before purchasing a baseboard heater humidifier.

So without any more delay, let’s first know the reasons to buy, then learn what things to consider before purchase.

7 Reasons To Buy A Baseboard Heater Humidifier For Your Home

Baseboard heater humidifiers are getting popular day by day. The baseboard heater humidifier is proven to be very efficient in keeping your house warm and cozy during the winter season. 

And as most of the modern baseboard heater humidifiers are now electric, their performance has become more satisfactory. However, there are other options as well. Humidifiers, such as the radiator economy humidifier non-electric, are popular among many users. 

Apart from this, there are radiator humidifiers, wood heater humidifiers, boiler humidifiers, and humidifiers for hydronic heat. But among all the options, choosing a baseboard heater humidifier is the best. Why is that? Here are the reasons:

1. Even Distribution Of Heat:

The most common alternative to the baseboard heater humidifier is a thermostat. But thermostats have some major drawbacks. For starters, you are not getting a decentralized control of the heat with a thermostat. The heat will stay in one room while other points of your house remain cold.

The baseboard heater humidifier solves this problem. These types of devices are really flexible. They can affect separate spaces with their satisfying performance.

2. Compatible Size:

The baseboard heater comes in different sizes and wattage levels. A compact-sized baseboard heater is perfect for a small room. Such a heater can keep the temperature to the perfect level without consuming excessive electricity. 

A larger heater is convenient for a bigger room. It may take a bit more electricity, but it will effectively heat up the entire room. This compatibility of size makes the baseboard heater a great option for big houses. Now, everyone can enjoy the heat they need while not sacrificing anything.

3. Easy To Move:

A baseboard heater is fairly easy to reposition. If you are aware of how to adjust the baseboard heater, you shouldn’t have any problem handling the device. And once you have learned to move the device, you will be able to make the most out of it. 

Depending on the weather outside, you can easily move it to the position where it is needed more. And during summer or warmer times, you can just detach it and store it for the next winter season.

4. Cheaper Than Other Alternatives:

If you consider the efficiency and convenience of baseboard heaters, it’s normal to think of them as expensive devices. But the truth is the exact opposite of this. 

Baseboard heater humidifiers are really cheap to buy. You can get a moderate baseboard humidifier unit for less than $100. The eight-foot-long baseboard humidifier, which is compatible with most houses, costs around only $80.

5. Safest Option:

Surprisingly, there are no restrictions against using a baseboard heater. Other fuel heating units are very risky to use and they require constant maintenance. 

In contrast to this, the baseboard heater doesn’t possess any risk. You can even position it in your bedroom without any worry. In addition to this, the baseboard heater humidifier doesn’t produce any kind of toxic or harmful pollutant materials. Neither do they consume any oxygen. 

So we can conclude that baseboard heaters are the safest option to heat up your house.

6. Easy To Use:

The overall function of the baseboard heater humidifier is not complicated at all. This device is fairly simple to operate. Baseboard heaters are just a big resistor in a metal box with heat-spreading metal fins. There are no computer modules or any such attachment inside. 

This simple mechanism makes them very appealing and easy to use. And as there are no complicated mechanisms, with proper maintenance, a baseboard heater humidifier can last for decades.

7. Very Comfortable To Use:

Baseboard heater humidifiers are very comfortable to use. Firstly, they generate enough heat to keep you warm during cold weather. These devices provide you with a cozy environment to stay comfortable in your room.

And they are totally silent. There are no noisy moving parts to cause any kind of sound. So basically, you won’t even notice the device in your room. Only the warmth will be there to comfort you.

There are many more reasons that can make you think about purchasing a baseboard heater humidifier for your room.

You actually should consider this device as it can be the exact thing you need during cold weather. However, before making any purchase, you should be aware of the other side of the story as well. 

5 Things You Must Know Before Purchasing A Baseboard Heater Humidifier

The baseboard heater humidifiers are great for cold seasons. They provide cozy comfort with the minimum amount of cost. And above all, they are really simple to use. But there are some things that you should know about before buying a baseboard heater humidifier. 

This type of device has many perks, but knowing the disadvantages as well can make it easy for you to make up your mind.

Here are 5 things you should be aware of before considering a baseboard heater humidifier for your home.

1. Requires A Lot Of Insulation For The Best Performance:

The baseboard heater works great when it comes to heating up a room. Due to its position on the floor, your room can get heated from floor to ceiling. But, as the device is placed on the floor, it can’t use the air of the room and transform it into warm air like other devices.

This is why the baseboard heater requires a lot of insulators to work properly. This can be an inconvenience for some. 

2. Bad Odor:

Sometimes the baseboard heater can emit a foul smell. Due to its position on the floor or, to be more precise, at the base of the wall, it easily accumulates a lot of dust and dirt.

When a lot of dirt is accumulated inside of the device, the heat burns the dirt particles and this burning produces an offensive smell. Though this smell goes out after a few minutes or so, it can be irritating for some and can even cause a headache.

However, keeping the baseboard heater humidifier clean can prevent this problem of bad odor.

