5 Easy Steps To Install Battery Backup For Gas Furnace

When it comes to installing battery backup for gas furnace, there are many alternatives available. But not all these options are best for your house. Considering the installation of a generator as a battery backup can be the best decision. 

If you want to ensure your gas furnace runs even during electricity failure, check out our 5 steps to installing battery backup for a gas furnace. If this method doesn’t suit you, you will find another alternative by the end as well.

Now let’s get started. 

5 Steps To Install Battery Backup For Gas Furnace

Installing battery backup for home furnaces is a good idea. Here we will show you how you can do it in 5 easy steps.

All you have to do is to ensure that the electrical system is okay, prepare the space for the generator, set up proper wiring, put the plugin, and connect the generator to the furnace. 

Though a generator is not the same as a battery, battery backup with a generator is effective. 

Step 1: Examine The Circuit Board

Firstly, you have to make sure that your circuit board is perfect for generator installation. It must have a transfer switch to be compatible with generator battery backup. 

However, if you don’t find any transfer switch in the circuit board, hire an electrician to do it for you. This is a risky task. Don’t try to do it by yourself unless you are a professional.

Step 2: Prepare The Position

You will definitely install the generator just by your gas furnace. So clean that place beforehand. Make sure that the space is completely dry and away from direct sunlight. 

Now shut off the circuit breaker connected to the furnace. This is an important safety measure. Lastly, bring the generator in and gather all the necessary tools along.

Step 3: Installing Perfect Wiring

In the circuit board, there is already wiring that goes to the circuit breaker from the furnace. You have to cut this wire and reroute it.

Install an outlet on the circuit breaker panel. Now see if the wires are connected to the furnace with an extra outlet from the breaker. This outlet is important because it will allow you to plug in the generator.

Step 4: Put In The Plug

Now it’s time to install a plug on the side of the furnace. To do this, you have to attach the internal wire of the furnace to the plug of the outlet. Connect the ground wire, hot wire, and neutral wire to the receptacle.

You will be doing these attachments in the plug box. After completing the wiring, fasten this box to the furnace.

Step 5: Connect The Generator

Now connect your generator to the furnace through this plug box. Make sure the connection is properly secure. Once the generator is ready to run, start the system and see if your furnace is running on the battery backup you just installed. 

Though your furnace won’t have any problem running with the generator’s power, you should only use it in case of an electricity outage. 

If you follow our method accordingly, you will be able to power the furnace with the generator. After that, you will never have to worry about power for the furnace ever again. However, if this doesn’t solve the problem for you, then check out this alternative method.

5 Steps To Running Furnace On Inverter (Alternative Option)

Using a power inverter to run the furnace is a good option as well. Though this alternative may not be perfect for prolonged use, it surely comes in handy during emergencies. And it’s easy to do as well.

You just have to get the position ready, position the inverter, install the battery, do the wiring, and complete the process by connecting the inverter to the furnace. So keep in mind that running furnace on inverter is okay as long as it is urgent. Here’s how you can do it.

Step 1: Prepare The Position

Choose a safe position for the inverter before installing it. The location must be clean, and cool, and have enough free space around.

Step 2: Mount The Inverter

Now you have to put the inverter in the perfect position. Mount it horizontally on a surface or a wall. If your inverter has wheels under it, make sure to lock them.

Step 3: Install The Battery

The battery installation process can be a bit tricky. To do this perfectly, you have to,

  • Detach the rare panel by removing the 4 screws
  • Raise the top lid of the main chassis to reach the interior side
  • Position one battery through the rear opening
  • Position the second battery with the positive terminal on the left
  • Place the battery into the main housing

Step 4: Ensure Proper Wiring

Connect the inverter and the battery using low-resistant wiring. Low resistance means high current input, and this is what you need to run a furnace. Check if the battery cable is perfectly connected.

Step 5: Installing The Inverter To The Furnace

Once everything is perfectly installed, it’s time for you to connect the furnace to the inverter. You just have to detach the furnace from its current output line and put it in the inverter. The furnace should work just fine once the connection is established.

You should not have any problem following our clear instructions. Just keep the necessary items near your reach, and don’t miss a step. 


How do I run my furnace when the power is out?

Install a generator to your furnace to keep it active during the power is out. You can use a power inverter as well.

How much power does a gas furnace need to run?

A gas furnace demands 600 watts of electricity in order to function perfectly.

Can you run a natural gas furnace without electricity?

No furnace will run without electricity.

What size inverter do I need to run a furnace?

You need at least a 2000-watt inverter to run a furnace.

Can a battery generator run a furnace?

Yes, a portable generator can perfectly run a furnace.

Will the furnace control board fail while the battery is backup?

No, your furnace control won’t fail while the battery back up. But, if your furnace battery is not fully charged or in bad functioning, then you may face furnace control board malfunctioning.

Final Words:

The truth is, you will not always have electricity to keep your furnace constantly active. But if you know the methods of setting up battery backup for gas furnace you will be saved from such situations. 

So keep our instructions in mind and use your gas furnace whenever you need to. If you face any problem with our method or have any general queries, then leave a comment below.

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