3. Can Be Expensive:

Baseboard heater humidifiers are cheap. They don’t cost much and the installation process can be done for free. However, regular usage of this device can drastically increase your electricity bill. The line voltage thermostat that helps to keep the baseboard heater working, can require up to 220 V of power supply. 

This is not cheap at all. However, if you purchase a smaller baseboard heater humidifier and install it in the proper position, you can enjoy the same warmth at a price that you can afford. 

Well, these are basically the prominent disadvantages of installing a baseboard heater. But if you consider the perks of this device, these flaws don’t actually seem like much of a deal. 

And the best thing is, these issues are easily avoidable with proper maintenance. 

5 Points Of Maintenance For Baseboard Heater Humidifier

Using and maintaining a baseboard heater humidifier is fairly easy. This is one of the many reasons why this type of device is so popular. However, if you are not aware of the proper method of maintenance, you may not be able to enjoy its satisfying performance.

But you don’t need to worry about anything. Because, if you keep scrolling, you will get to know about the proper method of using a baseboard heater humidifier. Knowing the methods and maintaining the heater regularly will help you not to run after your baseboard heater problems solutions.

Here are our 5 pro tips for baseboard heater humidifier:

1. How To Use A Baseboard Heater:

You have to install the baseboard heater at the bottom of a wall. A baseboard heater basically takes colder air from the floor and heats it up to slowly warm your room. You must install the baseboard heater and give it access to 240V of electricity. This is the maximum amount of power this device takes. 

After placing and plugging in the device, set the temperature according to your needs. If your device is in the right condition, you shouldn’t have any problem operating it. 

2. How To Adjust Baseboard Heater:

Adjusting the baseboard heater in the proper way is very important. But if you don’t have a proper idea of the adjusting process, it can be problematic for you. But don’t worry because we have got your back.

Here’s how you can adjust the baseboard heater in the right way:

  • Locate the end cap cover of the heater and open it
  • Find the water flow control dial or the valve and turn it clockwise in order to increase the water flow
  • Turning the dial anticlockwise will decrease the water flow
  • Put the cover back on

And this is how you can simply adjust a baseboard heater. 

3. How To Humidify A House With Baseboard Heat:

Humidifying your house can provide you with more comfort. It creates a cozier environment. In case you are wondering how to humidify a room with a heater, here is the answer,

  • Turn off your baseboard humidifier
  • Insulate your room
  • Close the chimney fuel
  • You can try replacing the old windows as well
  • Turn on your baseboard heater humidifier

And this is how you can humidify your house within minutes.

4. Which Location Is The Best For Installing Electric Baseboard Heaters:

Placing the baseboard heater humidifier in the right place is very important to get the most out of it. But many people make mistakes in this issue. And many don’t even understand the significance of it.

However, keeping these following points in mind can help you to place the baseboard heater in the perfect position. 

  • Mount the humidifier on a clean wall 
  • Make sure the position is not covered by any object such as wardrobe or bed
  • Don’t mount the humidifier too much above the floor. This will prevent even distribution of heat
  • Keep the humidifier a little above the floor because the device will take in air from below the device
  • Don’t place the device right under a window


Do you need a humidifier with baseboard heat?

Well, it depends. If you already have hot water baseboard heating, you shouldn’t need a humidifier. However, if you don’t have hot water baseboard heating, a humidifier can be beneficial for you. 

Does baseboard heat lower humidity?

Well, it kinda does. The baseboard heater just blows heat into the air. So if you don’t add water, the heater will affect the humidity left in the room and will eventually decrease the humidity. But if you add water, the humidity will not get lower.

Will a pan of water humidify a room?

Yes, a pan of water is enough to humidify a room. In fact, boiling water is one of the fastest ways to humidify a room. To do this you just have to take a pot or pan of water and let it boil in the room. The steam that will be released from the water will add moisture to the area.

How do you know if the air in your house is dry?

If the air in your house is dry, you will literally feel it. When it is dry in your house, you will wake up with a dry nose and dry throat. You will feel dehydrated and can even have difficulty breathing. 

How do you moisten the air?

Here are 6 simple methods to moisten the air of your room.

  • Hanging damp clothes in the room
  • Don’t cook in the oven, cook on the stovetop instead
  • Put out 3 or 4 bowls of water
  • Decorate your room with houseplants
  • You can use a stove steamer as well

If you do these above-mentioned things, you won’t even need a humidifier to moisten the air of your room.

Does spraying water increase humidity?

Yes, spraying water does increase the humidity of a room. To increase humidity in this way, you have to fill a spray bottle with fresh water and then spray it in your room. The sprayed water particles will evaporate in the air quickly and as a result, the humidity level of your room will increase drastically.


If you want to spend the winter season with comfort, then purchasing a baseboard heater humidifier is the best option. And if you have thoroughly read this article, you should have already got a clear idea about how you can properly use a baseboard heater humidifier.

The only thing left for you to do now is utilizing what you have learned here. If you have any further questions you can comment below as well. We will be happy to help you out.

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